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  1. try something other than ngk sparkies- my a-series maestro only ever ran wank on ngk never had a problem with the bosch that replaced them
  2. being a winnah of life i have 2, yes 2 montegos the 1.6L is being a taxi the 1.6HL is being slowly restored although before i got the hl the l got the engine brought down to single figure damage
  3. i would rathe a/c than an roof that will allow precipitation in! i enjoy having a frost free windscreen in winter!
  4. put the two in front of mum and give her 1st choice
  5. putting the stalk and relay for variable intermittent was the best mod i did on my '89 1.6 bASe ...oh and lumbar support seat ...and folding rear seats ...& rev counter clocks
  6. back up car* for the 1.3 montego estste scotchland trip 2
  7. the see thru blue relay in the metal box looks like the 4 pin indicator relay for when you have a 7 pin socket for towing/bike rack which will make the caravan blink on the dash instead of having to have the annoying bleeper
  8. the "new" interior is from a similar vintage L model hence the 60/40 split rear *edit* iirc the red of the interior stripe was called "argent" by austin rover don't forget to look behing left side boot carpet for the purple wires and chuck an interior light in the shelf support
  9. it's only taken 45 years but i got one
  10. i was told by my b-i-l if i ever bought a v6 vectra or omega that he would never speak to my again as he had just been doing a cam belt on one!🤣
  11. sit on a sheet of newspaper- always worked on a school trip on a Daimler/Leylandii Fleetline! 😁
  12. oh the temptation to put it in low 1st with diff locks.....
  13. when you got that much power H4 lights prolly "aint gonna cut the mustard" plus remember the A/S mantra "their car, they can do what they want" 😁
  14. i had one as a courtesy cad when my 106 went in for service- took me 10 arse-clenched minutes trying to work out how to open fule filler as cnut was empty!
  15. king meiler winter tact wt84 for 3 years on the spaceship https://www.king-meiler.com/en/winter-tyres/product-details/wt84 yes they are retreads with H speed rating!
  16. you will have to find the "police chip" which doesn't* exist and definately doesn't* boost them to 200ish bhp
  17. the std 4 spoke i had on my GLS was more pleasing to the eye
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