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  1. "sarge he's fallen down the stairs again!"
  2. good going that considering it's a stainless system from factory! 🙄
  3. P.C McGarry number 452
  4. it must have cost them a fortune for all those stickers 😁😁
  5. ahh a "twinkle toes" as kids me & sis had one each- hers was orange twinkle toes, mine lime green "side winder"
  6. she need to meet the Cylinders visa decapotable
  7. don't diss the D- if you know how to drive properly they are not as slow as you think!
  8. just remember us when you need to move some on
  9. i can recommend Dane Road to test your suspension🤣
  10. has the focus got a bulldog or similar on the towbar? shouldn't get a snake so much with one fitted
  11. they look same as montego GSi wheels with different centre caps and i don't remember mine being metric!
  12. now you are sure those wheels are MG 14" cheesegraters and not VP 13"?
  13. someone forgot you can jack a maestro/montego up with the front towing eye 😉
  14. these guys do their best to keep prices of new stuff reasonable https://www.facebook.com/groups/YardleyWoodBusClub
  15. yes the one away from the post office is quite impressive especially in a renner 12 estate towing a 14' Skipper on trailer with launching trolley!
  16. co-codamol co-dydramol co-proxamol ?
  17. i did mean them to be 🤣removable!
  18. every time i see a pic of katie with the half roof look i think that it needs to be reworked so the two "T" tops can be hinged from thr centre bar for gullwing lushness 😁
  19. nay it has 5 speeds and 2 upside down dangle mirrors
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