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  1. if you are going to use the "bodge" just keep the wire in door pocket and deploy as needed you'll prolly find just driving normal won't have it get too hot whereas driving with fan on will keep it too cool for most of the time try looking at the temp thermistor in head fro strange gauge/light behavior
  2. early low spec models got a shorter dash with an oddments tray in front of gearstick and a larger glove box cos no speakers
  3. wow a large glove box short dash!
  4. the fan switch does not put the light on the temp on your car did not get remotely close to overheating! i don't think you let the temp go high enough for fan to need to be on ergo switch didn't (overheating is in the orange shaded bit) gauge should sit one mark below or on center of gauge and rise to about 2 marks above before the fan comes out to play your "new" rad cap is missing a seal where the old one was blue this is based on a maestro1.3 base, 1.6 base montego, mg maestro 2.0 EFi & montego 2.0 GSi
  5. you are mistaken about the larger radiator- they got smaller, the new one you got is the same size as was fitted to my 1984 1.3 bASe the fan switch retainer was same as your original one though the fan switch should come on at 101℃ and go off at 92℃ if memory serves me well 88 is thermostat opening
  6. as Maxxo is about to report, Citreon XMs are possibly one of the easiest cars to fault find and work on compares to complex hectors like the Morry Soxford and Cord Fortina
  7. mr. ramrod https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125268108759?hash=item1d2a8fa5d7:g:8YoAAOSwwTZiXXRh too green? or search corgi va09100/102/103
  8. you can't fix the void bushes too much or you'll lose the tinacorner "waddle" 🤣
  9. the most spendy one obvs 🤣
  10. i was given a pair of Angle & Curve which i find jolly splendid
  11. yes you can get a charcoal filter for the spaceship https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391882705054
  12. If you are travelling by car please be aware that Thinktank is located within Birmingham’s clean air zone.
  13. go on their twatter account etc and really bad mouth them about it in public- big companies really* love* this
  14. hold the phone! front fog lights vinyl roof triple coachlines black boot ½ panel headrests but no clock/rev-o-meter? 😲
  15. that would be the same as Maurice Marina could have- i remember hearing one many years ago and thinking diesel marina?
  16. pretty much exclusively costco juice mostly 95 but 97 now and then £££ permitting cruise set at 59-70 which is 64-65 on twatnav
  17. thru-flo air ventilated garage 😁
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