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  1. I intend to try out this iPhone's ground breaking properties immediately. I'll probably just dump it in the black hole under the van seat. I certainly won't be using the bastard anyway, life is stressful enough.
  2. I can think of at least one more example. Coincidentally, my grump is that I've had an email from work to say that there's an iPhone waiting for me.
  3. My friend had a look in the Chrysler manual and found this, which still doesn't really make it clear what information you get.
  4. My 1979 Chrysler Sunbeam had a diagnostic socket, though I can't imagine what information you'd get out of it.
  5. If everybody took technology back just because it didn't work the returns desks would be very busy.
  6. That's what I was thinking, I don't think that could straddle a speed cushion.
  7. Craig David? Did you go back 15 years by mistake?
  8. I've spent the last hour of the decade trying and failing to find my Threads DVD. I know I'll get to see it for real this year, but it's not the same.
  9. It's not tax and MOT exempt, is it? It's only 35 years old and doesn't meet the criteria for a recovery vehicle as far as I can tell.
  10. Drive out in car, load car onto Bedford, drive home in Bedford?
  11. The 850 tonight. The phone has gone a bit radge with the exposure- all the dash and switch lighting should be dimmer and greener and it's made it look as if you can actually see by the useless alibaba street lights, which you very much can't.
  12. It looks like the conformal coating to me. I'd probably start by replacing the two electrolytic capacitors, they are the only components that would degrade. Actually I'd start by reflowing the solder on all the plug pins, if that didn't work I'd move onto the capacitors.
  13. Chesterfield looks to be reasonably close to Cannock, I should be able to pick it up on the 31st as long as it isn't too incontinent.
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