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  1. My policy is 90s, brand new with warranty or walk, in that order of preference. The idea of paying four or five figures for a car that might only have a few months life in it scares me.
  2. I've got a 400Nm Makita gun that should be able to shift the driveshaft nut. I'm away for the next couple of days but should be able to make it available if you want to pick it up after work one day.
  3. My load cover repair was never very satisfactory and I've been using the black cover again since May. I had a go at repairing the beige one again, which resulted in buggering it altogether. Last week somebody on the Volvo Facebook group advertised a beige one for sale at £40, which is quite a good price now. He offered to bring it to the Glencoe run yesterday. I hadn't been planning to go because the last meet was a bit odd, but it was the simplest way to get the load cover. I was ready to hand over £40 but the seller saw that I had a grey cover and offered a swap, which was a bit of a result. The meet itself was much better than I anticipated, the roads were nice and quiet once we got clear of the Loch Lomond area and we kept up a good pace. The main stop was the Glencoe Ski Centre, I think there were 45 Volvos there, I left early to have a look at The Beast's Lair. There was somebody waiting with a camera just the other side of a big puddle so I assumed that this was what he wanted to see, which I think might be my favourite picture of any of my cars. The same guy drove the car (a really nice 850R) that these pictures were taken from back in May DSC04190 by Stephen Evans, on Flickr DSC04180 by Stephen Evans, on Flickr Another boring photo, Savile's rather grim house in the background. It managed 32mpg average even though it was getting ragged for nearly 400 miles.
  4. Richard

    Crazy Trannies*

    It's just the same kind of 10 speed you would get on an adult bike. Left lever chooses between two chainrings, right chooses between five sprockets. I think it was only America that got the 10 speed.
  5. I bought one of these gearless ratchets https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/tools/spanners-wrenches/halfords-gearless-ratchet-3-8 a couple of years ago and have never used it. It sounds as if it might help with this job, you're welcome to borrow or even keep it. A bit late I know, but it might help a bit with the reassembly.
  6. I'm not renewing my passport, this one was always going to be my last. It's a bit annoying that the expiry date is fictional though.
  7. My passport expires on the 16th of July, which apparently means you can't travel. I'll hold out for Trigfest.
  8. U-Pull-It's website was showing a 960 in stock, so I went along to see if I could bag anything from it. From the pictures it looked as if it might have the elusive black CD/cassette. I had one before but I let all the smoke out. It did still have the stereo but the code wasn't written on it. I searched through the handbook pack and all over the car to see if it was written down anywhere but couldn't find it. On the way out I decided to have one more look and found the card in the glove box. I installed it before I left the car park and it all seemed to be working fine, except nearly all the bulbs had blown. Luckily I have a stock of spares, which would have been great if I could find them. Eventually I managed to find a whole set. I should probably have cleaned it first. The other useful part the 960 had was a remote fob. I've never had one for either of my 850s so I decided to grab it to see if it would work, even though I didn't think it was the right one for my car. I tried the coding procedure (ignition off and on five times then push one of the fob buttons) that I've tried numerous times with other fobs and it only bloody worked! Since I got the last 850 nearly six years ago I've had a niggling worry that the alarm and immobiliser will activate and I'll have no way to deactivate it, so it's a relief to have a fob at last. Now that I know what kind I need I've ordered another pair from eBay so that there's one for the spare key.
  9. Crosland are also shit. I used one on the Volvo when I couldn't get a Mann filter. The oil light took a few seconds to go out, coupled with the usual worrying noises until it did. Years ago I always used Crosland because it was what my local motor factor sold and the same thing used to happen, which I put down to the engine being tired. It stopped happening when I started buying better cars, but I also changed my regular motor factor around that time. When I got my Escort I did a service and was struck by how much better the outgoing Motorcraft fuel filter looked than the pattern one I was putting in. The Motorcraft one was wound like a toilet roll, while the pattern one was the usual concertina type. I resolved to bite the bullet and buy genuine next time and discovered that the Ford service parts were much the same price as the motor factor ones, the oil was actually much cheaper. After that I decided to be a bit more discerning in my choice of car parts.
  10. No fuel cap and the filler is set low down in the tank. There's some kind of internal flap arrangement but it doesn't work.
  11. There are various theories involving Mr Muscle oven cleaner. We bought a new turbo at great expense but it was never fitted because the car wouldn't start. I took the hint and weighed the lot in.
  12. The whole thing is made of design fails. Their habit of spreading diesel on roundabouts is probably the worst, somebody should go to jail for that.
  13. I've a feeling that means that the heater valve is buggered, I think the rubber bits inside it swell up.
  14. Our one was only a 5 speed. Not that the fucker made it into fifth gear before grenading.
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