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  1. You should get it on iPlayer, on the BBC Scotland channel.
  2. Christ, there's judges as well.
  3. Unfortunately she's setting up a new laptop (and not even watching the shitpump) and I'm expected to answer questions or the headphones would have been well and truly on.
  4. My wife was out this afternoon so the radio was switched off well in advance of 1pm, result. Or so I thought. Now the shitpump is spewing out something that has not only Elaine bastard Paige but also John FUCKING Barrowman.
  5. I made the mistake of thinking that it would be included in "All Events". As you were.
  6. It looks as if it's in May this year, are there any plans afoot? http://www.cholmondeleycastle.com/events/article/classic-car-rally-north-west/
  7. Passat http://autopro.am/car.php?id=12638&lg=2
  8. Richard

    1995 BMW 320i

    They shut the Cairn o' Mount snow gates when there's a light frost, and I've yet to find a traffic news service that tells you when they do. I don't know how they managed to be open the day I took my snow picture, the padlock guy must have been off sick.
  9. It might have been a heated air intake if these two pipes were once plumbed in to the cooling system.
  10. I can confirm that they will lose at least one. Best just flush them all down the bog and save the price of a stamp.
  11. It'll be fine, the service interval for the Transit, which will definitely have a less robust engine, isn't far off that now.
  12. I have a BNIB recon turbo for one of those if that one shits itself, I'd strongly advise against using it though.
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