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  1. Not really, I'd think even to the layperson it's pretty clear how different they are...
  2. Good work! I'm glad you got that sorted and really pleased it's helped with the running. Looks like you've got the skills the car needs! I hope you're enjoying owning and driving it. If you need parts https://www.frazerpart.com are great, website ok but always best to give Max a call, there's not much he can't help with. Also try https://wooliesworkshop.com for new & used spares and advice, again Paul is a wealth of info. Failing that VW heritage parts have a Porsche spares section I've used in the past and they've been good, fast delivery and reasonably priced: https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/porsche/924.html. It always surprises people that one of the cheapest places to get parts is your local Porsche dealer or OPC ('Official Porsche Centre') They have excellent support for old Porsches and will always get hold of stuff that's available and post it to you too. There are places on the web and ebay that buy spares from Porsche then mark them up, so your local Porsche OPC (Leeds I'm guessing?) is usually cheaper than ebay. Plus you get free Porsche coffee if you go to collect. Looking forward to reading more!
  3. Ah ok. Found his website anyway, I'll pop it here in case useful to someone https://www.renospeed.co.uk
  4. Hope you can get this sorted Rob. Can’t help but going to mention that Renault specialist off Lewisham Way just in case they might be able to help. Will google the name and add it when I get a chance.
  5. I think that must be the same colour ours was: Apologies for thread drift.
  6. "all the rest of the car is original and genuine" That should be on 10inch wheels shouldn't it? Our old A reg Mini Mayfair had 10s, thought the 12inches came in on B reg. Still nice though.
  7. This looks gorgeous. "I believe this is one of the best examples available on the market today. " https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1211179
  8. I’m not telling, I’ll let the new owner reveal all.
  9. Time for an update, as I’ve been beavering away doing some Covid jobs. Am working from home through these times, but work kindly gave us 2 days extra hols on Tues and Weds after bank hols as a thank you for the last couple of months and dealing with the upheaval and that, so I thought I’d spend the time tinkering. I've got a few spare parts that I'd intended to fit before I got rid of it so I thought I'd get on with those jobs. The plan was to swap the fuel pump over with the one I bought in January but hadn’t fitted yet. What actually happened was that removing the 3 split rubber bobbins that hold the fule pump (that’s a typo but I’m leaving it in as I like it) bracket to the body was such an arse of a job that I only managed to replace those, so the fuel pump will have to wait. The current one works OK, but it has been rumbly from time to time over the last year or two. Once I got the bracket off and removed the left over bits of bobbin, I treated it with rust converter and gave it a spray of satin black paint to keep it nice, fitted the new bobbins and put it all back together. ++++ I bought 8 rubber bobbins in total, because I noticed a while ago that all 5 under the coolant bottle and the airbox/fuel distributor had sheered, so while I was bobbin jobbin’ I did those too. Less bother than the ones under the car but still tricky to get to so I had to move the expansion bottle and disconnect a couple of hoses to get enough room to swing a spanner. All replaced, looking lovely and everything vibration damped to perfection. ++++ Finally fitted the aerial that I got ages ago, it's a proper OEM Hirschmann one, and not a rubbish £6.95 one off eBay like I fitted last time. This one is black too, not chrome. 924s were fitted with black ones originally apparently. It looks cool, but doesn't make much difference to the ineffectiveness of the radio. I think the radio doesn't work properly, Not a problem as the aux cable works and gives good choon from my iPod. ++++ I haven't taken the battery out since the winter so I removed that to check the battery tray for holes. These are a known 924 weak point, as the windscreen drains through the battery tea into the engine bay, and if the battery tray rusts through it allows water to drip onto the fuses box which is under the dash in the passengers foot well. There was some surface rust but nothing to worry about. I gave it a wire brushing, treated it to a coat of rust converter to keep the evil brown stuff at bay, gave it a wipe and a clean and later refitted the battery. the black patches are previous rust converter. Looks worse than it is! ++++ So today I dropped off some emergency supplies of dull retired persons breakfast cereal at my parents which gave a good excuse to take it for a run through the country lanes between her and there, and then a hoof back along the M25. I can report that it looks nice and clean and goes very nicely indeed. Wondering if I might end up keeping it...
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1988-MG-Maestro-2-0-Efi-Stored-for-many-years-but-great-project/164218559929?hash=item263c305db9:g:XKkAAOSwF4NeyrNd
  11. That's superb. An early one n'est pas, with the extended rear wings?
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