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  1. Oh that is superb. I'm sure I've got Autocar/Motor road tests of these in the loft somewhere. I'll have a look see what I can find...
  2. Moving house is a declared exception Bob,
  3. Massive respect to all who contribute to NHS services obvs but I think this more about the way extroverts and busybodies deal with isolation and lack of attention.
  4. The Dark Beast passed. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was nudged over the line a little because of the impending difficulties had it failed and needed parts that aren't available because motor facts don't have drivers to distribute parts and then the mot station would be closed from friday so no chance of a free retest..I reckon if it had been dangerous or unroadworthy it would have still failed but I can see the tester wouldn't want to create a massive problem for us over some minor issues. So when all is back to normal it will get a service, a look over by the mechanic and a few bits and bobs looked at just to be on the safe side.
  5. Ours is being tested now as due today. Wonder what I'm supposed to do if it fails and I can't get the parts required to fix it?
  6. People seem to be down on single model owners clubs, and I'm sure some are awful but the 924oc has been great for me. There are some members who know these cars inside out and crucially are very generous and humble with their knowledge. That front wing lower bit is where they always go, there's supposed to be a drainage slot where the middle section of the bottom edge of the wing is shaped away from the inner wing when in position. On a lot of cars it's either hammered flat or the bottom edge of the wing is welded on instead of bolted, the gap is closed and muck & shite collects and rusts through that bit of the wing like yours, and also the bottom of the inner wing too. This place below does sill repair panels, might be a cheap way of repairing, as decent wings are £100+ if you can find one. Plus it's just the black bit so toy might be able to repair without re spraying the wing. https://www.brickwerks.co.uk/repair-panel-porsche-924-outer-sill.html Good work with the seats. Is that a hobby or are you a professional needlesmith? ou might end up with a queue around the block if word gets out.
  7. As you might expect, I thoroughly approve of this! Good to see someone else from the 924oc on here!
  8. Hey Bob love you too kiss kiss. Egg, they can rest here for ages, no problem at all. If you're desperate for them we could meet up 2 metres apart in an isolated car park somewhere and I can roll/throw them the last 2 metres to you. I'm not going to come to the smol meet either. I sort of assumed we'd probably want to postpone it until the future is rosey again.
  9. Boo! Just followed the link to MotorPunk and bought the issue 1-4 for £20 deal. Hopefully will find time to read them some time soon..!
  10. After this Bentley could I suggest buying a gorgeous but neglected Aston Martin Lagonda too please, That would be another thread I'd really like to read.
  11. And then make it into a pick up. Maybe weld those Vauxhall branded oil drums onto the roof side by side.
  12. I read too many Ford dealer brochures in the late 70s and early 80s so I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest that's an L and not a base because the base model didn't have the double trim line along the sills.
  13. Hurrah for Smol Kent Infrequent Detling Shiters!
  14. Blue sky in Aberdeen photos. Very suspicious.
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