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  1. I'm impressed that out of all of you it was Blind Trev who managed to get into the car.
  2. Currently at £2220 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-RENAULT-AVANTIME-3-0-V6-AUTO-81K-MLS-LOTS-OF-HISTORY-MOT-UNTIL-JULY-2021/392908103470?hash=item5b7b25df2e:g:acoAAOSwIZZfV3wF This one's a 3 litre, in Burgundy with cream interior. Perfect. RECENTLY FOR SOME REASON THE CAR HAS STARTED TO JUMP OUT OF SECOND GEAR, IT MAY NEED A GEARBOX SERVICE OR SOFTWARE UP DATE THE CAR AS SPARES OR REPAIR ACCORDINGLY. Downgraded to Close to Perfect.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renault-Avantime/174420361977?hash=item289c4382f9:g:oVIAAOSw6JlfUN6i#viTabs_0 No bids, two gran, three days to go...
  4. Ooh that's nice. I'm getting used to our V70 convincing me 5 point turns are the new 3 point turns. Who doesn't like a bit of Swedish metal though eh?
  5. I was indifferent up to the SM. That’s criminal. Is it Trumps fault too?
  6. 924 in Autoshite beige. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-924-barn-find/303645650636?hash=item46b2b0eecc:g:2gEAAOSw7qtfLWfB
  7. He was looking down, wo oh, at the wings of a Cav.
  8. Not really, I'd think even to the layperson it's pretty clear how different they are...
  9. Good work! I'm glad you got that sorted and really pleased it's helped with the running. Looks like you've got the skills the car needs! I hope you're enjoying owning and driving it. If you need parts https://www.frazerpart.com are great, website ok but always best to give Max a call, there's not much he can't help with. Also try https://wooliesworkshop.com for new & used spares and advice, again Paul is a wealth of info. Failing that VW heritage parts have a Porsche spares section I've used in the past and they've been good, fast delivery and reasonably priced: https://www.heritagepa
  10. Ah ok. Found his website anyway, I'll pop it here in case useful to someone https://www.renospeed.co.uk
  11. Hope you can get this sorted Rob. Can’t help but going to mention that Renault specialist off Lewisham Way just in case they might be able to help. Will google the name and add it when I get a chance.
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