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  1. I've just lost my first race but there wasn't even an actual race. So there's no racing in this game, it's a football manager type of thing with chod instead of players? <puts phone down, checks Wreckfest for updates>
  2. Ah ok will have a look. I checked again and my balance has gone up to £8 now so I can easily afford the £5 race fee, although I haven’t got any petrol, which appears to mean I can’t get to the petrol station. I’ll have another go on the train later.
  3. 👍 Good tip off. I recognise a couple of the cars in the classifieds from on here! I’ve bought a car (Mini) but don’t have enough money left to enter the first race. I think I’m a bit stuck!
  4. Rather close to Pratts Bottom.
  5. Shame I didn’t know it was on, would have love to have joined in as I missed the previous V600 too.
  6. The horseshit problem went away without the need to ban horses.
  7. They make the Rover 75 look like a car from the future.
  8. Thats lovely. Good luck reviving it from a shooting broke to a shooting brake
  9. Back home after a total of 350 faultless miles in the 924, average of 36.9 mpg mainly due, I would imagine, to the slow progress on friday due to bad weather. Never got above 35 mpg before brim to brim. Only issue is a leaky sunroof creating puddles in the rear footwells. I suspect a new seal is required! I’ve just done a lat flow test that has shown negative. Will fill in more details of the weekend later. It was incredible, I feel very lucky to have experienced it.
  10. Haven’t read any of the forum, barely enough signal +battery to post this, but for the avoidance of doubt, this isn’t a free for all jolly, it’s a closely controlled experiment with lots of hoops to jump through to be part of it. I thought really carefully before committing. I’ve had 2 jabs, I've been using public transport (cautiously) since March and I mix with lots of people at work, but under strict social distancing/mask/2x neg. test a week circs. For me, it being outside was the main reason I came. Additionally I can choose the distance from and time I’m close to someone. On balance it feels less risky than being on a London commuter train for 2 hrs a day. To be allowed into Download we had to test neg on the morning and do an additional PCR test.(had neg result from that) Anecdotally, when the crowd were asked who had had 2 jabs, the majority had, which tbh surprised me. There is a much younger crowd here than usual, maybe because it was only announced 3 weeks ago and it’s easier for younger people to be here Fri to Mon. I’ll do another lat flow test on Monday when I get home, and we have to do another PCR 5 days after. there are a number of other restrictions too, eg you can’t leave the festival site and return, you had to declare who you are travelling to and from the festival with and how , etc etc. Don”t know how it’s being portrayed in the media but its a tightly controlled event. It just also happens to be effing brilliant too. Anyway, i sincerely hope your wedding goes well, we all deserve some happiness and joy, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  11. Massive hangover this morning, totally overdid it yesterday and forgot to eat too. Taking it easier today. Some great bands, all British, lots of smaller bands I might have missed or overlooked at a normal Download. Everyone is so happy, so grateful to be here, it’s a wonderful atmosphere and the music has been great today, as has the weather. it’s weird not having to worry about masks, and not social distancing. Wargasm A and a tiny bit of sunshine.
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