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  1. Thanks to the Dollywobbler link I've just done 2 subscriptions, one for me and one for my nephew who's just turned 17 and is sympathetic to the shite end of the classic car scene.
  2. Barrett, if you're in the South East (I think you are?) you're very welcome to come and have a go of mine. I use it every now and then, mostly for lols. Supernaut, that's a nice one you spotted, looks almost complete, just missing a metal bit on the rear rack. The mudguards seem to be the first thing that gets damaged or goes missing but those look to be good. Nice bit of bird poo on the saddle too.
  3. It's been a while, so here's a little update with some more info on the Itera bikes that I've found on my web trawls: This link suggests that the project came about after Volvo acquired Daf in the mid 70's. It also has some great photos of the box the bikes came in, the assembly instructions, and Jimmy Carter riding an Itera bike: https://forum.tz-uk.com/showthread.php?436258-Bizarre-Volvo-bicycle&styleid=2 I also found this website the other day, it's the site for ex-designer Claes Nordenstam, who claims to have designed the Itera. I can't find much other stuff online attributing names of designers to the project but it's an interesting read anyway as it's got some info about the mini-car project that the bike developed out of, and has an image of an early gold coloured prototype Itera. http://claesnordenstam.com/design.html Edit: One of the academic papers I referenced earlier in the thread cites Claes Nordenstam as being brought onto the team as designer.
  4. To be fair, he was standing so close to you I just assumed he was a best mate or even family.
  5. No longer, it's closed and relocating. but what an awesome place it was! Enjoying the Shitefest19 vicariously through this thread, maybe next year I'll actually be able to attend in real life.
  6. Go on then, ill take another ticket. One random please.
  7. Great thread, enjoyable read. Much Volvos!
  8. Glad it worked out OK Ian, although that could have been an awesome home made pick-up.
  9. As Clint Boon said, 'it's good to see kids on the streets again'
  10. I can’t remember the name of the modern one in the first room, it was from about 2005 and looked vaguely like an Audi A2 but I saw a burgundy/silver one on the way home in Riverhead near Sevenoaks which made I grin. Also saw a black TR7, a red SuperCinq (and RobT grinning at it in my rear view mirror as it pulled up next to us) and a convoy of three nice looking Renault 4s. The chod was strong yesterday.
  11. Thanks Egg also for organising this from me too, a brilliant afternoon and really interesting cars. And the micro car collection was great too. I also put my money in the box too, sorry!
  12. Sounds like good fun but to be honest the whole thing was rather spoiled by your repeated references to the sat nav. I mean, come on...
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