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  1. Superb thread, PROPER AUTOSHITE content! Never thought very much of Japanese cars growing up, I didn't like their flimsy feel, their crap dashboard plastics and the feeling the were for people who didn't really like cars but needed one. I was wrong, obvs. Never owned a Jap car, but did learn to drive and took my test in a driving school Sunny saloon in 87. Don't know if these are too Jazzy for this thread but I like these RX7s and you don't see them that often, I think they just crept in before the Gran Turismo generation of cars. Nice Celica spotted last year in a fab g
  2. Just to add, we visited relatives in Pittsburgh and she worked at Ford, so knowing I was car mad she took me round loads of dealerships and they showered me with brochures, which I still have in the loft. I’ve got them for the whole Ford range including the Mercury LN7/Ford EXP mentioned earlier, some are early 80s some are late 80s. Can’t remember exactly how the range went but there was Escort, EXP, Fairmont Futura, Granada, Mustang, Thunderbird and LTD Crown Victoria or some ostentatious bollocks like that. Also F150 series pick ups, Broncos and I think some Mercury and Buick brochures.
  3. Saw lots of these when I went on hols to the States of US as a car mad teenager in the 80s, and found them as confusing as everyone else here. In the 80s cars in the US were still completely different to what we had in the UK or I had seen in mainland Europe (other than Beetles and the odd Corolla or Datsun) so it was exciting seeing a car I recognised, but then weird having a closer look and finding out I didn’t.
  4. OK here goes… you're focussing on the car and not the image as a whole. The shed behind the car has obviously different doors. I reckon the left one is actual and the other one is ‘photoshopped’ in post production or whatever the video equivalent to PS is. No idea why it’s been done but it has. You can see that the middle third of the other door is different too, but the same as the other photoshopped door. Look at the difference in the detail of the hinges (actual) and the handle, because the handle and middle third of the doors is photoshopped in, probably badly as it’s only going to be on s
  5. I'm going to confidently say Citroen Xantia too. Do you want me to show my working out?
  6. Slow nod of approval. I replaced my 924 with a 924 but a massive Volvo is a very acceptable alternative. These 740 saloons have aged really well. I thought they looked odd and awkward when launched but they now look odd and dignified... actually rather elegant I’d say. Hope you get on well with it, looks a good one.
  7. Sorry to see the 924 go but hopefully will be remaining on AS. Good luck with the buy/sale/swap/pooing!
  8. The V70 hit a satisfying one a couple of months ago but I forgot to post it until now.
  9. Parcel in the postal system and allocated to the correct bin to be sent to recipient. Sorted!
  10. Out: Porsche 924 with lovely pascha interior. In: Porsche 924 with lovely pascha interior. Out: sense of adventure In: sticking with what I know and like --- Edit: No change: Dark Beast
  11. Just sent my deets, sorry totally missed the call out until now.
  12. Hope all is ok TheDoctor, throw away comments are way easier to post than genuine heartfelt experience, (and maybe for some of us this is just a way of dealing with the absurd or bizarre situations that we all experience but don't fully understand) so please stay here and keep posting! Just wanted to say that I have learned a massive amount about mental health and SEN/Special Educational Needs type stuff from some of the threads here, because fellow shitters braver than me were willing to share. It's been of enormous benefit to me in my work and personal life, so please, if you feel it's the
  13. Its been a long time since anyone has called me sunny. (Copyright People Like Us, the head teacher one)
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