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  1. GIB…… then stick straight in your nearest classic car auction
  2. Man maths…. The staple underpinning of Autoshite……😂😂👍🏻
  3. All FD/FE Vauxhall’s are bloody thirsty….. if you get more than 25 mpg, it’s probably because you’re pushing it….😀
  4. This was supposed to be under the hood..................
  5. That’s what they were originally designed to have…. Slant 4 is effectively half of the intended V8
  6. Early sixties Thunderbird had them…
  7. Ref rear lights…. Converting reversing lights to indicators is a fairly simple requiring job… no LED bulbs required!
  8. Tortoise racing boils my piss…I just used to back off a bit and let someone by……
  9. Exactly my reaction……
  10. Battery is in fine fettle… will check connector
  11. 2.5 with auto box has strange issue. Box behaves normally 90% of the time, but for no apparent reason occasionally loses top two gears, and will then stall at low speed. The gearbox warning light appears. Re- starting the car clears it, and it drives fine. Fluid is clean and at the correct level. When it does happen, sport mode disappears. Any ideas?
  12. Epic thread….. eleventy out of ten
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