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  1. I’ve just bought it…..
  2. Most Facebook market place users should probably be escorted by a bloke with a red flag… in case their “ breaks” fail…..
  3. I’m going to slowly eviscerate the next Facebook user who uses “breaks” instead of “ brakes”……..
  4. Stimpson bug….. had one about thirty years ago. Party piece was to pull into a tight parking space nose first, leap out with insouciant elan, pick up back of said car, and place it next to the kerb……
  5. Seller sounds like a complete knobwomble……….
  6. There’s still ( if you look ) decent sub £1000 stuff around, if you’re prepared to do without all the toys. Anything pre 2000 ish and without terminal termite action, and in reasonable mechanical fettle
  7. Fuel gauge in normal position!
  8. Petrol…. ‘Onda engine M8
  9. This will be replacing the Chrysler of leaking doom as of Tuesday… prepare yourselves for a fraught 7 mile collection epic……
  10. British Heart Foundation?
  11. If Renault built flux capacitors…..
  12. Right update on my purple throbber….. front and rear screen rubbers were shot, and replacements are either unavailable, or don’t fit properly. Decided to attempt something I haven’t seen done before, and bond the screens in. This means making the screen apertures smaller…rear one done by cutting the rear hatch, and moving everything up to close the cap. Front one required a little more work…..
  13. It is…😂 must do an update so that I can get flamed…. Again 🤣
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