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  1. Thanks to everyone on ‘ere for their support and kind words….. more pics tomorrow….and then 240 mile test drive 😱😱😀
  2. Not totally convinced about side panels, but I’ll live with them for now….
  3. Presumably re-engineered to explode at regular intervals…..
  4. Underneath…. Air adjustable shocks on the back….. remarkably solid for one of these…...
  5. After a few false starts/changes of mind and general re- fettling, it’s days away from completion. Loads of trick custom stuff, some obvious, some not…… I know some people will hate it, but it’s turned out pretty much as I envisaged, and should still be a driveable, useable “an car” Going from 13” wheels to 16” wheels, and using an auto gearbox with a tall final drive should counter the V8 fuel consumption
  6. Nearly done….. I appear to be in Australia….🙄
  7. Bought unseen, in as much as I put down a returnable deposit
  8. Ref clearance…. Could you fit air adjustable shocks on the front?
  9. I suppose the widespread shortage of stock has something to do with that…..there’s a few “Car Supermarket “ type places round me that have vast swathes of empty forecourt
  10. TBH, the whole thing was a bit odd. Told them I needed the car at the latest last Thursday. ( this was on the Monday) they said it was booked in for anMOT on the Wednesday, and would sort out anything it failed on before the next day! Needless to say, that didn’t happen….. I have a feeling that the MOT tester was not their “ normal bloke”…. Thank fuck….
  11. Yup… bullet dodged…. Apart from A new set of tyres ( being fitted Friday, and not strictly necessary)) Merc seems fine…. Average of 50 mpg on 200 mile round trip ….
  12. Well, that didn’t go well… went in for it’s MOT prior to me paying for it… catastrophically failed on sill rot……..this left me in a bit of a pickle, due to an impending 250 mile round trip… so an emergency vehicle purchase was carried out….. amazingly, it’s not exploded yet E320 diesel
  13. How the fuck do you know it was badly modified? Don’t remember you carrying out a detailed engineer’s report.
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