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  1. Agree with about Rover… got my Royal lineage confused!
  2. No she didn’t…. But you can pick up a reasonable example of what she did drive for £4k…
  3. Think that’s my old one….
  4. Rocket88

    More tax

    That’s why we’re going down the tax exempt route….
  5. Anyone who attempts to restore any of that nice Mr Chapman’s endeavours needs to have testicles of weapons grade titanium. Build quality that wouldn’t have passed muster at Moskvitch , along with wilfully obtuse design lash ups…. Good luck!
  6. Try driving an old Mini/1100/ 1800……😱
  7. A lot less rampaging unpleasantness in the bodywork department…
  8. Green one is an SE6b, with a 2.9 efi and a 4 speed auto….both about the same price. Both have paint “ issues”😁
  9. Apologies for Australianism
  10. One of those “ would have looked better 4 foot longer” cars… lovely interior, mind…
  11. Fair enough…… does make me mad that manufacturers wilfully make sure that the poor sod who buys relatively modern stuff gets stiffed with ridiculous maintenance costs……
  12. And still people keep buying this over complicated shit..no offence, but this is the price you pay ……
  13. Don’t these have adjustable in the pedal itself? Try a bit of vigorous, ahem, stamping…..
  14. The driving experience is pretty similar…..
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