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  1. Mine used to…. Around the doors it was dipsomaniacal
  2. Martin the misery Howey… top bloke, sells rancid old shite at very reasonable prices. I think his T&C’s are spot on
  3. Going to enjoy pretty much as is for the summer ( after restuffing front seats, and new door seals) and collect parts for twin carb/exhaust work, and a brake servo . Because Healeys used the same engine, there’s a lot of tuning stuff out there…. Not cheap though, for the same reason. It’s almost as cheap to go the fuel injection route as it is to convert to twin carbs…
  4. The leather is in pretty good condition…. All the stuffing seems to have disappeared 😂
  5. Not too bad….. and certainly worth it. Garage who did the work are “ old school “, so familiar with old British shite
  6. Now back from protracted spell at the menders, which mainly consisted of fitting electronic ignition, replacing a couple of brake pipes, and sorting out years of electrical bodgery. Runs and drives beautifully, with a complete absence of clonks, bangs and rattles Jobs to do… New door rubbers, front seats are intolerably uncomfortable, and a few localised body repairs.
  7. P7 Taunus was the last “ pure” German market built Ford. After that they morphed increasingly into a Cortina, more’s the pity.
  8. These do fall between two stools…. The U.K. Ford perverts aren’t particularly interested because “ not Dagenham”, ( or wherever) The continental lot not interested because rhd…..
  9. Imported fairly recently, and then had a good going through.
  10. V6 factory…. 5 speed and front legs later addition
  11. Close… not actually a Taunus, but a 20M…. Built in South Africa, with an Essex V6 and a five speed box……Strange hybrid…. Capri 2.8 front legs and discs
  12. According to DVLA… “ Ford unknown “…. Any guesses?
  13. To acquire this…. Which is not what it seems…
  14. Jersey…… I know exactly where that is…
  15. Mine’s an auto… bocos I are old…. And Rover 75 clutch hydraulics are the work of Satan
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