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  1. Skizzer

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    Excellent choices! I nearly bought a 220 GSi 3-door last summer, having fond memories of a friend’s then-new one. Talk to me if you’re selling - I have too many cars already but am notoriously weak-willed.
  2. Oddly, the only car I have with only one door mirror is this one, which is otherwise very well specced. Even the 1970s Renault 16TL and Vauxhall Victor have a matched pair, as do the notoriously miserly-as-standard-everything-is-an-option BMW E30 and Audi 80. @BorniteIdentity has a lead on sourcing a blanking plate. I started out thinking it was a bit perverse to remove something as useful as a NS door mirror, but that photo of it without one has me warming to the idea if it doesn’t cost much.
  3. YouTube works in mysterious ways — these are apparently the search terms that lead people to my latest GrandThriftAuto film. Apparently people wait an average 6m46 before giving up on me showing my arse. So I’ll start mooning earlier in the next one.
  4. I’ve got a decent chance of making it to FOTU this year if it happens. I’d also like to swing by the Field of Dreams at some point, not least because I owe @LightBulbFun a couple of ancient light bulbs.
  5. It’s glorious spring weather here today and would be perfect for taking the Lotus for a blast — except the batflu lockdown and the Elite itself both have other ideas. Soon though. Pic from a couple of months back, cos we love a photo. Meanwhile, overdue by a couple of weeks because life got badly in the way, the latest episode of Grand Thrift Auto is live.
  6. That would be just fantastic, huge thank you. This MUST happen.
  7. Actually I’ve been searching for sheepskin seat covers today but they all seem to have integrated head rest bits. This car snorts at such decadent nonsense as head restraints. We may need to teleport back to Woolworths in 1978 to get a pair, unless someone has some in the loft?
  8. Fairly sure you’re right about there being at least one spare belt. I bought two, mistaking the purchasing of parts/tools for actually fixing cars, as is my wont. I believe Alex Lewis in Llandewi fitted one to the Golf so there must be a spare. Nearly there chief.
  9. Yeah, ask me how long that lasted. It does look a lovely thing though, so no regrets whatsoever. And yes, we did get a bit of money knocked off.
  10. Yup, those wheels and hub caps. The locking petrol cap was actually standard - very little else was. Ref the discussion above, the passenger door mirror was a factory option.
  11. My 1983 Ford range brochure suggests this came without a radio, so I’m guessing that’s what the original owner had on the shelf in the garage.
  12. I’m not in the market this time, but have no regrets from the group buy we did with the Sierra base. I think in the long term it’s best if someone buys out the other parties, as happened with both the Sierra and the ex-Danthecapriman Granada. We did agree up front how that would eventually work, which avoided potential fallings out.
  13. That was fate’s way of telling you that cars don’t have genders and shouldn’t have names. Wuv - don’t you dare.
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