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  1. Too far gone? That just needs sills and rear arches, doesn’t it? There’s people on here that would have it winning prizes by Wednesday. @trigger - not tax exempt but it’ll have rear seat belts.
  2. Now I know where all the Lancia design engineers went to work after they got handed their cards.
  3. This 8v hottish Tipo is really rather lovely. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283921869590 Less than the price of a ratty Mk2 Golf GTI, too. Very much would.
  4. I hadn’t noticed before, but the glasshouse on those has a distinct Mk2 Granada look to it: I assume there are no interchangeable parts though.
  5. Further checking with DVLA suggests that 24v Royale Coupe is still MOT exempt: So as the 3.0 Carlton GSI replacement engine is substantially the same block as the original 2.8 (as well as the 3.0 that was later a factory option on the Royale), all is good for MOT exemption. And yes there was a 2.8 CIH, I've got one parked outside.
  6. What an excellent reward for seven years of patience!
  7. The MOT history suggests the original 2.8 CIH blew up mid-test in 2013.
  8. My heavens, I bet that’s a lovely cruiser. That grille badge needs to go, obviously. It’s even properly logged as a 3.0 with the DVLA. No MOT though, and I’m not convinced its exempt, being modified. Edit: I have now convinced myself it is MOT exempt.
  9. You mean apart from this thread? eBay allows you saved searches and will send you alerts; I assume this also covers Gumtree now since it seems to cross-link to ebay. Good luck finding anything on CaC these days.
  10. If you’re planning on commuting daily, I’ve got some bad news.
  11. Be like me, only even more fucked. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143635797739 Well I say that, but at least this one runs.
  12. Yes, he is. Ok not a 911, but it was less than 3 years old. And it was at their own base, not on a drive (mine’s mid century modern concrete rather than mock Tudor gravel, btw). Not sure whether that makes you feel any better.
  13. Bit of late reg madness going on there - the T25 (or T3 or whatever it is) came out on a V. Nice.
  14. If only we knew someone with a cheap CityRover for sale.
  15. I like that, because it’s so rare to see a nice stock one. Please don’t make it ‘individual’, i.e. identical to every other one.
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