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  1. I like the Princesla idea, I’m considering a conversion for the Granada as it needs a new/rebuilt engine anyway. Be nice if the price of used parts came down a bit though. A photo I’d love to see is a Princess with an Ioniq 5 — someone at Hyundai is clearly a Harris Mann fan:
  2. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: NEVER buy from Autodoc. Thieves, liars and fraudsters.
  3. I'd love that! Always up for an excuse to go back to Devon.
  4. Thanks both! I am a throwback to a lost age. More RobT is planned soon, along with one or two other shiter awaydays.
  5. Thanks! I’m really glad you liked it. People who watch it do seem to, but sadly it’s generally gone down pretty badly on here, with just a handful of views from AS ever. I’m very grateful for the exceptions!
  6. Gents, the secret of the tiny cameraman is revealed.
  7. It’s also for sale, as per @Soundwave’s post in the eBay thread: The number plate in Al’s photo means you can check out the MOT history too, if keen.
  8. No more so than Boris ‘Wallpaper’ Johnson, to be fair.
  9. I was still thinking your Stellar might be worth the trip but I’ve gone right off you now. More seriously, it would be a lovely outing but it would need to include an overnight somewhere and the weather forecast for Saturday is atrocious. Another time though.
  10. I fear I’m out — that’s a lovely part of the world but it’s a minimum 4 hour drive each way from here. As ever, the best way to get to North Wales is not to start in South Wales.
  11. Interesting thought. I can see where you’re coming from, though the mk2 Granada must’ve been well on its way when the Gamma came out in 1978. Fun fact: according to a profile in CAR in 1982, Uwe Bahnsen’s office had two car models on display — his own mk3 Escort and a Rover SD1. Yawn.
  12. So full disclosure, mine — a series 2 coupe — is off the road awaiting its turn for restoration. But the only faults with it are previous owner wiring bodges and parts made by Bosch, not Lancia. Let’s deal with the engine stuff first. It has the usual boxer tendency to leak oil a bit from the (vertical) rocker covers, and like most engines they don’t thrive on lack of routine maintenance. The head gasket thing is mostly internet folklore — the factory fitted paper gaskets but modern gasket materials mean nowadays this is no more of an issue than any other car. The 2.5 fitted
  13. ^what Chris says. I’ll reply properly later. Heres’s mine:
  14. I’m over it... I still have my 428i somewhere. I was saying to @Kiltox the other day that I should do a Giant Test of it against the SD1, as they’re almost exactly the same dimensions.
  15. Madness. Thankfully just the right sort of madness. I've wanted an SM since, well, the mid 70s. I didn't have the stones to bid on this one though, so mucho respecto.
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