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  1. I can’t go now, because I have to self-isolate because I’m not one of Boris Cunting Johnson’s jolly chums. If the corrupt shower of shitcunts decide to play any more games in their pissing war with France that’s already devastating the UK economy then I’ll have to spend two and a half grand being fucking locked up. Don’t get me started.
  2. I haven’t been on here for a while so missed this - the article in Classic.Retro.Modern is very good indeed, as is the rest of the magazine. Here’s the film in case anyone is interested and hasn’t seen it. It was a great day, lovely scenery and some cracking location scouting by Ben. I’ve always liked the looks of the 480 and was mildly concerned about the risks of meeting your heroes, but actually it’s a really likeable car and Ben’s is a particularly fine example. Huge thanks for letting me play with it.
  3. Oh my, that looks superb. You must be hopping with excitement!
  4. Like for the not-a-Rayton-Fissore; Doug DeMouro I can take or leave. Would much rather have watched you talking about yours, tbh.
  5. Loving this. Bassetts is still around and still selling Citroens in Swansea. Very tangentially, my father bought A729VEP new, which wasn’t a Citroen but an Oporto red Austin Maestro 1.3L.
  6. And several grand more out of pocket, too.
  7. It’s amazing how good it is given its tiny size (said the actress etc). The only remotely significant thing it won’t do that bigger ones will is automatically follow a moving object, such as a car driving along. But as I normally film by myself I couldn’t legally do that anyway. That’s greatly outweighed by being less restricted on flying it near public roads, because it’s less than 250g. Also, it’s half the price and I’ve got no job at the moment 😬
  8. Thanks! Interesting point there, I know people like authenticity and ‘relatability’ so I agree that there’s such a thing as too much polish. The cars aren’t overly shiny (especially the Lotus) so the films shouldn’t be either.
  9. As previously reported, the Lotus has been having a mysterious on/off coolant leak, so after a bit of investigation I went for the kill or cure treatment.
  10. Marvellous, that swung it along with Mrs Skizzer’s 997 accounts 😁
  11. Thanks very much! Actually I already have a Volvo 480-related plan lined up, otherwise I’d be all over that...
  12. This just happened, which is nice 😊 Massive thanks to everyone for the support, it’s much more motivating to know people are watching and hopefully enjoying the little films. Just finalising the edit of the next one, which will be out at teatime on Tuesday.
  13. Excellent! I share your fondness for 2 door (3 door? Kinda, maybe 2.5 door) estates and love the look of 480s.
  14. Loving that rollover jig. I need one for the Rancho but I’ll probably buy rather than build, as I’m a wuss. Might weld myself a new workbench though.
  15. Thanks! I fixed it a while ago - ignition bits - but then it got blocked in behind the E30 after I lost the only key just before lockdown, muppet that I am.
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