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  1. I'm just jealous full stop. Excellent work and such rapid progress!
  2. Ha! I would never say anything bad about Dr @Kiltox’s videos or even his shirts — I merely pointed out that I’d mistaken his actual cat’s actual arse for a BMW iX, which could happen to anybody.
  3. Just been catching up on this - hats off, lots of cracking work going on here. Great stuff.
  4. Just seen your post about Emma. So sorry to hear this Daniel - I only met her that once when we bought the Sierra, but she was completely charming and obviously a top mate for going along with our mad escapade. Hope you’re doing ok man.
  5. It was great to catch up with @Six-cylinder, @quicksilver, @Slowsilver and @Zelandeth - and there were some cracking cars. I was also beyond excited to meet Harris Mann. I’m a big fan and he’s a lovely bloke, we had a really good chat. Absolute privilege.
  6. I have one (which currently lives with @RobT) but it’s not for sale. As seen here at FOTU. Do you ever sell any of the parts or do you just collect them? In fact, are you the bloke we met and chatted to?
  7. Same. There was a whole load of people I ‘know’ from here and/or Twitter - including yourself - who I either didn’t see or walked straight past because we don’t know what each other looks like. What a world it is. Nice cars though.
  8. Woah, hang on, is that your Laurel @Spottedlaurel? I knew I recognised it but wasn’t sure where from - I’d have loved to have said hello but you were elsewhere at the time, and I suppose it would have been a weird “do we know each other?” conversation. Gorgeous car. Those seats…mmm.
  9. Can confirm that the Rover looks, smells and indeed tastes DELICIOUS. Great to meet you and Mrs RoadworkUK in person!
  10. You don’t get many opportunities to be more beige than me. This is definitely one of them though. Has someone bought it yet?
  11. Oo, is that Royale a spares car Chris? If so I have CASH 2NITE M8 for the wheel centre caps.
  12. It is. https://youtube.com/GrandThriftAuto
  13. Have you timed it to the right top dead centre, bearing in mind there are two TDCs per 4-stroke cycle? It’s easily done, ask me how I know.
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