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  1. agreed, an excellent day out - thanks to all involved not many pics from me as i was (as @DVee8 says) busy hooning ! i like to think this is an award for “least appropriate off road vehicle“ glad i took the Exo, even in todays mixed* conditions, it’s a bucket of fun and i didn’t crash this time ! (note to self - buy some decent bloody tyres )
  2. North Road, Durham “40 killed in train crash”
  3. bloody hell - that looks awful - i had no idea
  4. what is so wrong about using a microwave ? it’s perfectly safe and if used correctly doesn’t compromise the food. how do you think other pub chains prepare their food ?
  5. not sure if there will be one in october, dark nights and crap weather but there’s still twixfest to look forward to this weekend - you coming ?
  6. vido from last weeks meet at washy, exo featuring prominently near the start and being driven almost sensibly on the way out too was a really nice, relaxed meet, decent selection of cars and friendly folks too. first wed of the month during the summer at the North East Restoration Club. (don’t know who Andy is but he seems like a decent bloke)
  7. shit, i’d forgotten about that - sorry mate i discovered it not long after i’d brought it home then promptly put it out of my mind and forgot about it. it is in a wierd place, not sure what the speaker cable is doing there either ? everything else is good though
  8. if you need anything, give me a shout - coffee, beer, taking the cars out for a blast to clear your head, i’m just round the corner. look after yourself, my friend.
  9. also, the black mx5 on a tip run earlier in the week
  10. i needed to nip out for a loaf - as the sun was shining, i took the green mazda with the roof down - just got home two hours later after a damn good hoon and realised i’d forgotten the loaf ! the roads were quiet and the car was driving so well, sweet child of mine blasting out and the wind in my hair sun on my dome
  11. good to see you made it home safely, roof down all the way ? by the looks of it, that might be the last time you get to drive it have fun, was great to catch up with you, and always fun to take the exo out for a blast, got some strange looks at the taxi rank in the station !
  12. tuesday 12th september 5pm-8pm £45 per car, open pit anyone tempted ? @paulplom @loserone @320touring @The Moog
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