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  1. Hmm, trackscotland does sound tempting but all of my car fund is being wiped out by the exo - my triumphant return to knockhill will likely be when the exo is finished and I can bring it for a shakedown, looking forward to that day already
  2. and I happen to be off work today @paulplom fancy it ?
  3. gm

    Ghostly Goings On

    mx5 looks great on those new wheels, and at a bargain price, nice one
  4. I was thinking of at least a high level brake light, some sort of led bar type of thing - or a front facing light bar, on the unlikely event I take it out at night
  5. It's been a busy week at work so not much has happened in the garage, I managed a couple of hours yesterday but fancied a bit of an easy job. before I finalise the wiring loom, I need to sort out the lighting circuits ( I chopped them away to simplify the rest of the loom) not much point in using the original Mazda lights, lets have a look at the ones that came with the kit oh dear, they're just a little bit fugly easy enough to fit though they are designed to attach to the mudguards and the fuel tank cover, both of which are still cluttering up the spar
  6. A mate who was selling his mx5 took a deposit in the morning, which he then spent on a trackday in the afternoon, IN the mx5 he had just taken a deposit on - I suspect the buyer would have not been very impressed
  7. I've certainly heard their name a few times around the forums, a bit too far down south for me though
  8. with the loom being fairly exposed, I'm not sure fabric is the best choice - I bought a roll of decent quality 3m tape from screwfix which seemed to be working well when I wrapped a small test section. on the bright side, there's not that much left to wrap now I've chopped it all to bits I nipped into the garage for a quick tinker tonight and (drum roll please) it started first turn of the key - mega sigh of relief note also the conspicuous absence of a wiper stalk on the column, no need for that anymore I've ordered up a bunch of multi plugs off eBay to make it pretty
  9. It was my birthday at the weekend - I'd been joking around saying that I didn't want a birthday cake, I wanted a birthday pie instead - nephew gm came up with the goods The most fantastically tasty pork pie I've ever had sister gm made me a cracking cake too, excellent attention to detail, the mx5 is a 1990 mk1 with pop up lights best birthday for a long time, thankyou family gm x
  10. not much been happening, exo-wise, this week (it was my birthday and the lure of cake and beer proved too strong ) but I got back in the garage today and had a go at this horror show i'd been mulling over how best to approach this whole wiring thing, various build threads talk about having a good wiring diagram - the ones I managed to download made no sense whatsoever so an alternative approach was needed i started off labelling the wires I did 'know' then the postie dropped off a tiny air filter so I enjoyed a nice easy job instead back to that wi
  11. That really is shitty luck - but don't rush to get rid, it's a great little car.
  12. A German registered Alfa Romeo people carrier turned up to deliver some motorbike parts to my neighbour yesterday
  13. Mystery solved - it was one of my neighbours he had been doing his own lawn (which I hadn’t noticed because of a high fence) and had cut the strip of ‘no mans land’ that runs along the path between our houses. As he had the mower out anyway, he nipped over and did my little patch of lawn too. Then apparently felt a bit awkward, in case I took offence. No offence was taken, I’ll buy him a pack of beers to say thankyou
  14. Today's mission was to get that wiring sorted out. Still lacking a wiring diagram, I very carefully chopped away more redundant sections and got fairly close to the bare minimum needed. I bought the wiring tray with the kit but it needed a fair bit of fettling to make fit, I'll need to take it out to cut holes for the loom but for now, it's looking pretty good. but what about all that shit hanging down next to it ? job's a good 'un ! just don't look under that handy piece of Perspex I had lying around oh my, that still needs work but sti
  15. the mx5 and the Exo with zero miles on the clock !
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