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  1. those window cables are a bugger to fit - I would recommend just replacing the whole mechanism if you can find a good used one. there is an aftermarket 'worm drive' type available which is a much better design but I'm not sure where to buy one - my old v-spec had them fitted, the windows were much quicker and smoother to use. good luck
  2. gm

    The grumpy thread

    Sod that, just go on your own - I got fed up of taking unappreciative partners to gigs so started going on my own - had much more fun, drank a load of beer, jumped around down at the front and sang myself hoarse who are you planning to see ?
  3. I promise I didn't choose the house just because of the garage well, not just for the garage, the house is nice too ! it's needing a bit of work on the electrics - the feed from the house is live at one end but not at the other - the cable runs under the patio which is small paving stones, hopefully not too much of a pain to lift and run a new cable. for now, an extension cord out the window was enough to get the lights working
  4. I did the rocker cover and aux belts on mine fairly recently so took a chance on reusing them, no leaks so far so I think I got away with it
  5. yep, got the tool (bought it years ago from junkyarddog when he was involved in mx5nutz) - pm me your address and I'll bung it in the post - mine is also a mk1 1.8 which I was booting off a roundabout when it went ping, a quick tow home from the rac and a new belt fitted a couple of days later and it's running good as new, maybe even better as the old belt was pretty worn, might have been slightly out of timing before. @Tenmil Socket I bought the kit off mx5parts, worked out much cheaper than europarts https://www.mx5parts.co.uk/camshaft-timing-belt-budget-mk1-25-p-2758.html if you've not used them before, sign up for the newsletter before you order and you should get a 10% off code
  6. I suspect I may be your new neighbour or close by anyway - netherton close, up waldridge way
  7. gm

    The grumpy thread

    Hangover-tastic !
  8. gm

    The grumpy thread

    It turns out that getting totally pissed on red wine last night wasn’t quite the best preparation for moving house today hey ho, can’t do anything about that now, the van will be here in half an hour, better start packing
  9. You know me too well photies to follow
  10. Just had a call from my solicitors - I am now a home owner ! going to pick up the keys this afternoon
  11. you could arrive in style* on the passenger ferry ?
  12. Defo an mx5 engine (mk2)
  13. I’m moving house that weekend but might take the mazda for a quick run out if it’s a nice day
  14. Definitely interested, or may have a go at building my own - there's a couple of kits based on mx5 mechanicals that could be fun
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