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  1. time to get that fuel filler sorted the pipe on the left was too flexible, the one on the right not flexible enough so I splashed out on a pre bent one the only problem being that it is too wide but a slice off the old pipe makes for a perfect shim sorted except my clamps didn't fit - a few days later, eBay came up with the goods but no matter how I adjusted things, the neck would not sit flush at the cover the fibreglass was threatening to crack if I screwed it tight to straighten it out so I got busy with the hole saws and we have success ! except nothing is ever that straightforward - zoom back on that image bugger ! not ideal but it got the job done mr iva can see the new inlet without even taking the cover off now ! I'll fix this properly* somehow but this'll do for now stick an old Eunos badge on ? no one will ever know so that's the fuel filler sorted, best tick it off the list no, no, no, this needs a bigger tick ! I'll give it a quick test drive and see about booking the re-test
  2. the seats are back in - what a difference that new flooring makes
  3. careful where you glf with those new speed cameras sadly i’m stuck at work tomorrow so can’t join in the fun - have a good ‘un
  4. surely this is the perfect setting - no one needs to see the ugly sods during the day until they pop up at night i have a spare set of pop ups that came from the Exo donor car, when i eventually get round to doing my garden /patio, they will be strategically employed as comedy security lights !
  5. pop up headlights are the best thing in the world - i’ll never tire of seeing the reaction when kids see them for the first time, it’s hilarious i spent ages wiring up the sidelight / indicator ring-piece then decided it just looked too naff so pulled the plug on the indicator bit
  6. i also fitted some wanky headlights to the mx5 they’re bloody bright even if they do look a bit wanky i bought them off a really nice chap who had bought them for his Scimitar. then decided they looked too wanky ! he was probably right but the rest of the car was an absolute beauty. but that wasn’t the most impressive thing in his garage - he also has a Scammel Scarab ! not this one but it was in lovely condition, sounded awesome when he fired it up i love it when you go to buy parts and meet like minded folk, i was probably there for an hour talking shite about cars
  7. i rather liked the look of the bare aluminium floor but it got trashed by snow/slush/grit/whatever on the way to the test centre and was slippy as a bastard when wet i gave it a good clean up but it still looked shit time for some “wallpaper aided design” which took way longer than i expected i ordered a big sheet of checker plate rubber didn’t leave much room for error - measure twice etc what an improvement! looks so much better but as that took about four hours, they can get stuck down tomorrow
  8. go on then, who will be first to ask “how much, love ?” https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/413907950181513/ also this
  9. so the to-do list currently looks like this just that fuel inlet pipe and we’re done
  10. another productive afternoon the reflectors supplied as part of the kit were deemed “too wee” ebay to the rescue - they look shit but might accidentally fall off after the test the harness bolts needed to be loctited amd while the seats were out i gave the floor a wash still pretty manky- i think i’ll order up some checker plate rubber. next up - this brake flexi is perilously close to the tyre on full lock an easy enough fix
  11. hell, it's only money - I've ordered one of the above, hope it bloody fits !
  12. but the big problem i have is this the fuel filler and vent hose need to make a tight 90degree bend to reach the filler neck the flexi i had used was too flexible and ended up kinked, the original rubber pipe from the mx5 isn’t flexible enough so what i need is something like this which is the best part of thirty quid and not guaranteed to fit ! time to take a wander round the scrappies and see what i can find (the internal diameter is 49mm if anyone has any suggestions ?)
  13. my original set up of the fuel tank had several issues that needed to be dealt with first off, i needed to make it level so the sender gave a true reading - the rear was already raised, i just did the same with the front the tester wasn’t happy with my bare metal P clips on the fuel hose (even though it has a tough plastic wrap) and i wasn’t happy with the bracket everything was fitted to - a suitable replacement was made the fuel filter was held in place with a (fairly hefty) cable tie which wasn’t up to scratch, a rather large P clip was sourced and bolted in place all of which should hopefully satisfy the man from delmonte
  14. gm

    eBay tat volume 3.

    very nice but i’m not sure i’m ready to jump into another Alfa just yet
  15. and for a nice easy job to make up for it, i gave the seats a wash that’s better
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