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  1. DVee8Jr giving it the beans egged on by DVee8 ! FullSizeRender.mov
  2. @DVee8 giving it the beans, egged on by DVee8Jr IMG_7074.MOV
  3. a couple of snaps from todays trackday down at Teeside, I was joined by @DVee8 and family, many laps were driven a a whole lot of fun was had by all. the mazda took everything in its stride, the only drama of the day being when I spun off as a result of being a cocky on the long fast corner great fun, great company, what a grand day out ! vidos to follow tomorrow once I get them off the gopro
  4. New toy collected thankyou to NeilClark for picking me up at the station, the car is great and it was a pleasure to meet you
  5. Absolutely, plenty of time for crazy driving tomorrow
  6. Sure is - collection imminent in T-minus-48minutes and counting
  7. A lonely pedal rubber to fit : mini, marina, metro, allegro, sherpa, maestro and montego found in my mams garage, must have been there for thirty years ! send a pm if anyone can use it, I’ll bung it in the post
  8. I've been mulling over what to do with the knackered catalyst that the pinkies tried to nick off the crv, initially I thought about getting it welded back together, then thought about buying welding kit and doing it myself, both potentially costing a few quid. Option three is to fit a cheap eBay replacement and sell the damaged one for scrap. I sent a couple of messages off to metal recyclers on fb marketplace and got a price back, I phoned a local place and the guy said to bring it in to see him, he hummed and harred then said he'd match the online offer. Not a bad result, I now have £300 in the bank so will actually be in profit* once I get a cheapy off eBay. I suspect I've been low balled but considering I was very close to having bugger all and still needing a replacement, I'm not too miffed. i nipped into europarts to see what they had available and the guy was very helpful, looked up all the parts codes, even printed everything off for me. the total was over £600 how big a bollock have I just dropped ? he compared his parts list with the one I'd found on eBay and confirmed it correct, price £219 next day delivered. I'd placed the order before I was out of the carpark
  9. Awesome ! Are they available to rent ?
  10. now't wrong with a civic, my first car was one of them, cracking little motor
  11. Last week, parked in Durham, broad daylight they must have got disturbed mid theft and run away empty handed.
  12. So the sods who tried to nick my catalyst didn’t just chop through the centre pipe which I fixed* with a clamp but also sliced through the top of the catalyst end too looks like I’ll be fitting a cheap eBay kit and selling this for scrap anyway now wanks
  13. Heated mirrors here, that little orange led is encouraging, they might even work ?
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