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  1. I can't imagine so - I had the opportunity to buy one ready built for less than this has cost me (although I haven't added up the pile of receipts yet, I'm saving that treat* until i'm finished) completed builds do crop up for sale on eBay etc from time to time but there doesn't appear to be much money in them - a ready built turbo one recently went for under £9k, looked to have been very well put together too.
  2. Time for some metal bending pedals removed to make space drivers kick panel trimmed and bolted in place the passenger side is a bit of a nightmare so the wiring tray needed to come out oh lordy ! but there's not a chance I could have got that in with the wiring in the way a wee bit more tidying up to do and it's time for fun with wiring again centre tunnel tomorrow
  3. Those maxspeedingrods are popular with the the mx5 boys but get mixed reviews - it seems they need to be looked after or the adjusters are prone to seizing. Some of the Exocet guys have used them too but find theme to be very low, even on the highest setting. Spring rates are also a bit too firm for such a light car, maybe less of a concern with a luxobarge
  4. I had another fiddle with the wiring and the fog light now operates with either dip or full beam, hopefully will be sufficient to keep mr iva happy
  5. @Schaefft any interest to you ? looks to be your sort of thing https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/209412774201829 seats certainly look comfy
  6. more wiring has been occurring - seemed to take way longer than it should but I guess it's worth doing right first time (label maker ftw!) that all needed sorting out as it's almost time to fit the rear cover but first, the fuel filler needs doing that awkward sod needs to go in there so a bit of careful* measuring later we have (a Bini wheel centre was just the right size to keep the dust out of the tank) then we need a cable clip to hold that wiring loom, just a quick wee hole here will do.. oh you fucking helmet ! yes, tha
  7. anyone fancy a smart looking speedometer wall clock looks familiar but what's it off ? (the answer is here https://www.creativitybar.net/products/speedometer-wall-shelf-clock-60-off?variant=4489&fbclid=IwAR3dQBtwFKw9dAz5lOVYnO-Ucp3_9Oh5xY5PmDYJVwQMq0byglClq5fnnQM )
  8. @hairnet I dug those seat belts out of the garage, they are definitely mk1 type so I'm not sure if they will fit your mx5 or not ? check the size of the buckle on yours against my very technical drawing there are two of them, let me know if they will be any good
  9. It's currently minus 3 outside and the latch on my gate is frozen shut - nipping in to the garage to fetch some wd, I noticed it is only 1oC in there - time for a bit of preventative maintenance i suspect that a gallon of my piss would have better antifreezing properties than this lot it can get refilled once I'm happy the rad doesn't need to come off (again)i good news is that my omg£££ fuel hose has arrived so can get fitted tomorrow and they sent me a big book of temptations too
  10. that fuel tray I made yesterday needed to be fixed in place brackits rivits (and goop) fits neatly onto the subframe mounts, no chance of them coming loose tank refitted (you can see how I carefully* modified the edge to fit under the cover) and a wee drain hole (right hand edge, half way along) leading away from the 'zorst alarmingly, that represents three hours work ! still, little steps
  11. I do but I'll need to check if they are mk1 or mk2 as they differ. the mk1 donner car had mk2 seats (belt receiver is fixed to the seat instead of the floor) so you may be in luck. I've not long locked up for the night so will dig them out tomorrow and let you know. there's definitely a pair of lovely* beige coloured ones from the v-spec from when I swapped the interior
  12. lights fitted to the rear arches and tested, ready to go on (bonus points for mildly offensive birthday card in the background) look much better than I expected
  13. IVA regs require the fitting of a tray under the tank to keep any fuel leaks away from the hot exhaust. lack of metalworking tools means it's time to get creative bash, bash, bend, bash etc rivets on the corners and a dab of gasket sealant and we can call that job done I'll drill a drain hole once I decide which exhaust I'll be using
  14. test fitting the rear cover was a bit of a bugger, I had to "adjust" the lip on the edge of the tank with my biggest hammer but it fits now the fuel filler needs to go in that angled section near the roll bar diagonal, roughly where I've marked on the masking tape take the lid off just there will do I cut down the original filler neck and have ordered some extra flexible tube to link it to the tank. I'm not cutting the hole until I'm sure its in the right place.
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