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  1. A few group photos for the benefit of mr @Shirley Knott The neighbours clearly think I'm off my nut
  2. Very good history on this one drove more miles today than it did last year ! previous owner had it for ten years, barely used it, hadn’t seen rain in three years apparently so I felt guilty bringing it home today on the salty motorways gave it a good wash and it came up nice and shiny again. The mk1 looks a bit of a scruff next to it now
  3. I was met at the station by a nice chap called Mike, drove to his house where tea was consumed and cars were discussed, some money changed hands and I made my way to the nearest petrol station So, mr gm, what have you chosen to run as a daily being as your mx5 isn’t very practical or comfy ? Well, this may not come as much of a surprise to some of you......... Whadayathinkaboudthatthen Only 69000 miles on it, what a pretty little thing !
  4. Leeds achieved, and time to change train Fractal mural the fancy electric train I just got off appears to be some sort of hybrid - pantograph is down next train very blue in here
  5. Darlington achieved - nice old station engineering train and suitably smelly snacks for a train journey
  6. Oh, I know all about that thanks ! Mental day at work yesterday - need a day off to recover
  7. Plenty of seats to choose from this thing is pretty quick, we’re at Durham already
  8. Just in time - here’s my train now oops, don’t know what happened there let’s try that one again Just in time, here’s my train now
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