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  1. Good to know, I'll pay him a visit next time I'm needing kit, cheers.
  2. who would that be ? presumably not the old boy on ropey lane ?
  3. perhaps you could suggest the cheeky fuckers collect their own pizzas ?
  4. quite a bit of that dash needs to come out to fit the aux input I bought a cheap one off eBay that didn't work so have done this three times now
  5. that looks like something I should do - count me in as a 'mebbees'
  6. a local pick up or are you just passing through ?
  7. about twelve hours, apparently - tax is now showing as valid and I can take to the mean streets of county durham with confidence (there's not been a time where the tax or insurance has been 'dodgy' but I wouldn't want to be in a situation where all I can offer when asked for my license is a penalty charge notice where the ink is still wet !)
  8. I’d rather avoid another tug, last week was not enjoyable
  9. I taxed this at lunchtime and got the confirmation email straight away but it is still showing up as not taxed after my run in with the law on Sunday, I decided not to use it today just in case and took the mazda instead - two minutes into my journey I drove right past a traffic police car hiding in the slip road. How long does it usually take to filter through the system ? Obviously the change of owner has gone through straight away for it to show as not taxed but I did the two things at the same time
  10. Looks great on my iMac, even with the dodgy graphics card (doesn’t do video very well these days )
  11. Thanks for the offer, I’ve got a pair of ramps, just need some time to get stuck in and have a go. It’s going to need the tracking looking at too, the front tyres both have worn outer edges - not a problem as I have a set of winter tyres to go straight on once it’s done.
  12. excellent photos, do you mind if I 'steal' the third one to use as a desktop wallpaper ? I won't do anything else with it
  13. Also, a posh kebab shop in Glasgow
  14. Finally made it home - waze was very keen that I use the a68 but I hate driving it at night so ignored its advice and ploughed on down the a1. to discover that it’s bloody closed at Berwick and I had a massive bloody diversion to do now first impressions of the car are good, there’s a few wee bits to attend to - I suspect a minor exhaust leak as when the car is stationary, it quickly fills with stinky diesel fumes. and thanks to whatever random debris I ran over in the road, there’s an under tray hanging loose now. but it goes well, is comfortable and, most importantly, does this : thats double what i was getting with the Saab
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