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  1. found on the central reservation of the local dual carriageway - 50m of three core cable - that'll come in handy
  2. next - bonnet catches more cutting of fibreglass required, I'm really not looking forward to this which is probably why they have been gathering dust on a shelf since January !
  3. the last time the bonnet was fitted, it had a bit of an ugly gaping hole at the front the kit includes a sheet of aluminium mesh which I test fitted and decided it looked a bit too "kit car" really, that does look shite - an alternative is required eBay to the rescue - this is the sort of stuff that Audi owners use to upgrade* their base models fetch the craft knife get the bonnet safely up on the workbench and lets have a look at that hole hmm, needs work rough shape marked out turns out side cutters were a much more efficient tool for the job Y Tho ? I'll fix it properly once I've fettled the bonnet clips, for now a few cable ties will do how's it look ? bloody smart, that refitting the bonnet threw up another job, the speedo cable needs a notch cut out thinking back to the nightmare job I had drilling the harness holes in the seats, I hatched a plan neat job but the hole is too wee poundland hole saws are just as even more shite as they look edge trim forgives many evils works for me let's have another look at that grille ooh yeah ! do please ignore the funky headlamp protectors
  4. then I dug out this photo taken last July and sort of recreated it Cheers !
  5. just a mini update tonight those bolts / screws / whatevers that I used to fit the side panels were a bit too sticky outy so got replaced yes, much better, I’m sure mr iva will be one happy chappy when he sees those
  6. I’m just in the door, what a great day out, loads of great cars, loads of great people. And what an excellent choice of venue, big thanks to mr loserone for organising everything - the food was spot on A++ would stand in a field talking bollocks about cars again
  7. Me and @Mi30n (in his super dooper eTron - it’s pretty cool, make sure to have a nosey around it) will be there nearer 12, I have to go and run around the park first
  8. Some sort of father and son project car ? Sounds good to me
  9. You planning to spend it on a micra ? enjoy your hols
  10. Glad you're home safe, and if it's only a crank sensor, at least it's an easy fix
  11. Excellent work, chaps, many thanks. Glad to hear that hooning definitely didn’t occur Now which of you is currently scouring gumtree for a mk1 mx5 ? (I hope you did let Ben have a proper go, not just on and off the drive ? He does look quite at home in the drivers seat )
  12. Would any of you fancy bringing that bonny blue Saab 9-5 down with you ? The one JimH has up for an irresistibly low price (Edit) stand down, chaps, the cold light of day has reminded me that another project is that last thing I need right now and I should stick what limited time and energy I have into getting the Exo tested and on the road. See you all at the weekend
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