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  1. from here https://supercarnostalgia.com/blog/carrera-sport-track-day-oulton-park-1990-part-1
  2. Can't be very nice for the poor dog breathing in the manky diesel fumes
  3. What is an Austin Cooper S Type ? looks like a giffer special maestro but how did the name get on the v5 ? recently for sale on the ebay 1983 Austin Cooper S Type (Maestro)
  4. SD1 accessory brochure - a bit steep at 15 sovs https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/847515099102881/
  5. I didn't realise that, I just thought she was a pretty cool kid ! Stick my name down, sounds like a bit of fun for a good cause
  6. gm


    saltburn by the sea ? nice wee town if that is where you have landed - make sure to have a go on the cliff railway
  7. handbrake turn-tastic I suspect in other news : this seems unusually cheap, better fill the tank asda, byker for any local shiters
  8. The lad who lives next door to my sister is apparently a mechanic - I'm not entirely convinced by this as he has had a Laguna 2 estate stood immobile in his back yard for at least two years while his daily is a seat Leon? that boldly wears the slogan "dirty diesel" as he drives too fast around the residential streets, clouds of clag belching behind him. karma has a sense of humour, it would seem - what top quality mechanic-ing has been going on here
  9. what you need is a set of snazzy new badges
  10. I dropped the mx5 off at Andy’s (Scaryoldcortina) this morning for its annual check up - quite happy with that result he’s quite right about that exhaust - it’s plenty noisey
  11. gm

    The grumpy thread

    I managed to clobber the civic's wing mirror off a wheely bin this afternoon and it's now gone all mr floppy I'm not overly upset as it's been previously bodged and had done well to last this long but how long has it lasted ? There's a little bit of paper scrunched up in the hinge, which of the 9 previous owners did that ? Fixing shall commence later on, most likely involving self tappers and a blob or two of epoxy
  12. more mechanical stuff, builds engines and has a winning car in the bmw compact cup that his son drives. Nice guy, I’ll pm you his details if you like
  13. thought it looked familiar, my tame mechanic used to work at s&j motors just round the corner on duke street. He’s since set up on his own out in loanhead, bit of a ball ache to get to but worth it for a trustworthy chap. (even more of a ball ache now I live down in that england:( )
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