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  1. GR9 Moose M8 Is that shade called blackberry or summert? There was a S70(or 60) fork sail on here not long ago - gave me the want.
  2. Not many left because @bub2006 is on a one man mission to rid the world of them.
  3. Not a 6, but an 18/85 on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154701817588?hash=item2404f266f4:g:5gMAAOSw3JhhklpE
  4. Be like @captain_70s, if he was an amputee. Blue and Bader Acclaim! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185154702505?hash=item2b1c148ca9:g:NNIAAOSw~dZhipNg
  5. So, as described above, Moose has cataracs.I've polished the shit out of the outer lens but whist there was an improvement, it appeared that the mist was on the inside of the lens. There is some discussion on one of the Volvo forums about dismantling and removing the lens, then refitting is the reverse of removal etc, but I have fingers of butter and fists of ham, so I put my big boy pants on and waved my credit card ay eBay, and had a new pair of Valeos delivered for £400. Really is a piss easy job on these, tabs on top pull out, unplug from loom - this bit took the longest as it was a bit stiff, then get new one, plug in, stuff back in the hole, then slide tabs back in. New units came with bulbs too, so it really was a faff free job. Both units replaced in under 20 minutes, which included a fag break. In other news there's a Doom-blue Fiat Brava/Bravo on the fleet now, no pictures yet as it was dark when Miss_Outlaw turned up last night. Looks OK, EML light on, but has alloys and cruise. Hopefully as it was supplied by her dad it'll mean that I don't get involved in any fixorating it might require. We'll see. Fiesta still for Sail, best offer from someone off the interweb so far is £320. SWMBO is already whining it's in the way, but as I have said it's her daughter's car, not some old shitter that I've rescued from Cannock (rip) so she needs to calm down. Can't see it hanging about past the end of this week though tbh, I can't cope with the constant bollocks.
  6. I believe you may* have missed the point.....
  7. So, Miss_Outlaw's Fiesta has just failed the MoT. Not on anything massive, couple of tyres required (and it appears tracking/alihgnment), rear exhaust box, which is probably why it failed the emissions on teh Lambda sensor. So pretty much fixable. BUT: Her dad has offered her his 09 plate Fiat Brava for cheeps, so instead of weighing out for Nerk to be fixed, she's having that. Any interest in the Fiesta? SG55NRK for MoT checking purposes. She'll be at Outlaw Towers in Grays for a while, or until SWMBO decides she's sick of the sight of it. Redcorn have offered £271 as a guide. Will put up FORK SAIL Fred.
  8. I believe the modern term is "Sub Optimal"
  9. Howdy all. I was bored and SWMBO is annoying me, so I googled Cannock Auctions to see if they'd lifted their £200 cash entry/deposit requirement, so we can all go and play again. And suffocate on fumes. And eat burgers of questionable origin. Their website was down giving a blank page and some stuff about 3rd party advertisers, so I ventured onto their Facebook page. Posted Sunday : There will be a Saturday auction only until further notice. No Tuesday auctions . Monday for payments. Thursday and Friday for entries. No worries. Posted today:
  10. Ended there too. Good job I'm late to the party and still got some rum left in the bottle (ie I'm not wankered enough)
  11. Went to Brands Hatch for the last BTCC event of the year a fortnight ago, and whilst mooching around the various stalls and shizz I found what was labelled as a "British Touring Car Champions" A40 model (made by Atlas). Seeing as Fatha_Outlaw had one when I was smoll, I purchased it for £25. I've just taken the cellophane wrapper off as it was a bit tatty, and taken a peek. It's a feckin' SD1 Vitesse.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384446541715?hash=item5982ccaf93:g:RM0AAOSw~JBfHaBV (Not my advert) Anybody want it? @Motown @Bren? Any other Rover fanz? Not looking to make a profit, just would like my money back, or as close to as possible. Postage will be about £3.50. PM me PLZ
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