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  1. Having a similar conversation with Outlaw_Jnr recently. His Focus has been pretty reliable, only 2 FTPs, one self inflicted when demonstrating to Micro_Outlaw what a spark plug does and shorted out the ECU, the other the alternator dying after 160k and 17 years.... He's bored with it; but in the midst of a divorce, saving frantically for a house, funds are tight. A £2k budget was suggested, so after looking at various possibles, it was decided to keep the Focus and piss a bit of money getting it through an Mot. Better the devil you know was the thinking behind it. He's had "nice"* ca
  2. Magnum Ecosse? A Thing or dealer limited edition I wonder? Great pics (as usual) good to see you back Squire.
  3. So, the plan was that TEAM FAT AND BLIND were going to be going to Northampton next weekend to watch @Mally do his thing. Not happening now as Stepson has dropped the bomb he's moving, so I'll be required to assist. Why his Dad can't help........ let's not go down that road. Never mind, karma points etc..... So, scanning through the Spedeworth fixture list I spy Ba**er Unlimited World Final for Saturday 3/10. "Advance Tickets only", okey dokey. FIFTY FUCKING QUID. Scalping bastards. So, I won't be going to that then. Fuck You Deane Wood.
  4. He wouldn't be beaten.....and to be fair he couldn't see how grim it was inside as he elegantly fed himself through the NSR window. That'd be Blind Trev, my wingman, and half of TEAM FAT AND BLIND. I'm the fat one leaning on the car in the cassette photo. They're not particularly clever nicknames.....
  5. Back home, showered and shat. TMI? WOTEVS. TEAM FAT AND BLIND report: Unfortunately we got there too late for the Blind half of Team F&B to display his prowess with a machete, but instead we cracked into the task of getting into the car. After a while it was decided that we are shit at being theives and decided to remove the rear quarterlight which after some prodding enabled a blind bloke to gain access through the window. Doors were eventually persuaded to open, whereupon @dozeydustman performed some hot acrobatic moves into the boot. We were hopeful of some engine turning
  6. Echoing Mrs6C's sentiments, your dad is and always will be an Autoshite Legend. Best wishes to you all.
  7. I've been mislead then, always thought they'd be a good laugh with 160 geegees, and oddly enough there's one for sale in my local paper, was planning on going to waste his time having a spin. Won't bother now.
  8. I'm thinking about packing straps, going to speak to The Boy later to see if he's got any hanging round at work - I've checked here but no joy.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SPORTS-CAR-KIT-CAR-EXCALIBUR/114399571156?hash=item1aa2beecd4:g:kfgAAOSw7ixfWJvo
  10. Do the usual, treat him as if he's got flu symptoms until you know any better, paracetamol, and I find multivitamins help me fight stuff off.
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