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  1. @Cavcraft yep, debt gets transferred according to size, risk etc. Company 1 decides that they've had enough of chasing, sells the debt onto company 2, usually at a discount, calculated by estimating the cost of recovery v potential success. I had this with Capital One - someone cloned my card, and they refunded me twice. I whipped the £££ out, stuck it in an interest bearing account, and six months later got a letter from another agency asking for money. Rang them and settled for less than the original amount. Brucie Bonus. The likelyhood in your circumstances was they probably had a look at your credit rating at that point and / or someone did a "drive-by" assessment on your gaff, and saw there was no Rolls Royce outside, and you only had one whippet at the time, so decided not to be bothered. Or they were actually scared.
  2. This bloke, Samus. Discovered when he played on Devin Townsend's last album, absolutely amazing speed/metal drummer. And a bit of a nutter, as drummers invariably are. A drum "cover version" if you like.
  3. This is his, now has BLAKRIMZYO
  4. Be like @Nev exactly the same colour and all. Decent thing, I likes it, if I had the ££, time, space, Zzzzzzz https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-MG-ZS-2-5-V6-180BHP-Trophy-Yellow-Spares-or-Repair-Drive-Away/333486492800?hash=item4da5580c80:g:4CkAAOSwUEheJY5s
  5. FACT: My stepdaughter's other half is a question writer on The Chase, and he is aware of this place. (OBVS) I'll have a word.
  6. @Cavcraft I put something to this effect on the hints and tips thread Billeh, wasn't sure who to tag in to have it looked at though.
  7. @TheDoctor as far as I know, it'll be just that £500 and less tend to be easier to collect. And tbh it's a lot to do with policy, but someone said to me years ago, that a £500 debt is YOUR problem, but a £5000 debt is THEIR problem. Probably not so mucj now though.
  8. White room tax yo.... Yeah, it looks nice and all that, but there's no mention of 20p coin storage and it's nigh on two bags. Yeah, it's low miles, and all that, but that's not always a good thing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A-Breath-Taking-Peugeot-405-GLX-1-6-Petrol-with-Just-48-898-Miles/283653013325?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  9. I paid the £20 key dipper as cash, but the room fee on my credit card which isn't contactless anyway. Think they had the facilities though. Probably won't make this one due to skintness - ( Pet insurance claim taking forever) I'll do £70 in dizzle there and back, and the money-tree in my garden appears to have blown down.
  10. Stayed there the other week when myself and Blind Trev came up for Civil War. It's OK, really, think I paid £49 for a twin with en-suite, it's clean, and you're only going to be kipping there, go for it.
  11. Yep, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, new technology and data processing will mean it's a lot harder to just run away and hide. Soon, if it hasn't happened already EVERYONE will have an identifying number attached to them, with data collated from many sources, including date of birth, NI number, previous addresses blah blah blah. Big brother really is watching. Some debts have a lifespan, some don't. And in either instance it will depend on where in the debt recovery process it's got to. For instance a Charging Order on a property will last until you sell the property, in 5, 12, or 56 years, and if the company to whom the debt is owed has got any common sense, and one continues to default on bills payable, ie utilities etc, they'll apply for a variation order so the debt on the original order will increase. Then it's up to THEM when they decide to collect on the debt, again they may want to wait until the property is sold, or, as in my company's case, they will start possession proceedings when the outstanding reaches £5k. So, in layman's terms, (hypothetical figures OBVS) Property value £250,000. Mortgage (known as first charge ie to Halifax) £100,000. Second charge (Secured loan for Horsey Horseless Gti Turbo Convertible) £20,000. So theoretically there's £130,000 in equity. New charge for not paying your credit card £5297.45. Once the fees and shizz are added on that's more like £7500. Property gets repossessed by third charge company - who are adding fees left right and centre at this point - Sold for less than market value for quick sale, as they have no obligation to hang about, realises £190,000 ( repo'd houses invariably go for less than real value, because either the previous owners are skint and the place is a tip, or buyers tend to be wary that they'll move in, and the house is "blacklisted", which is no longer the case as much as it used to be). Fees / expenses, interest (all a con - £150+vat for a letter etc) will quickly eat into the remaining equity, to the extent that from the sale you'll be lucky to see £50,000 back. All for the sake of the cost or 20 fags a week. (All this bollocks was not aimed at you @HillmanImp !) Yep, the onus is on you to prove they belong to someone else, sales invoices, receipts with names on and shizz. A V5 document is NOT proof of ownership, so just because you've got it registered in your auntie's name, it won't stop someone having it away. Re: Value of items; unfortunately it will depend on a) the bailiff, or the bailiff's company policy, and b) the type of writ they're waving at you. Some bailiffs I've encountered will take stuff as a part payment, they won't neccessarily not take something just because it doesn't clear the debt. Eg, a person owes £5000, but has assets that'd bring £1500 at auction. Some will have them away, and expect further contributions from the debtor until the debt is cleared. ^^^ This^^^^ Absolutely, definitely. Stepchange, Payplan, the CAB. I don't mind admitting that I got myself in some serious debt a few years ago, signed up to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), paid them an amount that was agreed via means test each month for 6 years and the remainder gets written off. It's a form of bankruptcy and it fucks your credit for a while, but it's better than being made homeless, which was a very real possibility at one point.
  12. Re: "Can't pay, we'll take it away"..... welcome to my world. I'm not a bailiff, until recently my job title was "Debt Recovery Officer". After a few attempts at telephone recovery via the Company's callcentre in Lincoln or Hartlepool, the defaulting accounts go through a lettering process. And sometimes, more phone calls from an external agency. At some point they will have had a warning of Default Notice, and then an actual Default Notice, which will show on their credit reports. Then it comes to us, out on the road. We knock, leave a card, up to six times over a period of time. The account is then passed to legal who decide what to do next, through an ever-changing set of criteria, including credit scoring, information from Credit Agencies, and information gathered by us - car on the drive, are they working?, that kind of thing. The percentages change all the time, but they're using Charging Orders more often than not on people who own their property, and they've started to get CCJs and then escalate to the high court for firms like DCCBL to enforce. MOST of the time they'll get a resolution (I attended a case where the bloke wasn't happy that his Ferrari 348 got lifted up in the air) but you get a few that really haven't got a pot to piss in, and they're the ones that need help - which is where I come back with tariff changes etc. I might add, all of this information re help is printed on the bills, and freely available on the website or through the CAB. It never ceases to amaze me, given that they've been written to, phoned, text messaged, emailed blah blah, that "Don't know nuffink abaht it m8" is a very common response. And the state of some of the shit-pits people live in, you wipe your feet on the way out. A good 75% of the "Can't pay" is resolvable, if they actually can be arsed to engage with you. The "won't pay" is a lost cause, and they seem to think nothing will happen "Coz my mate ain't paid nuffink for years and you ain't done nuffink", which is a dangerous approach. See that 63 plate Mondeo outside? We'll have that. TL:DR pay your bills, if you can't don't bury your head.
  13. Re: Silly old twats.... Had a meeting @ Huntingdon office yesterday, and as some of you will be aware, the A14 is all over the place at the moment. On the way back, I planned to stop at Tescos @ Bar Hill to get some fags and bread. On the roundabout, I was met - almost literally by an old dear in a Citroen C1/Pug 107 going the wrong way round the roundabout. Apparently the near miss was my fault as "You should have seen me". Well that's alright then Gladys. You do what the fuck you want and it's everyone else's fault. Just like being married.
  14. I've copy & pasted the description of that into every translation service I can find, and I still don't know why a gay disabled trader would be interested in this car.
  15. 1600E Onion, with TADTS rot. matey having a sit down after writing the description; must have worn him out without any punctuation. Currently just over a bag. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Orion-1600e-barn-find/153802306637?hash=item23cf54f44d:g:vLYAAOSw9-JeJJQ5
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