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  1. Put it in the back of your van, drive up and park around the corner and ride in claiming to have ridden all the way!
  2. Gold’ weld’ is probably where the panel was brazed on.
  3. Why frequent oil changes are a good idea
  4. Trying to work out how the garage was originally constructed. Will you rebuild the same way or is there some other method of making it more storm proof? What’s the verdict on the Plymouth?
  5. I’m guessing that if it was in a cricket shed it will be some shonky old 4x4 that has been used to tow a gang mower around the outfield. Daihatsu Fourtrak?
  6. Having just removed the front end on my MINI together with radiator, inlet manifold, alternator etc, etc to just change the water pump it does beg the question: Are all moderns packaged like this or are some designed to be worked on?
  7. Jenson Velcro


    Is it fitted the right way round? Usually there’s an arrow showing direction of flow.
  8. Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like a solution to a problem that didn’t really exist.
  9. Intrigued by the tyre inflation comments. What’s so special?
  10. Mine won’t be the fastest of builds, it will have to fit in around other things. I also need to make sure I can get it registered ok before investing much more time and money into it. Is your Mobylette, the one shown in your avatar. If so, it doesn’t look like it needs much to get it back on the road.
  11. Very similar. It’s a Raleigh RM9 ultramatic, so has the telescopic front forks, a front drum brake and more powerful* variated engine. (Although in reality it’s a Mobylette, built under licence by Raleigh.)
  12. Correct. I thought you would be the one person on here to recognise it…. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’ve begun to clear through the clutter in my garage and found enough bits left over from a previous rebuild to put this together. There should be enough there to get a dating certificate and apply for a V5. I can then have a play with the engine and see what happens.
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