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  1. Pretty sure this is the one I used to see around Plymouth. The number plate is certainly correct for the area.
  2. My first thought was where on the continent is he heading. Was convinced you were on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Then saw the number plate
  3. I think there are plenty of us around at the moment struggling for enthusiasm and not getting much enjoyment out of things. It’s certainly a crazy fucked up world currently, but hopefully give it a few months and restrictions might lift and the days become warmer and longer. All the crap can then be pushed to the back of the memory.
  4. Had to collect the bosses’ daughters mini from the dealer today . Looking across the used car lot what a load of monochrome misery . Had to laugh that the bill for the small service was for the same amount that I paid for my r50 Cooper
  5. Felt motivated to change the oil in the Midland gearbox on my R50 Bini. nice hedgehogs
  6. Yep I’m still finding this out whilst stubbornly/ foolishly ( delete as appropriate) sorting my bargain*
  7. Looking good, but a technical observation rather than a criticism. With the edge of the roof sheet projecting past the eaves board, will this not help any wind get underneath and peel the sheet off? Can you cut the sheet off flush and get an L shaped cover flashing which can be screwed into the fascia and down into the top of the roof sheet?
  8. Whilst not as high a mileage as some Vehicles on here, my old Defender has just clocked up 200,000. Shame the digits have decided not to line up
  9. I keep going back to the first page of the thread and looking at the photos. I can’t believe it’s the same car. The rust and bodges are some eye opener. I’m sure you’ll do the car proud and don’t worry about temporary lack of mojo, it’s impossible to keep going at 100% all the time. Remember that this is a hobby and you’re doing it for pleasure.
  10. I just don’t have any imagination. It was pretty straightforward following the HBOL to get it dismantled. Whether it solves the problem or ever runs again is another matter..... it would have been good to have found an obvious break in the head gasket
  11. captain tolley's creeping crack cure. im not sure if it’s any use in this situation, but I get a childish pleasure out of seeing it’s name.
  12. Not really how I wanted to spend my birthday, but have spent this morning dodging showers and stripping the head off my r50 Mini Cooper. It’s a tidy enough car that I bought pretty cheap just before lockdown and knowing it had a cooling problem. I replaced the fan resistor but it started loosing water. It has previously had a new radiator and I have replaced the thermostat housing. We pressure tested the system and found a leaking hose and replaced that. Re pressure tested and still leaking but nothing visible so assuming an internal problem. Nothing obvious with the head gasket so will pressu
  13. Looking forward to progress on this. Definitely in for the ride.
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