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  1. Well, after years of patching and repairs, I’ve finally decided to get my Defender put on a galvanised chassis. The original one lasted over 30 years and 207k miles so has done well, particularly as the previous owner of 10 years used it for launching boats in the sea. Looking forward to no longer having to roll around under it getting showered in dirt and sparks, this should now see me out.
  2. According to @worldofceri (credit) post it’s a 1978 Mazda 929
  3. Oops, sorry but in the excitement I forgot. Did you try to persuade @Mr_Bo11ox to update on his exploits?
  4. Assume this belongs to @Mr_Bo11ox Pleeease update us on this and the rest of your eclectic fleet.
  5. Yes I hope the air intake on the XM is higher than a ZX. It was right down at the bottom of the front bumper on the ZX, and I managed to wreck the engine in only about 4 inches of water.
  6. Wow, what a saga. At least it had a happy ending. Thanks for the detailed write up.
  7. Does the GLF trim level mean it’s fitted with a big turbo?
  8. It should be possible to do something with a short length of nylon bar. Pilot drilled both ends to take a self tapper or similar, and fixed at one end through the back of the unit.
  9. Good luck with the consultation. I hope you get a reasonable settlement package.
  10. Channel your inner Montrose and ‘get on your bad motor scooter and ride….’
  11. Great photos of an interesting selection of vehicles. I didn’t realise it was on today, and went to the spring meet. perfect weather for it as well.
  12. Sounds like HMC’s Fiesta that he is selling would be perfect
  13. Would definitely be interested in your band’s exploits. If no other thread is suitable, just start a new one in the Open Forums section. Glad the work on the camper seems less daunting now.
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