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  1. From hazy memories of my Scimitar with the same engine, if they didn’t come as standard with a phenolic block then they were often substituted, as it got bloody hot in the cramped engine bay surrounded by fibreglass bodywork.
  2. I’m sure it’s a PITA for you, but I’m certain you’ll fix it. It does make very interesting reading for us though.
  3. How does the tyre plug work? What, if anything holds it in place. I’ve seen ones that look like mushrooms that are pulled through from the inside and the head is stuck to the carcass, but nothing like this.
  4. I wonder if he was always wandering off and getting lost as a child?
  5. Been modifying cylinder heads to take different fixing brackets and then skimming to raise the compression ratio. Haven’t really got a clue what I’m doing but it will be fun finding out
  6. Yes, could be, but equally hard work. Not great weather today either.
  7. What? I’m guessing Tavistock to Plymouth on that? Bloody hell you must be fit/mad or both. You deserve a medal at least.
  8. That definitely looks like the right thing to do. Your welds look good too.
  9. I’m really surprised that the torque reaction didn’t have the engine falling over or dancing across the floor.
  10. Sounds like the MCC’s Exeter Trial. First weekend in January. Yes it can be bloody cold. Sheet ice on all the back roads, snow cold winds...... I’ve also done it in an open car and we’ve had ice form on the inside and outside of the windscreen as we were driving along.
  11. Arse end a lot higher than the front.
  12. An interesting choice of car, but if you already have it, then that makes sense. Front wheel drive can be done successfully, with both a mk1 Golf Gti and Peugeot 205 doing well in recent years. They both have powerful engines, though, and whilst having greatly raised suspension they run a lot of rake. As I understand it, this , together with a lot of ballast at the front and lightening at he rear helps to keep the weight balance forward and give traction to the front wheels when driving up the hills.
  13. The Motorcycling Club owns the section of Blue Hills that is used in competition. The club has been going since the 1900s and organises the big 3 classic long distance trials, including the Lands End that uses Blue Hills. Their website has a section on getting started and a lot of other useful information. The ACTC is the Association of Classic Trials Clubs and has more information. the South West is a bit of a hot bed for trialling and several of the local motor clubs hold their own events as part of a championship.
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