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  1. Would an Irwin bolt extractor fit on there? Can’t think of a reason for it in that location but is it a left handed thread?
  2. Similar but not identical part numbers. Not sure what the differences might be. Same rebuild kit though
  3. There’s a few companies specialising in seat belts in this country: Universalseatbelts.co.uk Safetybeltservices.co.uk Securon.co.uk To name three. I haven’t any experience of any of these so can’t offer recommendations.
  4. Not all of them are correct though!
  5. Eh? That’s the most interesting part of the forum content, so definitely interested in progress on this one. If nobody bothered posting on projects it really would be the end of the forum
  6. I regularly have ‘those’ weeks! Do you know what the missing part looks like and could you make one?
  7. Is it possible to fit the sump with velcro rather than nuts and bolts?
  8. Nice car, and excellent collection. None of this ‘if only you were closer mate’ I have lost track of your fleet. I have seen you mentioning your Porsche recently, but do you still have the Range Rover?
  9. Subaru seem to be one of the few manufacturers that don’t require dealers to have large glass gin palaces. The dealers can therefore be smaller and more personal.
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