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  1. Agree that the plague seems to have reset prices for a lot of things in life, thanks to knock on effect of shortage of supplies etc etc. One thing that concerns me more about older, cheaper cars is whether we’ll even be able to use them freely, as more and more areas seem to be introducing clean air zones.
  2. Great to see you posting on here. Have followed progress on RR whilst lurking. It’s been an interesting build. Heres hoping you have a rummage in the boxes in the back of your garage and find your mojo for the C10…..
  3. Do a lot of people even bother with or understand the need for servicing nowadays? “ that’s wot the mot’s for innit?”
  4. Well, it says Wolverhampton on the signs……..
  5. Does that count as a record poo count for a collection?
  6. Yes, the actual quote was from the late Dave numbers, but twosmoke300 has it as his footer on his posts.
  7. Did that Monza used to be long term owned by a guy on the blue, with a collection of big Vauxhalls/Opels? Monzaphil or something similar?
  8. It will be interesting to see how that coating holds up . There are always plenty of products that claim to last for a long time, but none that I’ve used seem to do better than a couple of months.
  9. Yep very interested now I’ve found it. Definitely needs a more attention grabbing title
  10. Well he can’t use his right hand now can he, unless for some extreme S&M
  11. Surely that Plymouth North Road station
  12. Yes, there’s a lot to be said for running a carefree ‘an car’ that you’re not worried about.
  13. Are air conditioning pipes a universal size across different makes and models of cars? The end shape certainly looks familiar. If so can you get pipes from a different car and cut and bend to suit? Aluminium should be reasonably easy to shape even if you have to anneal it first.
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