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  1. I've always fancied one of these. Will be interested to hear how you get in with it. It looks like a good one.
  2. If you're going to do it properly then it needs welding. You might get away with it but it's better to know it's safe, even if it costs a bit more.
  3. I picked the Jag up last week. I am pleased to have it back and it is fixed, sort of. I had a long chat with the specialist before picking it up. He fixed the park brake, replaced an ABS sensor, replaced an injector, reprogrammed the ECU, replaced a long section of aluminium cooling pipe that was leaking and replaced the glow plug module. Once up to temperature it performs well and seems to have a bit more power. It is easier to spin a wheel when pulling out of a junction. However, it does not like starting in cold weather. I will wait to see if this improves when it is warmer.
  4. Very nice and a bargain at that price. Perhaps you'll want to keep it....?
  5. I spoke to the Jag bloke today. He works on his own so he has to swap the car's about a bit. He ordered a glow plug and fitted it. There is still some smoke at start up but he says it runs well when it's warm. He's going to have another look at the glow plugs. I might have it back to see how it goes, just waiting to hear. I also asked if he could tell me which parking sensor is dodgy, so he's going to check the codes and met me know. This car could go either way, working fine for a while or it could continue giving me some gip. I'm in too deep to pull out now...
  6. stripped fred


    Oh, definitely do it then!
  7. stripped fred


    What is it? A van?
  8. I will add that two of my friends had diesel mk4's in the day and I was quite jealous at the time. They are a nice car when sorted, decent quality (certainly felt that way), nice torque, comfy and good economy. I think you'll do alright in this when you've sorted out it's, hopefully minor, problems
  9. I've just spent nearly twice that amount on fixing a pretty worthless Jag S type and I'm still not sure if it's fixed yet. Hopefully that makes you feel better 👍
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