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  1. You don't have to inform them. https://www.abi.org.uk/products-and-issues/choosing-the-right-insurance/motor-insurance/winter-tyres/
  2. I replaced the rear tyres on my S type with Goodyear Vector 4 season tyres, gen 1. It was off the road last winter being fixed so didn't get to try them in really cold weather. Seem to work okay in normal conditions. Have worn well. A bit noisier but not really noticeable. Still easy to get the back end out on roundabouts in wet weather but only when I want to not when the car wants to! I will be getting all seasons for the front when they need changing.
  3. It's value has probably gone up too.
  4. I remembered another car. My wife went away for a few days and told me in no uncertain terms not to buy anymore cars. I bid £66 on ebay and win a Citroën ZX 1.4 reflex. The guy was a joiner and had used it as a work car. He was a bit miffed it only went for £66 but his advert and photos were a bit crap. A bit tatty but solid and drove it for a year or so. The engine was getting tired so I sold it for £400. The next owner put oil in the coolant reservoir and that was that, scrapped.
  5. A maestro that I was given when without wheels. It had a months' MOT and smelled of cigarettes so I had to drive it with the windows open. I bought a blue Skoda Estelle 105 Lux around 1996 for £60. Did some work and got it though the next MOT. Sold for £400 to a girl about my age who arrived with her dad. I rang her after and ended up seeing her a few times over the summer. I thought I better bail out though as I wasn't sure how long the engine would last...
  6. I paid £5500 for a 2001 Audi A4 1.9tdi Avant in 2006 at an auction. Two owners and fsh. Put 100k on it. Looked after it. Serviced at an independent specialist. Engine went pop at 201k 7 years later. Still worked out good value, dependable, practical but a bit uninspiring. Just right for me at the time though with a young family. I decided to make some money back by stripping it for parts. Only time I've ever done this. Hard work and took me months to sell the bits but I made about £800.
  7. The rusty subframe would put me off.
  8. Back in the late 1990's myself and mate went halves on a 924. Bought for £600 odd. It smoked a bit so when we sold it we bought some tablets from the back of a magazine which claimed to stop it to some degree.Spark plugs out and one in each cylinder. It did seem to work and we made a small profit on it. The current me thinks the old me was an immoral scoundrel.
  9. I do like these. So much car for the money. Well bought!
  10. That could well be the case but we don't know do we. My wife has bipolar. There are times when she will duck out for a while and others where she's very sociable.
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