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  1. Can anyone comment, before I disappear off the first page into nothingness... ..?
  2. I went to start the Jag and it rewarded me with 'abs fault', 'gearbox fault', 'low coolant' and 'parking brake fault'. This is testing my patience at the moment. It also wouldn't start initially. Much churning of the starter finally managed to get it running, but the smoke from the exhaust was a bit concerning. The garage who changed the ECU said that injectors 4 and 5 may be faulty. Would this tie up with that? I am assuming the parking brake fault may be due to the cold weather, although moving it a metre forwards with the brakes locked may not have helped. I am hoping this is
  3. Have you seen this download for the workshop manual? http://jagrepair.com/images/AutoRepairPhotos/CarPDFFiles/SType/S-Type 2002.5-2008-FSM-Workshop.pdf It's a big file!
  4. Quick update on the fleet... Jaguar S type I decided to buy some miller's injection cleaner for this. Added to half a tank of diesel. Probably not true but it ran better straight away, or appeared to. I took it for a half hour blast as it's not been used much and only for short journeys, which it does not like and doesn't allow it to warm up. All good now, apart from a low coolant light. I bought some red coolant and topped it up, only to see it leaking out between the front o/s wheel and the engine. I will get it on the ramps and remove the undertray, to hopefully find a nice e
  5. I think the k series is ideal for something like this. Nice and revvy. That's what makes the MR2 special, not the power as such, rather the feeling of speed and desire to rev the thing.
  6. I can see what you mean. I've never driven anything lightweight with a lot of power. I always wonder how they put the power down. I suppose it just needs a delicate right foot, and a nice dry road! Saying that I used to travel as a passenger in my mates TVR chimera a few years back and that was an experience!
  7. So the Jag is now back. Big bill but I was expecting that. The mechanic spent around 16 hours on it, but they charged me 6 as he admitted it was a bit of a training exercise for him and made a pleasant change from the more mundane work. It also had an MOT. It only failed on a washer pump, which was a nice surprise. The ECU was replaced and coded. He had to delete the egr valve so it didn't show any codes as the valve was removed a while back. There is still an issue with starting. It is quite lumpy and does not like the cold. It clears after a while though and then seems to run fine. The
  8. My MK1 MR2 is twice as heavy and has 124 bhp and that's enough for me, but I am now quite old having recently turned 50!
  9. You've got some interesting projects there shandylegs. Thanks for sharing. Do those kit cars need that amount of power. I reckon they'd still shift well with half that amount due to their weight.
  10. Thank you secret Santa! Absolutely brilliant, can't wait to read these 😀👍
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