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  1. The fact that DavidB has not been on to give his side says it all in my opinion, together with listing it quite soon on eBay. I hope you manage to turn this BMW round and get some use out of it for you and your family.
  2. I think mine were the basic ones. I was really looking forward to the comfort but they didn't suit me.
  3. Only just read this. Great write up! I didn't get on with my 9-5 but I think I'm a bit odd as I found the seats gave me terrible backache, when most find the opposite is true. I did appreciate it's ability to consume the miles though. I look forward to hearing how you get on with yours. At least it has a more interesting engine, as mine was the 1.9 diesel and pretty bland.
  4. I really enjoyed mine. 115bhp and auto, used to motor well and I liked the high seating position. Comfy on long runs. Needed too much doing for the mot though, smoking, rust etc. Was a lovely vehicle to own though.. You never had any worries about fitting things inside, no worries in that regard. It can be a bit tiring lifting those bloody seats in and out though! Also, used to get a bit hot in the summer due to the huge glass area, and the aircon didn't work, which I think is a common issue on these. I would still like another. Fancy an Alhambra this time
  5. Definately report the owners of that dog. What a miserable existence! Obviously not a cherished pet, just an inconvenience to them. It may give the dog another chance in a loving home, where it is wanted.
  6. I can't remember who I sold this to on here. I was just wondering whether it is likely to see the road again. I miss this old bus.
  7. Good work, I'm sure you'll get there. Enjoying the updates but sad face for it putting up a fight.
  8. I think SIC prefers tinkering to driving. I suppose that is part of the fun of an old car.
  9. I had a BX14RE in white. Sold mine as the clutch was going, around 1998. I love the styling. Looks even more futuristic now I think.
  10. Two of my mates had these as company cars and I was quite jealous at the time. They felt quite rapid and I assume still are as a relatively light car and of course were a bit posh being a VW... I just checked flights to Aberdeen out of interest. About £200 one way from East Midlands.
  11. I wonder why they’ve not done this before now?
  12. I think he married two of his secretaries!
  13. I have a mk1 mr2 which I can’t part with. I have owned it for 15 years. I’ve hardly used it in a long while and it costs me nearly £40 a month to store. What a pathetic bunch we are.
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