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  1. They can't be beaten on a cold winter's morning when you have leather seats though.
  2. I would buy it after a good check over.
  3. We'll done you! You've got a nice motor there and it also seems reliable so far 👍
  4. I have: 2004 Jaguar S type diesel - being fixed 2006 Focus Cmax 1.6 - daily/dog and tip wagon 1997 Nissan Micra 1.0 - being fixed 1987 MR2 MK1 1.6 - awaiting fettling 2006 VW Beetle convertible 1.6 - wife's wagon 5 is my maximum...
  5. How do you upload a video on here? I tried attaching it a few times but it doesn't want to know.
  6. So, work in the Micra is on hold due to the terrible weather... The cmax passed it's mot on Friday after a re-test. I put two Kumho Ecowings on the front it at least the local tyre place did. £103 for the two, which was cheaper than the nearest tyre place who wanted £65 for a pair of Generals. I'm not sure I trust them, although I think they may be owned by continental or similar. It also needed a track control arm bearing. Just got the beetle, Micra and the jaguar to mot now as they are all due within a month of each other. Not ideal but it focuses the mind and the wallet... The gar
  7. We managed to get the crossmember off the Micra with juniors help and lots of drilling. Quite tricky to find each spot weld but after much mangling, including use of a crowbar and my boot, it came off. Next step will be to fit the new one but we're going to clean up the rust and spray some Dynax s50 in the box sections to keep future rust at bay. We contemplated buying a welder and learning to weld so we could put some tack welds on the subframe. This led us down several rabbit holes, mainly what type of welder to buy. Should we go gasless or mig? A decent basic mig would cost £250 with a
  8. My Jag s type is in the garage and there is a good chance I will have a bill many times yours. I think you escaped quite lightly and like you say you were able to use it for a while.
  9. Snaggle Puss, who I bought it off, told me it needed doing before the MOT and it runs out in 2 weeks!
  10. So, I rang the garage again today. They've not had chance to look at it or diagnose anything on the Jag. It could be a relatively simple fix, total bill for recovery, MOT, labour etc of £300ish, or it could be a complete ball ache, can't find anything wrong, take loads of time to diagnose, expensive part ect and I'm in for between £500 and a lot more. It's an old car but in great condition and I like it. I wouldn't say I love it but I want to get it fixed. You can buy second hand ECU's on eBay for not a lot. I'm not sure if you can just swap them though. I think you can swap the one in the rea
  11. The Jag has been with the garage since Monday. I called them today. They reckon there is no power to the ECU. They asked for authorisation to spend a couple of hours diagnosing. This doesn't sound good... The only thing I can think of that may have buggered the ECU was leaving the ignition on all night. I did try and jump it from my other car, which I know is also not advised, but it was already not starting at that point. I've decided to try and forget I own it for the moment...
  12. I just realised I'd started this thread then promptly forgot about it. I'll try and keep it more up-to-date... First off, the s type went off to the garage today. Possible injector problem, won't start, hoping it's not too expensive a fix but assuming it will be. I also have to pay £72 for recovery to the garage and I want it MOT'd too. Place your bets! Would be good to drive it again though as it's been sitting for a couple of months now. I was so embarrassed that I washed it before the recovery bloke collected it!
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