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  1. Can anyone give me the postcode of where this is? Thanks
  2. I love pop up headlights but I do like the look of these mk5's, very smart.
  3. I would say... 2006 Focus Cmax 1.6 - 4000 miles (local journeys, tip runs, taking dogs out) 2004 Jaguar S type diesel - 5000 miles (longer journeys, family and work car) 1997 Nissan Micra - 1500 miles (local, fun and two autotests with SF junior, age 14) 1987 Toyota mr2 1.6 mk1 - 0 miles (awaiting recommissing, funds and time)
  4. Well done. We all need to start somewhere! I would say it's getting a bit shite but has the potential to be even more shite in the future. I like skodas myself, old and new. Yours looks like good, cheap, simple transport. I looked it up on Total Car Check, a compulsion of mine for any car I see, and it has low miles and a great MOT history with clean passes. As longb as it doesn't rust I should think you'll be OK with that, simple to fix too I would have thought.
  5. Try one of these in your Honda. I find it really good, for music and for calls. I've bought one for each car. Connects to your phone automatically as soon as you get in. Tunes to 108.00. Takes a minute to set up, that's it. Good sound quality with minimal interference so far. 2021 Upgraded Car Bluetooth Transmitter V5.0, QC3.0 & LED Backlit Bluetooth Adapter Car Wireless Radio Adapter, Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car with Dual USB Ports Supports Hands-Free Calling https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B095SNWD9L/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_P444B3YTXK0K1RY0HZGR?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 £16.99 Great fleet by the way....
  6. I looks quite a long list to me but no reports of corrosion, which is something...
  7. Thanks for your replies all. Great to hear everyones experiences. Here's a couple of photos. The car my dad is standing next to, a 1931 Austin Swallow, is in the British Motor museum at Gaydon. I'm not sure if it was there at the time of this photo, about 55 years ago. We were planning to visit a few months ago and bought tickets but had to cancel as my step-mum was poorly. I won't be able to recreate the photo with my dad as I planned but I will still visit with my sons...
  8. It's funny what dads pass down to you. I suppose it's like football. My dad wasn't really into it and neither am I. There are probably exceptions to that too though.
  9. Thanks for that. So the tinkering can carry on! I suppose this is how we hand down our knowledge to the next generation. The problem is they'll all be driving electric cars 😊
  10. Hi, my dad passed away recently. He was a retired engineering lecturer. He retired at age 51 which shows the benefits of a local authority pension a few years back. He moved to Devon 27 years ago from the Midlands and he returned just to prior to Covid, which was rubbish timing. I am trying to process my dad’s death and one of the ways is to sort out the car situation. I am going to take on my dad's car. It’s a CLK C220 CDI 2008 in black with avantgarde trim. It’s done 75k miles and I think it's in good condition as my dad only did a few hundred miles during covid and he used to get it serviced. I will find out in the next few days. I am excited but it is not like receiving a car normally. However, to be honest my dad did not drive it that much as he only bought it two years ago. Still, it has some emotional value. My step-brother was due to buy the car at some point but he has suggested I have it as I always used to work on cars with my dad. My presence on this site is most likely due to him! I am giving £2000 for it as this is only fair as I have a sister and two step siblings. This was the price my dad agreed on with my step-brother. I have a Jaguar S type diesel which I have invested money and time in and which I really like. So, my wife has agreed to use the CLK and I will also be able to drive it that way, in addition to my two other cars, a 2006 Cmax and a 1997 Micra. I used to help* my dad fix cars on the drive. He had a couple of scimitars, a mk 10 Jag, a few triumphs, a 2500PI tourer and a 2000 saloon (YYT 654H – don’t ask me why I remember that!)., a maxi that broke down, a gold 2.0 capri, a 2.8 litre Volvo 760 that had some type of engine problem, also a Triumph Renown that he fixed mechanically but then didn't get round to doing the bodywork. He drove it to our new house, half a mile away, with a seat attached. He passed a police car on the way and the policeman just laughed as he drove by. My dad also used to fix cars with a friend in his garage in the late 70's and early 80's. I do not think they had any health and safety risk assessments competed. His mate was also a lecturer and they did think of giving up lecturing and working as mechanics full-time at one stage, but decided against it (remember the pension!) My dad helped me fix my brown mini clubman, which had an 1100cc engine and was a bit of a death trap. I crashed it into a friend driving his dad’s green Audi 80. We sorted it out between us. My dad helped me filler the rear corner and we then hand painted it blue. It was replaced by my grandad’s car, a 1.3 Vauxhall Cavalier mk 1. I thrashed it and it needed some new piston rings, which we changed together. It was still broken though so that didn’t last long. My son, age 14, is interested in cars so I will try and continue the car relationship with him. We do work quite well together although we often disagree as he knows best, just as I did with my dad! I have many memories but I am more interested in yours. Anyone care to share their memories of working with their dads, or other relatives, on cars? Did they start you on your journey to becoming a shiter…?
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