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  1. This is not on eBay and may have been posted before but if not then who fancies a £500 XM? https://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/citroen/xm
  2. I have a 1997 pre facelift model. Love it and it's pretty quick too. Closest car to my first car, a mini clubman, and gives similar thrills when driving. I feel 17 again, rather than 51...
  3. Lovely car. I would go with the 5 spokes but they both look good.
  4. Oh, not good. I hope you got it sorted. I once cam back to my car, an 04 plate Sharan, to find I had two flat tyres on the offside. I was in London on my way back from a training course. I put the spare on and ordered an Uber to take me and the other wheel to a nearby tyre place. I got there just before they closed. I had a no name tyre fitted, back in the taxi and I was on my way back to Leicester. I still don't know what happened. Maybe I had run over the same object? Definately get those tyres changed. It looks a nice car and hopefully a keeper?
  5. Planning to go in the micra with my son. Other son is not into cars and he quickly felt bored last year with me getting very excited at every old car I saw. There were some interesting cars there and it was a friendly atmosphere. The gardens to the house are also worth a look.
  6. Nice car! My friend used to borrow his dad's 850 and take us out in it. I remember it was a petrol, 2.5 20v n/a I think.
  7. I must have just been lucky but I've never had a difficult car sale. I probably sell on average every year or two and i have never had a problem. I have had occasional messages trying it on and saying they're planning to buy at the end of the week etc, but nothing worth noting. I've also only ever sold privately, probably because my cars are not worth a lot.
  8. Haven't you got time to fix it?
  9. Would it be possible to add the postcode to the title as i keep forgetting where this is...
  10. I think they send messages to lots of people and they can't remember who they've messaged. They're also not that interested unless the price is low so they can turn it around to make a profit.
  11. Please can I put my name down for Sunday breakfast too.
  12. Will you also require a pre-breakfast sir?
  13. She'll be fine, more towards rhe geography end of things but there may be some tomfoolery.
  14. It would be jnteresting to know what vehicle people are bringing. I'll be in my 1997 micra 1.0. That's my son who does the autotests with me.
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