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  1. Thanks for sharing. I wasn't a big fan of the S type when it came out. I was obviously a bit younger and I suppose that type of car didn't appeal at the time. I remember thinking it looked like they were trying too hard a it seemed dated,which I suppose was the point.I think it has aged well though. Most people probably can't place it and don't remember the other cars around at the time. I really like it now. A big surprise for me is just how well made it feels. A proper clunk from the weighty doors and lovely leather. I would never have guessed I would be driving a Jaguar, or a saloon car for that matter, but I'm very much enjoying the experience. It feels special.
  2. Thanks, I'll try putting them in upside down. It makes a noise so there is hope! I found how to lower the back seats. Still tight though as I have a mountain of rubbish, cardboard, garden rubbish etc and it would take probably 20 trips to the tip. Bikes just won't fit, especially three of them! I'm happy to get my cmax back in the road. It just gives me more options, and a back up car! Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  3. Right, time for an overdue update. It's a lovely car. Sailed through the MOT last week. There was a nail in one of the rear tyres so that was fixed with a puncture repair. I also got the garage to service it. Not cheap but I don't have time myself and it is in really good condition so I want to try and keep it that way. I had the front brake pads changed although they weren't too bad at 4mm. The garage said that there was a slight lumpiness to the idle and he suspected an injector. I have noticed it but it's not too bad and it pulls well and doesn't seem unduly affected. The engine light came on the other day, and then went off again. There is an independent Jag specialist near me so I will take it there at some point. Be said more likely to be a slight leak from somewhere. I bought some secondhand jaguar mats for it for £20. I orefer originals rather than aftermarket ones which never seem to be as good. It's lovely on long journeys, very quiet and smooth. If doesn't feel 'fast' but it can move if you want it too. Sport mode helps and seems to give it some urgency although I think it just changes the gearbox change points. You can feel the weight of the thing in the corners. It handles ok but doesn't like quick changes of direction. The auto door mirrors are a bit sluggish, the boot CD changer doesn't work but other than those things it all works fine. There's single cd in the dash anyway so bought some pound shop cd's the other day. Nice cold aircon and I am getting to like cruise control for the first time. Nice extras such as the electric heated memory seats, headlights staying on and puddle lights are all still novelties to me. I've boughs a type of cover, like a hammock, for the back seats so the dogs don't scratch them, especially when they see another dog! I'm not bothered about keeping it perfect but it's in such good condition that I want to try my best. One job will be to try and remove the build up of crud in the rear wheel arches as there is some corrosion there but early stages at the moment so hopefully a clean out and a coat of something will delay the inevitable. Fuel economy is between mid 20's, short stop start journeys, and 40+ on a long run if sport mode not engaged. I'm averaging about 33 but I can live with that. I've fitted a cheap dashcam and I have a handsfree kit to go in and then I'm sorted . My only problem is how to take all the rubbish to the tip. I think I'm going to insure my old cmax too. It obviously works out more expensive with another car on the road, insurance will be about £250, but I'm happy to do it as I can also carry bikes in the cmax and is good to have a spare car as you just never know...
  4. That looks tidy from the photos. 👍
  5. Thanks, I've just bought 3 of them. It can't be that bad, can it???
  6. stripped fred


    Nicee, what size engine, 3.2?
  7. I hope this car continues to behave itself. A lovely looking and characterful old motor, which is what autoshite's all about. I enjoyed your write up too, as I expect a lot of others have.
  8. Thank you Zelandeth. Very kind of you. I will get it in the post in the next few days 👍
  9. Definately! I also wonder what other road users think of me now I'm driving a Jag. Although this was not that expensive I think people believe you are a well off person. I wonder if I will be let out of junctions?
  10. Don't they come in long and very long versions too? Being used to more mundane modern boxes the jags do seem to take up a lot of road for the space they offer inside!
  11. I would say this is a big factor for me too.
  12. I went to start my mr2 as I've not even looked at it for months. The brakes were a bit stuck, which is normal, and it was covered in a layer of dust. I'd bought a new battery as the old one was kippered. I've never had a proper battery for it. It wasn't expensive but when it turned up I realised why, it's tiny! Anyway, all the lights came in but then I remembered my immobiliser fob doesn't seem to work so I took it apart and one of the wires to the chip/transponder/small back thing had come off. Mg question, could anyone somber it for me? I think for a person with the right skill then it's a 5 min job but I don't have that skill. If I don't fix it I'll have to get the whole thing taken out, which would be a shame. I'm happy to pay postage and beer tokens. It's a cobra type.
  13. I spoke to my dad tonight as I can't stop talking about it. I think he fancies it but he can keep his hands off, at least for the minute!
  14. I think it must be a good time to buy s types. They seem like a good car for the money. They also seem to have caring owners. I haven't had any bills or costs yet apart from a bit extra for the insurance and tax, although I don't think service parts are too bad and they seem ok to work on. I even got 44mpg on the way home, at least on the trip computer. It has dropped quickly though since I've been driving locally. I think it's meant for long runs.
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