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  1. We searched for the rear speaker plug in the boot of the micra today, to connect our rear parcel shelf speakers. We searched a long time before finding it tucked up the back. Bingo! Will connect up the stereo tomorrow and see whether it sounds any better. I can see a small sub woofer on the shopping list at some point!
  2. It's his 13th birthday today. He got a stop lock for it. He loves it. I's a shame he can't drive it for 4+ years, at least not on the road. Private test tracks are ok though and we want to start autotesting at some stage. I enjoy driving it anyway and there are still repairs and improvements to make. We are learning all the time!
  3. PS where did you buy your parts from?
  4. That looks great. They are are nice shape and I want to get ours looking original. We bought a parcel shelf with speakers last week! Thanks for the fitting advice 👍
  5. I took some photos of the bonnet. You can see a dent in the bonnet where it has hit something, slightly off centre towards the driver's side. Probably only pushed it back half and inch or so. I am happy to find a used bonnet but I really need a white one as I am likely to make a right mess using a rattle can, although tempted to give it a go. Is there any way the bonnet could be pulled out? What are those hammer tools called, slide hammer? Any good? It is quite strong and using a lump hammer and wood did not do anything. I am not trying to make it perfect, just less obvious. It might also sit a bit lower as there is a gap above the headlights. Look king at those photos, might try painting the bumper too. Do I need a special type of primer that won't crack?
  6. I'm sure that will look much better when cleaned.
  7. Thanks, we will try changing the gearbox oil. I have just applied to join the Micra group on Facebook, cheers for that.
  8. Quick blast out in this earlier today, only about 5 miles. It turns me into a hooligan on the slower bends. Engine seems to have an immediate.oullnif torque and you can bumble along in 5th at 30mph if no acceleration is required! Inoticed a whiff of clutch when we got back. I opened the bonnet and the smell is coming from the belt end of the engjne though. Could it be a smell of rubber instead? I only had a quick glance so will keep my eye on it. I'm on the lookout for a white pre-facelift bonnet as the existing one has a dent. I did try a lump hammer and some wood on the front but it just made a lot of noise. Is there a way to do it with basic tools? If not then we'll just leave it.
  9. Someone on here mentioned Facebook market place for parts. I never use it but I logged in and typed in K11 parts. About three photos in there was a Micra parcel shelf in good condition, with speakers! £20 plus some fuel later we have it. Will be fitted in next few days along with some gorilla glue between the passenger window and plastic holder. We tried no more nails but it's not a perfect fix and it made a right mess. Anyway, off to Facebook marketplace to look at the cheap cars...
  10. stripped fred

    Morris 1300

    I see you've got yourself a nice little project there Rob. It looks lovely! Many hours of enjoyment there 👍
  11. A couple of interesting cars there. A mini was my first car back in 1987 although it was a clubman with a walnut dash and the engine out of an Austin 1100. Well done on finding a non rusty MX5. Where do people find these cheap motors? Please keep us updated on how you get along with them.
  12. Thanks for that info. I don't think we've approached the red line just yet but useful to know! If you did have a binacle with rev counter then that would be brilliant. I'm keeping my eyes open. I think I've found a parcel shelf with speakers, which is the other upgrade we are keen to do. Many thanks.
  13. Great, thanks. We'll have a look. It's great in that you can see everything working and there is space, which you don't get on most moderns.
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