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  1. Been there for years, if it’s lucky the blue tarp gets thrown over!
  2. Well a little update, I knew when I got a 2.0 Maverick that it would be nay sayed, however having now done over 400 miles in it, I must say I think it's a brilliant old bus, once over 3000 revs it moves or you can just roll lazy in it..... It is probably one of the only fords of it's era that I can drive and not see another, and touch wood.... no rot! Pic cleaned up, the dog likes the dual tailgate! 🙂
  3. Has a scab on the wing, structure solid but who knows what lies beneath the plastic!
  4. I’d of been happier with that but think the money might of been different ! It’s still a yank spec! 😀
  5. Are these utter shit or any good, I’ve just acquired a 2.0 petrol one!
  6. Cars like this from the 70s are generally basic. It’s not a daily driver!
  7. muscle car like binnacles, except the Rev counter is stuck on ten past three..
  8. Crikey..... stick that on the bay as a barn find! if your ever passing with a screw driver I’ll have that back tail lamp 😉 My one doesn’t have the hatch back being a 76, but a pretty useless boot lid.... however the original owner specced some upgrades with a rear demister and a fold down seat with a funny fold down bulkhead panel!
  9. Sunshine, a baguette and some Brie! Plan to keep the french peasant look for a while 😀
  10. It’s french and the climate has saved it from any rot, but of course has a parking ding to every panel!
  11. Well actually it doesn’t go from strength to strength.... but the little Peugeot was emptied of what must of been a KG of Bordeaux red dirt, ideal for a grape grower! Not much else has yet happened to get it on the road but it’s going in for an overhaul to get the brakes and running sorted. Found some documents in the sun visors today which gave the last french owners details, bit of google investigation shows that it was last living in Tours despite its Bordeaux 24 plate, belonging to a Madame Besse who was last pottering around in it back in 1997, however she departed in feb this year at a grand 91 years old. That’s all I know other than her husband was a bad hand with a bit of filler and a spray can 😄 Will update again soon!
  12. Phwoarr, I used to roll in a big bumper 16v with the gunmetal wheels before the coloured wheels even became the norm!
  13. No idea why when I add a pic it all goes to shite!
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