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  1. I can confirm these are awesome little machines
  2. Time for an update… This little Korean buzzbox has really exceeded my expectations (which were fairly low to begin with). Thankfully no major mechanical issues so far and she’s extremely frugal on Kuwaits finest distilled… In fact things had been (yes past tense..) so well that life was actually getting a little dull. The Atoz fulfils the ‘car’ brief absolutely perfectly but just lacks that exciting/intriguing spark that I’m after, oh and I’d spotted something pretty damn grotty online that piqued my interest. The potential €500 bill for the belts and oil leaks didn’t help either. I sold her to a friend for a little less than I was ideally prepared to accept but the knowledge she was going to a good home and a decent owner convinced me. Chod Speed in the name of the shite cause little Hyundai. We may meet again some day.
  3. Wonderful purchase, absolutely wonderful. Good Luck with it!!
  4. I received mine in the post yesterday and I’m delighted with them. No shite old car is complete without one of these! Wud by agen 12.34/10. GR9 product
  5. Alright shiters? Atoz/Amica update.... After around 500 miles and 3 weeks of ownership I’m delighted to report that all is well with the mighty shitebox™️. I’ve been daily-ing it for most of that time driving it to and from work (15 mile round trip) and for general journeys and boredom alleviating spins. So far she hasn’t missed a beat and despite the various rattles and crashy ride quality I haven’t developed tinnitus or a bad back (yet...). The aforementioned poor brakes have actually improved slightly, or at least my perception of them has. The seller advised that new brake pads had been fitted but without receipts or ANY service history I assumed this to be a falsehood, the seller though did seam a reasonable chap. The car isn’t without issue though. The steering geometry needs correcting as even with the wheels set dead straight the steering wheel sits at a rather pronounced angle. It has also developed a slight* oil leak from the sump, I’m hoping though that this will be a cheap fix (??). These though are relatively minor issues which will be sorted in the near future. Earlier in the thread I had claimed to have eradicated the Scent Du OAP from the interior. Although it now smells a lot better there is still a lingering pensioner odour that persists. I suppose it adds to the cars character... Anyhow without further delay.. Images...
  6. Aye I'll take 2 if possible. Will pm this afternoon.
  7. I don’t suppose any of these are left by any chance? I was looking for some a while back but then forgot all about them...
  8. A few more images... I’m really pleased with it so far. Drives pretty sweetly, not quick by any stretch of the imagination but a very capable daily runaround. Remarkably clean considering it’s 21 year life so far.. I’ve had it washed and valeted so the Scent Du Auld Giffer has been eradicated. I think I’ll avoid power washers in the future as I got a slight wetting through the porous sunroof seals...
  9. Hi all, I performed my first collection caper yesterday in collecting this wonderful* Hyundai Amica (Atoz here in Ireland). I'd spotted it for sale a week or two back and thought 'I just have to buy that' - fast forward to yesterday and I set off masked and sanitised. Seller seemed a reasonable chap who was flogging it on behalf of an elderly gentleman, I've no reason to doubt this as the interior f*****g reeks of pensioner... It's the 1 litre manual GLS model, one up from the base apparently. Poverty aplenty with keep fit rear windows, no rear headrests and plastic wheel trims... The brakes are terrible, the steering is vague and the tracking needs correcting. The gear change is akin to stirring porridge with a shovel and it has no service history (although I'm hoping the seller has a file somewhere...) On the plus side it is reasonable comfy, incredibly roomy and quite nippy. I love the glass area, it's a bit like driving a huge pane of double glazing. The stereo is pretty good and the interior fabric pattern is so wonderfully 90's.. Only 66,000 miles, It's NCT'd (Irish MOT) until September and may receive a small Covid related extension. So far I'm pretty delighted with my first Autoshite purchase. Are their any of the Autoshite dealer stickers left? I'd love a few... Anyway... the piccies...
  10. Fantastic stuff. I love your attention to detail in typing up the info for each car. Also the picture of the Micra with Merton Civic Centre in the background could've been taken in 1991 if it wasn't for the newish Golf!
  11. That is superbly grim. I love that BT Cellnet aerial thing, bonus retro chod points
  12. That is incredibly grim. So a huge well done!
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