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  1. LADA SAMARA!! (Swindon 1996)
  2. I've already posted this on the For Sale forum but thought I'd stick it here too - Following on from the huge success** I've experienced with my Twitter page @CrapCCollective I've decided to make a few calendars and see if anyone would like one (or two!...) If you fancy a calendar then you can get one via http://paypal.me/CrapCarCollective or on Ebay - https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F274127697501 Prices - £13 for the UK (includes postage) €11 for Ireland (includes postage)
  3. @datsuncog - I'd love to see some of your chod spotting whenever you do get around to scanning your 35mm film. I'd imagine you have some superb spots.
  4. Lovely stuff! Some of my earliest motoring memories are from Metro's - well the Rover 100 series which was all Metro bar the face. Your one looks exceptionally clean!
  5. Fantastic write up! Looks like you have a little beauty on your hands there. Best of luck with it
  6. Superb Stuff!! I'm delighted your finding lots of tat around Dublin as I'd kinda thought I'd spotted most of it. The abandoned Mondeo and the wonderful Yugo (of course!) are highlights!!
  7. Another from Pinhoe Lane, Exeter in '93.. Ancient Beetle and superb little Yugo 45!!
  8. Pinhoe Road, Exeter - 1993 Mk1 AX hiding behind the shrubbery and also the passenger side headlight of what I reckon is an early 70's Fiat? (or Lada) which would've been pretty ancient by 1993...
  9. POLONEZ!! Ferndown, Dorset - 1994
  10. Thanks for the hard work and effort put in by all the Tecchies to keep this place going!
  11. This is brilliant, there goes my productivity levels at work this afternoon!
  12. Mine was about 2 weeks after passing my test in '15. Drove 240 miles return trip from Co. Louth to Letterkenny in Co. Donegal in my 2002 Mk4/5 Fiesta. Absolutely loved it, the excitement of finally having autonomy and freedom. No journey has ever really excited me to the same level since sadly...
  13. Superb stuff! Howth is brilliant for auld shite, one of my favourite hunting grounds. Where is that CX??
  14. Goodness me my grammar and punctuation was terrible (I was 15 mind...) Since this obnoxious statement was posted I've "grown up". Passed my test in 2015 and smoked around in a 2002 Mk4/5 Fiesta which I didn't consider shite at the time but now realise it was. I've had 2 non-shite motors since sadly - '08 and (currently) a '15 plate Polo. I still do not own a bicycle
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