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  1. I'm certain this was a stock rim on something, my brain keeps telling me FIAT, but even after a 1+ hour dive into the rabbit hole I can't find a match. It isn't Porsche 914, or Marcos GT, or Sunbeam Tiger. Grrr!
  2. Start preparing early for next winter's OMGSNOKAOS https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/397875577494802
  3. This had me raising an eyebrow though: "New owner will have to apply for logbook Problem with ignition/ starter motor but starts with 2 wires under the bonnet" MOT history shows quite a bit of rot too.
  4. I think it's that the swage line doesn't continue past the doors. Definitely looks odd.
  5. Maybe this? The mileage on the history doesn't match, so maybe not. If it is, it's rotten as a peach, and has more electrical problems than a Tesla in a swimming pool.
  6. Caveat Emptor, as ever. If I was intending to spend in the region of £50k on a 35 year old car, I'd be doing plenty of research!
  7. Those are definitely not the same car. The rear end in particular is clearly very different.
  8. The underside of that does not look full of wob, it looks like it's never been driven. The price doesn't surprise me, sad that it'll never be driven like it was designed to be, though.
  9. One wonders what the mentioned but not described "extras" are. An angry badger perhaps, or even worse, a Bill Oddie
  10. That NSF wheel has an interesting* camber for something with "no structural damage".
  11. Sadly I suspect the days of this car being driven the way it was intended are long gone. It's more likely to spend the rest of its days as a well protected investment.
  12. This needs some self-control on my part to avoid... I really wanted one of these as a lad: even though it was apparently utterly hopeless for its intended purpose, I still think it looked great.
  13. When I first saw the bus I mistakenly thought it a Mercedes. The rear light clusters are from a W114 Merc...
  14. You've a legitimate use case there, can't argue with that. Nevertheless, it's one more thing to go wrong, and it just so slow to use I find it frustrating. Yes, I know I can just set off and it releases automatically, but I prefer to release it myself, to minimise wear and tear on the clutch and brake mechanisms and friction parts.
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