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  1. I remember a mad bugger called Andy Saunders regularly having his modified cars featured in Street Machine in the 80s and 90s. This CX low loader stuck in my mind: Here's his take on a 2CV, nobody better show this to DollyWobbler, he might faint...
  2. DVLA don't always have that correct, as we know. Many a muppet has put a bigger motor in a car without notifying them, nvm that it invalidates their insurance etc. I like sleepers, but this one is positively comatose, if that's the intention. And yes, the door repair is a 3D sculpture! 😆
  3. Nissan Stagea of some sort, at a guess. Shame that lovely old Firebird has been spoiled with those stupid modern rims.
  4. That Passat seems to be rolling on band-outs. Very curious, wonder what's under the bonnet...
  5. Given that the very first one of these I ever saw in the metal when they were new in the mid 90s, was on fire at the side of the road, I'd guess they had quite a few dodgy components in the fuelling system. Naturally I drive one myself now, albeit a somewhat safer type C oiler.
  6. Lamborghini for under 7 grand: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202003188552088 I'd say this defines "low(ish) cost high liability" but I see there's a couple of W12 VAGs up at similar prices...
  7. You have a chance to identify the colour of the rear speaker wires by opening up the rear speaker housings/locations. The wiring is likely to be existing, even if the speakers weren't fitted in the factory, and the wiring will stay the same colour to the head. At least, I've never seen it change outside of hack jobs... Do you have any type of test gear, a multimeter for instance? Cheap ones are less than a tenner and invaluable for tracing wiring safely. You can use 12v test lamps, but if you put 12v on something to try and trace it, if there's something connected that doesn't like it, you've just added another problem. A cheap DMM won't put enough current or voltage on something to damage it. If you're reasonably confident on the speaker wire, you can do a quick and dirty test with a AA cell, if the speaker is connected. Just hold one wire on the negative, and brush the other over the positive, and if it's good you'll hear a faint crackling on the speaker. DON'T use the car battery for this test...
  8. Can't beat a good tape joint... 💩 Was the radio you took out working, on all speakers? If so, that makes the job of deciphering the butchery a bit easier. Shame the MD isn't working, as in many ways it's a superior format to CD. Can't see very well from the pics what the joins are, but the basic colour sets on that Sony(?) plug are, green pair rear left, white pair front right, grey pair front right, purple pair rear right, black ground, red permanent positive, yellow ignition/switched positive. Now, after that it can get a bit guessworky. Blue might be aerial, orange might be lights.
  9. A quick gurgle reveals the garage in the service book exists, at least. Much better MOT history, with the only concern being the corroded front jacking points. Helluva lot of car for the money though.
  10. Also refers to the engine as a TDi in the description, who knows what fuel it's had in it recently... Looking at the advisories on the last MOT, it's clearly closing in on "low cost, massive liability" territory quite rapidly.
  11. Yeah they seem to be £25 at least, in other shops. I had a quick look for reviews, and seems they work ok, Lidl had an even cheaper one at one point. https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/113364/lidl-oil-suction I'd definitely be interested, it's not just about getting under the car, it's also about fragile stuck sump plugs. Better to leave them alone if you can, sometimes.
  12. That's pretty cheap, and from what I've seen Lidl tools usually work, even if they're cheaply made. Out of curiosity, what's the likely postage cost?
  13. Property of Larry Flynt, presumably...
  14. Lancia Beta I think:
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