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  1. Or better still, a Zetec of some sort.
  2. What kind of maniac abandons a Lancia Gamma in such good condition? Can't be genuinely abandoned, must just be parked until the owner sorts out whatever the Belgians have for tax/MOT/insurance, shirley?
  3. BeamNG.drive is quite popular at the moment for those who like to tweak things (like making your flywheel weigh 1000kg) to see what happens.
  4. So long ago that I played the original game... I remember the Cossie was hard to find, and as well as being silly fast, was very fragile. I quite liked the Mundano because of the clever pun, and still call Mondeos that, to this day. I never really played the London Edition or GTA2. GTA III, I just can't remember. Maybe the Borgnine Taxi. Vice City, the PCJ600 or the Sea Sparrow, basically the quickest way of getting point to point. If I really had to pick a car, maybe the Phoenix, or Infernus. Liberty City Stories I didn't play much, Vice City Stories there was a rough copy of the RA25 Celica that I liked a bit. San Andreas, the NRG500 or the Sultan, naturally with nitrous. No more helicopters, as they removed the two-stick control method. GTA IV the Banshee or the Infernus, maybe the Comet, or a Sabre Turbo. No more bikes as they ruined the way they drive. GTA V the Progen T20 is the ultimate high speed go-anywhere vehicle, quite bizarre... the Duke O Death is a great police trolling machine, the Dump and the Rhino good for crushing things, and the Dozer is tons of fun even slow as it is, flipping cop cars over never gets old. Again no bikes or helos as they ruined the way they handle. GTA online is a steaming pile of dingo's kidneys, full of Batmobiles and faux-Bond cars driven by talentless cashers, so I never play it.
  5. Sarah N Tuned I expect the YT channel is called. A work colleague of mine is a VAG botherer (70 plate pcp A5 and owns an old Boxster) and waffles on about her all the time, the dirty old man. She does have nice legs...
  6. Hmmm... ridiculous protruding chin, smug grin, fat jowls...
  7. Whilst I do like these nutters and what they do, this one made me slightly sad as the old car they cut in half looked quite solid and probably quite rare even in Novosibirsk (where they live).
  8. Pisshat/A4 TDi with beaded front seat covers and a stain in the shape of Jesus in the rooflining
  9. It's not heavy by any means, and is perfectly manoeuvreable at any speed, with one hand if you prefer. It's just not finger-twirl light like a modern. The quattro is quite remarkable. I had the opportunity to test it on the way home from work a couple of months after I got it, and it still had barely legal front tyres. Several inches came down in less than an hour over the tops around Oxenhope/Pecket Well in West Yorkshire. It had drifted to a couple of feet in places, so only a single lane was still usable, which was blocked by an AA van with the driver struggling to fit his snow socks. After a few minutes he slithered and wheel-spun up to me, saying, "it's blocked mate". It would have taken bloody ages to turn around and reroute so I thought, fuck it, let's see, and just drove through the lot, breaking a trail for everyone behind me! Got all-season tyres on the front now, and typically it hasn't snowed since...
  10. Well I'm fucked then, I own a TT and a Vauxhall... The steering is full hydraulic afaik and has a pleasing weight to it, compared to my Insignia anyway. It grips quite well at the front, though the back end can be twitchy if you push it hard enough. A bootfull of throttle will pull it straight. As with any turbo car, regular oil and filter changes are a good thing. Don't bother with smoke testers; just replace all the hoses with silicone ones... EDIT: Oh, and the gearing is surprisingly short, at least on the 225. I can be in 6th by 35mph, without upsetting the engine.
  11. Has anyone seen any Metros for sale recently? 🤔
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