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  1. Is that a welded exhaust, or a modern art installation? Here's a tour of a Volvo design museum, sadly in Swedish with no closed captions.
  2. Indeed, according to a Swedish acquaintance, who also hadn't seen one before, it's a 263 GL, and a unique prototype. According to the retired Volvo designers being interviewed in the vid, they saw SAAB doing 2 door coupe/hatches, and decided they'd have a go. The one thing I picked up without having to have translated was when they were talking about using the wind-tunnel at MIRA in Nuneaton, during the design of the 740. I'll put the YT link in the appropriate thread...
  3. Shamelessely snapped from a YT vid (in Swedish) of a Volvo museum. Always liked the big Volvo coupes, this is even better!
  4. That must be exciting* in left-hand bends
  5. I wonder what the V5 says it is, and I wonder if that's why the number plate is obscured...
  6. Sounds like it's just a worn tensioner/belt, pretty easy to sort, and likely why it sold so fast
  7. Very subjective choices, most of which I personally disagree with, but the AI narration is hilariously bad, partly because the script is bad. Some of these cars would fit in the "Cars you never knew existed" thread
  8. What a mess... hope it can be saved. At least if you ever decide to retrofit a turbo, it already has the dash
  9. Also the A-pillar appears to be further forward on the mystery car. The front end in particular is sitting very low, there's no gap between the top of the tyre and the arch at the least.
  10. Great looking things, but why is the green one being driven round a track by a Lego man?
  11. Is this a previously unknown member of the McGann acting dynasty?
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