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  1. I don't know, but items sold at auction are usually free and clear of previous liens etc so I suspect if you proved to the doovla that's how you bought it, you'd be ok.
  2. At least they made the effort to sweep it into a neat pile!
  3. These had ABS? And seat belt pre-tensioners? Call me cynical but I'm sceptical
  4. Also, were they baked in an autoclave, like modern CF composites, or just allowed to cure like FRP?
  5. This seems unfeasibly cheap? Or is that where this kind of thing is at nowadays?
  6. Ah, part of the sexual revolution then...
  7. We've all been there dude, don't try to deny it. You like Corsas, after all! 🤪
  8. My google-fu shows it to be a BMC LD Mk3
  9. There should be a picture of this car in the dictionary next to the word "patination"
  10. It's a cute little thing, but I shudder to think how many buckets of wob are hiding under that paint...
  11. Terrifyingly bad fuel economy, lack of torque (relative to the diesel)
  12. Bloody hell, how long has it been on sale?!? 😵
  13. Not suggesting in any way that it's good value or worth buying, but am curious why it's a Cat-S when you can clearly see there's no damage to the sill, and nothing obvious to the roof. Are doors "structural" now? EDIT: NVM, just noticed the back of the door shut
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