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  1. I was completely wrecked for 15 hours. Pains everywhere in the joints and muscles, red hot then freezing, headache, felt like I had 20 pints and then sunstroke then run over by a truck. In and out of consciousness. Apparently if you've reacted badly it's a lot worse second time around. My Uncle was the same as me. Should have my second in about 8 weeks or less. I'll let you know how I get on.
  2. Nice condition. Absolutely impossible to turn down. Hopefully get some decent weather soon to enjoy it properly.
  3. On a side note for future, it might of been worth removing the core and replacing which could of been done diy. I've had to do this with bicycles that I has slime sealant in the inner tubes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VALVE-KEY-WHEEL-TYRE-INNER-TUBE-VALVE-REMOVER-REMOVAL-TOOL-TWO-FREE-CORES-/124476965212?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  4. R U 69 FAN? Spaced like that on a Focus st in white. Also saw a saucy blonde having a good old rummage in her passenger's shorts about 3 mins later in a 21 reg evoke. Impressively long left arm or those evoke cabins are quite narrow.
  5. WTF. What did the person have to say regarding that? I'd be incredibly angry about that, well pure rage tbh.
  6. You're a baller but at least I've cost you some money 😂 . The base spec goodness was too much to resist but things got ridiculous at a fiver.
  7. Solid 8/10 rant @Leyland Worldmaster. Needed a bit more swearing though. Good effort. My personal favourite is calling things "cunting".
  8. Unbelievably proud of you man. Top work. I've got to say I wouldn't of started it. If I did start it I probably would've given up about 73 times. Massive respect to you for having the determination not to be beaten.
  9. That's what I thought, very posh. I suppose it's better than a note shoved through the door with "i want ya beemer, best price, cash tonite m8" made with bits of letters cut out of newspaper headlines.
  10. Personally, go with the letter option. Fully identify yourself, name and address and contact number. Leave it with them to contact you and make that clear (no obligation). If you don't hear anything then leave it. Then see what happens.
  11. Just found out a work colleague died from a heart attack on Thursday. I've been off all week, known him 10 years. What makes me especially angry is apparently he looked ill and complained of chest pains and tingling in the arms for two days. Wish I'd of seen him and had hold of him. I'd have driven him to a&e immediately. Can't help but feel so helplessly angry at quite a few people. Things could have been so different.
  12. I've finally got one coming 8th March, the bill will be £4000. All new system install etc. It's amazing how many people don't call you back. Mot garage was the same, don't want simple repair work.
  13. Get tooled up for afterwards. You need oraljel max strength and solpedeine max dissolvable and max ibuprofen etc. I had two titanium rods drilled in the same side once. Absolute agony for 24 hours. Be proactive not reactive.
  14. Incinerator bin. About £20. https://www.toolstation.com/incinerator/p94173
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