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  1. Actual road rage was from 2018.
  2. I think he re-trained. I'll get my coat.
  3. Ffs that's absolutely unbelievable. No advice to offer but I hope things work out. Looked a lot more minor than the last one at least. Best of luck with it once the shock has worn off.
  4. They are in the normal small parts sections not the modified area. Picked these up only last weekend. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-accessories/exterior-styling/halfords-tyre-valve-dust-caps-hfx368-212423.html
  5. "Front seats need a clean" From Wikipedia Understatement is a form of speech or disclosure which contains an expression of lesser strength than what would be expected. It is the opposite of an embellishment. The rhetorical form of understatement is litotes in which understatement is used for emphasis and irony. This is not to be confused with euphemism, where a polite phrase is used in place of a harsher or more offensive expression. Understatement may also be called underexaggeration to denote lesser enthusiasm. Understatement also merges the comic with the ironic, as i
  6. That guy was literally 30 seconds from being unable to get that door open. A few minutes later natural selection would of taken care of itself. "What do I do?" 2 options pal. 1. Get out while you can. 2. Drown to death.
  7. "Happy classic car motoring Nigel Partridge." Maybe you could talk about the pedestrianisation of Norwich City centre should the Metro chat dry up. That seems quite a popular topic for people called Partridge from Norwich.
  8. Excellent. Probably 2 randoms when the time comes.
  9. I trusted Euro Car Parts once. That would normally be enough but I'll add more. Doing an oil change with a spin off canister filter, drains oil, spins off old filter. Can't fit new filter, need 3/4 thread which is 19.05mm. The one ECP supplied is similar at 19mm. Use 2nd car to go back to shop?Nope 1st car is blocking it in on ramps. Old oil has been collected in a filthy bucket so can't reuse. To be fair ECP lad dropped the correct filter off on his way home so they redeemed themselves pretty well.
  10. Perfect. It's got Grace's plates on it now. Will be getting the wheels done when I get a chance. Best grand I've ever spent that's for sure. Will come into it's own in the summer. Civic went through mot fine and on a different plate now s9nlv.
  11. If that's the passenger rear they have acknowledged it on the mot as "has limited damping effect". I'd say that's an understatement. Looks like the seller had a mate who tested it? Smart move letting your own mot man see it for reassurance. I'd take your own mot guys advice and see where you go from here. Should have been replaced in my opinion. Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll get it ship shape in no time. Hope it's not taken the shine off the purchase.
  12. What's that burning smell?🔥 🔥 🔥 🤔
  13. I think they are talking about Germany.
  14. My advice would be sack this right off. Your subframe won't be repairable (will need removing from the car anyway), fitting a new one will be hard to get and prohibitively expensive. A good used one is the best bet but replacing a used rusty Toyota subframe is not fun. Everything will be seized in and you will need all new bushings and bolts etc which will cost a small fortune etc. Get it on a ramp and try and loosen some bolts and you will see what I mean, they will not budge. Did a rear one on a 2005 mr2 3 years ago. £330 new for the part from toyota. Toyota wanted a gr
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