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  1. Be sure to check the air bags and the chassis for suspicious rot.
  2. Personally I'd fuck the wheel up driving it 1 mile to safety. Hazards on and drive as quick as you safely could.
  3. Check the boot opens and closes ok and comes pre-velcroed. Knock 50% off if it's velcro-less, velcro costs a fortune to replace.
  4. @Tubbo @sims00 Forum famous avensis from furious driving.
  5. Got it before I even looked at the reg plate.
  6. I'm out. 2.0 n/a with an auto box. All the drawbacks of Impreza ownership without any performance. Nothing used to attract other knobhead drivers like an Impreza.
  7. It's a great idea if done properly and respected. I have one done with proper racking though. Needs to be wider and only two shelves. I normally keep tool carts underneath but it's set for the height of a car bonnet if need be. Also put a beam at the rear lower down for support and one at the front above the lower shelf to act like a barrier to stop boxes falling off.
  8. I've found caravan leveling ramps ideal for this, cheaper than a low Jack. They raise the car a few inches, just enough to get your normal Jack under. Normally about a tenner used. Light weight and can be left outside.
  9. Not me. It seems like a complete waste of time. I know cars cost money and apart from football and holidays it's my main money/time outlet. At times I'll price up what a car cost me and what I've put into it. This means when I sell it, I don't sell it too cheap. I have a habit of fucking cars off if they upset me for some reason and do it cheaply so I don't have to look at them. Better than how I used to be if something or someone upset me though.
  10. That's a lot clearer image👍. I'd agree now 21+4. Good luck getting it sorted. Painful financially etc but should be a sorted car for many years once done.
  11. I think 22nm. Looks like the wrench was set too high if looking at the picture at around 29/30nm. Used this video to check. 26+4, can't quite make it out.
  12. Never been more thankful for a WSW wind direction.
  13. 100 pages of totally enjoyable bollocks. Congrats.
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