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  1. This is the process that should have been done. 1. Complaint. 2. Explanation, offer full refund or replacement. 3. Customer responds with either, A, happy with explanation B, refund fully. C, replace without a guarantee of success.
  2. Somehow that made me think of this.
  3. I think that €1500 excess on the Focus might be being paid out.
  4. Lovely 😍. I'd definitely get the wheels done properly after winter though. I think it deserves it.
  5. What a beautiful little thing. Really tastefully done and great colour combo.
  6. I'd do nothing with it until virtually terminal. You could quite possibly run it until test date in December. Chuck a test at it and decide from there. Gives you some financial breathing room and to decide on your options. #still better than a corsa
  7. That's the funny thing about "feel", it's each to their own. I'm sorry it's not worked out with the golf, having not driven one I would suggest it feels faster than it is. 0-60 170 bhp is only 8.6 seconds. The exhaust and engine sporty note wouldn't help with this feeling, maybe it has a keener throttle response and more power low down. I can only speak for my crv ownership on a 2002 pez 2.0 manual, the power was up top, easy to drive low down and felt very very safe. Some cars just don't suit peoples driving styles sometimes. Some people can adapt easy enough and som
  8. Please don't ever pass up the opportunity when on the phone to say "it's 30 minutes away, I'll be there in 90, it's a 1.0 lupo ffs" when arranging to go visit somewhere.
  9. Oh right. Like winston wolf from pulp fiction.
  10. Winston and lupo are both surnames in law and order. Do I win a bag of nowt for the boot?
  11. Don't know if you've seen this. Either way it's an option.
  12. Reminds me of my very first car my Dad bought for me. That was a black Austin metro 1988 on a q plate q758jwy for info. Also a 3dr. I owned it in 1999. I am not, repeat, absolutely not interested in the slightest* Can't weld either** *absolutely love it. **know a cheap as chips tame one though.
  13. Key fob related or mirror glass. Otherwise I'm out.
  15. I know that Tony was the "go to man" for lexus is 200's alignment when I had one.
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