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  1. Lexus update. It's been earning it's keep as a builders van. Sleepers/concrete etc. Slapped some paint on the nearside. Proper bodged job but if you don't tell anyone I won't. Better than it did look but not by much. All done by an eBay touch up pen, no spray. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  2. Saab update. Sorted a fifth/spare wheel for Β£30 delivered sans tyre. Unfortunately my tyre place didn't have a part worn so had to stump Β£55 for a new budget. (Correctly mounted πŸ˜‰ no weights needed) Ordered a genuine saab rubber boot liner Β£50 on ebay and missed out on roof bars as I forgot to bid. And stuck the private plate back on.
  3. These things are awful. I've said before how bad they are after buying one by accident blind at auction. They are just a shit Corolla with a one trick party piece. Even then at 8250rpm and 189bhp (actual figures) they are still shit. Had my identical year and colour as this one 3 months. Quite comical first 20 or 30 times it hits lift then you realise it's not actually that fast and is still shit. Even just a 225bhp megane destroys these for fun in every way possible.
  4. Bring the van, plus points for free catering for the rest of us. πŸ‘
  5. 3 randoms for next week. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  6. Bet you can't dance for shit as you appear to have 2 left feet (probably)
  7. I've just skim read the thread again. I've stayed away commenting on it as it's become the "ungrateful bastard" I feared it would be. We obviously had different views on saving it from the start but I was really cheering you on with it. Properly heartbroken for you over this. The work and effort you've put in has been incredible. I can't give advice but you have come really far with it and it would be a shame to sack it off now. I'd take a week off to think about things. This thing really has kicked you in the balls at every single turn. If you need help smashing it to pieces let me know, I've got a 14lb sledgehammer that you can borrow and maybe it could be used as anger management therapy for the forum. All the best with the decision but I definitely admire your perseverance, (remind me never to upset you as you are bloody relentless πŸ˜€)
  8. Agila

    My new e-furty

    πŸ˜„. That looks like a toy in comparison. Strangely I was just thinking this yesterday regards my w210 e class. Looking back at it in the car park it didn't look that wide or as imposing as say a new focus. I checked the dimensions out of curiosity. The e class was lower and narrower!
  9. Er....yes. Welcome. That looks ace.
  10. Having been lucky enough to see this a few weeks ago. I can confirm this is a majestic incredible machine that pictures really don't do it justice.
  11. Even better. Marshmallows...mmmm....yummy. Free newspapers, have you seen how much newspapers cost these days. Looks clean underneath though, that's a lot (x10) better than I expected. Looks like another good buy to me for what it is.
  12. Great name but I reckon a cease and desist letter would be winging it's way to our man pretty sharpish. He might even end up having to pedal cheap tat, 2am to 4am on their channel as punishment. What about the vegebag at Β£45 or this shitty little bear for Β£90?
  13. What an unbelievable effort today. Great time for car buyers when you can buy a great all rounder this cheaply. Looks great, goes well, comfy, big, good specs on them. Why buy anything else? Safe journey back.
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