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  1. I've just had a nose around on Google earth. Can't see a real problem apart from a little red abandoned car with a yellow roof.
  2. I seem to remember mine had that. Mine looked factory installed.
  3. Yellowstuff is for heavier and faster cars. Great felicia though. I really liked mine but didn't appreciate it enough.
  4. No idea but it looks like someone has left some Monster Munch on your table. Try Solphdine Max soluble, they are delicious. Got some codine in them.
  5. Agila

    Truck Shite

    Bizarrely I sort of discovered mine by accident. To find it again the full reg doesn't come up with anything but ??17(space)??? finds it. Try breaking the reg up.
  6. Agila

    Truck Shite

    I found my reg online, the truck was photographed near our depot. Checked the date of the photo with tachomaster, i'd been in my unit all week except that Tuesday. Gutted. Still couldn't see who was driving though.
  7. A friend says that's a "prince Albert ring chain". I do hope you were wearing thick gloves.
  8. I'd go with small claims court online.
  9. About 144k max. (Joke) I think it's done really well to go that far. It's obviously been looked after and possibly had an easy life. All I'd do is change the oil every 6 months and hope for the best. Not really worth putting any money into it. If it last 6 months it's done OK.
  10. My uncle bought one on a v plate brand new. I hated it, he loved it. Years later a mate had one and loved it, he said it would pull anything. It literally snapped in half one day though. He sold it for very good money. Owners absolutely love them.
  11. I'd probably be checking all fuses and going through them all. Starting on the main likely suspects. Anything relating to ECU etc.
  12. CASH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mandatory-mot-testing-to-be-reintroduced-from-1-august
  14. I use these. Not miracle workers but take the edge off.
  15. That video was ace. Excellent purchase.
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