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  1. Have we had this one yet? Always liked the look of these, and it's quite unusual to see one with a manual box - most I've seen for sale have been autos. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202204275073831
  2. Just ran a cartakeback quote for it... looks like you'd make a profit if it turned out to be unsaveable. Assuming you didn't spend mega bucks having it transported of course.
  3. Following on from the "shite convertibles" thread... here's a floppytop Punto, with distinctly non-recent-looking photos, a b0rked roof and no cat. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202205115587856
  4. Slightly frilly Clio, with standard "not a single shot with the entire car in frame" photography. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1691703531194500/
  5. Just in case a Metro wasn't quite grim enough, here's a diesel one. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/515738453586052 If I had the room, absolutely would.
  6. The big cat of financial suicide.
  7. Matiz, with a higher tide mark than the Moskva. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1735821360087628
  8. Haven't done a whole lot with my fleet as of late... Mazda passed its MOT last month, and the Laguna has been moved into my storage space to free up room (still wanting to get that done for FoTU, but need to have my welder friend take a look at it first). Skoda is... well, being as uneventful you'd expect from a modern, and I still haven't seen the Beetle in over 2 years. But, had a bit of an adventure in shite this week. My brother got in touch with me, saying he was looking for a stopgap car and could I assist him in finding one, since I do like to play around with cheap rubbish. He doesn't currently have a car of his own, hasn't for a few years now as he hasn't needed one due to being able to work remotely. The brief was... - Sub £1000 - MOT'd - Able to transport him, his new partner and her kids/dog. - Ideally with a towbar for a camping trailer - No major problems, looks aren't important but needs to be mechanically sound And the kicker... he needed it within the next few days due to a surprise change at work, which will need him to have his own transport. Don't ask for much, do you bruv? Honestly, that's a tall order at the best of times, but with a short timeframe and in a pretty hostile market, this was going to be difficult. After hours of wading through absolute garbage, such as an £800 B5 Passat which ticked all the boxes but had galloping rot on the subframes, a £925 Mk1 Focus with more mayo under the bonnet than a Hellmann's factory and an actually fairly nice Meriva which sold within 15 minutes of the ad going up (such is the market!), I was beginning to wonder if it was possible. Then, this appeared at £790, a part ex being cleared by a trader. I got a good vibe from the ad, so I asked my brother what he wanted to do... he lives 90 miles away, and the car was far closer to me than it was to him. He phoned the seller and had a chat, then asked me my experiences of buying a car blind. I explained I'd had mixed success, but if I were in his shoes I'd buy this without a second thought. So that's exactly what he did, paid the seller over the phone and I went to go and get it for him. And you know what? It drives really well! It's the 1.6 pez, so never going to win any awards for speed. Body is pretty decent, just a few little nicks and scabs here and there. The interior is a bit grubby, but it's all there and nothing is broken or missing. Nothing a deep clean can't sort. It's a bASe model (or "Authentique...") so no air con or sunroof, but honestly I wouldn't want a sunroof on a Renault of this era anyway. My old Clio's functioned more as an in-car shower... It does have a few foibles - the rear tailgate struts are weak, and the old Megane issue of the tailgate release button being missing is present here. Replacements for both are on order along with a replacement aerial, as the radio's FM reception is poor (another known issue with these). If the aerial doesn't solve the radio issue, my brother says he'll just put a phone cradle on the dash and stream radio from his phone. Oh, and the air intake hose is made of gaffer tape, but doesn't seem to affect the running at all. Nothing else runs off this intake, it's literally just a tube to stop the airbox filling with crap from the engine bay. What attracted me to this car is the fact it's been looked after - was owned by an old boy for 16 years, who had it serviced religiously every year. As attested by the pile of receipts and the service book stamped all the way up to 2020...! Also all the handbooks are present, and it's got a set of nearly new Falkens on it. That was something I noticed in the advert, that it was wearing tyres that probably cost more than half the car's value. An indicator that the last owner wasn't afraid to spend on it. (Pic displays upside down for some reason!) My brother's coming up today to fetch it, really hoping it fits the bill for him since it was me that cajoled him into getting it! I may well post periodic updates on the car, since I dare say it'll be me who does some of the work on it from hereon out. All in all, I think we've had a bit of a result given the tough initial brief!
  9. I honestly didn't know it was drive-it day today. Took the MX5 out for a run anyway, purely because it was a sunny Sunday. Hooray for accidental participation!
  10. A couple from this morning. .. it seems it was "ancient hatchbacks with slightly mismatched panels" day today.
  11. 200 bubble... with 1.1 litres of power*. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202204194807121
  12. Running bumperless and with just the right amount of wear and tear.... Triumph estate.
  13. To be honest, I didn't read the thread fully before posting it's such a bargain it deserves mentioning twice.
  14. Honest, (very) well used, big wafty wagon for a grand. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202204154700880
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