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  1. And as for how well it worked... see here. (I've set the video start time at the appropriate point so that you don't have to listen to more Quentin Wilson than necessary...)
  2. No MOT, no history , no V5.... still would. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384153440585
  3. Absolutely diabolical photography skills, and needs some attention from the sparkly stick... but I've always had an odd fondness for these little grey imports. Manual box too, for extra points - most have the somewhat temperamental tiptronic transmission. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/531780141169387 (It's just peeping through the gate, it's obviously shy.)
  4. The colour reminds me of that god-awful Amoxycillin syrup I used to get prescribed as a kid whenever I had an infection of any sort.
  5. Somewhere in the late 70s, there's a dive pub with two strips of carpet missing...
  6. So not just thieving cunts, but incompetent thieving cunts. What did they try and start it with, a fucking tin opener?! Such a waste. A waste of what was a perfectly decent vehicle, and a waste of oxygen used keeping these people alive. Sorry it ended this way!
  7. I'm assuming one of the "Many extras" is £6k in cash in the glovebox?
  8. This is MAGNIFICENTLY grim. That beige interior... *chef's kiss* https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202105042165785
  9. Cambelt/tensioner kit for the Rover arrived in the post today. Just waiting for the new rocker gasket to arrive, and I can have a crack at doing the cambelt. Never done a cambelt before... what could possibly go right?
  10. Weight saving, increases performance and economy. Just don't crash, or get pulled over.
  11. If the thing you're selling on Marketplace has sold, take the fucking advert down. Even if you can't manage that for whatever reason, at the very least don't cop a fucking attitude with me when I make an enquiry, as if I'm supposed to know it's sold despite your semi-literate ad giving zero indication of this fact.
  12. I don't need any more cars. I have no room for any more cars. But also, this is 10 minutes from me. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224446488898 It's on my watch list purely for research purposes. The quote I got from my welding mate to sort the rear arch is also purely for research purposes.
  13. Agreed with the above... neg him and report him. I know generally reporting to eBay is like pissing into a wind tunnel, but I'd do it anyway. He can't neg you back, so if he kicks off laugh at him and tell him to go and play in traffic.
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