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  1. Thought it was time for a bit of a fleet update... The biggest news of course is my recent acquisition of the Saab of many shiters. I've been after this car for ages, but I was never quite in a position to get it during the numerous times it's been for sale. I wasn't this time either, but took the plunge anyway! Needs a few bits but I'm loving it so far. So smooth and solid feeling, and carries its bulk very well - it's a big car, spacious inside but doesn't feel unwieldy. Meanwhile, the Skoda passed its MOT last month, and I've decided to SORN the MX-5 for winter. It's far from pristine, but I barely use it during the darker months so there's no point paying to keep it on the road. The Beetle... still exists, ostensibly. Really should do something with it at some point. The arrival of the Saab means the Rover's time with me is coming to an end. Depending on the outcome of its MOT later this month, its time on this earth may be coming to an end too. Meanwhile I'm making good use of its bedraggled appearance, helping my parents clear out their garage and it makes a surprisingly effective tip car!
  2. Indeed, that would be Regency Red.
  3. Wonderful... just goes to show, they're still out there!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/664427575116367
  5. Again, a little bit off topic but we don't have a thread for "Car adverts that momentarily made me wonder if I need an eye test"... so I'm putting it in here instead. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/472445264903843
  6. I do indeed... park up, engine off, turn the wheels slightly towards the kerb (to make rolling it away more difficult), key out, flick the wheel to put the lock on, then the stoplock goes on. I'm probably way too neurotic about this sort of thing TBH. I'm the same with all my cars, except the Rover which has a fantastic immobiliser - to the point where even having the fob is not a 100% guarantee it'll disarm. 😆 Good old Lucas electronics...
  7. Dodge Copperhead, mostly thanks to Gran Turismo 1. Although due to licensing issues with the Copperhead name, it was referred to in game simply as "Concept Car". Pretty sure I've still got a 1/24 model of this knocking about somewhere.
  8. I've actually just bought a stoplock pro for my recently-acquired Saab 9000, it's parked down the street and I'm nervous about leaving it since they're allegedly piss easy to get into and start. At least they were, 15 years ago... I might be worried about nothing, I wonder if car thieves even know how to hotwire a car these days or whether it's all tech based?
  9. Saab's looking extra shabby at the moment, I've taken the comedy rear decor panel off to give it a proper going over. So now all the old mastic and broken clips from years of running repairs to it are visible on the boot lid... so I decided against putting it on show!
  10. Yep, genuine Dangel, apparently one of 3 made in RHD. Arch flares were indeed a thing, if this image search is anything to go by:
  11. It's not until you see a Crown Vic up close that you realise just how massive they are!
  12. There's considerably more pics of this show than the other one, despite it being smaller. Higher shite content I guess!
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