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  1. Glad you like it mate!
  2. Currently got this, sorry for bad pic lol
  3. I had a 230 auto in same colour. Lovely lovely car. The micro switches can get stuck in roof panel and need a jiggle, ask me how I know......
  4. He changes his mind more times than a woman! Wants an Audi TT now..... That is all lol Neil
  5. Ask them but my gut feeling is Normanton.......
  6. Where in derby is he? I'm in derby and know a few people that break cars
  7. My old TX1 had 550k on when I sold it to another driver, he carried it on for abit
  8. Looks lovely that. Exactly what I'm after now!
  9. Forgot I posted this due to beer. Not expecting a new car just don't want bare faced lies! I don't do it selling a car lol Anyway it's raining so no car viewing today
  10. Sorry for drunk ramble. I'm looking for a car, when you ask whats bodywork like why can't they just tell you??? Dint on wing or whatever Why put what you would expect?? Well I expect different to you obviously!!! Cock wobbles Off to bed for me
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