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  1. Exhaust tips, if they are chrome when I get car no matter how neglected they have been I'm out with the wire wool. Even if its midnight......
  2. My old 320. Beautiful car that and NO problems while I had her
  3. It really does fly, think its 170bhp. Says over 40 mpg on wee computer aswell! It was cheap but it needs both front wings ideally, at least one anyway! . VAG stuff rotted front wings but rest is mint, its weird
  4. It was a bargain I think yes
  5. Probably not much interest but here goes, 2.5TDI V6 sport. 6 speed manual. Electric everything lol even headrests!. Had it 24 hours... Leather and alcantera (spelling?) Which is in good nick Needs 2 front wings which I've already sourced (anyone changed them on these?) Puncture fixed and wheel centre sorted (some people!) Stereo fixed, common problem where wires go thu boot lid, soldered up lovely Cleaned and quick polish but needs a proper going over, so far it's amazing! Neil
  6. So basically dont buy one then! 🤣🤣
  7. The one I've seen is 57 plate, 95k with history and a new clutch. 2.0 diesel. £1000.......
  8. Need a cheapish half decent diesel for a few months so looking at these, 56-57 plate. What's the difference between 2.0 and 2.2? Which is the one to have that's not going to go bang? Is it a cambelt or chain? Any advice? Cheers!!
  9. Pics of front part..... I'm a little scruffy with front part sometimes but it's all clean lol Rover seat so comfy....
  10. Fit expensive arms and they last me 100k, never fitted a lock or handle, must be lucky
  11. Tmrw yes, when I clock on! Be warned its messy lol
  12. Mines a cab direct one, top spec with underfloor ramp etc. Its a hackney carriage on logbook
  13. Last time engine was out for something or other I got my mech to change every seal and gasket he could. Its 100% leak free and bone dry underneath. Between its 10k services it never needs topping up at all which for 400k is ace I think
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