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  1. I get a different sim and cheap mobile for selling anything, then turn it off at night. Put everywhere you can but completely ignore the ones that say "whats lowest price" etc, they are never going to buy it. Be patient and if its the right money it will sell if its not then lower price slightly. When its sold turn off mobile and forget about it
  2. Car back from mechanic, new copper washers and seals on all 4 injectors. It drives like a new car, loads more power and so smooth!
  3. Thats lovely mate, really nice! How much you after? Lol Mini drives lovely, feels planted if you know what i mean?
  4. I've had a petrol r56, never ever ever ever again lol The engines are truly awful, even a mini specialist could not sort mine! Had an audi TT aswell lol, amazing car but they do like a drink! Is it silver? ? This seems a nice drive so far tho!
  5. The "normal" ones but in a metallic grey colour lol
  6. It serves a purpose for me but to be honest I'm quite enjoying it! Clutch is dead light and 6 speed box so smooth
  7. This one is £20 a year road tax, mental
  8. Will be of no interest i wudnt think but here we go! Needed a cheap to run car to last me about 4 months (going to buy a convertible in winter.....) been looking around and nothing really took my fancy. This was on facecloth market place not too far away so I went and had a look. Its in really really nice condition, loads of history including a brand new turbo 9 months ago (£700?!) It also had the full glass sunroof thing which really appeals to me. It needs the injector seals doing which you can hear but my mate is a diesel fitter and is doing them this week in-between jobs che
  9. Found it! 143437 air intake pipe, now just need to find one lol
  10. Need an online part number finder or something similar for a Peugeot, any ideas? Cheers!
  11. Thats how mine started, got bigger and bigger until I wanted to cut my head off, pushed tooth up and out the socket by a couple of mm, it burst leaving mouth full of green puss BUT it felt soooooo good to be in no pain, got tablets and tooth out
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