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  1. Hey @sutty2006 New head new headset new sump new nozzles new MAP new belts new gaskets. 20220510_151959.mp4 Purring. Boost is back baby. Figured having carefully stored a spare engine for years I should use some of it. Shiny new ticket on it and all. Even taxed it. 8k till the big 250. Should do that this year.
  2. Leggy, but temptingly cheap.
  3. @sutty2006 It's not good news mate, been a trying month... First this ... has totalled both doors. I was going to live with it and fit some replacement but then a slapdash bit of mot prep followed by a full power test run... 20220318_154412.mp4 ...and I've fucked it. I managed to not nip up the tensioner enough so it backed off. I hopefully reset it all and it runs still, but only on 4, somethings knocking and it smokes. Despite having a spare engine I have little time and less motivation to fit it. I think that's game over for the throbber. ☹
  4. 274,000 miles. £750 starting. 😳
  5. That looks bonza. 10/10. If you think d cells run vibrators you are revealing its been a very long time since you were near one. A bit republican that. For those that like to pile in and be unpleasant about other people's cars in other people's threads? That's what fucked autosite in the first place. If you can't say anything nice, then say it in your own fucking thread.
  6. I think my first festa was A667 NTT. At the time I lived in Exeter. It was base spec, orange and had the donkey slow sub 1 litre engine.
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