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  1. That looks bonza. 10/10. If you think d cells run vibrators you are revealing its been a very long time since you were near one. A bit republican that. For those that like to pile in and be unpleasant about other people's cars in other people's threads? That's what fucked autosite in the first place. If you can't say anything nice, then say it in your own fucking thread.
  2. I think my first festa was A667 NTT. At the time I lived in Exeter. It was base spec, orange and had the donkey slow sub 1 litre engine.
  3. Is there a dragstrip at this do? Can't see any mention of it, but it's on an airfield so would seem a bit of a missed opportunity.
  4. A truck racing round or 2 if they manage to get a season in. A few rounds of the retro drift championship if they manage to get a season in, to support my mate who's in it by making tea. Whatevers going at my local race circuit castle Coombe on the basis of use it or lose it. Sat on the banking in the sun is always pleasurable, no matter whats lapping. Definitely missing motorsport at the moment
  5. I spent a while once trying to go the other way and put a hatch one on an mk3 estate. My conclusion then was that it didn't fit.
  6. I like them, they're gonna look good. What colour? I say gunmetal grey....
  7. What a ballache. Getting this to run properly has been a mission. Happily, most of it was tracked down and sorted out by supertom, I'd have set fire to it a while ago. 😁. You'd find one problem, fix it all hopeful and then the next would present itself. Gah. Breaks /shorts in the wiring loom. These are not fun to track down. Tom says every wire has had a power probe on it. I believe him. Every earth point cleaned and greased. These shorts fucked some sensors on a common circuit somehow, once the shorts were resolved all the downstream stuff was dicky. Too old to talk to a sna
  8. Still loving this. It's so hard to use, it really does make every journey a joyous adventure, which is handy in these miserable times. If you stall it you have to get off it, stand beside it, either put it on the stand, which is in itself a right pita or try not to drop it whilst kicking it, very much not a right thumb dab or a right foot flick and kick. You need to adjust the timing as you go. If you don't advance it until you can hear the knocking from the cylinders and then back it off a bit then it barely pulls itself along. Obviously the optimal ignition map changes throughout
  9. That 505 is epic and it'll be a shame to detwatify it. To these eyes it looks cool. Silly, but fun. Gotta be a good thing.
  10. I'm so glad I no longer have to deal with Bath brizzle traffic. Motorbike was the only answer I found, with a physically tiny Honda 50 twist n go scoot the outright winner for the Warmly to college green commute. But you'd be doing that already if you were going to. 😁 Surely this is the perfect use cycle for an electric steed or something like Jim bells in shite? Not having to buy and run a car would probably pay for your own local rentadesk and gain you time each day.
  11. I'd be a bit miffed at that I think. I'd have expected that set as they've been in playing with the struts. Cheap and easy fix though, nice problem to have. 😁
  12. That cabin body is impressively distorted with at least a couple of 'hinge' points up the side there. How fast you were going will very much affect what I think about that. 50mph fair enough. 30mph would be tin foil territory. As you managed to get clear to take and share the photo I assume that you survived. Which is nice. 😁
  13. Aka a flying fridge due to the styling. Most certainly will yomp south in comfort at great pace. Great bikes.
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