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  1. So happy this has found a good home - and genuinely impressed with that performance, I'd never checked it. No mods. It does have a proper MAF, cleaned PCV system and topped up supercharger oil in the last few thousand miles, and a serviced gearbox. I think I changed the diff oil as well, but can't remember when - just remember the many pipes and so forth used to get to the filler!
  2. Want, no. Have to because I got a relationship, moved house, have different priorities and no time to enjoy, no space to store? Yes. Just curious - have you ever jumped into a thread where you've got something nice to say about a car for sale, or talked the price up?
  3. I don't have time to deal with this, unfortunately. So no haggling, no messing. £1300. Won't come with the star diagnostic clone at that, will have a couple of new service items. Edit: No - I haven't tried marketing it anywhere else and failed. I simply don't have time - up at 6am, drive 2 hours to Peterborough for work, leave at 5:30ish, not home until 8. What remains of my mood is done for after that so the last thing I want is eBay or Gumtree "will u take 800 m8" nonsense as I'm likely to go postal! Cheap price, for Autoshiters, undervaluing IMO, and if it doesn't appeal so be it - after having people asking about it repeatedly when I didn't want to sell!
  4. If anyone's seriously interested in this, they're welcome to see it and persuade me I'm wrong on the price - but I know (from experience, sadly) what a cheap SLK is like and how many £££s it takes to get them to be half decent.
  5. This is considerably better underneath than most 1998 SLKs - and later. Rather better history than an auction find, too...
  6. Okay - so, MoTd, moved. Usual story - life means no time, plus I'm not keeping lots of cars on the street in Birmingham. Have figured I'll take £1750 for it. Most people who know the car/history would say that's a good price. It passed the MoT last month in the middle of the house move, and I still need to take the private plate off - it'll probably revert to S824 LLX. Pictures of the current state of the arches etc. It's good for an SLK of this age.
  7. Right, taxed and moving it to Birmingham. Serious offers welcome, but I'm not holding my breath!
  8. I had no doubt it would pass, just wasn't sure I'd have time to take it! It's still for sale; I've no space to keep in, no budget to insure it and no time to drive it. It comes with a boot full of spares (like a new radiator - not needed, but grabbed in Amazon sale) and my diagnostic touch screen computer (an old Windows XP EPOS terminal with a Mercedes 38-pin multiplexer and an old copy of some software, I forget what it's called). Serious interest welcome, of course, but I do have places to store it!
  9. As expected, costs of moving are hitting, etc. so the bounced payments I'd hoped to avoid have happend, and the only interest I've had is derogatory. So for the time being the car is off the market. Will possibly MoT it ahead of expiry and find storage. £1K for a rust-free, clean Twingo with genuine RHD lights, a glass roof and pretty much fully serviced is a bargain - but clearly, I need to find a different outlet! Looking at the examples on eBay this is in a different class; wish I had time to bring it to Fot2E.
  10. A4 RTK? No time yet to get MoT sorted, but it'll be done soon - got some time off to move. (It'll probably go back to S824 LLX or whatever it was before).
  11. (The other option is a £20/ticket roffle, which I can't see many takers for).
  12. Well, loads of watchers, but no enquiries. £1000 will get it, TBH. Moving starts this weekend. I have space to store it if necessary, but really need it to disappear!
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