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  1. It’s still here. Someone forgot when the MOT ran out. But then the BMW ran out in September. FFS.
  2. Some new old stock ‘80s hotrod hoarding - doesn’t help but it’ll help the whole “Broadspeed arches” sort of look. Might even add downforce. And it’ll hide the GRP valance.
  3. Like a barge, I’m still fighting locks. The driver’s door handle spring has broken But, little things.
  4. I seem to remember when I bought a new Punto Sporting FIAT offered something like 121 different colours. Of course mine came from stock and was a sort of pale metallic blue, then my Marea was ex-demo and dark blue with again, no choice.
  5. Amaranth, surely? What about this green? Looks dull in bad weather then the sun shines and boom - stunning looking!
  6. Assuming I was budgeting the same as a modern per month… a Citroen DS. As a toy? A Beetle. My main car in 1994-5 was a Beetle 1200 and it was absolutely fine.
  7. Today’s job: fixing the door lock. Solution? The spring in the interior door handle is broken. Replace handle or spring. Still doesn’t answer why the total closure isn’t working on that door but maybe it needs the switch pack connecting. It does lock and unlock on the remote now. Also good grief that trim did NOT want to come off.
  8. That’s what I did apart from the snipping bit - blew down the pipes from the wipers with an inflater gun and the screenwash tank foamed over!
  9. I really don’t need three bangers - but the BMW is too nice a concept, the Mazda too small and silly, and the Jaguar is just endearing. I hate it and like it in almost equal measure; if I earned loads of money I’d probably spend a fair bit on it getting everything right. Definitely prefer X350 to Bentley Arnage/Spur/old Eight/Mulsanne though. If it was the sort of car I wanted, it’s where I’d sink the cash.
  10. Polishing this car is like painting the Forth bridge, I swear. It’ll all be done eventually. Windscreen washers playing up after I changed wipers. I suspect back pressure has caused the pump to fail but the pumps are cheap; now I think this is a good time to chase up the undertray.
  11. Drove this today. It’s nice.
  12. That was leased and went back in 2019, I would have kept it but “controlling abusive ex and debt”. My current test car is a Hilux but I don’t own or lease a new car anymore… Not that this is a bad thing. I keep driving this instead of test cars.
  13. I saw the GRP one, it looks terrible. Worse than the GRP bonnets.
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-GT6-SAP-PLASTIC-MOULDED-GEARBOX-TUNNEL-PART-NO-709862SAP-/373423202154?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 There are non-fibreboard ones at least It has an overdrive switch, so I figured it would have overdrive but hadn’t actually checked.
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