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  1. Fast is probably not a fair assessment with the rear seat bases, I've spent longer removing an ashtray! I'm giving the seats and clean and condition before fitting them, but if the car makes it to next week with black ones left I'll be amazed... thankyou for the chat, interior and wheel, it was great to meet you. Shopping for cats now, unsurprisingly!
  2. So... I no longer have a car with a lovely light leather interior, this will not do. Spare wheel! Wish I could have bought three more like this... Clean first, then fit: Nordic green with stone leather. Not an option Mazda offered AFAIK but it is one of my favourite combos... Some body colour and new seat...
  3. Same day as an Amyl and the Sniffers gig in Nottingham, but I think my pain levels are too high for the potential moshing 😕
  4. I wouldn't go for fibreglass as a final destination - where I'd like to end up quality of finish is very important. But if I now get the running gear running and a better idea of the tub, electrics and everything else, a cheap fibreglass one would be a stopgap "cover for the engine". However, when I have time I'll start stripping the bonnet to get an idea of which repair panels could be used. At the moment only the top of it looks usable, but fabricating repairs to the tubs and sandwiching some Mk 1 Golf steel arches in would add a lot of strength back. The worst aspect is the grille support and box sections carrying the indicators etc. The rear arches are probably going to be the tougher job - the inners are gone all around the edge, and thick, heavy filler all the way around. But again those Mk 1 Golf curves will help bring some shape back in, though... perhaps less of the organic bubble shape they currently have. Those did pass a magnet test so when I strip those perhaps there will be a nice surprise and the filler is just for the missing inners!
  5. It does circulate through - I'm pretty certain it's not had enough changes of coolant and the matrix is clogged on one side. My attempt at backflushing was lazy and used rubbish water pressure; I believe the right way is to punt a dishwasher tablet down the pipe and give it some time to have a fizz first. The radio code is in the paperwork - the key, I have had this and it was basically me trying locking/unlocking too many times when wondering what was up with that NSR lock. It resolved itself as in "the next time I used the key it worked", but TBH my worry was "key=immobiliser?!" - locks misbehaving on remote, it's got form.
  6. Key isn't working?! The 6 CD changer was working perfectly, so, not sure why that would fail now - heater I did but we have low water pressure, it needs a proper backflush. Fitting condenser for the AC shouldn't be too hard - the grille and radiator bolts have been out recently. To be fair everything on this is pretty much exactly where I figured it was when I roffled it; I wasn't budgeting for control arms but had figured I needed to spend £600-800 on tyres and brakes but it would pass an MOT as was. Frustrated on your behalf for the shyster garage and now you have your solution and feedback from your regulars, you know what to do with Google reviews and trustpilot...
  7. Open wide! With thanks to @ruffgeezerfor both the additional arms needed, and the loan of the interesting grey box next to the car...
  8. Good news/bad news: Went to collect a bonnet. Stopped to put roof up, pulled away, car felt wrong. Very annoying. So I decided to grease the RX-8 steering as the last MOT advisory said "rusty steering components" and forum says "blast UJs with bike chain grease". This isn't what I was expecting to see. This car is really winning me over. Even the headlights washers work.
  9. Things I hate: incomplete stuff and selling expensive things on eBay that need packing and having to stress about it. So the MIDI guitar sold which paid for the RX-8 but they're in Wales. ARGH. Hate packing guitars. Their folks are in Chelt. My friend is in Gloucestershire. Bonus, I sold an ADAT machine and the buyer is in... Gloucestershire! A PLAN! ADAT buyer also owns many BXs and a fine whippet. Lovely bloke. Anyway, logistics already planned, I find a thing for Boris on Facebook as well and they agree to leave it outside for me to collect when passing. 3008 goes Boston, Chelt, Stroud - drops things off - visit friend, help make progress to resurrecting her BMW 120d cabrio from slumber, watch Ukrainevision, sorry, Eurovision, then drive home. After the final scores. Via Cambridge. 20 hours awake, 400 miles, most of a Niven/Pournelle audiobook listened to, and: Lovely club member let me have this unused cover for £60, which is a great deal. So far I'm finding all the PT Cruiser people suitably nice and suitably lovely - I guess you don't get and customise a Cruiser (whether thats stickers and wheels or full-on stainless grille and two-tone commitment) unless you're non-neurotypical so hopeful they'll be a good crowd.
  10. Not eBay, not tat - if anyone wants to join me in Cruisering, this looks like the car I SHOULD have bought (except it's not black and it's a manual) http://www.ukcruisers.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=44941 Less than £3000, 40,000 miles, and CAMBELT CHANGED - which accounts for £800 of the value if it's been done right. I'm genuinely impressed with my Cruiser as a convertible to enjoy - even if it's completely un-sporting in nature (and expensive to tax for the sake of 15g/km of CO2, bastards).
  11. Windscreen shapes and framing of the world through them... Car designers are clever buggers:
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