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  1. Out and about today - carrying the cameras for work because I wanted to fetch the Jaguar. This is such a lovely, smooth and economical little thing.
  2. Wide arches are needed for the wide rubber - and it’s a big part of the car’s story, the custom-show look. So yes, definitely sticking to those but would prefer steel recreation if possible. Short term, any functional bonnet will do the trick, but GT6…
  3. Tell me cars weren’t a big thing in your life in the late ‘80s without telling me your age…
  4. Now I can get a good look at the dash: GT 6 Mk 1 with a vacuum gauge where the clock should be and the clock moved to the passenger side.
  5. A little more progress. First of all - the front arches are plastic, sandwiched into (what was) metal with a lot of filler; the rear arches pass a magnet check all over so I am pretty sure they either embedded an iron rod in the P40 or they’re steel. Storage hasn’t been kind and if it didn’t have a plastic valance I suspect the front up to the headlights would still be in the field of dreams! So as far as I can tell - the bonnet needs a lot of metalwork replacing ahead of the arches, below the rear vents, and then either the utterly-against-my-ethos replacement of the filler (this time with more flexibility) or steel arches shaping/creating from a donor car. The front indicator fell out of the bonnet sans backing plate. I need to remove the bonnet anyway, so I’ll plan to rebuild that loom. Now for the progress. Hacksawed the screw head off the nut and bolt holding the roof header rail on: And unscrewed the roof frame from the car. That can be freed off, folded up and stored. On closer inspection the roof top has a lot of holes on the seams and probably isn’t worth the time to restore but I’ll clean it and store it anyway… Hey presto! There are still loads of ants. I had to lift the driver’s seat to access one of the roof screws… Grim. I think that might have been the inside of the seat once. Still. This is small stuff, but it is progress. Now I can get the interior out and check the tub properly.
  6. I found some, but the wiring schemes differ - I found a 323C one with an array of pins in 2x2 and white plastic, and 323F with 1x4 in brown, and one in blue. Suspect I need to match white with white. Why on earth didn't the tester just leave the switch in the car 🙄
  7. Bugger. Thanks, MOT tester. Thester. I have repaired the offending headlight, but that’s a bit crap that the switch was chucked out
  8. Drying the front before blasting inner wings and inside chassis legs with clear waxoyl… A few small niggles from the front end bump and I think someone’s nicked the headlight adjuster switch and put a blanking plate over because one adjuster may no longer be attached to the reflector, which I’ll fix when I can get a suitable dash switch.
  9. Going to do this properly, damnit.
  10. I haven’t - AFAIK - replaced a crank sensor, only cam adjuster and cam sensor. Cam position sensor would be what, 8 years old now? How’s the loom holding up? Only time I had stall/restart issues was my own idiocy in not tightening the battery clamps…
  11. I suspect because it was developed backwards - Spitfire begat GT, GT underpowered, drop bigger engine in to make GT work - and by the time that’s done Triumph is part of a larger empire with cars that would be seriously undermined by a Spitfire 6 plus bad experiences/numbers with things like MG Cs.
  12. Thankyou @Slowsilverfor filling that bit in - and @Six-cylinder, eight years in the field might explain why it’s an antmobile! It always has ants running across it when I go in the garage. Wonder what the details, suspension etc looked like eight years ago. There are still stickers on things like the springs. Doubt much will be reported this week but on the plus side, the lower front valence is rust-free - it appears to be GRP! I didn’t notice that when loading. Which raises the question: pipedreams of carbon fibre be damned, GRP bonnets and bootlid skins? The only bootlid skin I’ve seen so far is £250, but given how simple the overall sheet is I suspect the rusty corner could be repaired? Again, spitballing. Nothing even remotely concrete; idle thoughts to work out shapes of what can be done.
  13. Fine, apart from the handle on the passenger side being disconnected. I think the tub is sound enough, just rust from battery and brake fluid as you usually find. From memory sills and floor are good but I’ll check below the battery tray once the roof is off so it’s less claustrophobic.
  14. De-stickered. Next: headlight sanding and polishing… Returning 40.4mpg and lack of aircon aside, the sunroof and big open front windows are rather lovely for short trips. There’s an occasional belt squeal so need to investigate that, but focusing on just cleaning and “stasis” until the rear arches can be replaced. Cabled in the Thinkware dashcam rear camera - that was fiddly, but it’s all following the factory loom.
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