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  1. S-Class is right, it was a 500 SEC. I don't know what became of it after, because I was so frustrated with the state of the car I'd swapped it for and (it turns out) having a bit of a mental breakdown that screwed up my perspective and responses, though I stand by how different the description of the car, and the reality, were. Apart from a bit of rust on the door and haunted lighting module/wiring it wasn't a bad bus though, so I am sure it will either be going about somewhere or will have been restored and made a decent profit. If I'd had any sense I would not have sold the XJS to buy
  2. I think the Autoshite love story isn't to be - purely because I'm still putting the wheels back on my mental health etc. and with the demands of work, can't really do anything quickly! So if anyone else takes the SLK on I'm sticking around, but I think in my head it was going to be something 'in a couple of months, or if when it came up for sale', rather than it being for sale immediately - which exciting as it is, really needs me to have recovered from a shitload of stress first! Acting too impulsively without the resources I need is what got me into this situation in the first place!
  3. And that's because I'd replied to an old message, and was effectively having a conversation with myself because you'd left the conversation!
  4. Seriously though, I did message - if there's a chance, do let me know before I buy something stupid because I'm an impulsive idiot There are many temptations in the world of MX-5s, Z3s and mystery cheap things on eBay/Facebook, but they all come second to this. To recap: 180ish cars in however many years Most around 3-6 months Most disposed of in terror when rust or something shows up. This one: Bought unseen after life-changing accident from a foreign country hospital bed Maintained as best I ever could - and given genuine parts unless there was no choice Kept from 2012 t
  5. Polo? I wonder if this has been seen already... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/229098821763189 B-reg breadvan for £900, jenuwine bran fyned
  6. I have an Avengers version - but it may be a cruder casting.
  7. Gutted! Playlists: I no longer have the giant box of blank tapes and tape deck, so I can't make replacements
  8. If that is an option I will literally sell the synth I hid and hung onto in storage for 18 months to do so. You have no idea what it would mean psychologically!
  9. I would love to have it back. It would reset a lot of stuff - and I am looking for a car. But it’s also good to see it still going and looking awesome
  10. I love this. It could only be more appealing if it were a VX2300 or Chevette
  11. OMG I am so happy to hear that! It’s a rare one and I feel awful for not doing more to preserve it
  12. Having a quick catch up and it's interesting to see how many things are nice and familiar after a couple of years... But I'm curious about the fate of a few of my old cars, since I had to get rid of everything. Did the yellow SLK change hands from Flat4Alfa? Did the super-rare manual V6 406 Coupe survive (last I heard it was being fixed up - I'd only given up because I broke a welded stud for the rear ARB mount and my usual 'run away and get something different' kicked in). I think the really-early TCC chassis number Smart got vinyl-wrapped and is probably dead now. Not owning
  13. So happy to see this! Does it still have the mixtapes I made for it, named after French sweets? Malabar and Tagada I think - don't know if I'd made Batna. The one with Katy Perry and Beck on was my favourite.
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