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  1. Well, it's mine now - will I regret my choices? Probably not given the stainless steel fat exhaust on it...
  2. I can stop anytime. I'm in control. I just enjoy a bit of WD40 and mild peril now and again. I'm not an addict. Am I? Pre-collection fred. So Grandma is ill. She's lived in the same place since 1952 and you may remember my offering her stove after house clearance, her sister lives next to her old house and had a car on the drive. It turns out the car was not wanted on her drive. So while visiting Grandma in hospital, I stopped at Morrissons to get sweets she likes and scour the Hot Wheels, but I came back with five cars, not four. One of them is 1:1 scale - and hasn't moved for six months or so, has a flat battery, so before arranging transport I'm taking advantage of a dry, bright day to get it prepped and checked. Load up the ST. Vital fluids: Upside-down vital fluids (for organic being). Halfords for a battery - an 063. Before you get excited that this is a clue, it's for the Spitfire "in the future" but it'll do to wake this one up...
  3. I seem to have acquired another car. I try to cut down and like a Phoenix from the ashes another vehicle springs Fourth. Need to get a battery and logistics in order to retrieve it, however...
  4. But the other vague possibility could be failed and leaking capacitors in the ECU causing weirdness. It's about the right age and era for such shenanigans.
  5. Is it possible that the bodgers have joined the wiring for two sensors onto one working sensor, thus reversing the polarity of the neutron flow, in the belief that this would fool the car into seeing two outputs? It's too early for me to brain but from my computer PSU faffing days I remember there being tricks to get different voltages by combining outputs. Suspect a search for scotchlocks up the loom somewhere is in your future.
  6. Fast, fun, and off sale in June like all Feistys
  7. I've only just got it and I'm already dreading the day it goes back
  8. I'm sure there are good ones and it depends what the issue is, the SLK went to one in Glos, and predictably they charged for service, claimed box was fucked, and had actually "wiped the sump so it looked like someone had looked at it if you glanced". Old oil, old pin bushing, anti-tamper dipstick untampered, car switched to W mode so it slurred when driven off. When I serviced it myself I found the original filter and untouched bolts. And that's just the most recent because I'm so tired of this nonsense. But a proven good one? That's a keeper. I know there will be people to take pride in such things - @NorthernMonkey took my E320 when I had an attack of CBA on the selector plate and fixed it for example - but the businesses that present as high turnover, marketed to the public specialists? Not with someone else's.
  9. British auto gearbox specialists appear, as far as I can tell, to be utter crooks as a rule. If it needs a service they'll tell you it needs a rebuild/recon, if it needs a rebuild, they'll perform a service and hope it lasts long enough for you to forget.
  10. We've had the Friend/Freeend 2CV wooden eco car many times haven't we? I heard about that via New Cyclist mag
  11. Le Seyde is based on a Sylvia/200SX - there are videos of them drifting...
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