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  1. The van loves to fight Can't get the channel off, so needle file deployed Then blow rust out Both sides done Clamps! Fixed, but then drove five hours and found thick fog rather than clear skies. Ugh.
  2. Tinkering: A box arrives Containing For this A battery keeps going flat You can see why working on the inner wings scares me more than a standard Range Rover would Want to explore But haven't wired leisure battery back in. Fix driver's window? Ah. Winder mech is fine But it sticks here Time for a bench vice I think. Also gave PT Cruiser roof a clean... Looks much better for it. No dye, just Autoglym soft top cleaning kit.
  3. What the Range Rover really needs is someone skilled with metal fabrication to take a set of new inner wings and make some alterations to fit the modified chassis, suspension and engine layout. I can visualise it, but have zero skill - essentially a fluted part for the offside front body (not wing) mount, a box for the steering box which has swapped sides on the chassis, and new cutouts for the dampers. It doesn't, as far as I know, need the tall damper mounts at the front - it was running dual dampers for a while, but the terrafirma remote damper setup is ahead of the usual location and involves cutting a fair bit of inner wing away without that being done with a new flange to reinforce the edge. It also needs new rebate/lip from bulkhead to inner wing - the bulkhead/floors are good, but that L-shaped strip is missing. And new wings would also give me the chance to consider the location of some other aspects of the layout. Ambition > skills though - so I'm either still looking to swap for something more in my skill and budget space now I don't have regular income, or sell, or if I can't sell without making a loss I'll just enjoy it, rather than trying to emulate the five to six-figure Range Rover Classic environment. It could be made into that standard of thing though, I think, with not too much extra effort by someone with the right experience and skills. Cars cost money, I've lost more than this cost me on a seven year old Volvo in 18 months, so I'm chilled - I just don't want to start a project that I can't finish and I think spending £600 on Froggatt's wings, removing mine, breaking the new ones and having a mess rather than a fixed car is quite probable as outcomes go!
  4. Wire brush, rust converter, sit on the headlight and see if it wobbles, THEN the underseal in a can. I'm not a monster. He just didn't like how much flaky visible rust there was, i think. Neither did I, I hadn't realised how bad it looked until I started cleaning the area up, I thought it was mud. I need to fix the radiator - I think it's a standard one rather than anything fancy, but it's quite thick. Wondering about having it refurbished - new ones seem expensive, but I'm so used to "pay for a service in Britain, get something broken, or not very good, after a lot of hassle, the wish I'd just bought a new one". But it is only a pinhole so... how hard could it be to have it recored and pressure tested? Bonus feature, it has remote gearbox cooler so no in-radiator coolers as far as I remember.
  5. Sorted: Washed underneath quite a lot: Drive in the sun to encourage water to drain out/dry out from the chunky sills after washing most of a Spanish 4x4 course out. It's got character, at least:
  6. That looks nice! I have a spare air filter for a Cruiser that isn't the same as mine. Possibly an earlier petrol one, if you want it PM me an address and I'll post it rather than throwing it out.
  7. Why was my car egged? https://www.devonlive.com/news/benefit-cheat-builder-banked-850000-1695931.amp Looks like the owner of the plate JBK 7 was a charming and popular individual 😂
  8. Range Rover's gotta Range Rove or something. MOT time? Over 1,000Nm right there. MOT fail! Front mount under the headlight. The panel is manky but I am surprised it failed. Let's see. I think I'd need to weld new headlight pods on, which might then involve messing with inner wings. Oh well. I learned a thing about BMW keys as well. It had been glued once already. It stopped working. I went to change the battery. Rookie mistake. I am going to suck it up and buy a new key from the dealer because all the aftermarket ones look shit without a BMW logo on and I want the proper item. While checking the remote module hadn't gone AWOL with INPA, I tried something. Does it play MP3 CDs? Some do... Yes. Yes it does. Not buying a new headunit offsets the inevitable horrible replacement key bill at least. Ordered the first suspension parts too - a pair of Bilstein B4 rear dampers from vile spamfest Autodoc for less than one BMW-branded "probably Sachs". It will get B4 fronts when I earn some money, sell the PT Cruiser, or find £400 lying in the street.
  9. I haven't found a specific leak but the EGR thermostat has a break in it and a dark stain dribble running down the cooler. The design of the thermostat is like a long tube... And there's a 2mm hole there which on a new part is closed off. Every instinct is telling me that this is by design and the thermostat has a weak point as a safety release valve to avoid pressurising the water jacket of the EGR cooler but I've read a few forum posts where people claim they have cracked it when doing work there. And there's plenty of cracked plastic on show, such as the air cleaner box, so lend credence to past work damaging it. I'm replacing both thermostats anyway so I'll shine a UV torch around when I've got some components out of the way. I want to clean up all the vacuum hoses and breathers and things but I appreciate that could be a VERY long process and involve many annoyances! Of more concern is the amazing runflat offside rear which 'looked a little soft' but was entirely reasonable looking with zero PSI. It's losing .5 bar in a day so I have a slow puncture to trace, but I wonder if I was driving about on a 'flat' tyre for a while. This makes me happy... I did find some accident/damage repair though - the tailgate doesn't line up, and while cleaning I spotted the scrappie's white marker. I can't adjust the roof line lower to get the angle right, it looks like it's out of slack on the hinge, but I'll find a repair manual and see if I need to move the body hinge closer to the roof first then adjust the tailgate. It's more likely I'll just forget about it, as it's not leaking. I do wonder what happened to it around 2020ish, it definitely had an eventual year or two while wearing JBK 7!
  10. I'm not paying too much attention to what I COULD spend, so far I'm £150 in for 4.5L of genuine coolant concentrate because the lad at Euro CarParts didn't know what G48 was and said all blue ones are the same, and two thermostats, and £30 worth of cleaning products. I think I'll be chucking about £600 at it next month to do the front suspension bushes and rear dampers (weighing up options for suspension - the springs look good, but it's bouncy), and source a spare wheel. The main thing is the body, basic engine/gearbox behaviour and overall interior condition suggest it's not a waste of money. It's getting an oil and filter change today, and it's only on V-Power diesel for now. Definitely interested in the wheels, depending on price and condition. I've got several sets watched on eBay but I'd rather get 'cheap and honest and bare wheels' ready for refurb and new proper-brand tyres than some scrap wheels painted silver with 'good tyres' from four different brands with a variety of tread patterns and damage. If they still have TPMS even better! You should have seen the amount of sand I removed from inside the bumpers and undertrays...
  11. Thought I'd ask the local garage about the centre bearing. They couldn't quote as "it could be rusty and an absolute bastard" - then suggested I could undo the carrier and spin it to see if the bearing was noisy. Gave the underside a quick rinse. I mean, for an 18 year old car from the North East it's done bloody well. I think i'm missing an undertray But the bearing carrier looks like it should be alright! Nice day for messing with cars Test global closure. It works (apart from the sunroof needing repairs to resync). Map is out of date a bit Tints fully removed and glass cleaned. Really didn't need extra tints. Not too bad given it still needs thermostats sorting It has a name. Susuwatari. Or "sooty". Sounds absolutely epic driving down a narrow one-way town street with windows down. While the weather is nice I'll attack it with some underseal wax etc. because I'm really quite impressed with the condition of it. A shell worth replacing mechanical parts on.
  12. "Bear, why do you think everyone is a freakin' idiot?" Here is what a BMW X3 sill should look like below the A-pillar. Here is the nearside sill below the A-pillar. I appreciate the jacking point is very well disguised and not easy to identify or find. That area will be getting a lot of Jenolite products. The inside has had a lot of Autoglym leather food. The outside has been clay barred, twice, but I keep getting distracted before it's polished. Eventually it will be finished. Now I need to sort out the wheel asshattery. The tyres aren't any recommended size that I can see - 245/50 18. They should be 235/45 19 on the front and 255/40/19 on the rear. I can find the wheels, but it'll cost a fortune once I've added tyres into the mix. Impressively the runflat tyres hold their shape even when one has /zero/ PSI! No wonder TPMS is fitted (even if there are no sensors in these AFAICT).
  13. Spot the difference: Window tinting film adhesive is horrible stuff to remove if it stays attached. Like on the back window Also staying attached - the back bumper section.
  14. As far as I can tell all BMW engines - such as the BMW V8 in my L322 before - fail to meet expectations of timing chain life/never having to maintain them, but N47s are by far the worst - and it looks like B47s are following tradition now more of them are getting some miles on. X3 tidying continues... Not perfect, but I didn't crack the paint and the bumper trim will go back on now with a full set of new clips and some rustproofing applied over the scuffmarks.
  15. Have you got SEAT's heritage Ibiza on there? (Aha, yes, you have). It came to the Parkers office. People were confused by the existence of a "choke" control 😕 This is long enough ago it could have rusted away by now.
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