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  1. It’s got a flew blemishes but it’ll come up nice enough for 17 years old. Of course now my spending this month is planned with no radiator - but I have a big pile of eBay things...
  2. Sun shone so I rinsed the “Lincolnshire farm dust” off it and tried claying and waxing an interesting curve. Of course a tractor went kicking up dust before I could do the bonnet. I need a car-sized marquee/tent to polish it in!
  3. Gil Keane who makes LED conversions for classics got a group together and lobbied against this (note that this is not the same as HID/Xenon conversions as those bulbs really do need different tech for the way they work and pattern of light); the MOT issue has been U-turned, so at least on older cars it shouldn't be an issue to upgrade to LEDs. I'll dig the press release out. However, my experience of LED headlights that aren't adaptive hasn't been awesome and I've got my doubts about them - the beam may be bright, but the cutoff and contrast is horrid. My CLA's like driving into an abyss an
  4. If it weren't for the plan to actually use it, I'd wonder how well it'd go with that popular turbo from the 200SX etc. GR20DET or something?
  5. I'd totally chip in towards one from Tippers. Assuming Tippers still exist and still make proper plates like that. That is an absolutely lovely truck.
  6. You still get charged for damage if handing the car back, but excess mileage and damage are all taken into account in a new deal, same as negative equity if you change early (as I did with my C6 to the C3). If you've any sense, you won't get burned. If you hand a car back at three years old with the seats trashed, panels dented and a cracked windscreen because you CBA getting it replaced on insurance, then you're going to pay - but then again, the car would also be worth less to a buyer anyway. People seem to have a disconnect between value/condition/time where cars are concerned... and it
  7. Depends on the finance. If she wanted a new car and leased it, it doesn't show as a debt in the same way - the payments are ticked off, but there's no liability shown for the full value of the car, unlike a PCP where everything (including the balloon) is a finance liability. And as always, well-managed credit = more creditworthiness. Brokers give a hint as to the cost price of the car. £14,000 for a £21,000 Nissan Qashqai or Juke type thing isn't uncommon. Most things you manufacture you want a 30-40% margin on and the car industry is no different; Nissan are actually operating on tighter
  8. It quite often can be. Usually there are incentives and discounts. We do a whole load of research on this at Parkers - and trust me, you're not talking to someone who likes or WANTS to support new cars, I learned this a long time ago that leasing/PCP cars is often cheaper than running or financing old cars, particularly that awkward 5 to 7 year old window where the car is still worth enough to finance, but the repairs are coming in thick and fast. APR wraps it all up. They make the money on the car itself. It has a profit margin. Old-school thought; IIRC the material cost difference betw
  9. The thing is, APR is APR. If you finance a £10,000 car on 4.9% APR it's not suddenly going to have a REAL cost because the balloon payment is due, it always had a real cost. And on the flipside, yes, if you think that a £38,000 Mercedes C-Class is £299/month for three years and that's the price and somehow the PCP is ripping you off, then you really need to go back to school for a while. If you finance a car on 0% you've still got to pay for the damn thing? And most excess mileage charges are between 4.9ppm and 15ppm unless you've signed a really vicious deal. Every PCP deal I h
  10. Sunny day fields and a bonus car from McDonalds on the way... I’m allowed to say what the Sandero is like when the embargo lifts but I am impressed and look foward to talking about it more It’s gone back now
  11. That's just a cat with rabbit ears on!
  12. Fast & Furious NOS bottle. (Air suspension system - standard on all X350s, only does rear suspension on the X351, and often - bizarrely - ripped out and replaced with normal dampers on old ones. This one works)
  13. How many people are allowed? I'm up for this but wouldn't be alone
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