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  1. This makes me very happy - I didn't think Boris was a bad one, I just felt that for me it was economically (and mentally economically) a better deal to buy the low mileage one I was offered rather than spending on the black one. Given the difference new tyres made to Lilith, I suspect Boris would be transformed with some and an alignment. Not entirely sure I made the right choice, but it'll be better if the plate roffle happens... (Which I have dropped to a tenner a go now).
  2. I discovered a 2012 series of Hot Wheels and it ended e-Bay-dly.
  3. Preparing for a weekend at home mostly: That's how much I like my PT Cruiser. Also more grandma house clearance things - this might amuse people: That car was only five, six years old. Look at the paint and rear arch... it was gone by 1985, 9 years.
  4. That's the trailing edge? step and leading edge/sill behind plastic is the real worry; and worth the sparkly stick treatment.
  5. Too much of this week has been spent sitting in Lilith in pissing rain, frankly! Because someone's off on travels... Cleans up nice though...
  6. Definitely a keeper. It's got £360 worth of new Continentals on. Big improvement! It's also getting more polish, waxoiling and er... I've been cleaning the little gaps and forgotten corners with a brush. It's weeping waxoil out of the bonnet all the time, so I think I got the seams done okay.
  7. I live here now: AA man arrive: Go to tire place. "Please use the proper jacking points I'm very tired and just want something to go well" Sneaky rust checking shot. AA man knows jacking point. Unlike National. FOR FUCK'S SAKE HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO DO THIS PROPERLY. Before? Bellends. Going after them for this. I am so fucking sick of unaccountable car services and garages. How. Fucking. Hard: Is. It. When there are arrows on the damn floor. At least this is a worthwhile upgrade. Economy up 2.2 MPG as well... and the steering is much nicer!
  8. First proper run. Motorways, roof down in the morning. Cruiser economy? Better than my 1.6 Beetle Manual was... But. Drive home - thunderstorms, flooding, and... On the M5 in a proper lightning and torrential rain. I was soaked through. Still, I meant to check the spare to clean it up and waxoil under the boot floor. Made it to Nottingham at 40mph, then a familiar pull on the steering. Cat visiting after the AA "moved me from A453 to a place of safety with facilities" A closed McDonalds with an unlit car park where I was supposed to wait for AA patrol to see if tyres fixable. It's nearly 4am, I've been soaked through since 8pm, no assistance available until 8am, I need a poo, and I'm basically hoping the tyre will hold air if I buy an air compressor at 6 in the morning when the Esso opens. McDonalds not until 7:30. Then I get four new Goodyears or something put on this because I don't trust these tyres one bit. I've never had two deflations before and it's very suspicious that it's both fronts and they did 170 miles of high speed warm dry motorway but failed during a storm. WTF even are "Davanti" tyres.
  9. Fucking hell the AA are absolute shite. Good thing I'm not a motoring writer.
  10. (I did check the inflation on the spare - that was the "out of hardshoulderless hell let's check things - was happily bimbling home at 40 and then the other front tyre went. Lilith is definitely one for drama as I changed the spare in an actual lightning storm. Also worried that looking for a place to check tyre I got snapped by a lane closure camera on the M42 so today really has gone to shit - as the whole plan was driving to my friend's house near Chelt to sort her car MoT - booked with Halfords ages ago, they told her at 10am they don't do tests on Monday at that garage - like, they had weeks to tell her this. Absolute fucking waste).
  11. How it started: How it was going (thanks M5): Made it to Nottingham turnoff and: IMG_6826.MOV
  12. Hilux: Always a solid performer for reliability, but slow and terrible ride - early to lifestyle double cab party but subtle, car-like inside, narrow. L200: Series 4 minimum, but Series 5 is where to go - S 4 is the weird round one where they went full lifestyle, but wasn't quite there, where Series 5 is the bones of series 4 body made good. So 2015-on. Rangers - as mentioned, 2018 is when they got really good, but 2014 is alright for comfort and kit. Amarok: no insight on reliability, but they're comfy and ride well in V6 form. X-Class - for 220 and 250 see Navara - the only real difference is the badge and the appearance of the dashboard, but things like the radio - dressed up to look Mercedes but actually the Nissan unit. Seriously poor value. The X350d is a different kettle of eels - the V6 is nice and it gains proper full-time 4Matic, but the interior is still sub-par for Mercedes and the money asked. Would it have killed them to use Merc seats? And change the awful cheap key and infotainment. Only thing I can say in Navara's defence is the last one I drove (N Guard) with disc rear brakes and revisions was nicer than an X220 and had a sunroof. Mmm. Sunroof. Fullback Cross is worth finding - 14 inch steering wheel makes it feel sportier than an L200 and the seats were "okay" - not great. But it has both Super-Select II full time/part time 4x4 /and/ a lockable rear diff (normally only fitted to basic L200s with part-time 4x4), it also looks cool with factory sports bar. But Fiat dealers charged double Mitsubishi rates for servicing (don't even ask about Iveco) and didn't have greasing prop and UJ checks on the ticklist. For £12K I would start with Musso Sports, 2015 on. You might find a nice private owned one. But honestly after years of shopping for pickups, I've never seen anything for £12K cash that looked more sensible than accepting maintenance and wear would make it an economic write off after four years and leasing a new one a more appealing experience. The time to buy used ones was two years ago getting ex-lease ones like my Fullback, big discounts then - but the market has gone to shit 😕
  13. Oh, and as a serial pickup obsessive - none of these will crack 30mpg unless you are only doing long drives. Even "my" 2019 Musso with a hardtop on - one of the quietest and most refined and aerodynamic pickups you'll get - struggled to better 36mpg and when it did it was when I commuted 160 miles a day in 50mph average roadworks for half the drive. I have driven one pickup that cracked 40mpg - the Isuzu D-Max Utility manual, latest 1.9 161hp. They are very good, and good value in new price/cash terms for the commercial ones - but expensive for civvy spec and for all the love I've got for Isuzu, Ford has absolutely /nailed/ civilised pickups now. The main option I'd look for with the budget at £20K mentioned once is an Amarok. They have great seats - and are refined too. V6 is probably not that cheap yet but 2.0 BiTDi is okay. Or a Fiat Fullback Cross. £12K is probably the worst amount to spend on a double cab 4x4 pickup. Most will be shagged, there's still plenty of money to lose, and since the cheap PCPs and overstock deals went there's actually a lot of competition for them (for context my new Fullback 180 LX was £1000 down £199+VAT a month on 24 month 10kPa. If I could get that now I'd have one already). There are only four pickups on sale new in the UK now: Toyota Hilux - in 2.8 form really good, bit grim in 150hp form. Isuzu D-Max - very, very good, but 1.9 sounds like it'll be weedy, still a bit agricultural in aspects but much improved and the AT35 is a beast. The old XTR ❤️ SsangYong Musso - this has evolved a bit; it's the strongest towing one by miles on weight capacity (D-Max chassis is stronger, 225kg nose weight too!) and it's also either the shortest, or the longest - the LWB Rhino has 1.7m load bed but leaf springs and ride quality suffers. The cab is HUGE and comfy - I did 10 hour drives in mine all the time - with ventilated heated seats, and double gaskets on doors and bonnets for low wind noise. Light steering and ride seems to vary with every example I've driven. And the Ranger, which honestly is the best seller now - stole a good 10K of sales from the L200 after the 2018 facelift. They are almost faultless as a new pickup, but the next generation is better and due real soon now, and will get the full-time 4x4 that's been absent from UK trucks since the Amarok and X-Class V6, and L200, left the market. X-Classes are shit, by the way. So much Navara remains - you can't polish a turd but you can roll it in MB-Tex and stick a three-pointed star on it. Naturally used prices are strong because every status-challenged contractor wants a premium badge even if their labourer's Ranger is twice the refinement, tech and quality...
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