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  1. My first roadworthy car was a Chevette - 1984 A-plate with about 75,000 miles, red four-door saloon (deeply uncool); I rejected an E-reg Uno 70SX with foglights and stripes in favour of it, which irked my parents no end (they already owned the Uno and it really was smart, but I couldn't drive the damn thing because of the offset pedals). That Chevette was smooth as anything, shiny, lovely to drive - I put brand new suspension on it at a Vauxhall dealer, had it tuned up every other month by the chap at the Sunday market with a Krypton tuner in a van, and it really was impressive to drive - smoo
  2. I have never owned this generation of Escrot or Onion, but when I was running cars from Central Garage in Gala I always seemed to end up with them as loaners when my cars needed warranty work. First was a J-reg Orion, red - it would have been about four years old and the inside of the passenger door had a line of rust the full length of where the A-pillar seal was. Second was an Escort, unknown flavour, blue. I had to drive it to London because the FDV on my XM had failed (again), and I swore and grumbled from Kelso to about Leeds. Then I realised it wasn't actually that uncomfortable,
  3. I mean, what about the Lancia Kappa Coupe? Like a kid drew a C140 S-Class but made the wheelbase too short and didn't leave enough room for the arches so draws tiny wheels on it...
  4. A: I hated LeQuement's lickings. They were ugly. Could just about tolerate an R19 despite the terrible interior quality, ignition electrics and cooling system. Also he's the one that basically said they'd deliberately cost-reduced the Laguna to fail after a predetermined time, around the same time as the integrated hub/bearing/stubs became commonplace. B: Grim interiors, not particularly charming engines (1.6s I've driven mostly), just utterly charmless blobs. I dislike the Xsara/Picasso's style for many of the same reasons but I know a Xsara Coupe is fundamentally a 306 underneath and ca
  5. Yeah, but you still hoof it from the bus-station/supermarket in a hole that I never went to, to the road out to Chaddesley.
  6. Lost the clever bike rack, too. I interviewed Mark Adams - designer of the new Mokka as well as other Opel/Vauxhall things I don't hate (Astra GTC has to be the best of that era of Vauxhall shapes, if you look past the, er, Astra-ness of it). We got very animated about Vauxhall DNA and heritage, about Firenzas and Victors and Viva GTs and the emotional value of car design. Really enjoyed talking to him, was less impressed by it being videoed (it's on YouTube, I'm not linking to it but there's also a general intro to the Mokka/Mokka E). FWIW I really like the new Mokka. Apart from the
  7. American J-body Cavalier late '90s-early 2000s. The first Meganes. Nissan Pixo/Note.
  8. I think there are very few real variations in the design - and it's 'perpetual' thanks to the exceptionally slow movement of the balance wheel and tension from the pressure variation chamber whatsit. No winding, but you must always lock it before moving it and never change the hands when it's running (mine has been mistreated in the past). As to how well it works - if they're unworn/undamaged they are exceptional. Once you mess with the advance/retard it takes WEEKS to know if you got it right, but they're like a hibernating bear, just softly breathing and working, keeping time until spring
  9. I wish! No, the 306 replaced secondhand Volvo 480 ES 2.0 Auto (A/C/Leather/Sunroof) A4 RTK (I can't remember the original plate - K234 something I think, but then I think my X1/9 was G234 GMS so I'm probably confusing pop-up light cars). I mention the numberplates just in case one day it turns out either of those mid-2000s now-bangers are still lurking somewhere. I know my RX8 (FE55 OBW I think) got exported from DVLA and my C6 (GL57 SBX but C6 RTK since I owned it) has been spotted in the wild still wearing the C6 RTK plate. Peugeot has it all for looks, handling, style with the roof
  10. I went from brand-new 306 Cabriolet 1.8S (W622 JKS IIRC) to brand-new 2004 New Beetle Cabriolet 1.6 (BN04 UDG) - the 306 was sublime to drive really, amazingly good handling for what it is, weird offset seat though and the brake discs, instruments, gearbox and roof broke before it was 3 years old. The Beetle was thirsty, slow, comfortable, nice to look at and leaked. I miss the 306. I'd rather have a Mk 1 Golf Cabriolet than either, but if I had to choose now, I'd take the Beetle for the glass rear window, roomy front seats and impressive roof shape/boot that while it's tiny, at leas
  11. Are they posing like gangsters, floating in space in that weird 'tattoo of a celebrity' way, or embracing in a Brokebackbonechassis Mountain way?
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