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  1. They said that about anything with an ECU. Plenty of thirty year old J still running sweetly with complex electronics compared to their 70s or even 80s counterparts.
  2. This. 8 valves are ace, too. All of my 1.8 mk2s have been eight valves and I always loved the things. Definitely bit more grunty low down compared to the two 16v Corrados I owned.
  3. 'Obesity in the 21st Century' An original by Jim Bell. With special thanks to STINCA and car park designed by Emmental.
  4. Ah, so the E plate BX is your old one! Thought I recognised the car, but hadn't put two and two together.
  5. Ah, so it's not so much rescue but more pillage and strip? I was hoping for the "first start since 2001' video!
  6. Wowsers. Is there a sunroof under all that shizz? Wonder where the damp has been getting in? All good though - just maintain the ferns for the next nine years and you can then enjoy the benefits of MOT exemption.
  7. I always* assumed Ant Middleton drove an X reg Insight with a missing front badge.
  8. White. It's so rare now, a bit of an OEM+ look would work really well. It doesn't need to be garish to get looks.
  9. Bugger. My old Imola kitted SX150 with electronic kit was always ultra reliable. I had to have the stator plate rewound at one point but had no issues apart from that. Luck of the draw I suppose? Don't sell yours though. In theory, it's still better than money in the bank...
  10. I've lost track. Which Lammy have you got, and what's wrong with it?
  11. Great find and the ultimate purchase to go with your username. Have you got any photos of your original? It looks to have had a really low number of keepers- I guess it's been previously giffer owned and then stored for a significant time? My brother was Nova crazy for a few years, although I've only ever owned one - a 1984 jamaica yellow SR in 2000. I remember wobbing the hell out of the bottom of the doors, rear arches and bootlid before selling it, only to find the fella who was buying it was going to use it for hillclimb. I'd imagine it would have all dropped out again after a coupl
  12. Well the number plate shouts sports car... ? When's Dolly getting her plates?
  13. Looks like lots of fun and great to see six wheels rolling together finally. Rev is rocking the increasing rat look - get the old girl scrubbed LBF!
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