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  1. I've not seen a G40 in the wild for a long time now. Quite adventurous for VAG at the time really. How do you do your annual car wax protection - drive on ramps?
  2. The AA to the rescue at box 231 at Thorns Hill on A380 near Chudleigh in Devon.
  3. Can't remember the last time I saw a Nova on a Y...
  4. How is that still there? It's been months now hasn't it?
  5. Just spotted on Twatter. Different car - looks to be Spitty/GT6 based, but love the way some 50s/60s customisations are making people scratch their heads all these years later.
  6. Agreed! Ertl large tinplate stuff was amazing to eight year old me - I loved the Dukes and A Team, so owning my own chunky metal versions was the ultimate really.
  7. Some of my early 80s Ertl. My brother and I both had an identical van at Christmas time but, unusually, I've got absolutely no idea where it ended up. I bought the van complete with spinny BA in the front a few years back to make up for it and sourced the figures in a large haul. I've since sold a Murdock!
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