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  1. Possibly. I’ve tried digging around tinternet for similar issues, but the general consensus seems to be that the clocks all work, or they all die simultaneously. Mine seems to deviate from that rule. I guess I’ll have to take the clocks out when I’ve next got a holiday and have a look at the back for any signs of deterioration. I bet it won’t be that simple though?!
  2. Fifteen year old Z4s are quite delicate. They're ridiculously good VFM in many ways, and despite several early teething problems, mine's now become an enjoyable daily driver. I do find I'm often wondering what the next issue the old diva will throw at me though. The latest is the speedo deciding to remain at 85mph. It stayed that way for a a few days, then gradually crept up to 'flat out', where it now rests 24/7. I've done a 'secret menu needle sweep test' which appears to confirm the speedo is indeed borked. I've uploaded a video for your entertainment. Replacement speedo binnacle next, I guess... 20191012_192334.mp4
  3. Dick Longbridge

    TV cars

    It's a toss up between the Minis and the Harrington Legionnaire. Actually, I'll take the HL please.
  4. Just lobbed this one on there. It was a proper minter - spotted in the car park of the local China clay museum.
  5. Wow, that's a quality collection. As for no go, is it shiz dragged up from the tank? How long's it been sat? Hope the RAC don't leave you Hy Und Dry.
  6. No, that states 'Flobs' Possibly owned by Pob?
  7. Bridgagap and fillered arches - that brings back memories! Looks really clean and tidy to be fair, and excellent that you saved the old girl from likely heading to the oval of doom.
  8. I often buy Mann filters - fingers crossed they're nothing like Fram!
  9. Not been on here much recently due to life being hectic. I did end up selling both the Raleigh Superbe and the Lambretta though. I reckon I undersold both of them in hindsight, but such is life. I prefer having the money in the bank and ready for rainy days/childcare. MR2 has been abandoned on the drive for the last couple of months as I've enjoyed driving the Z4 too much. Long term one will have to go - I currently prefer the Z4 as a daily driver, but have a huge sentimental attachment to the MR2 as I've owned it for so long. Difficult one.
  10. @BorniteIdentity There's no way you could get away with selling the base anyway. It would mean I'd have to update my mug, which I'd planned on using for at least a decade.
  11. Didn't someone on here suggest the Jensen was being sold as the owner wasn't actually alive?
  12. That's top shiting if correct - buying and selling chod from beyond the grave is one hell of an achievement!
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