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  1. This. I loved the sound of it on my old classic Impreza turbo. I ran a decat stainless exhaust on mine and found the soundtrack addictive. I do know some owners who went a step further and paid handsomely for even headers as an 'upgrade'. I assume it freed up a few horses, but the burble was gone.
  2. That's fantastic! 😅 Are you going to drop the lump back in and smoke the old girl around as is for a minute as a basic shakedown?
  3. Never knew that. Your hunch appears to be correct.
  4. @Fraz That's got some serious potential. Did the original owner pass on or something? Gearchange just looks plain weird- surely it's not factree to have to force your hand into your passenger's crutch area when selecting reverse?
  5. On the road until 2017, despite the fact the interior suggests it was laid up in 1983. Amazing!
  6. There's a fella who works at one of the places I visit for my job. He's got an ebay shop and has been trying to sell his own tax disks for years. Literally. Only* £150 for twenty to you lot. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273823809885
  7. This, surely. As mentioned earlier on, special builds were relatively common, and this one is likely to be no exception.
  8. I now realise my diecast purchasing issues are relatively tame in comparison! 😅
  9. Damn, I wish Cornwall was nearer everything else sometimes. Will have to try and head FODwards at some point and sit in that fruity little Spitfire 6.
  10. That's lovely! More photos and info required!Java green? Prices of mk2s seem to have spiralled since I sold my old mk2 GTi running a VR6 lump six years ago and even scruffy examples seem to be strong money.
  11. Excellent work, many thanks. They seem to fetch decent coin!
  12. Any ideas on manufacturer of the Miura and Stratos? I hazarded a guess at Bburago, but their versions look slightly different.
  13. I baulk at spending more than 3k on a car. We've got to the point where we ideally want to replace the family E91 with a newer version. Budget would need to be 6k+ ideally though to find something which shouldn't need much spending on it for a good few years. We haven't bothered for now though as things are tight due to my job situation and we're already getting through savings. Plus we're tight. Maybe we just need to by TheDoc's Suzuki Baleno and be done with it 🤪
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