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  1. Agreed! I'm pretty sure Dave-not-Dave shifted something in the time continuem just before he handed the keys back.
  2. That's fantastic! Build photos or video?
  3. I've always gone back to Jap or German as a daily, although I've never ventured newer than 2008 cars. I've owned numerous mk2s over the years and they are brilliant cars. I'd have another.
  4. How was this a decade ago?! The slotmags look well on the Revenger and he/someone looks to have tidied up the paintwork nicely too. Still a lorra money for one, but find another solid, clean looking one I guess. Having said that, it's been for sale on ebay for months now...
  5. If it meant not owning a modern VAG, yes!
  6. Almost five years of running our 2007 E91. Basic servicing, tyres and that's your lot. No other bills. Pulls like a train, no DPF to have issues, supremely comfortable, excellent build quality and ultra reliable. It's just breezed 152k, not that you'd know it. Fantastic car.
  7. I couldn't fault the numerous PDs I've owned. I liked their performance, 50mpg minimum, lack of oil burning and bombproof reliability. Every single one of them. If I had to buy an older secondhand Audi tomorrow, I'd be trawling the ads for a tidy B6 or 1.9 tdi engined B7 straight away. The newer 2.0 CR in my fiancée's A3 was dogshite in contrast, despite being relatively low mileage, one previous owner from new, FSH and well generally well maintained. It used oil, wasn't as good with the MPGs as the older PDs, developed DPF issues despite regular longer journeys, started to let fumes into the cabin, required turbo actuator replacement because the crappy plastic linkage gave up the ghost, leaked water into the rear of the cabin through the failing gaskets under the genuine Audi roofbars, had central locking issues and was generally a headache. There was one thing I liked about it though. It gave me the opportunity to move away from the brand and realise how much better the equivalent BMW are.
  8. Totally agree. The haters are in the minority tbf. Late 90s/early 00s derv Audi are cracking cars.
  9. B5 and B6 Avants are cracking cars, end of. I've owned two B5s, two B6s and a B7 which is basically a B6 wearing a wig. Excellent load capacity, bombproof diesel lumps which are good for 200k, well put together and generally lovely cars. Audi quality went downhill afterwards - keep looking after yours and she'll look after you!
  10. Amazing! All that time, effort and ££ has finally paid off. Is it road legal now? Did you manage to bring the batteries back to life?
  11. Putting it another way though, considering the Herald is a 60ish year old design and the 504 is a 50ish year old design, the Peugeot still looks light years ahead.
  12. I've always liked the look of Vitesses and the six pot sounds lovely as standard. However, your 504 floppytop is light years ahead in terms of everything - not only is it stunning, I can't get my head around the fact it's only a couple of years newer! The 504 still looks relatively modern today compared to the Triumph.
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