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  1. My bad - it's been a long week. Didn't realise there was already a Wiki page for them either. Is the Wiki page a general one? If not, could you create your own and edit to your heart's content?
  2. ^ Considering it's value and the fact it's a newish one, I'm amazed the owner ever thought it prudent to let it rot under a shitty tarp. Looks at though it's not been MOTd since pre-2006 either.
  3. A free forum takes all of 20 minutes to create. I'd imagine traffic would be low on such a niche car though- why don't you create a Wikipedia page instead? Easy to access and update.
  4. Been thinking about this - is it literally the very last remaining Penza?
  5. I'd definitely be up for a roffle ticket. So glad you helped it escape the fork lift prongs.
  6. What a save. I followed the initial discussions on anti-social media after the car was unearthed, and hoped that some primal hadn't ended up with such a rare car. Great to see it's gone to a decent home. I hope it's wrapped up out of the elements!
  7. The 305 appears to have actual rear arches. Result, I'd have said. Whether your parents acknowledge this sort of finer detail is another thing, I'd imagine. Cant you tell them it could also double as a mobile retro air b'n'b? Edit - by sheer coincidence, I see you have mentioned the parental reception for your beige beauty* while I was writing my reply. I foresee a Scottish future for it...
  8. I try not to stick my neck out in banger racing conversations. Hearing that though is just plain IDIOCY. One hundred classic Fords (specifically Cortinas?) destroyed annually for entertainment*? No wonder so many go missing. Utter lunacy. Make sure your gem is locked up tight.
  9. For many years, I played fuel gauge roulette. Sometimes I won, sometimes I didn't. Needless to say, I did drag some shit up from the tank on occasion. It very much is a thing.
  10. I'm more pleased about this than I really should be. Good man for pushing to own it. How bad is the running issue then?
  11. That's a really solid and genuine looking mk5. They finally appear to have come of age. Previous estate owner, you say? Any photos? I used to drive my bosses mk5 estate and his mate's Cortina P100 every now and then in the early 90's. Cortina was a decent car to drive; the p100 was tail happy and way more fun than it should have been owing to the swapped in 2 litre Pinto and twin choke Webber.
  12. Looks like a standard mk3! I can only assume that part of the rear legs are an internal moisture trap? Certainly looks like it's rotted from the inside out.
  13. Positive: You'll have potentially saved the car from the oval of doom. Negative: It may be royally buggered and only be fit for the oval of doom. Upon reflection: The ad stated it had sat for five years until recently. My money is shit in the carb or similar fuel related issues due to its relatively long slumber. I genuinely hope it works out for you. I really do quite fancy a 323 at some point.
  14. What was the outcome?
  15. This resto thread gets better and better. Great to see the car generally seems to have an underside as well.
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