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  1. Clarkson's none too impressed as the piano misses the target.
  2. Ah shame. The M57 lump is generally pretty tough I think; sounds like yours was an unfortunate one.
  3. Less Messerschmitt and more MessyShit, that one. I wonder what the plaques were for? Most effective repurposing of a wheelbarrow award 1985?
  4. If money were no object, it would be almost* worth buying an F40 to modify into a TR7.
  5. No giraffe flap? I thought it was standard on these?
  6. You given in to your John Cravings? 📸 Watch this video on Facebook https://fb.watch/oxWVy6gRBJ/
  7. Did you sell it after the autoshite loan scheme ended?
  8. Your Vitesse is particularly lovely. Wow!
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