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  1. Apparently the mods caused Brexit, co-started WW2, were responsible for Marathons being renamed Snickers and hired Chris Evans to present Top Gear. They're such an unreasonable bunch! 🤣
  2. I wonder if Lowtina is on here? I can think of at least one member who likes satin black and odd wheels 😉
  3. Indeed. Now you're going to tell me that the new owner posted those photos on platforms where the public could have a good look at his handiwork*, aren't you?
  4. Did you... do... that to it? 😲
  5. Good man! I've been working on the MR2 today and some of the fixings are rusty/seized after eighteen years of British weather. I don't relish the thought of working on major parts on it as it ages further. Great feeling when you succeed in fighting the bugger though!
  6. I still have my 1/18 Bburagos tucked up in my parents loft somewhere. I too have the F40 amongst others. I will share a photo of my Mercedes 300SL as and when it surfaces. I painted it in a fit of teenage boredom back in the early 90s when I owned my mk1 Metro and had some aerosol paint left over from blowing in a bit of paintwork. It must be the only 300SL out there painted in BL mustard yellow 😅.
  7. https://maestro.org.uk/forums/forum/maestro-org-uk/welcome/19575-a-new-owner-of-a-mint-rover-maestro Looking at carbaba, it confirms it's a 93 Clubman wearing an A plate. No trace of a plate change though. Weird.
  8. When selling cars, you have to assume that the next/successive owners will ruin it/run it into the ground/never service it/drive it into stationary objects. I always raise a wry smile when I read ads where it stipulates 'Uncle Derek's pride and joy must go to a good home'. The second your car disappears down the road with someone else's arse on the driver's seat, you have zero control over what will happen to it. That's why I just can't bring myself to sell my own MR2 - values haven't picked up yet, so I'm 99.99% certain it would end up dead within a couple of years as its 'just an old car '.
  9. Looks lovely- can't see the issue at all. Oh, wait... Hate to say it, but he's killed your car. What a numbnuts.
  10. Anyone near Stroud, Gloucestershire? I have my eye on a petrol mower but the seller won't allow me to organise a courier. Anyone able to collect and/or move it vaguely nearer Cornwall/or package for a courier if I cover costs?
  11. I clicked on the photo and could see the registration clearly then 🤪 It's a genuine GSi and it has no online mot history, so not been on the road for a minimum of fifteen years. Low owners too. I found another photo of it on Instagram and it looks rough. Apparently there used to be a GTE parked next to it, but the Cav is the one the owner refuses to sell. What a shame. I'd imagine the rear legs are made of cornflakes as it sits.
  12. Looks like a GSi kit and grille. If it's a J plate then could well be too? Seriously thin on the ground now. I loved both of mine- the redtop combined with that chassis was a proper hoot.
  13. Good find! I had staples holding the back end of my mk2 headlining up for three years, but I never bit the bullet and tried to sort it properly. The fibreglass solution looks great and should last longer than the original! I wonder if they're a recent creation? I certainly hadn't heard of them when I owned mine from 2012-2015.
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