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  1. I wonder how many survivors remain? Honestly never seen one!
  2. Interesting! What's the building? Shame our heritage continues to rot...
  3. Volkswagen kept the Storm name going until about 96 iirc with the last Corrado VR6s. Ideal opportunity to throw some cow into the interior mix. To be fair, your uncle's Scirocco has been SORN since 2010, so it's may not be in the first flush of youth. Great that it still exists in some form though.
  4. B42KFS is sorn and was last MOTd with 211k on the clock. Restepc.
  5. Lovely looking thing. Don't think I've ever seen one in the metal.
  6. @eddyramrod Did your parents visit Cornwall to buy RAF563? It's a Cornish plate but there's sadly no trace of it any more. I love the early vet van as well - any idea what it is?
  7. I've just dredged up the thread about the last Ambassador off the production line which Rovamota restored. My memory was correct - it's A500 KWK. @rovamota Fancy a new project? 😂
  8. Spotted this one on anti-social media just now. Logged as ‘Austin Other’ and surely one of the very earliest left? Weren’t the first showroom cars released on a B plate? In fact, thinking about it, wasn’t the last Ambassador off the production line - the one which was saved on here - A***KWK as well? I’d say the Montego has a story to tell...
  9. So why Chevette love and not Cavalier? Is it just the fact you got stuck into the blue one and things spiralled from there? I like mk1 Cavs, but hold a mk1 Kadett/Chevette in higher esteem. Oof.
  10. Still worth every penny for the spares. At least it should make you feel better about the level of grot on the blue one - your spares car makes the blue car look like a minter!
  11. I admire* your sweeping statement/opinion.
  12. You've entirely missed my point. However, your nine months of frequenting this forum clearly gives you a green light to tell members who have been posting here for a decade how the fuck to do things. Slow clap.
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