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  1. Now £350, out of ticket and a gnats whisker away from the oval I'd have said, poor old thing. Someone save it, please. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/379408483128885/
  2. Were they stolen from the roadside? There must be someone with CCTV nearby that picked up something of the theft. Bastids.
  3. Bloody nora. The Acclaim was doing a pretty good job of hiding that grot. This photo is the exact scene right down to the same colour Acclaim which I witnessed in around 1993. I think I said the story before that our welder, Pete left the arse end of the Acclaim on axle stands at 5pm after starting to chop the grot out of it. It would only have been around 11 years old at the time. When we entered the workshop the next morning, the car was innocently sat back on all four wheels. The axle stands had popped straight up through the structure overnight where the metalwork had collapsed
  4. So what's the actual story with this, then? Why was it stored for so long?
  5. What a shame the owner(s) of the buildings is a twunt.
  6. That sums up the attitude of so many towards historic buildings. I really don't understand why people don't appreciate them more. What's the situation with protecting buildings in Ireland? Do you have graded listings as well? To be fair, most of the time listed status tends to mean a building stays derelict for longer prior to demolition rather than flattened before it's burnt to the ground anyway.
  7. Fantastic photo. Proof too that Victorian buildings with intact sash look beautiful. Something we've completely lost since.
  8. I've left a suitably salty comment. What a dick.
  9. Good lord, really? I clearly haven't played music loudly enough to find out! Having said that, I've been trying to look after my hearing for the last decade after developing tinnitus from loud personal stereo listening in my late teens and playing in a band (with a brilliant, but excitable drummer) with zero ear protection for a few years.
  10. I like Mk1 Polos, but fark me that's grim.
  11. And *that's* why I use Android.
  12. Nice idea. I'll suggest it and see what happens.
  13. I couldn't live like that, long-term. My fiancée has just reminded me that she said that it would be a bad idea for me to WFH, but I assume it's the inconvenience of not having the run of the whole place during the daytime that's more the issue. I'm at a transitional point right now- I binned two decades of teaching for a better quality of life and got a <£10ph office job just to get some money in and to avoid teaching. I want to retrain in a completely different area, but it's really bad timing with everything on standby because of C19. Covid appeared in our office pretty quickly and
  14. My thoughts exactly. Discussion will happen later when our lad has gone to bed.
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