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  1. That is identical to the one my neighbour bought 18 months ago for £750. Cracking bit of kit....might have to get around to buying my own one of these days.
  2. I’ve plenty kicking around up here in sunny Burnley...let me know which size you’d prefer and I’ll put one on the side for you. Might even be able to drop it off when I’m heading towards the M62 one day 🙂
  3. No rain excuses...the wagon is mobile again so we can always bring it over here and you can fettle undercover!
  4. Pull the injectors back out and clean the seating faces in the head with a £15 tool from eBay.... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F262161503741 Then, refit with new copper washers and make sure the pipes from the fuel rail are done up properly tight. You’re supposed to use new pipes each time but I’ve reused them two or three times in the past on D5s and not had any issue.
  5. Present at the start of the year... Still here, still needs recommissioning, silly tints removing etc etc, always wanted one and can’t see me parting with it anytime soon Still here, very solid underneath, awaiting supercharger bolting on Needs a couple of electrical niggles sorting, then testing before probably being put up for sale. Or maybe not... 😂 Still here, just. Got lots (and lots) of issues, likely to be parted out soon Still here, part of the family Now with @SRi05 Arrivals. Bought from @Saabnut, currently having a bit of welding done and should be the new daily by the end of the month Came from @Cavcraft, Mrs NM loved it so spent lots sorting out various niggles etc then it shit it’s clutch cylinder. Fragged the ungrateful bastard Bought from @snagglepuss, fitted a new clutch kit and DMF, gave it to SWMBO then sold it back to him a few weeks later without telling her. SWMBO not impressed as she loved it... Won in a roffle. Still here, sort of. Also won in a roffle. Swapped with @TheDoctor for... Which in turn was swapped with @HMC for... Now providing accommodation for @Bucketeer Purchased from @dome, fixed a few bits, ignored a few more then sold to @barmatt Bought from @Lanciaman, given to Mrs NM as a replacement for the red Saab 9-3 above Acquired from @snagglepuss in a convoluted deal for a 9-5 Aero which I can’t find a picture of at the minute. Not sure what to do with it...needs a bit of tlc to pass MOT and tbh it’s surplus to requirements at the minute but it’s not a bad old thing... There’s probably more but I’ve lost count 😂
  6. I managed to drive it back over the woodhead pass with no brakes...after that, there was no way it wasn’t going to live on!
  7. Two pedal jockeys where I worked.... We had half a dozen DAF Berkhofs with a four over four box....always entertaining to see the ex-Yorkshire Rider lads have a go on them 😂
  8. My all time best score was the day I took 43 assorted doormen from Leeds to Blackpool on an all day January jolly. Parked up at the old Rigby rd coach park at 12.30 with strict instructions to be back on board for a prompt 22.00 departure... left at 22.20 with 6 on board! Best thing was the following morning when I returned to the yard to clean out the bus and found thirty odd unopened crates of beer in the side lockers that they’d brought with them and never touched! 😂
  9. A cheap 850, you say?? @snagglepuss to the beige phone, please...
  10. Sent last week and received yesterday...cheers, SS
  11. If the battery’s dead, the interlock on the gearshift won’t release. Stick some volts in and it should release ok...you may need to turn the ignition on and/or press the brake pedal 🙂
  12. Is the cherry bomb of audible delight still in situ?
  13. Really?! Looks like you’ve got a bite, @Cavcraft 😂
  14. Sounds suspiciously like a CV joint has given up the ghost...giving it welly in the mud whilst turning the wheel to try and grab traction will be the cause. Not a lot can be done on the roadside, I fear. It’ll need workshop attention although it shouldn’t be a huge job. Having said that, it could also have thrown a gear change cable and simply have slipped out of gear. That would also result in a noise as you describe and a lack of motion.
  15. Just don’t tell them you’re the type of person who sets off across Manchester in the evening rush hour to collect an unseen K11 with a sticky caliper and a suspect fuel gauge that you’ve ‘won’ for pennies from someone you’ve never met on a strange website with ‘shit’ in the title whilst equipping yourself with nothing more than a pair of borrowed trade plates and 20 litres of water to throw over the aforementioned caliper on the hard shoulder of the M60 should the need arise.
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