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  1. And you continued to use them?! 😳
  2. It doesn’t….trust me, he’s simply judging you 😉
  3. Back in the 90s, a fellow motor trader from Leeds left his newish RR Vogue in the car park at Hunslet auctions with his rescue St Bernard in the back. He came out after 30 mins to find practically every piece of leather eaten…
  4. Just when you thought the bar couldn’t be set any higher…. 😳
  5. Updated 1/12/22 - Following feedback from members, access to, and obviously the ability to post on, the ‘for sale/wanted’ section is now restricted to full members only.
  6. Probably doesn’t fit in this thread exactly but had to do a double take whilst parking up at the bottom of Deansgate tonight…only Santa’s bloody legs on a flat bed! 😂😂
  7. LPG - Liquid petroleum gas. Basically, it goes in to the tank as a liquid then is converted to gas by the evaporator before hitting the injectors.
  8. Been into Blackpool for the team parade and fireworks tonight. Saw a beautifully crafted and illuminated piece of engineering… …and some old trams!
  9. I never know when to stop. Replacement shock ready to fit… And fitted… Resulting in this… And also no fault codes or error messages… Just got to decide which wheels to go with now…can’t make my mind up between the 19” five spokes and the 20” BBS. Thoughts?
  10. Found the remains of the alloy shield that protects the airbag from stray debris etc. Bet that made an interesting pop…
  11. I concur. Bar a little bit of bubbling on the edge of the boot lid underneath the paint and the scratch on the offside rear door/arch, there’s not a mark on it. Absolutely no rust underneath and the engine and box are as dry as anything. Well happy with it!
  12. It is a lovely thing though. A few odds and ends to sort here and there but a 300+ hp V8 that’ll do over 35mpg on a decent run? That sounds like a bit of ok.
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