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  1. A little update… The non working remote locking and associated buggering about with random alarm activations has been fixed with the installation of a new CR2032 battery in the key fob. Such a luxury to be able to get in and out with no faffing! The knock on the nearside front is down to a knackered upper ball joint…new one will be here on Monday. All four track rod ends have been freed off and will be correctly set up when the aforementioned upper arm has been replaced. I’ve got a sneaky feeling the suspension fault is connected to poor battery voltage. I have a brand new Bosch S4 on the shelf that I’m going to try in it once the tracking etc is done. The oil leak is minor and coming from the sump. Should be fun. Coolant seems to be remaining where it’s supposed to…a little bit of residue near the pump but only minor. Will be kept under observation. Got a quiet week coming up so I’ll update my main thread with the outcome of the above in due course 🙂
  2. Just got back…still over a quarter of tank of diesel left and the trip shows an average of 44.7mpg which included some stretching if it’s legs here and there so that’ll do. Not a bad little run back from Cambridge to Colne. Just as well really as it appears I’ll be doing it again shortly…. 😳
  3. And the destination was achieved, with only minor* issues… Very pleased with the 210 wagon…even better than I was actually expecting. I’d forgotten how comfy these are in a 90’s Germanic fashion…like slipping on a particularly comfy old pair of shoes. Having just been raped for £2.09 per litre at Leicester Forest North, I’m now relaxing on the heated leather whilst the divine MrsNM pilots us North. Great to meet you, @JayB and thanks for taking care of the old girl for the last year after having cruelly stolen it from under my nose last time it was for sale 👍😉
  4. They’re getting thin on the ground now and I simply couldn’t resist, especially with its original spec sheet and the oddball registration. The intention is to perform a bit of a rolling restoration and add it to my long term MB fleet, namely the low mileage 230 saloon and 300CE coupe. Anyone would think I had a thing for old Benzes…
  5. God, no…the Jag will be around for a good while and get properly sorted. Might even give it to the father in law to waft around in for a bit. Todays collection is far more in line with my usual taste…
  6. The bacon was positively silk like compared to the Honda gearbox. Just hope this bargain Pug 605 that I nicked on eBay last night for a shade under £7k is a good one when we arrive…..
  7. Just followed this bloody thing down the Aire valley link rd… A bit OTT even by my eclectic standards…
  8. To be fair, it was bang on. The haggis was cracking too!
  9. Aye. It’s a bit….crunchy…isn’t it? Tell you what though, it’s not a bad little thing. Stick the new gearbox in that’s currently sat in the boot and maybe a look at the tracking should turn it into a fun little car!
  10. First car of the day parked up. Second leg commences here…
  11. Morning people… Frankly, I can’t believe I managed to get one new purchase past the boss last week… With that in mind, the only sensible thing to do was to try and push my luck even further and negotiate the acquisition of one more. So here we are. It’s started well enough anyway with a Father’s Day card… followed by a light snack to ease our journey south…. Now got to go and swap cars. This is sort of live, by the way….
  12. There’s two separate issues, I believe. The slightly wayward handling is definitely down to the alignment, there’s no doubt about that. Regarding the light, there is some sort of issue with the nearside front…I haven’t really looked into it much more at the moment but I think the noise is down to a worn ball joint…it’s too severe when going over a bad pot hole to be the pump which seems to be pretty well mounted. There is however occasional evidence of an air leak from that corner which may or may not occur with the occasional random warning light. TL:DR it’s got a few minor issues which will be sorted and documented on here. Now off to deliver and collect something else…
  13. Hey, no worries. I was curious to see how supposedly bad it was according to the ‘specialist’. As I suspected, it is basically a solid well cared for example that will hopefully live on for a good few years with a bit of tlc 🙂
  14. Ok…what you’ve all been waiting for*, Jaaag update time. First of all, let’s plug the scanner in and see what’s what… Could be worse…at least the phone module seems ok. Actually, most of them are related to low battery and once cleared, have not returned 😂 Up in the air and the general consensus is it’s a good, solid car. The rear brake pipes that looked a bit crusty on the POs pics are actually pretty solid and just covered with road muck. The subframes front and rear are solid and just need a good wire brush and repaint and everything else is very clean and solid… It really is like new on the sills, jacking points etc…very clean indeed for a 18 year old car. The ZF transmission is as dry as a bone…there is a fair old oil leak but it’s completely clean above the sump line and the oil on the gearbox is what’s been thrown back from the leaky sump gasket… Otherwise, it’s just random bits of trim underneath that need new fasteners. The nearside front fog light was missing it’s bolts…two new ones and it’s nice and secure now… One of the rear exhaust shields was making a bid for freedom so that’s been fettled… The handling is a bit twitchy at speed but all the wheels and tyres are perfectly balanced. The steering wheel however is 20 degrees out and the rear track control arms have both been replaced so I’m pretty confident that a full four wheel alignment will sort that out… Other than that, the only issues I can find are a dead key fob and a (very slight) bit of corrosion on two door bottoms… I’m going to replace the front track rod ends next week then get a full alignment done which will hopefully sort out the wayward ride, then it’ll be doing a niggle list to sort out all its little issues. Not sure what it’s long term future is on the fleet as I’ve another barge coming in this weekend but I’m really glad I jumped in to rescue it as it’s fundamentally a very straight and original car. Oh yes. The so called specialist who tried to make it out to be dangerous and beyond economical repair really deserve to be shut down 🤬 More to follow once it’s been in for alignment. IMG_8886.MOV
  15. What have you done with too_savvy?
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