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  1. We seem to have a surplus of red 90s cars with a less than optimal amount of topcoat remaining. I could do to rename myself lacqu...oh, too late.
  2. It’s red and it’s a hatch. Not sure if I’d describe it as tasty, well perhaps once it’s had the planned engine transplant....
  3. Saturday is delivery day....new arrival due in the morning courtesy of our resident shite shifter, @worldofceri Any guesses? It’ll be good company for Moxy...
  4. You’re joking....his milkshake brings them all to the yard
  5. Makes sense. FPR first I think, once the man from the ministry says 👍
  6. Full LUK clutch kit and DMF not long ago, along with oil service etc. At the date of the last MOT to be exact 🙂
  7. It’ll have to be once I’ve moved then as the next couple of weekends are spoke for with family stuff. I’ll let you know in due course...remind me once we’re in to May if I haven’t messaged you 👍
  8. Next Friday may be a possibility if you just want to do a bit of fettling, otherwise it’ll be into May at the new unit (as long as you don’t get paint all over my shiny new floor!😂)
  9. Yep. It definitely goes downhill from here. Not my day for turbos.
  10. Fairly certain all euro4s had DPFs as standard...that’s your exhaust gas cleaning in the list.
  11. Please take this opportunity to bin the other three useless fucking things off and replace them with plastic ones at your earliest opportunity. They really are the work of the devil...the number of those I’ve come across that have seized to the valves due to corrosion within a remarkably short space of time. Cost one of my regulars two new TPMS valves recently when her husband destroyed them trying to remove the funky metal valve caps with the Mini logo on.
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