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  1. I’m not normally a massive fan of British stuff but that does look the absolute mutt’s 👍
  2. There was...it was an E50 model though rather than the E51 above. That one is also 4wd which mine wasn’t but £10k does seem towards the higher end of the price range. Bloody nice looking thing though...
  3. Looks like ginger is topping the poll. I’m a bit busy with proper work tomorrow but Friday is looking good at the moment for washing, gingerfication and gratuitous photos for you lot 👍
  4. big_al_ls400 doesn’t have quite the same ring to it...
  5. Yep, the gear change in mine was ok but I gave it a full service last week with genuine ZF filter, fluid, mechatronic sleeve etc and the difference is night and day. The only way you can tell when its shifting now is to watch the rev counter.
  6. Just need to decide on keeping the clear units currently on the car or refitting the gingercators in the boot. Thoughts?
  7. The result of my travels? I know what I said on the for sale thread at the time but half a can of Magners later and I couldn’t control myself. I mean, come on, an old school, actual coloured V8 Lexus for a monkey? Compared to the W140 MB, this is so much smoother and generally more refined. I can see now what all the fuss was about when they were launched.
  8. Nothing...he’s in this county, anyway, although technically I’ve got another MX5 that I’ve bought of him and have yet to collect from the other end of the country. Nope, this one was over white rose way...
  9. A very straight forward collection by any standard...apart from neither the means of transport or the collected vehicle having functional air con, but hey, first world problems, eh?! Just returned on the fuel kindly left in the tank...more to follow post refreshments.
  10. Had a bit of spare time this afternoon so I stuck yesterday’s arrival up on the two poster to see what we’re looking at. Badge of much forward momentum... Exhaust of much excessive noise... Time to order a new bottle of Vactan... It has the all important stopping devices... The coolant is still there after a somewhat spirited trans pennine jaunt yesterday afternoon... Although we were limited to 4th gear, almost certainly because of this... The rear gear linkage has a hell of a lot of slop. I’ve ordered an upgrade from a well known MG TF specialist mentioned on the original sales thread so hopefully once that’s fitted, the gear change should be improved no end. The cables actually seem ok so we will see. The underside coolant pipes appear to have seen better days too so we’d better stick a pair of stainless steel ones on the list whilst we’re at it... Josh, the previous owner, mentioned the corrosion on the sill ends and arches. There is a little there but it’s purely surface...a good clean up with the flap disc and some vactan/primer/paint should see it back to almost factory fresh... So, to summarise, the to do list currently stands at A new battery Fit the passenger window regulator that was supplied Probably replace the tyres as although they’re keeping air and are actually still circular, they are 9 years old and past their best General de-scale and tidy up the underside Replace the coolant pipes Fit the modded gear linkage Replace the rear plastic window as it’s gone opaque (although is still watertight) Replace the rear exhaust box, possibly with a fancy aftermarket one It appears a longish list but realistically there’s nothing too serious and once that lot is done, I should be left with a very well sorted, low mileage TF160. I reckon it’ll cost around £5-600 in bits altogether, which added to the purchase price of £500 should see me in for just over a grand but they seem to be going for anything up to £2.5k with lowish miles so I’m happy to throw a few quid at it. All told, I’m very happy indeed with it...it’s probably better than described in the original sales thread and bringing it back over the tops yesterday with the roof down and the sun out actually reminded me of one of my most enjoyable drives ever, in a M3 drop top one early spring morning, up the fosse way and across rural Leicestershire years ago.
  11. The 1970s? That truly is a thing of beauty. Amazing how much jap stuff was around when I was growing up that just seemed to disappear overnight.
  12. When I bought it, I did the same...brimmed it at the closest filling station then filled up at home...I managed about 32mpg on the motorway being sensible but as you get used to the performance, it’s easy to get low 20s 😂
  13. The rear ones are, they need an internal compressor, but the front ones come out of the box around 18” long and need to be compressed so the coils are practically touching, down to around 8” or 9”
  14. Try front springs on a CLK. They are* fun.
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