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  1. I know there’s a few Metro lickers on here...took this in p/x today... Pretty clean at the business end... Slightly below average mileage for the year... It needs a bit of welding around the front jacking points and on the inner sill at one side by the rear subframe mount, as well as a very small hole on the subframe itself, which may get replaced if I could find a cleaner one. It’s a shame as the rest of it has been extensively waxoyled from new and really is like new underneath. God knows what it’s worth but I’m sure it’ll be somebody’s cup of tea. It
  2. Knowing the type of sellers around these parts, good luck chap! ??
  3. Yep, one here too this morning, although I’ve got about 6 or 7 others SORNed so there may be more to come ?
  4. Yep, welll happy with the Volvo! Love the fire engine too...dibs if you decide to part with it down the line. Not the sort of thing that usually interests me but the detail is magnificent.
  5. I wouldn’t say no to that black Volvo estate behind the Stobart truck if you’re heading back ?
  6. As correctly pointed out to me by @Supernaut, it’s about as ginger as it’s likely to get I’m afraid. At least without resorting to drastic measures, anyway....
  7. The gear change bits for the MG TF arrived today so it was up on the ramp for a bit if TLC this afternoon. After a bit of degreasing, we found the true cause of the lack of 5th gear... There should be a little horse shoe shaped clip on there which has fallen off so the cable outer keeps falling out of the bracket. One has been ordered so once that comes, I’ll fit the uprated linkage at the same time. Then, I turned to the exhaust. It’s actually the flange on the cat that has rotted away to nothing so it’s impossible to get a good join to the back box... ...so a
  8. If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, you’re more than welcome to take it for a run ?
  9. Had a hour or two free this afternoon so I went and retrieved this from the village hall car park where I’d dumped it on Tuesday night. Sorry to disappoint everyone but the ginger light units in the boot are spare bumper mounted ones so it’ll be keeping the clear indicators for the minute at least. Gave it a wash though... Initial jobs to investigate..... Aircon not working....really could do with sorting as there’s a lot of glass in there and it was uncomfortably warm in there today. Bonnet strut(s) are deceased...bonnet lowers slowly onto your head (I was warned
  10. I’m not normally a massive fan of British stuff but that does look the absolute mutt’s ?
  11. There was...it was an E50 model though rather than the E51 above. That one is also 4wd which mine wasn’t but £10k does seem towards the higher end of the price range. Bloody nice looking thing though...
  12. Looks like ginger is topping the poll. I’m a bit busy with proper work tomorrow but Friday is looking good at the moment for washing, gingerfication and gratuitous photos for you lot ?
  13. big_al_ls400 doesn’t have quite the same ring to it...
  14. Yep, the gear change in mine was ok but I gave it a full service last week with genuine ZF filter, fluid, mechatronic sleeve etc and the difference is night and day. The only way you can tell when its shifting now is to watch the rev counter.
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