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  1. By the way, after the culinary experience of Clackets Lane, we stopped to swap cars at Oxford services only to find their bloody Burger King open. No junk food for two months only to be then handed the chance when we’d already dined* not 45 minutes previously. You couldn’t make that shit up.
  2. Driving position is ok, could probably do to be sat either 2 inches further back or 2 inches higher for ultimate comfort but it’s not really an issue. I may have a fiddle with the seat brackets and the mig later though. Got to get rid of that silly plastic footrest where the clutch pedal would normally be though. That’s my usual 1st mod on any new MX5 too.
  3. Got to say a massive thank you to @colc who was happy to spend his bank holiday waiting in for us....it was an absolute pleasure to meet you 🙂 The big grey bugger performed faultlessly on the return journey. Having filled the tank when we left Maidstone, I topped up again back up here and have averaged 25mpg which, bearing in mind I didn’t exactly hang about, I am more than happy with. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for much in the way of further updates as it’s currently sat outside a customers house in the village where I left it this morning to collect a Fiesta for service and MOT. Just use your imagination....it’s the same colour but a smidge bigger. That bloody exhaust note though when you fire it up.....hilarious! 😂😂 (the Nissan obvs, not the Fezza)
  4. PS spot the big feck off rectangular exhaust outlet.....not only for show but attached to a bloody great stainless system that makes the most hilarious sounds whilst the 350ZX engine propels you towards the scenery 😂😂
  5. That was a nice stroll. Luckily enough, there was actually a vehicle for sale so we decided it would be rude not to. We are now enjoying* an overpriced Ginsters in the car park at Clackett lane services as everywhere is shut other than that well known, Michelin starred purveyor of fine quality pastry snacks, W.H.Smith esq. Living the Autoshite dream here, chaps...
  6. Having got as far as Luton before passing a sign saying essential travel only, we pulled over and rung Mr Cummings for some advice. Good news...once I’d explained what we were planning, he agreed it was indeed essential and in fact he wishes he’d thought of this a few weeks ago.
  7. According to uncle Boris, we’re now ok to travel as far as we want for exercise so, bearing this in mind, the divine Mrs NM and I decided to set off this morning at 07.00 to drive 260 miles south in order to take a gentle stroll around a fellow shiters driveway, obviously whilst keeping a social distance at all times. We can’t find anything in the rules to state we must travel back in the same vehicle though, so we are thinking of purchasing another vehicle in order that I can play my favourite show tunes CD whilst she listens to radio 2 on the drive back home from our pre-planned exercise.
  8. Yep, deffo smily plate for the complete win
  9. Following a chance conversation with a local classic trader who was moving a car from the local farm where I store a few bits, this happened... Farewell, little green Moggy...it was a pleasure trying to squeeze behind your incredibly large steering wheel. It’s space on the driveway has been occupied by another product of the midlands (also curiously lacking in driver comfort and only slightly more refined a driving experience) Don’t suppose anyone here has got a surplus 14” approx diameter steering wheel with a 48 spline boss to fit a Defender?
  10. I’m afraid this one hasn’t moved much this year either, mind you it’s alternator is currently on my other one which is awaiting repatriation up north from chez Bucketeer once things settle down on the travelling front.
  11. That is silly cheap if it goes for that price but I’ve already got two of the buggers plus enough bits to build an Exocet! Now @snagglepuss, well that’s a different matter.... 😂
  12. B200F, 4 cylinder 8v 🙂
  13. I’m not getting involved in mud slinging...no one comes out of that well. If anything, he may well drop a line to Vauxhall UK but otherwise, he’ll just tell all his family and friends which will result in a few more customers, perhaps. In the meantime, a bit of Moggy action as promised. After a quick search for contraband (and werthers), we were declared safe to go in... The drivers seat cover was duly removed... Aaah, right. Think I may just refit it for the moment. The rear seat is okayish but I may stick the cover on anyway for reasons of aesthetic equality. Popped the bonnet....yes, it’s still there... Pretty intact in the nether regions too. It does shine up quite well...a bit of a six footer as some may say?
  14. Proper chewbacca jobs. She’s actually left me the backseat one still in it’s wrapper in the boot that she never fitted as she didn’t carry passengers.
  15. Away from the dealings, I had a call a couple of days ago from the partner of one of my regulars. He has a 66 Astra 1.4 turbo which started hesitating the other day on his way to work and started flashing the management light. After calling the RAC, they couldn’t do anything with it at the roadside so recovered it to the main dealers where he’d bought it from 18 months ago as an approved used car. They rung him a few hours later with the news that it may have blown a piston and although Vauxhall had agreed to make a contribution, he’d still have to pay £1500 +vat. This sounded a bit far fetched so he went to get the keys which they were a bit reluctant to hand over before parking it on a side street and dropping the them over to me. I went out and picked it up...it was trying to run but only on 2 cylinders....a scan showed a current misfire on cyl 2 and a historic one on number 4. After clearing these, only the cyl 2 fault returned. Presumably either the Vauxhall tech or the RAC patrol had swapped the pencil coils on 2 and 4 around without clearing the faults first so the original faulty coil was now on number 2 but the ECU had already closed down fuelling etc to number 4 hence the attempting to run on two pots. Anyway, a new Delphi coil on number 2 and a check of all the other coils and plugs later, it’s back to perfect running at approximately 10% of the main dealer quote including recovery back here! It makes me mad to see shit like this still going on in the motor trade...ironically, it’s the small indies like me who are usually assumed to be the rogues whereas the main dealers can be the biggest cowboys of the lot. One day, I’ll tell you the story of one of Mrs NMs colleagues, a young girl, who got repeatedly ripped off by a large dealer group including being charged £700 for a 15 minute job replacing a £12 part on her 6 year old Polo.
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