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  1. I wouldn’t swear to it but I think that if you pay £80 to put the existing private reg on retention, it may well end up being reallocated it’s original number? Edit: scratch that, it’s already wearing an age related number so chances are that’s been allocated to it at sometime in the past as a non transferable number following a previous cherished plate being retained
  2. Think so. You can get out of muddy fields extremely quickly.
  3. This Z is really growing on me…so much so, I’ve owned it nearly a month and I’m not yet contemplating selling it (though I do have an hankering for that V8 X350 on here to match my green one and something is going to have to give shortly…) In other totally* non related news, this may be up for grabs shortly once I’ve rebuilt the nearside front suspension as the knocking was doing my head in… It was going to be a forever car but you can only drive so many…. 🙁🤔😂
  4. Convertible washing day today… The grin is because it’s nearly time for the pub and tomorrow, we’re off to London for the weekend to drink shit loads of beer and see the Divine Comedy at the final night of their postponed and rearranged Barbican anniversary show with front row seats on Sunday night.
  5. Air bags are nothing to be concerned about…every bus and coach on the road are running them and doing mega mileage. I’d think twice about changing to standard springs. Once replaced, it’ll be fine for many years to come.
  6. Been over to Blackpool for the air show today in the new toy and stopped off for a leg stretch at the top of the hill overlooking home. I bloody well love this little thing! The air show was pretty damn good too…
  7. It’s a similar system to the ‘Police..please follow me’ signs on the back of armoured cash vans
  8. Bearing in mind both my W210 and the Z3 came into the autoshite fold courtesy of your good self, I’m looking forward to finding out what I’m going to be driving next year.
  9. What makes me grin? This. After so long driving RRs, big old Mercs and other auto wafty things, this is such refreshingly good fun.
  10. Outgoing… Incoming… What a cracking little car! Lovely to meet you, @purplebargeken and I hope the CLK serves you well. I’ve already been relegated to the (heated) passenger seat…
  11. As per the previous post, this is due to be delivered to its new keeper shortly and it’s replacement collected. It actually should have occurred a hour ago but one of my customers rung me just after lunch to ask if they could call in to drop their car with me at teatime. As a result, car swappage will now involve a stop off at Costco to spend more money as the Mrs will have finished work by the time I leave… 🤔
  12. Do you ever start something and wish you hadn’t? 😂😂 Following the FiLs fancy of my Jag, I’m taking back the CLK I gave him last year to use and as someone on here has expressed an interest on a deal with it, I decided to get it in the garage and give it a once over pending a new MOT on it as it runs out in a couple of months. The only issues I could find were a bit of coolant staining around the water pump pulley and some play in the NS track rod end so bits were ordered. The pump was indeed as rough as a badgers arse when the 20 foot auxiliary belt was finally removed so that was replaced for a nice new shiny one. The track rod end? Not quite as straight forward unfortunately. The fun started with removing the wheel bolts…three were ridiculously tight and twi actually snapped off….joy! 🤬🤬 I thought I’d better check the other side and sure enough, one was seized completely so what started off to be a quick small job rapidly escalated as my OCD hates the thought of anything I sell not being right. Today was spent replacing both front hubs and bearing assemblies and back plates (which had rotted away and allowed all the road crap to be chucked all over the exposed thread ends) along with new discs and pads for good measure! Bloody good job I’ve got a local factors who look after me….😂😂
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