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Found 2 results

  1. How to begin? Purchased the 406 from @davehedgehog31. Resisting the temptation to do any sort of fettling until I put it through its MOT. Headlights were a bit yellow so sanded back and polished. Not bad but not brilliant. She is really bloody clean for her age. Next - the indicator stalk was very floppy. Right turns cause the left indicator to come on when it self cancels and gravity takes hold. Culprit is a wee plastic plunger within the stalk that wears. Wheel off. Stalks off and apart. Plunger replaced. (Will skip the part were I had to take it apart another two times to fix the clock spring and the airbag light). Now the indicator works with a satisfying click. Yeah the photos are crap. I'll try and get better at this.
  2. I haven't bought it, I traded it for some stuff and I'm not entirely sure I want it, but I'm definitely curious... It's green. It was made in Britain in 2004. It's got 12 months MoT. It does about 25mpg as far as I can tell. It has four doors. It has leather seats. It's got a CD player.
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