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  1. They may not be the prettiest but if you want the (2nd to) last generation of Toyotas rear-wheel-driven midsize sedans, and bullet proof Toyota reliability, here's a Mark X for relatively little money. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/861061055511356/
  2. Vel Satis in a great color, long list of serious issues and comedy price tag. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/5682534825204876/
  3. Not one but two Thunderbirds!
  4. Wouldn't recommend the 1.9 but those wood interior bits are worth something!
  5. Yeah, things are extremely easy here, whether it's a change of ownership, importing a car or requesting a new v5. The latter two would be massive undertakings in Germany and I wouldn't be surprised if it's similar in France. On the other side Germany used to hand out 5 day registration plates to pretty much anything remotely road worthy, incl. insurance it came down to a tenner a day at most. Unfortunately they eventually stopped that because of "people abusing the temporary vehicle transfer registration" which was originally intended to be for transferring a car during an ownership change (reg doesn't stay with the car). I regularly used them to drive my Lincoln to Germany and back while trying to get it registered there lol.
  6. Wow, you can now own the ultimate American shite, a Chevy Cavalier Z24! This might be the very last one existing in this condition! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1597629981066347/
  7. Not much popping up in our search alerts that's not in the absolute middle of nowhere unfortunately, been looking for half a year now and while there is a property maybe once every 2-3 weeks they are usually very remote, with barely anything at all in a 20min radius. Not ideal.
  8. Lets have a closer look at all the treasures* the car came with then. As mentioned, the seller was nice enough to include various new parts he bought for it, including a set of new brake discs and spark plugs, a replacement ASR module (more about that later) and wiper blades. Looks like the ignition system received a few new bits as well, all the old parts were dumped in the back. Whats more important to me is the extra upper engine wiring harness which, if it is the correct one and in decent shape, is worth a few hundred quid on its own. As most will know, Benzes of this era suffer from biodegradable wiring insulation which particularly would be an issue on a car mostly stuck in traffic, toasting everything inside the engine bay over time. I'm not sure if these brake calipers were rebuilt with a spray can. Whoever did it made sure that the seals received a healthy dose of silver as well. The factory CD changer is a nice touch, I'm hoping to find the CD magazine somewhere, pretty sure I've seen a receipt for it. More random bits, including a thermostat. I think there was a water pump as well, no clue if it was new. More old and new brake parts and a bunch of seals. The missing headlight wipers, seat trim and a spare taillight bulb holder for some reason. You'll also notice the mystery device again which purpose has been revealed earlier today. An almost complete factory toolkit, always appreciated. Even ended up with a spare 10mm spanner. The spare wheel was included as well. More random old brake and ignition system bits. So what about the extra ASR (traction and abs) module then? I've hooked up the scanner to see if there would be any obvious signs for why the car isn't starting (before having to crawl underneath the car again). No errors stored that would indicate a problem, a few indicating work mentioned by the seller before. There was however one code I couldn't clear indicating an issue with the base module or one of its fuses, the fuse that happens to supply the ASR module (via the base module). The mystery device was used to blink out error codes at some point. Naturally the fuse was replaced without success so a replacement module was purchased. I'm not sure if that ever went in as the car currently still has its original one in place. However, its highly unlikely that this was the cause in the first place. Base modules are cheap and if faulty can cause all kinds of havoc so I went straight on ebay to buy a replacement. Its entirely possible that the car would never legitimately pass an MOT because of this, hence it being off the road for so long (before developing other issues later). However, with a bit of luck I might be able to sort this one on the cheap, fingers crossed. None of these explain the non-starting issue of course but things are starting to become clearer now. I'll see if I can get it to run on some brake cleaner, at least that will confirm a fueling issue. I've used black friday to order an Autel circuit tester (accidentally all the way from China so it might arrive in 2026), until then I might be able to use my jump pack to test the fuel pumps. Fingers crossed they are all thats needed to get it to run properly again.
  9. Didn't notice your comment, we are looking in Northumberland, Scottish Borders certainly has the better house prices but we stay within a 40min radius of Newcastle ideally. Unfortunately that's exactly the area that's anything but affordable unless you wanna live in Blyth... We already found the ideal house in Longhirst, until people went nuts and bid 60k over the asking price 🤦‍♂️
  10. For anyone craving for a manual RWD V8 BMW Touring after seeing the collection of mine, here's another E39 540i giving you just that! No mot unfortunately but a few less miles and generally better bodywork on this one. Has flywheel issues so needs that sorting as well. A real bonus though: Double glazing! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/329371619833292/
  11. Great news everyone. Turns out the mystery Japanese item above is a Kimco air freshener. According to this ad from 1986 I'm now entitled to a chance to win a copy of Super Mario Bros on NES.
  12. Pretty much a one owner 400 quid Pajero: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1036411937628149/
  13. There's always space between my and my better half's places, storage and Germany. Some are just in line to get sorted at garages, which sometimes takes over a year so I hardly even see them. This last one is one too many though really.😂 The plan is to sort out the Auroras and reduce their number. We've been looking for a much larger space for a little while now as well.
  14. Some fantastic info, thanks everyone. I'm glad others enjoy them as much as I do. It does indeed have the Pop-up rods, similar to my SEL in fact! They are useless as you can barely see them but certainly a conversation piece. Only the facelift would get conventional PDC sensors in the back in 1995 when they renamed it the CL. For those who are curious: the first year or so this generation S-Class coupe was still named 500/600 SEC, similar to the 80s C126. Mine was built in July 1993, the first month of the new naming convention (S500/S600 Coupe). It then changed names to the widely known CL until the previous to current generation S-Class 2-door (C217) got it's name changed back to S-Class Coupe again (S500/560 Coupe etc). This makes it pretty hard to find these 90s S-Class 2-doors as they were sold under 3 different names. I realized after looking it up yesterday night. Expiry in 2004 would make sense as the car came over in the first half of 2005. Wish I had more info about its life in Japan, it's been there on the road for 11 years, yet only did 40k km. Most of that time it was probably being stuck in the Tokyo rush hour. That's the first time I see this chart, very useful to know in general, thanks for sharing! I've had another look through all the junk inside the car today trying to get some order into it sll. No surprises aside from what must be a Japanese dehumidifier in the boot and a strange switch with 3 wires coming out of it. Maybe an electric circuit tester? Other than that all the missing pieces are there, plus a few extras I'm not sure why were bought yet. Everyone who owned the car really cared about it though, there are brand new OEM bits and pieces you wouldn't expect anyone to buy from the dealer otherwise. More about that tomorrow.
  15. It also has back and pinion steering!
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