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  1. Haha excellent, you got #56 as well then! And for those who are still not convinced of the benefits of this Galant, check out this comparison test between it, the Xantia and Rover 600. So agile!
  2. Ticket #53 for you! #51 Its definitely a great candidate. Never had any starting issues, the battery seems healthy even in the freezing nights recently. #31 and 37 are yours. #14 and 34 The gaps in the names list are getting smaller, with a bit of luck we might have a winner on Saturday already.
  3. Bumping this up to mention that the car also comes with two identical manuals, one of them being in pristine condition! You can't say this of many cars, can you?
  4. Ultimate bang for your buck? Rolls Royce Silver Spirit with 81k mile for 2500 quid https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1233890950135100/ How could a Rolls Royce advertised on facebook using the shittiest pictures be a bad decision?
  5. Since there hasn't been any picture of the inside of the car, heres one I took this morning. And no, the steering wheel usually isnt upside down.😉 All air freshers are included as they came with the car. In general, everything works, nothing is broken, not like there's much to break. The fake wood was a proper factory option, believe it or not.
  6. FWD was standard on them as the entry model but you could get Quattro as an option. Not sure if that was the case from the beginning though, I almost doubt it.
  7. It wouldn't be my choice of engine, for this price it doesn't matter too much though. Engine output is similar to the 728i which was alright when I had mine. The weight of the Quattro system is balanced out by the light aluminium body so they are also about the same weight.
  8. Someone here will like this. Triumph Acclaim for 1100 quid. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/530275947834275/
  9. I think this has just been reduced to 500 quid. You can absolutely not go wrong at that price, it'll easily make that back in parts (which would be a shame). https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/796720034136950/
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