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  1. The last car I didn't really want to sell ended up in Germany (the first S8 I had). That car has been receiving a complete nuts and bolts restoration which is still ongoing. If the 540i only has half as much luck I'll be glad it found a new owner. The Celsior received a little attention yesterday, I replaced the cracked corner light (no photos). Today however I finally tackled the rear suspension of the Mercedes which has been on jack stands for a few weeks now. No proper photos aside from showing all the shiny news bits that were put back on it! If anyone is intereste
  2. Don't get one with an automatic transmission, its that one major thing that Honda didnt quite seem to get right for a long time. Aside from that only rust I would assume. Its a Honda, they are dead reliable cars, its just that most of them are neglected.
  3. Be like me, just with a car that has way less miles! This could be a good one! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384152831257?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l1120&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=88677fb6bd3a4acaa470f85c9ebc71da&bu=43272004167&ut=RU&exe=98459&ext=232178&logid=nqt%3DEAAAAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAAAEAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAQAAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAEA**%26nqc%3DEAAAAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAAAEAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAQAAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAEA**%26mdbreftime%3D1620471384780%26es%3D77%26ec%3D1&osub=-1~1
  4. Nissan Laurel, predecessor to the Maxima here in the UK, wasnt it?
  5. Had a look around for petrol C6s today. Cheapest one was 14 grand in France(1 of 2 for sale), 19 grand in Germany 1 of 6, had almost 200k km). At what point did these get so expensive?!
  6. Makes sense, somewhat similar situation I find myself in. Have you received a quote for how much this amount of welding would cost?
  7. Only the best, hand picked shite! Not a lot of progress, I've reassembled the center console in the Celsior (I took the radio out to check if there was any obvious source for the lack of audio, but it's probably a missing JDM specific amplifier in the back) and put the CD player back into place inside the boot. I've also changed the plastic adjusters in the pair of E39 headlights I polished previously. First one took over 4 hours, second one was a breeze at 90 minutes. Why BMW... In other very special news, I've sold the manual 540i.. I bought it in Edinburgh about 2.5 years ago
  8. Mk2 LS400 are still plentiful but prices are slowly starting to rise. For a Mk1 you will need a little patience to find one but they are definitely still around.
  9. That Civic should turn out amazing, the fact that it won't have white indicators alone gets me excited! How much welding does it need?
  10. I'd love to own a Civic sedan but I'd only consider this if I knew someone with really good welding skills. Apparently this is nothing new to most Honda enthusiasts...
  11. XLRs were all hardtop convertibles. They sold them in europe, I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them somehow made it to the UK. I'm more surprised the G37 coupe was sold here, I thought these all came from Japan as Skyline grey imports.
  12. 252k miles on this one, probably the only Mk1 still used more or less daily!
  13. It's a shame what happened to the Legend with this generation, you couldn't design a blander looking car if you tried. I don't think any of them ever sold for more than a grand either.
  14. 155k miles plus who knows whats hiding underneath the wrap.
  15. Im voting for Thema although a Prisma would be interesting to see, too.
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