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  1. Im sure someone here will appreciate this. 50k mile Mk1 Mondeo with 12 months MOT for 380 quid: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2462532330503029/
  2. The ad doesnt display correctly for me, but if this was 295 quid, it would have been a struggle to decide between this and the Galant๐Ÿ˜„
  3. If you could upload some scans of it on Flickr that would be great!
  4. Thanks for making me aware of it in the first place! It easily is. Its cheapest car I ever bought, the car with lowest miles I ever owned, and probably the cleanest car with the least issues. If it doesn't cause me any issues and I can control myself and not start throwing parts at it over the next few months it might beat the A6 and Xedos 6 in the best-cheap-car-I-owned department!
  5. I failed to take a proper photo of the entire dash, but everything still looks and feels like new although it would benefit from a thorough clean. The factory "wood" trim actually doesn't look bad, definitely not like these horrible aftermarket glue on kits you sometimes see in cars of this age. Unfortunately no AC, however I do get a RED LED of unknown purpose and an aftermarket radio which supports pretty much no modern technology. Check out that shifter rubber gator though! A reasonably sized glovebox. Its not as blurry in real life: Electric windows, locks and mirrors. The driver side one even is automatic, how decadent! Simple, easy to read instruments. Mitsubishi cheaped out in the coolant temp gauge it seems. Electric glass sunroof, anything but common in a car like this in 1995. Loving the tint: Mitsubishi has been at the top of their 90s seat fabric game when they chose these. You could get leather as well but who in Europe would order a Galant with leather in '95? Its the details that matter. Check out the chrome bezel around the rear ashtray. There is no chrome anywhere else on the car. Naturally the rear seats fold down in the hatchback, very similar to the Safrane. With the headrest removed they fold flat. The rear parcel shelf can be removed as well, all the space you could ever ask for. The engine bay. The 4G93 1.8 produces around 126hp. I would have prefered Mitsubishi's ubiquitous 4G63 or one of their V6s but at least I won't have to worry about accessibility to ANYTHING. I mean look at the amount of space in front of the engine! My S-class doesn't have that much room up there, and they stuffed V12s in them! Also check out this funky intake manifold. That totally makes up the loss of power compared to the other engines! Radiator looks like new: Its got a Cobra alarm retrofitted. It comes with a remote with two unlabeled buttons: Yellow and Green. Protip: Dont press the yellow button. I'm wondering if this sticker is related to it. Did "Diamond Collection" Mitsubishis get a Cobra Alarm fitted from the dealer? A fire extinguisher, Washer fluid and the factory toolkit. What more could you ask for? Just look at the abundance of space! Spare wheel and jack: For some reason the car came with two identical owner manuals. A well used one and one that can only be the replacement for it๐Ÿ‘€ The owner manual promises "the utmost in driving pleasure". I have no doubt this fine Mitsubishi motor vehicle will provide me with nothing but that. Period correct breakdown service will give me street cred from those in the known: This seems to be the original manufacturing/export sheet, I absolutely love finding stuff like this for my cars. If anyone has more information about it, please let me know. It contains all important infos about the features of this car. And thats it! The car is now taxed and insurance will start on Tuesday. Cannot wait to get to know this car a little better, so far I'm hyped!
  6. I've spent some time digging a bit deeper into the Galant and took it for a drive for a few minutes, and the positive impressions I got this morning have only been reinforced. Its a genuinely well taken care for car, without any bodging or modifications apart from an aftermarket radio, alarm and battery (plus the painted wheel trims - already starting to think about finding some OEM alloys...). The engine pulls well and sounds healthy, I can't spot any leaks and it really seems to be completely rust free aside from the spots that were welded about 5 years ago and still look strong. Everything inside works, I didn't even notice the car had a sunroof (which I didnt test in the rain). Even the original tool kit is there. Its a genuine little old lady owned, low mileage Galant and I'm hyped to own a car thats not only interesting/rare and good looking but should also be cheap to run and easy to repair (especially compared to the rest of my cars...). Looking up the owners address on streetview, it probably has been garaged most of its life, explaining the condition its in. Lets go on a little tour around the car, shall we? The liftback rear fascia is what makes it for me, I think its just perfectly proportioned. The scuff on the o/s corner of the rear bumper is the only cosmetic flaw aside from the painted trims. That and the missing H in the lettering I guess. Oddly enough, you cannot open the tailgate from the outside without the key, there is no switch or handle. GLSi means LUXURY IN ABUNDANCE. Dollywobbler will approve, a functioning rear wiper! Marvelous! A minor detail, but I like how the hood doesn't flow into the headlights/grille. The dark burgundy colors fits the car's shape perfectly, too I think. Oversized headlight washers. Loving the sleek frontend design of this gen Galant, its just perfectly proportioned and sporty without being overly aggressive. Always been a fan of car grilles integrated into the headlight cutouts and it just works really well here. OEM wheeltrims but painted. Might find another set or alloys the Galant came with back then: Interior and engine following...
  7. Well, I own two BMWs that are listed in their "Classic" parts catalog now. How much worse can it be?๐Ÿ˜… And thanks guys. I think its a genuinely good looking car. I'd much prefer the 2.0 V6 or 2.5 V6 AWD over the 1.8 but at least it should be very easy to work on, easy to get parts for and fairly economical. I'll probably use it to visit family over Christmas and haul parts there and back again, the hatchback design with rear folding seats is pretty much perfect for that. Also, VR4 and Evo parts are more or less bolt on I bet๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Well, destiny (and the Ebay tat thread) apparently wasn't happy with the number of cars I own. Many of you will have seen the ad before, and now its mine... Its a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant GLSi Liftback! With the bottom end 1.8 (unlike advertised as the 2.0), but in incredibly nice condition, as it only has 58k miles and was giffer owned pretty much its entire life, apart from the first few days when it must have been registered on the dealer's name, and the last 5 months when it was owned by a family member of the previous owner. I only drove it around the estate as it was pretty clear that this car had no apparent issues at all. I've only got it this morning, and still need to tax/insure it later today. But so far I have to admit that this might have been one of the best deals I made on a car yet (sorry to all the other shiters who might have shown interest in it, it will come up for sale/roffle eventually). So whats the plan? I'll have a thorough check over the car in the next few days as time allows. The Merc wasnt supposed to be driven during winter, neither will be the Lincoln which is pissing ATF all over the place right now and needs to go into winter storage soon anyway. The 528i was supposed to be their replacement but will be pushed back a few months, although it will still be ready for MOT asap. More photos and a proper tour will follow. This car has no right to look this good. Shame about the painted wheel trims.
  9. I think these are oddly attractive cars in hatchback form and for that price and with this mileage, I cannot see how this would be a bad purchase. Oh crap its local...
  10. Northstar issues were sorted by the time the 2006ish STS came around. The interior still looks a bit cheap for what is supposed to be Cadillac's flagship though. However its still pretty much a unique chance to buy a new one of these. I'd go for a much nicer low mileage 2nd gen CTS with the 3.6 for the fraction of the price but those have their own serious engine related problems...
  11. On the other side of the spectrum, a posterchild for the brilliant designs of BMW during the late 90s: https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/bmw-z3-28l-manual-66k-miles/1355261542?utm_source=savedsearches&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GT.TRIGGER.SA&utm_content=none&utm_source=savedsearches&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GT.TRIGGER.SA&utm_content=none Facelifted, manual, black, low-mileage Z3 with the right engine for incredibly little money. I would if I could.
  12. A poster child for the miserable GM designs of the early 00s, google it if you need to: https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/lhd-2003-buick-rendezvous/1355302624?utm_source=savedsearches&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GT.TRIGGER.SA&utm_content=none&utm_source=savedsearches&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GT.TRIGGER.SA&utm_content=none
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