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  1. There's civilian version, too. I need it!
  2. I would consider it if it was a bit closer. Looks like the Retrorides Gathering has moved to a location 15 miles from my mate for this year though so I'll definitely be there time allowing.
  3. Do it. I've been interested in these for a little while and wondered how they drive.
  4. Someone needs to get off the coke. Lincoln towncars struggle to sell for that much in the UK, which are superior cars in almost every way.
  5. Yeah, it's incredible what a few years of practically abondoning a car can do to it. To quickly finish the green E38 interior mission: Backseat went back in, better condition and no broken center armrest lid. Sold the backrest pieces for 10 quid. Believe it or not, the cupholder in the old bottom cushion is worth 60 quid on its own, so basically a free repair. I've also replaced the center console trim as the old one was cracked. It comes apart fairly easily if you know how: # Plenty of filrth inside that I had to clean out... Major improvement, the cracked shifter was replaced at the same time. Once again I can sell the old ashtray, armrest and cubby hole to make my money back. The passenger side dash trim was replaced to have a fully matching set as well (see the difference in the first pic). That only leaves the door trim and cupholder left to replace for now. I paid 200 quid for all interior pieces, I should be able to get most of that back by selling what can be reused. On the Toyota Celsior side: It runs again!🎉 After reinstalling the valve covers with new gaskets and sealant I've installed the starter and tested it just to make sure that I wouldn't spent hours reassembling things without actually working. Fortunately the car now started to crank over, thank god, anything else would have meant complete misery really. I've replaced the knock sensors while in there, each of which was obscenely priced despite being aftermarket and coming from Rockauto... I've used this gasket kit specifically provided to dealers for a starter repair on an LS400, I got lucky and somehow found it on Ebay after reading the dealer instructions for doing the job in a random pdf I've dug up online, it had the part number in it, a part number that I don't think was ever made available to the public. To anyone finding this thread via google in 10 years time: 04007-06350 . You are welcome. It came with everything I needed, plus a few extra gaskets for the EGR tube that (as it turns out) was not a thing on early Japanese market Celsiors. Which is a blessing as the EGR tubes are an absolute pain to replace, running down the back of the engine. I still have all the holes for the port drilled into the intake manifold but all of them are sealed off internally, pretty interesting. Slowly putting it all back together, it's certainly an unusual intake manifold design. And done (minus all the beauty covers). I refilled the coolant, checked for coolant and fuel leaks, couldn't find any so I thought it was safe to start the car. Unfortunately I didn't take a video but the car started up almost instantly.🥳 Huge relief there as it meant that I can finally move it out of the way. However, since things went too well oil started pouring out from underneath the passenger side valve cover. Turns out one of the half moon shaped blanking caps Toyota also liked to use on their V8s (instead of a second camshaft coming out of the head) somehow got misaligned, causing the mating surface of the gasket to be slightly uneven. It's pretty interesting how much oil can pour out of a non-pressurized part of the engine... Removed the valve cover again, spent an hour cleaning the sealant off everything, reinstalled it, hoping that it will all be sorted tomorrow when dry and I can move the car. Photo above was from the first try, it looks perfectly even there... On a side note, the replacement sparkplug tube seals were so tight that it shaved the rubber off of them while pressing them in: At this point I replaced almost every component that would ever realistically break on this engine, minus the waterpump and timing belt. I sure hope that this means that this is the end of my engine woes and the car will behave from now on... I'll probably get it on my multi-car policy and book it in for an MOT soon then... New arrival from Glasgow next week! It will only stay for a short time as I think it really is too far gone this time...
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194923608955?hash=item2d625a3b7b:g:A4MAAOSwpkFhh8Xm
  7. Watched the whole thing. Different world to today where everybody gets a new 4-Series every 2 years.
  8. I bought this for my Senator before having had my Philips radio rebuild. I think I paid 30 quid, refurb'd by an old school Car Hifi guy. Might be of use? Only problem is that I took it to Germany to eventually sell it there...
  9. Thats a good price for the mileage, blower will be a pain to replace though. Great color too and the 93s were actually the quickest year and came with the Autobahn-Proof one piece driveshaft. Hate the aftermarket wood decor though.
  10. I think these are Fabric "Rattan" seats, which are one step up from the basic cloth interior. I had them as sport seats in my '96 originally.
  11. I think its worth a try. I'll send you a pm with the address, he getting lots of idiots so I'm sure he'd be happy for someone with genuine interest to show up.
  12. Yup, might be worth saving but its a parts car. I got the address and the seller seems decent but is very cautious about scammers, time wasters etc, hence in person only... And because everyone wants the car its first come, first serve. A few more details here:
  13. Turns out the seller is rather complicated. Any South Glasgow shiters who'd want to check the car out today?
  14. Seen this Celica convertible (!) in Amble shortly before seeing a same color Celica coupe.
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