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  1. The Lincoln has made it back to the UK and Im officially in self-quarantine. The car made it back without major issues, the CEL has popped up for what I assume will be for a slight misfire though. With this being an OBD2 car reading the codes couldnt be easier (something I cant say about most of my cars). The ferry has been oddly empty, not surprising considering that anyone arriving will be in mandatory quarantine. Next steps will be fixing all the small issues here and there and probably booking it in for some painting in a few weeks time.
  2. I think black is the best color you can get them in. You need the dark color to see the concave/convex surface detailing, a lot of it is hard to notice on the bright ivory color. The previous car still exists btw, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with either of them, I think I just need to see how much I like the black one a little further down the road. Got the reg plates today. They gave me the wrong size for the back and it's not a seasonal plate but the German DVLA closed at 12:00 so I'm just gonna keep them until I'm back over Christmas again. Bit of touristic advertising for Meis
  3. How's the 7G-tronic? I hear nothing but bad things about it, which is why there is a narrow time frame where you can get the ideal spec, facelift but still with the old 5-speed Auto.
  4. It's pretty much the same 4.6 all of them had since late '92, the DOHC variant. There's a different intake and coil on plugs, aside from that there's no difference to the '95. Just getting the car registered now. Having to que up outside, but there was this clean Civic LSi coupe with pre-EU plates driving by as reward. Stuff like this is almost non-existent in the Uk at this point.
  5. Do you want them? I have a bag full of them by now. Even without bends! I've got my insurance quote for the car today. Under 300 Euros third party yearly, insured from March-October on a seasonal plate, 3000km. Can't complain about that. It should be properly registered and insured by tomorrow afternoon.
  6. Unfortunately it'll be in a random German garbage truck now.... Had the tires balanced today (for a whopping 65 Euros) and used the chance to have a look underneath the car. And things are really looking excellent, there's not a single thing that needs sorting anytime soon aside from the evaporator canister tray that always seem to rot. Someone definitely took care of the car, just a shame the paint looks a little tired in places. Also plenty of undercarriage sealer, not to hide rust (there's next to no rust anywhere) but to hide some dodgy welds on the rear subframe. But those came with
  7. I'll happily send it to the address of your choosing if its still in the bin I chucked it into by tomorrow morning?
  8. Thanks guys! Reversing speaker makes sense, it's got an aftermarket pdc system in the back and the not-a-mic has lights in it so that's it then! I'll relocate it into the glove box or underneath the dash then.
  9. Well, here we go then. I've spent hours today just wiping down the interior which already made a big difference. The carpets will need proper treatment eventually (I have no clue how someone managed to stain them this badly front and back) and I haven't touched the seats yet. I also got a chance to have a close look at the Pioneer stereo that was retrofitted to the car and its actually quite a nice bit of kit, definitely an upgrade from what was in there before and not too badly integrated, so it might stay! The car itself really seems to be in overall decent condition. The damage th
  10. The editor has been a pita so super delayed post, sorry guys. I arrived at the car and saw it for the first time, and first impressions were cautiously optimistic! So yes, as you can see it is indeed another Lincoln Mark VIII LSC, only it's black and the fairy heavily revised facelift! I took it for a spin around the block to see if there was anything that would stop it from going on the 5 hour trip back to my parents. The electric steering column adjustment doesn't work (probably worn out gears) and a low coolant message popped up. I was worried that I might have to top it up every
  11. Yup, stainless too. It's basically a normal plate, only that it goes straight into garbage once it's expired. Or you sell it on eBay to someone planning a drive-by or something. Have I mentioned that's it's very sunny and up to 31 degrees today? I'm not used to actual summer anymore. The AC in the car better works?
  12. Back at central station. Also spotted a Del Sol (and plenty other interesting stuff I didn't get photos of) on my way here.
  13. The tunnel does indeed start in france. However as discussed before, there is an odd exception in place where, if you are coming from a country that is not on the self quarantine list (so part of the travel corridor), and you promise that you didn't get out of the car in france/Belgium/Netherlands coming from there, you can enter the uk without mandatory quarantine. Theoretically you never mixed with anyone within these countries, and you don't ever need to exit the car while on the train.
  14. After a bit of a hiccup major progress has been made. I got my temporary tags, now on my way to the car which should take about an hour.
  15. I have arrived at the local German DVLA branch to wait for my appointment. Wish me luck, usually these things go fairly smoothly but I'm not so sure about this one.
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