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  1. Being Mother Fumbler's taxi for shopping, the Micra has reached another milestone: As a reward for its 17000 smiles and sterling service, I'll be treating it to Tesco's finest* 5W-40!
  2. Second with the Zastava idea- looks like it to me. That or its an incredibly cheap Fiat interior.
  3. Oh God that looks utterly disgusting - so disgusting I'm fairly certain there will be new, undiscovered forms of life on there!
  4. So much Commushite in there- fantastic. Especially that Yugo 311 and that CX Break
  5. Taken on a trip last week to the unit to put the bin out. One of these days I'll treat it to a wash!
  6. My my this is terrible news. Talking to him was a pleasure. Condolences to Reb and his family.
  7. Right so fuck all has happened. Car is pootling along very well. Clutch feels way better than it did when I bought the car 6 months ago. It's now in need of a good cleaning which I hope to do at the weekend. Fitted the correct wipers though! Now I can see where I'm going! Needs a service at some point and some welding, but so far the little thing has been very solid and very kind to my learner driving skills!
  8. This is fantastic- won't be able to drive on a full licence until the end of the year so that's me out.
  9. Fumbler

    Youtube moments

    Fantastic old film. Contains trinkets like a Marina being decapitated as well as other old goodies.
  10. Does it also come with a complimentary soluble tablet of replacement wire smoke?
  11. Not having good luck with instructors. None of the ones recommended have replied to enquiries, and the one I was meant to have a lesson with has never contacted us to reschedule. At least I'm driving somewhere nearly every day which is good.
  12. Buggerations, seems my car is outside the limit by just under a month, that is if they're going by the model year. Might be worth popping a E-mail to them about it but I don't really know if it's worth it.
  13. You got the ashtray but not the lighter in my Micra. The only reason why the ashtray is there is because it holds part of the centre console in place.
  14. Indeed, I wish cars had more shit spec levels, however I'm fairly certain the reason why they don't is because there's unfeasible market demand for them. I, myself, am pleased with my black bumpers, paid for radio, rear wiper and heated rear screen, velour doorcards and adjustable steering column!
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