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  1. I managed to find some red primer so I spritzed that on the bare metal patches. I've now sanded the whole panel for the final time and made everything level and smooth for paint. Hopefully I can get some colour on it tomorrow.
  2. One more can of primer gets me down to two spots. Sanded smooth, I'm now waiting for the stuff I put on them to dry up so I can sand one final time and lay some paint on the thing.
  3. Is there mileage in giving them fake bank details, telling them to fill their boots and immediately contacting the FCA with their number? Or is it equally likely they'd be successful in pulling money out of the account if the details you give out turn out not to be fake? It works well with advance fee scams if they ask for it. Because they're desperate to carry on smoothly with scamming you, they don't usually bother to check if it's actually genuine.
  4. Niiiiice all the way. I hadn't even noticed the larger wheels until you mentioned it- they look as if they were meant for the car IMO.
  5. I ran out of primer after 1 full coat, but it's allowed me to spend the rest of the day wet sanding and levelling the panel with some 240 grit paper. It's very smooth with barely any bumps or valleys. I think a coat of grey primer, a light sanding with some 600 grit paper will have me ready for paint.
  6. I've moved on to the other wing now. Fortunately this one's not attached to the car allowing me more time to do stuff. I painted two coats of Electrox with a roller but I still had issues with bumps and brush strokes as I had on the other wing. Then I discovered the magic of white spirit! It can thin out and dissolve the stuff pretty well. It's removed all the bumps and smoothed the panel out quite nicely- High build primer will do the rest. I'm well pleased.
  7. Or ignition module. Those like to go pop.
  8. Attacked the wing with a machine polisher and various shine juices. Shiny turd is shiny I reckon with time the brush strokes and orange peel will eventually disappear. Not bad for a first attempt I'd say.
  9. You could use diesel or kerosene. Being much thinner it'll show you leaks pretty quickly.
  10. Paint chip rectified. It's now the 2nd smoothest part of the car. Also rerouted the breather pipework to the airbox. No more inflated glove when I do the breather test, but I'll monitor the car for a bit longer just in case I gum up the MAF sensor or something.
  11. Yeah, when I looked at a kit online, the sellers wanted an arm and a leg for it. The engine starts puffing smoke from the dipstick and oil cap from a cold start and starts chuffing for England when it gets warm. I imagine the system's choked up because there's lots more blowby than normal, so my plan is to bypass the system at the rocker cover and run a hose to the filter box.
  12. The PCV system has been playing on my mind so I had a look under the plug cover. Spurty spurt. Oil in the webbings and the spark plug holes. I ran the engine with the hose off and both the hose and the rocker cover were chuffing nicely. I suspect a blockage on the pipe to the intake or in the oil catch can itself. I've no intention of pulling the intake manifold off so I've devised a (reversible) cunning* plan.
  13. Got the PAS pulleys swapped. It's been slightly mullered though, as the first people I went to tried using a gear puller instead of a hydraulic press, and bent the pulley out of shape a bit. Their neighbour pressed the old one out and the new one on after making sure it wasn't too bent. As he took the paint off to look at the damage, I've splashed some of my own back on. I've two chips to rectify on the wing, so it's looking like I'll be spending tomorrow getting the car mobile then Sunday making it look nice again.
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