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  1. Tractor enamel and polish the ever living shit out of it.
  2. This sounds like a super interesting project. It's got me thinking about a hydraulic can compactor I've always wanted to make- two hydraulic rams to precompress and then cully compress bales being powered by an old diesel. I might have to do this one day.
  3. So the BX works and is competant at being a car, but for how long? It's always crossed my mind but I doubt I'll need to worry considering someone at some point took exeptionally good care of it. However, its main bugbear is the fact that it's a Citroen BX that has only just recently been resurrected and then pressed into use. I've had more than my fair share of fun with it and I have made it somewhat reliable to start and run at superearly O'clock, hot O'clock and afternoonafterworkhasfinished O'clock. Basically, I've made it a usable An Car. It's transported all my shit from college and is absolutely sublime on the motorway. I've definitely scratched my BX itch which I've had afor a long time, however, I cannot keep it this winter. I hope to get my use out of it this summer, get it to over 100,000 miles, and then it'll be up for sale. It'll have a replacement -I rather like two cars and I can afford it- which will be a similar size but will be mechnically simpler. I want something I'll be able to use during the winter along with the Micra without too much worry that something complicated will fail It's absolutely cracking in every way but I'm not skilled enough to be able to change hoses or pipework in the space of a weekend and, if it breaks down at college, I am well and truly snookered. The BX is absolutely cracking as a car and I have complete faith it'll continue to do so for the next person.
  4. Why? Y Oh my https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1348287
  5. That really is way too much... perfect. Moses' sandals!
  6. Hmm I wonder. It still has shape to it so I can't imagine it's all that bad as Maestrontegos(TM) go.
  7. Take a polishing mop to those arches and I think it'll look like Swiss cheese afterwards.
  8. I'm still on a mission to buy one someday. I'm sure that they'll all be conveniently overpriced by the time I'm in the market for one however.
  9. ...That's been monkeyed with to the nth degree by people that kind of but don't really know what they're doing.
  10. It's a giant resistor bank that's been bonded in ceramic or something. All the terminals on it will consist of a common, full speed and then the resistor combinations to give you the speeds the dial gives you. You should be able to find a blower resistor for your car but it'll probably look different.
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