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  1. Fumbler

    Pride & Joy

    I recognise that registration AND colour! I must have followed one before. It looks great. +1 on bringing it to FoTU next year!
  2. There's definitely a rev limiter or they'd explode. Are explosions undesirable? I thought they were part of the entertainent and thrill of high-speed driving!
  3. Another Factoid: You can do ludicrous speeds with a NA BX diesel. The one Father Fumbler's former boss had was red and supposedly had no rev limiter. Blatted past my dad's Rover 820 on the bypass, doing 80 at probably shouldnthappeninadieselengine RPM.
  4. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1125529 Very clean, much tempt.
  5. They fit very well, plus the securing clip does a good job so it doesn't move. Job jobbed!
  6. So I was looking for some Nissan mats for the Micra, so I didn't mess up the carpet underneath. Well, @Lord Sterling had some and sent them to me. So it's a big thanks from me, to him, and after a quick wash in the machine they look great! These are brilliant and fit wonderfully in the car. A big thanks to His Lordship and these should last for a long time.
  7. This splashguard bodge for the foglight actually works! The guard is aluminium and the bracket is a steel one from the aftermarket radio kit. It'll rust very quickly so I'll make sure to coat it in something before long.
  8. Well this is a bit brilliant. After filling up with 15.71 litres of the finest Applegreen petrol, the MPG readings were calculated as... 70MPG? You must be joking.... But wait! there's more. Brother Fumbler is quids in too, with his car making a magnificent 16 (!) MPG last fill.
  9. Spent about an hour trying to start a fire in the woodstove. I think I mixed the green wood I split two months ago with the stuff I did at the beginning of the year! I is prawn.
  10. The autocentre down the road also has a Toyota Starlet (with chrome trim!), Nissan Micra and a Hyandai Atoz+, along with their Prodder. Top class motoring.
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