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  1. I cannot find another Solex jet like it- they all have larger holes. The exterior is as dirty and covered in shit as the rest of the carburettor, so it's been on there for a decent amount of time.
  2. Today's main position was this- This is becoming a familiar sight. Who would have thought? Whipped the top of the carburettor off- Much crud was cleaned. Accelerator pump valve (removed in last picture) was clear, as was the main jet. Q tips were deployed to clean the bowl. All of them I used turned out black. I doubt it was ever cleaned at all. Then I managed to locate the idle jet, which was blocked. I cleaned it out and flushed it through with cleaner. I refitted it and it runs slightly better. I have a hunch the rubber O ring has crushed meaning i
  3. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1328062 Looks quite nice. £2500 however.
  4. I'm off to the petrol station. Provided I don't break down, I'll be on just after starting time.
  5. They do just fine, as it happens. You can try pulse dialling without a rotary phone by rapidly pressing the hang up switch on a landline phone to dial a number veeeeeery slowly.
  6. Flushing it through with cleaner unblocked it, however, the problem persists. It runs lumpy when screwed home and runs fine when backed out by a hair. Either the rubber washer on it has crushed so it's getting tightened too much, or there's something deeper that's at fault.
  7. Finally found the idle jet on the BX and it's blocked: backing it out ever-so-slightly has the engine running sweet as a nut; turning it back in and the idle is lumpy enough to make the car shake again. Now then... how do I unblock it?
  8. Hmm... I have a feeling I've got lucky in which case.
  9. Indeed, they were my saving grace when I couldn't get a matching set of tyres. I'll definitely use them in future if Camskill or Oponeo doesn't have anything to offer.
  10. Y'know I wouldn't mind having these one day, so long as the prices don't go sky high. My dad had a slew of these in his sales rep days, quite liked them so they can't be all that bad.
  11. The BX's Goodyear front tyres were sourced from Asda, funnily enough.
  12. Definitely looks like it. Local motor factors is now using Napa for their parts and oil now, so we shall see how these ones hold up.
  13. Micra's rear wiper split this morning and the fronts are going the same way. Lucas wipers which are just over 1 year old too. Happily, though, the new brake pads have completely solved my cooked brake issue. Win.
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