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  1. Ayyyy you found them too! Didn't realise there was a second Sherpa lurking around in there. That Escort is looking browner than it did in the summer as well...
  2. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1277056 Looks tidy! "In very good condition throughout." "New rear shocks fitted. Solid underneath." "Ready to use and show! £1800 open to offers."
  3. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1268893 "Intermittent engine fault" £1300. I do quite like these...
  4. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1266817 The best image they've given. £800.
  5. Give it a nice good service and check if the radiator pipes get warm at all. Could help you diagnose whether the thermostat and temperature gauge is working properly. Still looking for saloons on the market thanks to this...
  6. Stares. Looks at insurance. Weeps.
  7. I doubt a breaker box would trip either for that, especially on a kitchen ring! Nice vintage plug and wire, it's a shame it exploded.
  8. Negative COVID test result. I can get back to work now!
  9. Might it be leaking through the rear lights or the boot seal perhaps? The LandCruiser had the same issue until we relaced the boot seal, but I've seen it more on failed light gaskets.
  10. I feel absolutely terrible! I mean it, I feel like utter shit. Head is spinning and pounding, balance sometimes comes and goes, sore throat, churning stomach et cetera ad nauseum. All this, of course, had to happen while I was filing down one of the legs for my bearing puller project at college. Getting COVID tested to be on the safe side. The last thing I want is to be the reason why my floor has gone into full isolation.
  11. Great progress! Good to see that it's perked up a bit after you've blown the cobwebs out. Best of luck for the MoT. Would bunging in some Cataclean snake oil stuff and getting everything nice and warm before the test help at all?
  12. 1954, extended twice, in '57 and '63. House was built by the previous owners, who were the village doctor and his wife. Still alive in the village too! I'd say a Vauxhall Velox would suit the driveway well. Failing that, an Austin Cambridge would look the part too.
  13. Instructor loves my car so I've been learning in it for all the time I've been able to drive. It seems I was unlucky in my examiner lottery and got someone who doesn't seem to like pre-05 cars. It's tempting, yes, for the reasons above. However, my friend (who passed his retest last week) says that the majority of them are nice and sympathetic (and allow for older cars so I'm told) and definitely a lot more enthusiastic than my examiner. As I am now living away from home in Somerset, I'm heavily considering weekend lessons here (instructor's car) and seeing where it takes me, as the mo
  14. Indeed, perhaps I would have still failed if I was unlucky enough to have still got an emergency stop to do, but oh well. Experience nonetheless. I'll hopefully get someone else instead, but being a test in December at 8:18AM, I might have icy roads to contend with as well. Perhaps a good thing coming out of this is that I will have sorted the rear brakes by then during the half term, making me feel a whole lot safer driving in those conditions!
  15. That is absolutely terrifying. Please don't walk around with that on at night.
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