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  1. It's being rebranded next week. FuckNugetts sounds like a good replacement. I think the car looks great, especially considering what it once looked like.
  2. Oops, should have checked what reaction I put there! Thanks for that, it's taken the edge off the doom and gloom mindset I was in.
  3. That is, if it has even made its way in there. I have a feeling it's too big to get past an intake valve, but who knows. They should be able to give me some sort of an answer tomorrow. It isn't difficult to remove the intake to even have a look. The annoying part is that coolant flows though it.
  4. Despite their promises to call me today, they haven't. I'll call them tomorrow morning. This is getting rather stressy now, because college ends tomorrow and I can either leave tomorrow afternoon or on Friday morning. Having some sort of ETA would be gr8 so I can then figure out how to get home with all the stuff I need to take with me. To muddy the waters a bit more, I'm at work all of next week, so this'll definitely get interesting.
  5. My dad got given a photocopy of this as motivation to get more sales back in the day
  6. No news from the garage about the car. Anxiety skyrocketing by the minute.
  7. Just remembered, @Crackers didn't you fancy one of these? 😉
  8. Somebody buy that. £300 is just excellent.
  9. I'm using a PC without an adblocker, the first time for me in many years. The first ad I see is this, using a screenshot from a BigCliveDotCom video and claiming to save energy bills by 90%. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but crummy cons like this haven't changed one bit.
  10. Phoned up and they've definitely got it. I've described the fault to them in detail. They're rammed, like, 62 projects rammed with work so my car might not be travelling home with me for a while. Nevertheless, they're going to try get a boroscope down the spark plug holes either today or tomorrow to see if the nozzle thingie is dancing around the cylinders. Considering the clattering is occasional and in the top end of the engine, I have a hunch it's stuck in an intake valve. This is supported with the car misfiring when the clattering happens, so I'm quietly confident extraction will be an easy one.
  11. None I'm afraid. It was 01:45 by the time we arrived there to post the keys through the letterbox. When I return I'll get some then.
  12. The context of the qualification is engineering principles, which is probably why calculus is in it. It's certainly interesting but far fetched for what I'm doing. I can see it's use in electronics for sure, but on the top end of the scale which I rarely tap into.
  13. Although this is a mixture of hand and computer work. I still can't see any of it being of use, save for some electronics stuff I may do in future on site.
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