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  1. Nice work. Where's it off to?
  2. Only one on structural rust however! I am surprised that one can say "fuel pipes badly corroded" as an advisory however.
  3. That just makes me laugh. One giant automotive blue whale.
  4. This is why YouTube's audio library exists, so creators can add music without needing to licence it from a record label. There are some labels which are real militant with their music (for example, Queen and The Who's label goes in heay with the slightest hint of their music) and others which are more lax, which is where the 4 second rule comes into play. With royalty-free stuff, none of that happens. For some Shite-esque music that you might want to put on your videos or whatever, I recommend searching up "John Deley and The 41 Players" in the Audio Library's search bar. Quite inoffensiv
  5. A good method the good old Techmoan on YouTube mentioned in one of his HiFi videos was to record a cassette of royalty-free music from the YouTube Audio Library. That way, you can play the music as you please without the music mafia knocking on your door one morning.
  6. A nice motorway journey might do it too. Then again, not much justification to go on the motorway I can find.
  7. Designed to fit a spacesaver tyre I assume? It seems to me as if they intend it to be used if you get a flat or something, and not for continuous travel. I can't imagine it wouldn't matter too much on a car as light as the 30. You could try seeing if trailer tyres might be in the correct size, just be sure to scrub off the "FOR TRAILER USE ONLY" writing on the sidewalls
  8. I've seen it on YouTube before where people in Canada used this copper conductive paint to re-establish the traces on a HRW. No idea if it's sold in the UK, or even sold at all.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-Maestro-1-2L-Petrol-1993-for-BREAKING-WHEELNUT/353316950408?hash=item524354d188:g:DVUAAOSwzHxfnXCW This should probably belong in the scrap it thread, but: I don't think it's a wheelnut m8. Are you completely sure? I'll trust he knows about the car in the listing then... Perhaps not. At least the price is right at £10, and it does look as if the interior isn't in too bad shape. Shame about the rest of it.
  10. On the subject of Maestros, I've found this peach* https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-MAESTRO-CLUBMAN/133581916951?hash=item1f1a1a4b17:g:sqEAAOSwWapenpc5 The pictures also include screenshots of the family album, how sweet. 699 sovs.
  11. May have posted this on here before so apologies if I have! Taken a few days after I bought the car in 2019. Nissan really have made those extra 200mm on the new Micra really, really show. The new Jazz is something like 5cm shorter than the previous one, and is lighter too, but the styling makes it looks much larger than it actually is. Must be to do with all the polygons they design into the bodywork and stuff.
  12. Charmhoo, probably owned by a Mr. Hoo Lee Fuk.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/684206378891290/?ref=product_details&referral_code=undefined MG Maestro EFI! Interesting way of securing the boot.
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