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  1. It won too! Against that Previa. Boy that thing hit hard.
  2. I'm at a derby in yankland about to see some stuff get destroyed. Is this a Mondeo/Contour?
  3. You should buy it, you know you want to.
  4. Brother's old P38 did something similar in a hot carpark. We were see-sawwing for ages before the engine decided to work.
  5. Love this, description slightly weird though-
  6. Yes it was, I hope it doesn't die.
  7. That's cool, David Hiam Ltd were the original dealers for my old BX. I still have a branded tax disc holder somewhere.
  8. I bought this lovely old insulation/continuity tester at the start of May for use around the house. It came in a nice little carry case and all the test leads were in great shape. It was even calibrated in 2016, not too long ago I thought. I decided to send it in for calibration and see how it's holding up... Cock. Store your test gear correctly, people. Especially analogue stuff!
  9. I recognise that registration. I'm pretty sure I used to follow that car for a small bit on my way home from work.
  10. Wowzers. That's quite something. Must be a transformer power supply after all.
  11. Could the rest of the wiper mechanism be cummed up wth old grease? All that stuff around the motor's commutator and brushes looks like dielectric grease - a nice touch on something rebuildable like that.
  12. Agreed, most switch mode power supplies these days are multi voltage. More expensive stuff usually has different plugs you can put on them.
  13. That's how my Fiesta was cloned by a guy from London.
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