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  1. It's on a return to the reservoir and the inlet pipework is all filtered so it's no biggie.
  2. I wonder if a sphere's blown? Not having the car at the correct ride height (even if the lever's sat in the correct spot) also doesn't help from my experience.
  3. Anything made before 2001 doesn't need it. I suspect the tester's being a tad pedantic. Like yours, neither of my cars have the BS AU number on the plates.
  4. The want is there! I've been told on no account should I buy something as old let alone older than the Micra 😕
  5. I'm pretty sure this was the Ledbury I was interested in nearly a year ago. Back then it was advertised for £1395 on C&C, with a much more competent seller!
  6. That's true. I may as well give it a whirl. Hopefully they don't up the ticket scrutiny all that much. Anybody want a ticket?
  7. Damnit, I've just realised I'll be in the US when this is going on. I was looking forward to it as well😅 I don't think I can easily transfer my ticket if at all. Getting a refund looks like a hassle over a £20.00 ticket.
  8. Have you got some wood like a 2x6 or something like that to raise the car by?
  9. Oh lookie lookie! Pillar mounted ultrasonics. Hateful little things.
  10. Have you tested the alternator output recently? If it's fine then the battery is probably FUBAR.
  11. We've had 3 of them. Personally I'd be more concerned about the gearbox bearing as it's a mk.1. It's what forced us to p/x our '04 Jazz for a newer one.
  12. Any other deets on that at all?
  13. Heh, every car I've helped collect or bought has also been near empty! I've always assumed this car never had one, despite running the tank down the the red line on the gauge every week.
  14. I've started going through the Micra's list of needs and wants to make it decent again. I started off with something easy* Yup, looks good. And in with minimal* hassle. I was rather surprised. You have to remove the battery and dislodge the air intake. You can't remove it because it is bolted in two places, 1 of which is underneath the expansion tank. Fortunately, both are plastic and flexible, and some persuasion got the two to co-operate. The water in the old tank was mostly murky sludge. When I opened up the radiator, I was pleasantly surprised with fresh green coolant, which was lucky as I didn't have any to hand. I put in some water from the Brita jug and then gave the car a run to get it up to temperature. It seems to be gradually turning green, which is a bonus! So I can strike that off the list of things to do. I'll attack the welding some point this weekend. As an additional plus*, I've discovered the car DOES have a low fuel light, because I saw it briefly flash 1 morning last week. That's the first time since I bought it in 2018 I've ever seen it work. You can barely see the warning light's outline on the binnacle Wonderful, innit?
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