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  1. If the first picture had more sash windows and some drooping A/C units, you'd be spot on with the look.
  2. Someone's definitely had some fun with the brick that's on it. I wonder if it belongs to someone on that site.
  3. I hear the orange milk chocolate Leibniz is quite nice.
  4. It was marketed to change perceptions...
  5. Dribbling triangles put on show...
  6. So long as it isn't an anchor point life is good... except for what's inside of course.
  7. Fuck this heat. I think I'll go mad if it's like this for the next predicted 4 or so days, even with the thunderstorms.
  8. That's a nice thought out point. I'll remember that in future!
  9. My car is the oldest in my school's carpark by nearly 20 years. The rest of the vehicles there are massive bulbous SUVs promenading up and down to show how successful they are/better than everybody else's. All my classmates wish to have a Mini or Audi or BMW, not even anything sensible or cheap to buy outright like an Aygo! Nobody is interested anymore in the idea of utility and simplicity, it's all about bigger is better. Seems to be a bit of a fad to me, much like people carriers were the family cars of the early 2000s. Where have all the people carriers gone? I'd wager they were replaced by an SUV crossover thing. This is a good one When Father Fumbler was a sales rep, one of his colleagues plonked this photo down on his desk. The one-upmanship battle with the reps' company cars has shifted to the general public and their big SUV status symbols. In fact, it's summed up brilliantly in the episode's introduction: "The thing about your company car is it's a very specific sign to everybody to what level you've reached within the company."
  10. Yes but lack of space and money for buying small gas bottles. If I get fed up with it I'll go that route.
  11. Today this arrived! Then I had some fun while getting to know wire speeds, voltage and stuff like that: Ray Charles esque skills on oxidised unprepared metal. Brilliant!
  12. What a happy looking car.Looking forward to more progress on this!
  13. Excellent stuff. The Mini sure does look nice in that colour. Moar pics pls.
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