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  1. Think you have found your problem 😃 Worn washers in taps and float valves can cause all kind of hammer problems, could be as simple as a washer but a new valve is not a bad call.
  2. Big envelope arrived today, wtf is that??? Thanks Eddie.
  3. 1. Xtriple 2. Tayne (2calenders) 3. Matty (2calenders) 4. Craig the Princess (1) 5. LOSERONE (1) 6. chaseracer (1) 7. Vulgalour (1) 8. billy_bunter(1) 9. GM (1) 10. Stereotype (1) 11. MorrisItalSLX (1) 12. Plumbertony (1)
  4. How about one of these ? https://www.scottoiler.com/products/accessories/crampbuster/ Other gimmicky stuff may well be available.
  5. Re the gsxr slave. A blow gun in the hose connection sealed with a rag can work if not too corroded, or if really stuck, Seal the hose banjo with a bigger nut in place of the hose and use a grease gun to pump it out through the bleed nipple. Messy but effective.
  6. If there ever was a roffle to lose my cherry to..... I'm in. Edit to add , I have a hbol and service reset tool which I can send if wanted.
  7. This chap seems impressed too. http://says.com/my/news/mat-salleh-happily-buys-a-1987-proton-saga-for-50gbp
  8. Good old Brass monkeys. Will make the next round seem easy though.
  9. The immobiliser chip is in the plastic body of the key, if the body is held next to the ignition when cranking it should start and keep running until turned off. I think.
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