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  1. Have to agree with not using bba. Ecu testing seem pretty good tho . what’s the actual fault showing with the old unit ?
  2. Loving the attention to detail on this car . Copper / Kunifer pipes just stick out a mile and don’t look right . Spoil many a resto I think .
  3. The bx manual tells you to remove the battery tray with 3 bolts iirc. Which would be fine and dandy if it wasn’t welded in on production cars.
  4. Awesome bikes SV’s . Put 40k on one from new . Brother has one I’m fettling ready for the road / track now.
  5. Next trackday booked! Cadwell 😬 it’s miles away and I’m nervous as fuck about the track but oh well .
  6. Tip staff rank pretty on on my twats top ten . Not in the same league as Doctors receptionists or Post Office counter staff mind
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread but if anyone has a set of rocker gear from a 903 ohv panda I have monies waiting .
  8. Don’t leave yourself short of it mind - make sure you have some to put on corner apex’s to keep bikers on their toes 😂
  9. I assume these would also work on a Perkins Prima ?
  10. It’s funny cos it’s true
  11. Ed March’s c90 adventures are well worth a watch imo
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