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  1. This Sunday’s enduro was a 3 hour slog in some slippy rooty rutted conditions but I didn’t stop for the whole time and came 4th in my class of 12 or so . Loads of people pulled out with personal and bike failures . Good old Honda just keeps on going . Decided to keep it another year ( it’s 2 now ) and spend the money on doing a few more events instead. Going to watch Weston beach race this Sunday . Few mates are racing it - crazy bastards .
  2. Currently sat in my van waiting for the end of the world style rain to fuck off so I can view a black type s one of these
  3. Well I survived my trackday ! Great fun lapping two panigales on track 😂 they had tyre warmers the lot too .🙄 Cannot get over how good my 300 quid thundercat is . Didn’t feel the need to adjust a single thing . Brakes and suspension felt spot on esp in the damp . Bridgestone BT016 tyres seem pretty bloody good too. Donington is a great track too imo. Better than Mallory , Pembrey an Llandow I had some before. As you may have guessed - I’m buzzing ! Enduro this weekend 😁
  4. Well I survived my first Hillclimb . Didnt look a total idiot . Improved my times too .Started as a 31.98 . Ended up just in the 27’s which I was bloody happy with . The bike I was on was doing 24.12 in the hands of its owner mind ! To be fair he’s ex national champ and current record holder where we were. Quick bit of van prep today and load up for Donnington 😁 Luckily my enduro bike is all prepped and ready to go for this weekends race
  5. Forecast is good at the moment 🤞
  6. I’m only in the wobbly nobbers group . Got moved up to inters when I was on my sv650 . But a few years ago now . Missing an enduro race this weekend to have a go at hillclimbing . Enduro next weekend , watching Weston beach race on the 20th and trail riding in Devon the weekend after that . October is bikey
  7. Look like I’m doing a trackday on Tuesday . Donnington GP 😬 First one for about 15 yrs and never done one on a thundercat or at Donnington . Ahh well
  8. I’m pretty keen on this . The Cornish plans for SF this year involved buying a massive terrible van with an mot measured in weeks and all travel together ( and sleep if reqd) in that . Are ferry / tunnel costs for a big van rapey?
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