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  1. It’s a fail when you give the rear seat belts a tug and the lower mount pulls out in your hand tho . Estates seem worst for this
  2. Off to Donny again . 300 quid shitter will have done 4 track days this year . Only had to change the front discs ( secondhand natch) and pads after I cooked them at cadwell in August .
  3. I’m being thick I think but am I missing something ?
  4. Maybe cos body corrosion IS an mot fail on a disco despite what the tit says ?
  5. Thats an hour of my life ill never get back
  6. There are loads of subtle differences in those plugs on automotive stuff tho . Ridges and grooves in different places to prevent wires being put in the wrong places on cars .
  7. Yeh it’s the pas pressure switch . Not that important . It just uses that signal to raise the idle a bit when on full lock . Those Bosch two pin connectors can be temp replaced by two red small Lucar type terminals just make sure that at least one is insulated .
  8. Dad has the 200 version . Cool little bike
  9. What year is it ? Thought the 2.3 didn’t have a dmf ? My 09 one hasn’t anyway
  10. Driven a few yes . As well as polos with the same motor . Prefer a Kubota or a Petter
  11. I couldn’t live with that cement mixer engine . Was only talking a few days ago about the a2 and how good a car it was but wished they did a 1.9 tdi version
  12. Ahh . I would still be tempted with keeping the civic for its overall low running costs tho
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