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  1. Looks like either porosity or detonation ( pinking ) damage to me . Regarding low compression on all cylinders I agree with cobblers . Did you have the throttle wide open for the compression test ?
  2. Don’t forget the trousers with the waterproofed right leg only .
  3. That’s the 2022 season done . 6 trackdays , 5 tracks , 0 crashes , 0 mechanicals . I’d call that a success 4 days on the 660 and two on the cat And yes I am going to buy the pic
  4. You can buy decent quality vices new still but the ones I was looking at were north of a grand !!
  5. Id have those wheels but you are miles from me 🤣
  6. Christ is that still there ? Back of Aldi in truro ? Well not Aldi now but you know what I mean
  7. He must be the only one that has to deal with shit I reckon .
  8. How is that possible ? The petrol filler hole in a petrol car is too small for the diesel pump nozzle.
  9. A mate has just offered me his Castle Coombe Track day for the 21st for £100 . Be rude not too ! Might give the Thundercat a beating on that one tho. Castle Coombe are little hitlers on noise .
  10. Mallory is a good first track imo .
  11. Still plenty days these year . I’d be happy for an excuse to do another 😂
  12. I’m not being fair to No Limits really . They run a smooth day really . But they aren’t too fussy about putting known racers in novice groups . Quickest bikes at most days are CB500’s ! Take what ever you feel comfortable on .
  13. Do it ! I’d avoid the No Limits ones if you can . They are well organised but a few egos about . I do a few with the classic bike trackday lot and they seem great and the paddock is like a museum . Did Pembrey last week with Phil Bevan and that was good too . Llandow is with Track Demons who are from cornwall too apparently. Let me know if you want some company when you decide to do one . Dunno where you are but can pick you up on the way if you are down south / west
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