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  1. Have to agree with not using bba. Ecu testing seem pretty good tho . what’s the actual fault showing with the old unit ?
  2. Loving the attention to detail on this car . Copper / Kunifer pipes just stick out a mile and don’t look right . Spoil many a resto I think .
  3. The bx manual tells you to remove the battery tray with 3 bolts iirc. Which would be fine and dandy if it wasn’t welded in on production cars.
  4. Awesome bikes SV’s . Put 40k on one from new . Brother has one I’m fettling ready for the road / track now.
  5. Next trackday booked! Cadwell 😬 it’s miles away and I’m nervous as fuck about the track but oh well .
  6. Tip staff rank pretty on on my twats top ten . Not in the same league as Doctors receptionists or Post Office counter staff mind
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread but if anyone has a set of rocker gear from a 903 ohv panda I have monies waiting .
  8. Don’t leave yourself short of it mind - make sure you have some to put on corner apex’s to keep bikers on their toes 😂
  9. I assume these would also work on a Perkins Prima ?
  10. It’s funny cos it’s true
  11. Ed March’s c90 adventures are well worth a watch imo
  12. It’s not like they can go on a skiing holiday either at the moment . Which is what every single solicitor I’ve dealt with has done just before completing my house move / transfer. Usually for 3 weeks and no other fucker in the place can touch it .
  13. Carrycot in the back of a mini van On tradeplates cos dad was almost too late for the birth cow he had just been to a van auction
  14. You also need to get the outer dust noot in its groove on the caliper body before you get the piston in or you won’t be able to afterwards . Boot not noot .
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