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  1. looks gash and wrong , as bad as fitting black n silver no plate and you know it
  2. Well done mate , it will look nice when you put the correct indicators back on it .
  3. Stalingrad doesn't show volume numbers - not sure how I feel about it
  4. How is the budget on this one now ? Bet you have a spreadsheet on it 🤣- does it make an allowance for label tape?
  5. I’ve been very lucky and my involvement in smart cars is very minimal . In fact I only look after one later one .
  6. Or take it to another test centre ? Like that’s gonna feckin happen 😂
  7. I’ve always wondered why mx5 alternators always seem to seize up . I know alot don’t get used in winter etc but I can’t think of any other car I’ve changed a seized one on in the last 20 yrs . They must have water dripping on them or something .
  8. They are a miserable job on rusty old x trails . So many rusted fasteners
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