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  1. Never had much trouble with them personally . Do one side at a time so you have a pattern . Take the hub off if you can . Decent spring puller / hook and needle nose mole grips as mentioned above . Also a pair of plier with a couple of grooves near the end of the jaws to get hold of the hold back spring clips . The only shit ones are bmw and Merc handbrake shoes . Also some manufacturers make rear shoe kits that come built up and complete with adjusters / springs etc .
  2. I dont do aircon myself but i have a local mobile guy do the regas work . I have gauges and nitrogen test kit tho
  3. I’ve always found no limits to be good but they struggled with weather and rider stupidity yesterday and could have organised it better. Wonder if it was a coincidence but that was the first NL day I’ve done where the boss man wasn’t there
  4. My mate on the R1 is firmly in the same wobbly nobbers group as me
  5. Riding stopped due to lack of paramedics . Ffs . Fast group keep on crashing .Jazoli is right
  6. Yeh seems good so far . Put stiffer springs in the front so I guess it’s sitting a bit higher . Bit less preload and drop the yokes a bit .
  7. Front end keeps running wide . Adjustments reqd
  8. Been 4 reds in the “ expert “ group so far Us wobbly nobbers seem ok
  9. Meanwhile back in the real world
  10. 2001 called - they would like their trackday back ! Gonna be ball soup today There is another Thundercat here somewhere . Hope it’s in my group
  11. Brother borrowed my crv today while his van was in my garage for some work . So of course I put the heated seats on ( not the most obvious switches ) , heater on full hot but low fan speed and pulled the leccy windows and ac fuses 🥵
  12. Poor old Thundercat has had an R6 shock conversion and stiffer fat chuffer springs put in the front forks all ready for my Brands GP track day on Tuesday 😀
  13. The 6 cyl engine sounded lovely tho
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