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  1. A good guide of bulb quality is the countries they are type approved in . This into is on the bulb as an E number . Iirc E1 is Germany and the number that Osram bulbs have on them . If they are TA in a country with a stan at the end then maybe their regs aren’t as strict and bulbs tend to be lower quality . This is my findings anyway and what I can say is that Lucas bulbs are wank these days . Had H4 and 7’s where the base plate was mounted pissed up and the amber indicator bulbs fail a mot when brand new they are so white .
  2. Just used muffs for my last couple of trail rides . As said above - what a game changer . I suffer with raynauds and always have cold fingers when riding . These and neoprene enduro globes are a winning combo . I thought they would get in the way in technical riding but they don’t at all .
  3. Vosa been gone for years now 😂
  4. Had the faded one since aug / sept and rebuilt the engine etc over winter . Got the shiny one last week. These are both 1970 90’s
  5. I enjoyed this ride far more than I should have 😂
  6. Nice set of Kajagoogoo white walls is my preferred choice of certain death car tyre
  7. Aren’t they all ? Every tyre place that sells some Bangalore Tiger Grabber remould / budget shite always trots out some line about them being made by/ in the same factory as Pirelli /Michelin / Continental. Horse shit 95% of the time I would imagine
  8. Oh and it’s not taped up properly yet as he may have to split the wiring into two looms for fitting . Been a while since I’ve seen the actual bike .
  9. That was a fun eve . Rewiring a friends. Suzuki 500 two stroke stator . He had fitted new source and trigger coils but had intermittent starting issues . An eve with the scope showed the signals were fine at the stator but weak at the connection to the cdi . The wires were soo hard from years of heat built up . Heater on in my home garage - comfy seat and a beer or two and all fixed . All using the same colour wires just to annoy subsequent mechanics 😂
  10. Chod speed brave traveller . Goona is being a brilliant winter beater btw !
  11. @Cavcraftif you need any bits back off that c70 motor let me know and I could post them back to you .
  12. Hey ! My goona 3 was from brum and the seller and car are fine 😂
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