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  1. Thundercat breezed the mot yesterday and now I have all 4 of my bikes all fully road legal and rideable . That doesn’t happen very often . Celebrated by booking another track day , Brands GP , for the end of July 😁 Thats two booked this year so far - would like to do donny again too this year . I think I have a problem
  2. He sucks the cool right out of motorcycling
  3. Just to let you know @HMC - im looking to scratch the Merc itch soon - I await your for sale posts 🤣
  4. Did 30 miles on the yellow KE yesterday . Only ride over 2 miles I’ve done on it . Other than the speedo making a screaming noise it was faultless and I really enjoyed it . But a decision has been made . It’s going up for sale ! The missis is scared to use it cos it’s in such nice nick , so I will put some of the money from its sale into the red one to make it more pleasant to ride .
  5. It didn’t have mot when I got it - had been in a garage unused for about 10 years . But it did have nearly unused stainless downpipes and chain kit . Which KE ? 😂
  6. The old track slag £300 Thundercat has had some love . Replaced the tyres that had done 5 trackdays ( sold em for £50 too ) and got the awful flakey red paint on the wheels taken off and powder coated grey . Gave the brakes some attention , fitted braided hoses ( bloody awful things to fit - just as I remembered)They never seem to sit right and take far too much twisting to get them to line up . Next time I’ll go for venhill ones you can adjust but this HEL set were cheap on eBay . Even gave it its second wash in my ownership . Mot next week so I can road test before Mallor
  7. Nothing wrong with copper brake pipe although I tend to use kunifer where I can .,
  8. Apart from Volvo park brake shoes from a certain era . They deleted the adjuster and put a bar in there
  9. If it’s like a Kings Mx tyre you can pass it down to future generations. No grip whatsoever but last forever
  10. You can smell the isopon from here ! They were rotten 20 years ago FFS
  11. 106’s do have drum adjusters - inside the drum but you can usually get to it through a stud hole . Needs stripping and inspecting . Good chance you will need shoes if the cylinder is leaking enough to see from outside
  12. I would rather ( and have owned) a 1.6D than the rough old CVH alternative.
  13. Fair enough ! I had a mobile welder leave the rear wheel nuts loose on a customers tranny once . Put the plastic caps back on and everything 🙄.
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