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  1. Wow! Great collection of stuff, thanks for the photos.
  2. "Price will increase as new parts are installed" ...clutch, torque tube, tyres,
  3. I disagree, some cars become unsuitable for owners changed circumstances, or owners fancy something newer. Not often though!
  4. J Toynbee is a woman and that's the letter she was typing while sat at the desk in the showroom on the original Autoshite landing page.
  5. I’m with the seller. The buyer either needs to look for cars that are Buy it Now so he can drive 7 hours, view and buy, or for auction cars that are not 7 hours away. The buyer wants it all their way and is struggling to understand that their ambitions are not important to the seller. The seller can choose to sell or not however they wish. In recent years people have been encouraged to become too precious about their own needs and wants. This thread is fab fun because of this!
  6. Nice! From the era when top of the range meant velour, not leather.
  7. I think our dads might have been separated at birth, mine had a B reg Orion which he replaced with an F reg Orion. Both were 1.6 Ghias, we had them both for 4 years. Here's the first one, which I also learned to drive in: Unfortunately I couldn't say whether that's the original tailpipe or not. Equally unfortunately this is the only photo I can find of our second Orion 1.6 Ghia: The first Orion replaced a 1980 Ford Cortina 2.0GL and I reckon my Dad was exactly the conservative buyer Ford were targeting with the Orion, as he didn't really want a (poxy) hatchback. It was a company car, so he had the choice of a Sierra 2.0GL or an Orion 1.6 Ghia, he was swayed by the luxury of the Ghia. It was really well equipped and felt very special compared to the Cortina... rev counter, digital roof mounted clock, tilt/slide sunroof, 4 speaker stereo cassette player with joystick for balance, electric windows, rear headrests, remote boot release. We loved it. The replacement, an F reg facelift model was totally stripped out compared to th B reg one and very disappointing. It didn't feel special at all, certainly didn't feel like a top of the range model. Can't remember exactly what was missing but it was the combination of lots of minor details like no storage pockets on the backs of the front seats for maps, no rear courtesy lights, no tiny torch on the key fob, etc, etc. Its saving grace was that it was a much nicer car to drive, firmer, faster, wider tyres and felt more surefooted. The earlier one was very soggy and floppy. If I could be bothered I'd go through the Ford catalogues and list all the minor stuff missing from the spec between them but there was loads. Anyway, glad there are others here who experienced the awesomeness of the Orion, for such a mundane car I think it was quite handsome and to me looked very different to the Escort it was based on to the extent it felt like a car in its own right and not a booted conversion. I don't think that was the case with the ones based on later Escort models.
  8. Add the Porsche 924 to the list for both of these. They even continued the pfennig pinching for the updated 924S from 1985-88. And the early 944s.
  9. This looks like a cracking V70 for reasonable money given the current market. Would be buying this if it was closer. £2300, 160,000miles, PURPLE!!! Alfreston. Someone buy it then sell it to me in a bit tacheersthanks. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144546408149?hash=item21a7a326d5:g:QjMAAOSwTb1iSX6Z
  10. Potentially interested in boxed cars but would need photos & more details about condition, and couldn’t collect.
  11. The 1980s What Car? long term facts storage and recollection part of my brain thinks the Stanza was the last Nissan sold in the UK as a Datsun. Why do I think that several decades later, is it true?
  12. An oaky bouquet with a complex, earthy finish
  13. That's disgusting. Red wine in champagne flutes? Nice caravan though.
  14. Gutta-percha is a sort of plant based natural rubber, used to coat early transatlantic cables etc, so I doubt it would be used for a car body, as too heavy and not structural enough. Pre ww2 Henry Ford was exploring ways to combine agriculture & chemical industries, he developed a ’bio-plastic bodied’ car, actually a mix of I think flax fibres, (EDIT: soybean) and thermoplastic, something like phenolic resin. He made a couple of prototypes, then war broke out, then he died, and the project disappeared. There are vids/photos online of him hitting the bodywork with a sledge hammer and it bouncing off. But then I remember when CDs were launched seeing them on tv smeared with jam and still playable but that didn’t make them indestructible like we were told at the time. Edit: More info here: https://www.thehenryford.org/collections-and-research/digital-resources/popular-topics/soy-bean-car/
  15. https://classicretromodern.com/shop/easter/
  16. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/919461268703976/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks Looks like a nice one and appears to be complete. Tyres are a standard size so easy to replace. \
  17. Has anyone said R52/R53 Mini Copper S yet? Lots of fast & lots of smol.
  18. Thanks all, comments so far have been really helpful as the internet says these are bomb proof and mega reliable and go on forever but sounds like that's not quite true! Petrol vs diesel is an interesting one, I suppose I was looking at the cheaper tax, better fuel economy and quite a big co2 difference, 150 vs 200g/km, which seems quite high for a 2.0 of this age, I think the average for all cars is about 150 so thats roughly where I’d like to be given the choice. It’s not a massive thing though, so don’t assume that’s leading the decision making. So maybe petrol… In context we do a max of 4500 miles per year in the Volvo. We’ve had the v70 for 3 yrs, bought when 15 yrs old off here cheaply because of potential big issues but it was a £1500 car on the open market. Similar spec/miles 15 yr old v70s are currently about £3000-4000. To jump to a V70 significantly newer, say 8-10 yrs old they are about £6000-£9000, still typically with 150,000 miles. We don’t use a car enough to have that much money tied up in a car that will be sat on the drive most of the time. This Honda I reckon ‘should’ be a £1000-1200 car, which would make more sense for the mileage/risks. I suppose rather than looking at it as only a couple of years younger and therefore a sideways move I’m looking at that Honda as 50,000 miles less than our V70 and looks like its a good well kept example from the photos, so was thinking maybe worth it if likely to be relatively trouble free for the next couple of years. But I agree its not a big jump forward. I’m typically very loyal to cars, my thinking is better stick with a car you know etc, and am trying to break that habit here but you’re all making it difficult! But I’m grateful for the advice! The problem is that I have the budget to buy a car at this end of the market but not the skills. The current used car market, eh?!
  19. Ok folks, gonna have another go at replacing our 2004 V70 and fancy a Honda Accord Tourer It would most likely be the 2.2 diesel. Are they any good? This one is £2000 for a 2007 top spec diesel estate with 177,000 miles https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202202011998099?sort=relevance&body-type=Estate&make=Honda&include-delivery-option=on&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=100&postcode=cr69ne&transmission=Manual&price-to=2000&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&model=Accord&page=1 Will it be ropey and on its last legs or still have a bit more to give? MOT history looks reasonable, looks in good condition from the photos. What should have. been done/will need doing at that mileage? What should I look out for? Your experiences would be most appreciated!
  20. Wow, looks fab! But I don’t know what it is.
  21. Replacing fuses & cleaning contacts is a good plan. A blown fuel pump fuse has caught out many owners with cars that turn over but are not firing. It’s also a good idea to clean the earth points: one near fusebox, one from alternator behind valance, one in boot near spare wheel well. May be others, can’t remember. Is the battery tray above the fuses solid to keep the weather off them? stater motors should be fairly cheap and available. That heat-shield by the manifold is almost impossible to find in good condition, most are full of rust holes. Good ones tend to go for up to £100 , a lot for a bit of pressed steel so don’t wreck it!
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