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  1. Sorry you beat me to the edit, I meant chromed, not S/S
  2. Other than the exhaust tips, the Mini has been great and there's very little to report. My wife enjoys her daily commute in it and it continues to be ridiculous, hugely impractical fun. I noticed the other day one of the locking wheel nuts was missing so I bought and fitted a replacement set bought off eBay (£15). The old set of three locking nuts & key are available for the cost of postage if anyone wants them? Back in early summer last year a chum and I were chatting, and we noted that his Porsche 924 turbo and our Mini Cooper S were both rated at 170bhp, and it would be fun to compare them since they were about 20 and 40yrs old, so we hatched a plan to take each other out in our cars and write an article for the 924 Owners Club magazine off the back of it. He'd just had his 924 resprayed so it was a bit of an excuse to take some nice photos and show it off in the club mag. I was amazed at the massive lag then massive boost of his, and he was surprised at how the supercharger gave pretty much instant power in any gear at any speed. They're very different driving experiences but with surprisingly close performance figures. A weird thing happened one day last summer. On the same day I parked up twice and both times I came back to find another black Mini convertible parked next to it. Made me to a big grin both times. There's so much annoying stuff involved in owning cars it's important to enjoy the little pleasures! September 2022 and a clean run at the MOT, which was nice! Photo of it posing with the other car. This is not a practical family motoring combination. With the exciting arrival of the A2 I haven't driven the Mini for ages so took it out on Sunday, using the flimsy excuse of checking the wheel nuts were OK. It was January, drizzling and getting dark but I couldn't help popping the top off for the first roof down motoring this year!
  3. It's been 11 months so better have a little catch up. Last spring I took the exhaust tips back to the garage, after they'd rusted badly after only 6 months. So to recap... these were the original exhaust tips after 15 years on the car: These were the new ones fitted in September 2021 with the new exhaust: Same exhaust tips April 2022: Took them back to the garage in April last year (2022) and they were replaced with these Even brand new they looked shite, pitted, marked and really badly chromed. I let the garage know I wasn't happy but would fit them and see what happened. They looked nice from a distance: Fast forward 9 months to January 2023 and this is what they currently look like: This might sound a bit obsessive but bear in mind... 1. Their ONLY JOB is to look nice 2. They cost £40 each. £80 for a pair of shite Stainless CHROMED drinks can sized bits of metal that don’t last a year without rusting. Will be returning these to the garage for a refund this time, I think I’ll try some aftermarket ones. Anyone else had this problem? Is everything just shite these days or have I been unlucky twice?
  4. A bit of progress with the A2... I had a go at soldering in a bit of temporarily ABS wiring in the drivers wheel arch to see if it was the chaffed wiring that was the problem. ABS light still on. Our ever helpful neighbour has a fault code reader so he plugged it in to have a look at what was up. Lots of codes showing so reset and had a look at what came back. Code for mechanical failure of the drivers side ABS Sensor showing so that will need replacing to hopefully put that light out and get it MOTed. Other fault codes related to the EGR stuff so not sure whether the EML is on because of the Oil Level Sensor or whether it's something EGR related. I had a go at the paint on the spoiler. Rather than doing what you're supposed to and check the results of the paint stripper on a tiny bit that is out of sight I merrily slathered the stuff all over, waited, repeated, waited and hosed off. I mean, I couldn’t make it look any worse could I? Oh, yes it appears I could. Going to leave it as it is for the moment while I either work out a plan for refinishing the spoiler or I find a cheap replacement tailgate the same colour to maybe do a swap (the spoiler is bonded onto the tailgate). Someone on the A2oc site noticed from one of my pics I had the wrong jack. Correct jack now bought, the old Lupo/Polo/Arouser one available for cost of postage if anyone wants it. Managed to empty my first tank of fuel, and according to my calculations it’s managed 33mpg, which has been mostly local driving and a couple of train strike day commutes into London, including my first visit to the multi story car park in Penge. What a place. Very relieved to be in a small manouverable car! Last week it went to the mechanic for new ABS and oil level sensor, and a general check over. He cleaned out the EGR flaps and pipes and stuff I don't understand. Came back with no warning lights on and he'd even put it through its MOT which was due next week, so it's got a fresh MOT! Hurrah! I can now spend some time and effort fixing some of the other low level niggles. Looks like it’s a keeper and will remain in the fleet for the time being, so I thought I'd introduce it to the 924, both cars were built in the same ex-NSU Neckarsulm factory 21 years apart!
  5. Thought it was one of those mini Mitsubishi Shogun thingys but badge says it’s a Nissan Kix. No, me neither.
  6. Only had about 9 owners in 20 yrs but had 4 Autoshitist owners in 2022.
  7. If I may, I'd like to suggest a day out north of Inverness to the bit beyond the Black Isle. 1. Tarbat Ness Lighthouse 2. Walk along the beach at Portmahomack 3. Visit Glenmorangie Distillery, because Dalmore Distillery is currently closed. 4. Have lunch in Tain. Either Harry Gow for a Scotch Pie and a Dream Ring, or across the road if you want posher/warmer. 5. Walk from Contullich up Fyrish to the Monument. Not for the monument but for the view across Cromarty Firth 1 2 3 4 5 Actually, go anywhere, do anything. Whatever you do, enjoy it, that's a fantastic part of the country to be in. Edit to add: If you fancy a day of spectacular driving you could do a lot worse than head across to Ullapool then down the coast road to Gairloch (taking in the Russian Arctic Convoy Museum at Lock Ewe, obvs.) then head back via Kinlochewe and Achnasheen and Garve.
  8. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1444466 https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1526937 https://www.theparking-cars.co.uk/used-cars-detail/peugeot-309-gti/309-gti/6FZZM5HC.html https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1430629 https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1535802 https://www.carandclassic.com/auctions/1985-nissan-silvia-turbo-rally-pack-s12-nJmK9g https://www.theparking-cars.co.uk/used-cars-detail/talbot-tagora/talbot-tagora-sx-v6-2-6/2N28T3YB.html
  9. Ford Orion Ghia Injection? https://www.eastlancashireclassics.com/vehicle.php?id=53
  10. Cinquecento Sporting? https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1498581
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