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  1. Top one is lovely but loses the colour of the car. Can you remove filter on just car?
  2. Found another one Mini Clubman estate near Nigg.
  3. Great thread! I do like an estate, and as has been said before I often think that estate versions of cars look more elegant and balanced than saloons. And they make good sense, if you’re going to take up a certain amount of road space you might as well make it as useful as possible. My first car was an estate, a 1977 Mini Clubman. Gusset brown, gold side stripes and rear van doors. One owner from new and very low mileage. Unreliable but fun to own and drive. Not all the fun was good fun. Bought in 1993 owned for 4 yrs. Sold to my cousin. My second car wasn’t an estate at the time, but apparently is one now. At the time it was just an E reg VW Polo (as opposed to a Polo Saloon or a Polo Coupe) . But now they seem to be called Polo Estates. Or that other name that I’m not going to use because it’s too pretentious unless you own one of these and you’re an actual baker delivering loaves. The Polo was a 1.0C which was fairly base. Bought in 1997. After the Polo my wife got a job that required lots of driving so she got company cars and we had a run of new small to medium hatchbacks. I also bought my Mini Clubman Estate back from my cousin a few years later but by this time it had failed an MOT catastrophically so I kept it for a year or two hoping to fix it up but was too skint so it got sold on as a project. Fast forward a few years and by the time we came to start a family my wife had a 2004 Mini that was due to be handed back, and a friend of a friend was selling a 10 yr old 140,000 miles Audi A6 1.8T for £900 so we replaced the Mini with that. We both loved it, it was brilliant for chucking all the parenty stuff in and went quite well for such a big car although it was a bit slow off the line. Once on the move was a nice cruiser, and I really liked the way these A6’s looked especially the rears. I think this was quite a progressive era for Audi and their cars just got better and better with each release. We had it about 2 years. Due to massive tiredness and not thinking it through we spent a huge amount on it for the MOT as it needed a new exhaust, 2 tyres, a replacement ECU and the windscreen replaced when we really should have just binned it. That MOT cost us more than the car did. We sold it shortly after to a family member and a few weeks later it died of a seized engine due to an incompetent mechanic leaving it with almost no oil in it after a service. We were obvs gutted after all the money we had spent on it only a month or two before it got scrapped. We sold the A6 as my wife went back to work and got another company car, she wasn’t fussed as long as it was an estate (the A6 won her round to estates) so she was given a 3 yr old Focus Mk2. It was decent enough, it drove well but the interior didn’t feel very nice. We had it for about a year without anything remarkable happening other than my wife hitting a lorry wheel/tyre at rush hour on the M25 which smashed up the bumper/valance, damaged the underside of the engine, some of the suspension and the floor of the car too. The garage it went to for repairs were surprised she managed to drive it home. It was in the garage a few weeks being repaired. I can only find snow covered photos of it. Shortly after getting it back from the garage she changed jobs and we were back to buying our own car again. We ended up with a late model highish spec Volvo V40, about 7 yrs old that looked nice but was a very ordinary 1.9td underneath, although much nicer than the much newer Focus. It was by far the most expensive car we’d ever bought and we had it about 7 or 8 years and took it from 75,000 to 115,000 miles, it was so unremarkable but just sort of did what we needed it too. I’m sure someone on here recently described them something like ‘too competent to hate, too dull to love’ which was spot on. Did some long trips to North of Scotland, Switzerland and France a few times and very little went wrong other than known stuff like bonnet catch failed, handbrake was rubbish, heater resister stopped working, alloys weren’t airtight, etc. We bought it in fab condition and tried to keep it nice and maintained it really well, with the intention of keeping it either forever, or at least for a very long time. Unfortunately that didn’t work out out, because of this. My wife had gone back to Uni and was in the middle of a work placement at the time so we were skint but also needed a car asap to see her through the last 3 months of her course. I looked here on Autoshite and by a stroke of luck JayB had just put up an advert for a massively well equipped but high mileage but well maintained black V70. My wife, being a bit shaken and nervous about driving again (massive understatement) was happy to have as big a car as possible, and we all fancied another Volvo so a V70 fitted the bill perfectly. After driving off from JayB’s it took me about 2 miles to fall in love with it. The high spec bells and whistles, the 5 cylinder burble and the being pushed back into the seat flooring it at motorway speeds won me over, fortunately the other half loves it too and so we still have it nearly 3 years later, having fixed a number of the issues that were present when we bought it. It’s not such a great suburban commuter but on a long journey it’s a wonderful car to have to spend all day in. It has a number of issues that either need attending too or might spell the end of the road depending on how things pan out, but in the meantime we’re using it regularly and hoping it lasts until used car prices stop being daft so we can replace it with a newer model V70. Currently at 225,000 miles but would love to get it to moon mileage before we move it on or it dies. So that’s my life in 7 estates spanning Mini to V70. old mini02,jpg
  4. Yes, still here. Bought with the intention of running it for 3 months to get us through a tricky patch then move it on, but still have it nearly 3 years later. Its a lovely thing, far from perfect but we love it. I think it’s a SE Lux spec with all option boxes ticked from what I can tell. Had to throw a fair bit of money at it but even so its been cheap motoring. Here’s the only pics I have on my phone, will do a full contribution to this great thread soon.
  5. Wow, some absolutely fantastic photos of your 'shite just before night'. Found another one: VW Polo 16V / Burghead / July 2003
  6. Hi Bobthebeard. I remember you from when I joined here years ago. Welcome back.
  7. Cool! I spotted it parked up in Orpington a couple of months ago.
  8. These are cheating a bit but I'll put them up anyway. I was at a 924 Owners Club gathering at Gaydon on the same day there was an AROnline get together there. There was some excellent BL/AR/Rover stuff parked up outside and it was all gorgeous. The 200vi was my fave, we had a blue 5 door one and loved it. There must be only a handful of these left and this one was in amazing condition.
  9. A Volvo, in Scotland. It's an 850 T5 disguised as a dull Volvo. Superb. I think this is a Nissan QX, which I recall was an executive car disguised as a Primera. Also bonus shite behind but not sure what it is. Chrysler/Cadillac/Thunderbird? Not really Shite more brothers form other mothers. Nice to see them together to compare though. Sharp looking X1/9 looking good on those alloys. Early Porsche 924 in original 1970s colour scheme. Nice well worn Mustang spotted in Margate Austin A40
  10. Time for the annual chod bothering update. TR7 in Hythe looking lovely in the summer sun except for the horrible after market alloys. Still would though. This person must be some kind of superhero. Mk2 Prairie in Autoshite colour scheme Autoshite colour scheme Land Rover with fairly rare K2 phone booth behind. Cumbrian Mustang. Scotch VW Byers Road Buick
  11. All cars look awesome at sunset. Show us your cars at sunset. Car/Location/Time of Year 2004 Mini One/Wales, Near Cardigan/April 1985 Porsche 924/NW Kent/June 2006 Mini Cooper S/Redhill Aerodrome/September 2002 Audi TT/Mellon Udrigle, NW Scotland/August
  12. Great read so far, thanks for sharing. Love the look of that Twingo. Did it sell on here or elsewhere? I’ve heard of the Tiida before, from this article on Driven To Write: https://driventowrite.com/2021/05/04/look-what-the-tide-brought-in-a-caledonian-curiosity/ Good luck for a successful 2022!
  13. I just came on here to start a thread and post pix but you’ve saved me the trouble as most pix are overlaps. For me that blue low mileage one owner Fuego and the Fiat Argenta were cars of the show, along with the brown DeTomaso Longchamps GTS in the posh hall.
  14. Thanks, I think you're right. Coincidentally someone posted this yesterday on one of the FB R52 groups, which is pretty much the colour I was thinking. I think I like them more the colour they are, so they shall stay silver.
  15. Time for a mini Mini update. Haven't used it much, mainly due to OMGfakepetrolcrisis and only having 15miles range and no petrol locally. Took it in to a local friend of friend's garage who fitted a full exhaust system from the cat back for a very good price. Standard exhausts for the R52/R53 Cooper S seem to be about £330 so even a very good price is still really expensive. Also he couldn't get the tailpipes off the old exhaust so had to order a new pair at £40. At least they look amazing now! Also got the split driveshaft boot replaced while he had it, so that's both MOT advisories sorted. He had it for over a week as we were in no rush for it back, but I was really missing it and got quite excited when I got a call to collect it. Filled the tank (230miles range from £65 of petrol according to the dash) and had a mild hoon home. 22mpg. Oops. I've ordered a spare wheel, at the moment it will live at home rather than in the car, as there's no where to put it. I think it will fit in the boot with the parcel shelf in the higher position, but then the roof won't go down, so what's the point? Except winter is approaching so maybe it could go in the boot. OMG never had a convertible, and never had a car with no room for a spare before. So many unique owner challenges, how exciting! From reading the owners manual I found out a few exciting things: 1. You need the key to unlock the rear seats from inside before you can fold the seat backs down. I tried this on both seats and that was why only one would fold the other day. I don't understand the logic of this, as you need access to the boot to release the (fake Marina door) handles to fold them so it doesn't make sense as a security measure to stop access to the boot if you parked up with the roof down. 2. There's a 12v outlet in the boot, but it's hidden from view so you'd never find it by accident. 3. I worked out where the tool kit hooks on. Well, I checked out what RR said above. Kind of obvious really but it took me a while to realise. 4. Finally, and most excitingly, I also discovered you can fold the roof from outside the car using the buttons on the key. After unlocking the car, another press and hold opens the sunroof bit, and a further hold puts the whole roof down. Only the first sunroof bit worked when I tried it, I'm guessing (+hoping) because the battery is low on charge (showing 12.2v but still starts first time) there must be a clever sensor stopping it. So next job is to order a new battery. Halfords want £112 for a this high power Yuasa battery but this place have them for £75 delivered, which is a decent price I reckon and should avoid any non starts on cold mornings over winter. And finally, I succumbed and gave it a quick wash. It looks lovely. The black is growing on me. Unfortunately it now highlights how bad the wheels look. A bloke locally did the V70 Dark Beast wheels when we got it and they looked amazing, (and still would if it wasn't for all the kerbing since). He was very reasonable too so will get them done asap. Question is, same silver colour or a bit darker? I like how the Dark Beast looks with grey wheels but I wouldn't want people thinking we cared enough to have colour coordinated our cars. On the other hand, the V70 could be up for sale soon, so can't decide. More unique owner challenges!
  16. Im actually tempted to go and have a look at this as its only 30 mins away. Does the intermittent ‘slight power loss’ sound fixable or is this the beginning of the end?
  17. Someone buy this v70 D5, fix it and sell it to me please, I need that interior in my life. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234205609479?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
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