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  1. First bit of top down action at the weekend. Must be nearly summer!
  2. I spotted one of these at a smart car gathering at the weekend and immediately thought of you and this thread! Here's some photos... Keep up the good work, this is a fab thread!
  3. Will be good to catch up if you can make Rob, it’s been ages! If the weathers good I’ll see if I can fit the Itera plastic bike in the back of the 924 so you can have a go of it like I promised about 5 years ago!
  4. Little weekend thread bump and date confirmed as 24th March since all who have posted so far can do both days. I’ve amended the first post accordingly. Anyone else fancy this?
  5. Wow! Nice pics thanks for sharing.
  6. https://www.mathewsons.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-192---1996-rover-216-coupe/?lot=22279&so=0&st=&sto=0&au=61&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=1&pp=96&pn=2&g=1 If it's as nice IRL as in the photos this looks like great value. 1996 Rover 216 Coupe with 54,000 miles for £1800:
  7. https://swiss-vignette.co.uk/product/swiss-vignette-2024/ You have to buy an annual Vignette to be able to use Swiss Motorways. It's a once a year fee of about £40-50 and allows you to use Swiss motorways unrestricted for that year. They're for sale at border crossings and service stations near borders. They brought them in because the Swiss realised that a high proportion of Motorway traffic was not Swiss registered cars, and weren't even stopping in or travelling to Switzerland, just benefitting from the motorway network to get from one country to another via Switzerland.
  8. How Odd, I never posted my photos from this, or said thanks to all for coming along and making it a good fun way to spend a morning in the light drizzle. So finally here's my photos. I'm going to organise another one for this March, I'll post a thread up shortly.
  9. It was good fun! It’s been a year! Let’s do this again! DATE Sunday 24th March VENUE Flower Farm, Oxted Road (A25) Godstone RH9 8BP Flower Farm is a farm shop with a cafe, it's on the A25 and it's about a mile south from M25 Junction 6.. They've got a good sized car park, indoor and outdoor seating, they do tasty but chaotically served breakfast type food until 11am, take away coffee, tea, cake etc. There's a farm shop to fulfil all your scotch egg, picked onion, daffodil and beer desires too. Whoever gets there first please bag the far left corner of the car park so we can all park together. TIME From 10am All welcome! It would be great to see as many of us out as possible… new and old shitters, left, returned, lapsed, background lurkers, whatever. It rained last year and no one cared, we had about 10-12 shiters and cars which was briliant, so no excuse not to come! Last Year: Post below with preferred dates and I'll revise the title. Thanks to @wesacosa for the prompt to post this rather than just think about doing it.
  10. Hello new people! Some of the nicest ever steel wheels on that Manta!
  11. Small change! How about £24,995 for a Montego? https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1583350
  12. What a lovely thing. I’m glad it’s yours and not mine though.
  13. It’s a commonly known untrue fact that they share the same glass hatch, however on the Fuego it’s mounted the other way around.
  14. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a Porsche 924 with OWL 1T
  15. Hope you get that sorted Bob. Not much help probably but when we had our V70 I found it helped to watch a few youtube vids of Swedish Chef before tackling issues. You’re welcome! It’s encouraging to see someone else on here updating their car thread with the same regularity and enthusiasm as me. Happy new year fella, look forward to catching up in 2024 xx
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