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  1. What the fuck IS a garden beach hut?
  2. Thought I recognised the park - about 5 mins from my gaff - will email him a derisory offer on the grounds I have to travel and use my fuel to get it.
  3. Hammerite. Be rite. Doesnt look like a Hyosung engine to me though. Might have a Hyo stator cover on it.
  4. By gods that does make your eyes bleed. Lobbed in a bid. Absolutely wouldn't lob the plate from my MOT'd bike on it and ride it home.
  5. My turn to request a SHITLEY now.... Would anyone be able to help get a rear single folding seat from a breakers in Southend on Sea north towards Lancashire? Please either PM or "quote" me in this thread so I dont miss a reply - thanks
  6. Im off from Preston to Bristol via Stroud on the 16th / 17th Feb if that is any use to anyone (PM me) - and if there is owt around Preston that anyone needs collecting / holding on to for a while you can always PM me ( or @ me) because I'll probably miss it on the thread.
  7. Lottery win list of cars to buy.
  8. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/u327457307 £300 Will cost about a grand to import it though.
  9. IF you say Ronnie Pickering 3 times in the car mirror a Citroen Picasso appears behind you. Truth? Or Bollocks?
  10. Me too . I have popped the odd note under a wiper blade with a "lovely car, had one myself and think they are excellent, if you consider selling please consider me" and my number. But very very very rarely.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-Jimny-1-3-JLX-AUTO-AUTO-AUTO-AUTO-PICK-UP-CUSTOM-MADE/323782783748?hash=item4b62f53304:g:NA4AAOSwBlxZpTFZ
  12. https://www.asap-supplies.com/exhaust/flexible-dry-exhaust-pipe/marine-flexible-dry-exhaust-pipe-417703 f*kin flexi pipe and jubilee clips
  13. Sadly the Picasso is bean tins now - got another but its not as rapid. BXs... G735 BJB (1.7D) Still on the road K762 TRN (scrapped by the next owner who bought it to strip ) H423 GBU - Bean tins (engine went into the red one - far too badly gone, caught fire and that was the last straw) J443 CHX (dead sometime after its next owner took over its care) Current fleet: DW10C C8 ( Wobs one in the background) And another load lugger
  14. Bloodyhellfire - its Kitch! Howdy-do sire ( I had your Picasso till I shredded its gearbox). You OK?
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