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  1. As long as you are properly numbed it wont hurt - just make sure they extract all the nerves as some teeth have three. I had one where they missed a nerve and it ached like fuck for months afterwards.
  2. Are they chain driven or direct drive? Im just wondering how much of an arse ache it would be to pop in a more useable engine such as one of the many 125cc pit bike engines that clutter eBay
  3. Im getting worried about what an incredibly grumpy bastard Ive become. 1) I hate lycra clad cyclists. Its an irrational hatred borne about by a few who think that the highway code doesnt apply to them. If you are wearing normal clothes to ride I dont seem to have the same hatred towards you. Unless you are doing something dickish, like riding at night with no lights, wearing dark clothes, smoking a fag and having a conversation on your mobile. 2) I hate cyclists who have those fucking ridiculous retina burning stroboscopes attached to their bikes. I want to run them into a ditch.
  4. Todays dicking about involved new filters, new oil and a small sun being installed in the boot... Much better at night and £2 well spent. Then I set to removing the OBD2 socket which annoyingly is situated in such a way as to prevent you shutting the glove box with anything plugged in - I then added a OBD lead splitter leaving me with one free socket whilst the other is plugged into the little aux display set up as a temp gauge which Ive tucked under the radio for now. Ive had a chat with a sparky who is going to have a look at the fan issue and if
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/230505308612982/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=undefined Who was it that had one of these?
  6. Unless your nickname was Wobs and then it had the boost wound up, wastegate adjusted and fuelling dialled up to match.... I "think" it ended its life under a HGV on the M5....
  7. @JrWomble has got a recall letter for the Yaris. Going to see if I can blag him a new Yaris courtesy car to try out. Sent from my EML-L29 using Tapatalk
  8. However... The Fan is controlled by an ECU - it has 2 speeds - a low speed when the AC is activated ( not applicable on my povo spec car ) and full chat when the fan needs to cool the engine. Just merely plopping 12v onto the motor whilst getting the fan to run also throws up an error (P0480) as does unplugging the ECU switch to the fan. Some reading around on the interweb during a slack morning at work seems to suggest there is a MOSFET transistor in the fan control module that has gone OC causing it to run all the time. This might just be a case of biting the bullet and luzzin
  9. Ive only applied 12v straight to the fan ( as did the garage) rather than the fan side of the fuse in the engine bay. Debating taking it to a highly recomended auto electrician locally, but he is £££. I suppose worst case scenario would be to lash up a manual switch on the dash that can be activated in the car when the temp gauge rises and properly fit the OBD2 temp gauge ( or fit a nice analogue one to the dash somewhere) Drove it from Blackpool to Wigan & back today , lobbed a full size spare in the boot in place of the shitty space saver and to be fair aside from the fan i
  10. Both have been checked - and the fuse box is all OK (infact it was one of the things I first looked at wondering if the fuse had been pulled by the traders garage mate) - power is seemingly getting to the right bits, but when told to come on by the sensor ( or lexia) the fan isnt. Unless you lash 12 straight onto it.
  11. Mobile has either blocked me or disconnected and email bounces ( hotmail)
  12. Yar, but vendor gave me details that were utter BS - seems the only legit thing was the bank account details, but cant trace a company with that name on google / companies house - I have been dry bummed. Hey ho - we live and we learn. Buy in haste repent at leisure.
  13. The vendor hath fucked off the face of the Earth and the car lot he was using is now devoid of any vehicles.
  14. Car has been in for 2 days now and the garage and auto sparky are utterly flummoxed why the fan wont work. Sensors OK. No codes. Fan works if hot wired. Temp gauges and both sensors do their thing as they should but smoke in the wires isnt doing its thing. Fallen out of love with this now and really not sure where to go with it - throw more money at it for labour or part chop it for something else.
  15. Similarly as my car has been in the garage here is the management's alhambra/sharan/touran/golf et al Sent from my EML-L29 using Tapatalk
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