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  1. Predictably this is Foar Sayle Its OK but giving my shoulder gyp. TBH I didnt really like it from the outset, but the shoulder pain* I get when riding this is justification enough to get rid. Not a slouch, but a Hyosung GT250 based on an old Suzuki GS500 is never going to be a sublime riding experience. However I was nailing it like a loon this evening with *cough" not at all legal speeds showing on the GPS, and its good with the traffic light grand prix. 12 months MOT - new battery - new chain, new sprocket, - brakes stripped & rebuilt - new fluid. 3 Keys V5, couple of spare bits. Starts, rides, stops as it should. Id like something small and light - not really arsed about the engine size or make etc. Or flog it as is for £600. *Shoulder pain secondary to a fractured dislocation some 13 or so years ago - hasnt caused me issues for ages till I started to ride this daily
  2. ^^^ Mostly it will be used off road. Mostly. There may* be the occasional jaunt along the country lanes of Borwick to the pub. Horrible Hyosung back home after a spirited run through rush hour traffic. Must re-fit the mirrors at some point, but I'll use it as it is for work in the morning. Now the brakes are working as they should its not too bad. Not great, but not too bad.
  3. Driven worse (etc etc) if it was mine I'd probably negotiate a settlement including salvage buy back and then buff out the scratches and drive it as is. But generally Im an unfussy bugger when it comes to the car I drive and dont really mind dints / scrapes etc.
  4. Fun bikes but sadly thief / twat magnets all of them. And that rather spoils the enjoyment of them. The sole reason I sold the grom. Fun and great for the 12 mile round trip commute but anywhere other than the secure car park of a Cat B jail and I was shitting myself some bastard would have cut through the 12mm chain and hauled it away. Lost count of the times I found it "tampered" with on my return.
  5. Horrible Hyosung back on the road after 10 year hiatus.
  6. Well its got two wheels and an engine....
  7. I appear to have fallen into a Timewarp. Assume as we havent heard from Baz for a while he got blown out to sea
  8. 18/85 Reaper section front end? Those panels are fond of rusting and I think in the 80's and 90's were hard to come by proper repair sections.
  9. Surely someones finger slipped with the zero's there?
  10. UltraWomble


    The CityRover is the staple standard that bitcoin uses to determine Worth. Currently Bitcoin is worth about 1:38,000,000th of a CityRover
  11. Looked at the ECU wiring and bits and thought to myself "this is why I like 2T mopeds"
  12. Doesnt look too bad to me. Ive seen worse sprockets ( usually on my own bikes)
  13. Only logged on about half an hour back - money sent as soon as I got the message
  14. All Your Shit Mopeds Are Belong To Us https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tomos-moped/223508791133?hash=item340a297f5d:g:SLcAAOSw4cxc0taV https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-c1970s-Raleigh-Wisp-Moped-no-paperwork-documents/362642543629?hash=item546f2e140d:g:N5wAAOSwOtFc0H-I https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1930s-Motobecane-B1-French-barn-find-project-in-totally-original-condition/312598512793?hash=item48c852c499:g:KAQAAOSwf5Fc0HFR
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