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  1. Bollocks Had a FTP today on the Shitehawk - done 50 miles without issue until today - 500 yards past the local motorbike shop and it dies on me - Ive got fuel, Ive got electrickery, but I have no go at all. So being the mechanical arse I am I wheeled it to the bike shop and will let them dry bum me.
  2. Not mint, but pretty tidy. The screen has been binned off as all it does is rattle and dump wind straight in my face - better without.
  3. UltraWomble


    Laguna 1's are teh tits As is your moped.
  4. Im going to post this here just because... Done a couple of short rides on it so far and quite happy with it - not sure if the stator is on the way out or the battery - indicator lights stop winking after a couple of minutes at idle if you have the headlight on, rev it and they start winking again. Aside from that everything does what its supposed to. More comfortable than the GT250, about the same speed wise top whack but this takes longer to get there - a bit like a 125 in that respect I suppose - Ive clocked 85 on it and think thats all it has which for commuting is plenty. £450 with 12 months MOT. Sold the GT for £375 just to get rid really, could have held out for more but Meh. I really do like this little CB so far. OK so its not a wetdream, but its a nice little bike. With insurance at £50 and a heap of spare parts including a spare (better condition) tank Im pretty pleased with it even if I did have to go 96 miles up a cul de sac to get it.
  5. So 12 months ago to the day I brought this cheap shitty Honda home.... And today I brought another cheap Honda home (though its not as shitty as the Vision) Rides really well. Came with a heap of spare bits including a spare tank. 12 months MOT too - nice.
  6. Im sat here thinking "those wheel trims are a bit shit - would look nice with some silver steels and centre caps" then remembered : Alloys. GLWTS
  7. The fact the rear doors on the Mk1 Lag estate are clearly just saloon doors and the back looks tacked on. And the fact the Rover 25 has "bonnet not closed" gaps
  8. OH MY WORD Cheap Honda Shitehawk inbound...
  9. Ive had a couple of NA 1.9 dizzle BX's a 1700 TD and a 1700 NA Dizzle. The 1.9 could keep up with the TD, you just had to drive it a bit different (ie NAIL THE BASTARD) The 1700NA would have trouble keeping up with an old lady wheeling a tartan zip up shopping trolley full of half price tins of Heinz soup. But it sipped fuel.
  10. @hairnet Have you still got that CBF?
  11. Oooh, now Ive been offered a 2015 Lexmoto Arrow.... In other news I think I became the first person to ride down the as yet unopened cross borough link road
  12. 2013 - reg (which I worked out from the reflection in the other bike) is PE13 GRK - MOT history doesnt look too shabby.
  13. So Its no secret that I hate the Hyosung. Its heavy for a 250 and bloody uncomfortable. They are also quite popular with the 125cc Hyo boys who like to bum them for their engines. Ive probably made a mistake but Ive agreed to swap it for a ZONGSHEN ZS RANGER (otherwise badged up as a Lexmoto) The way I look at it its a Korean bike with dubious reliability and build quality that Im swapping for a Chinese bike of dubious quality and reliability. If it lasts me till the MOT is out next May I'll be happy.
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