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  1. Currently getting repeated messages of an utter balloon on ebay over a new VAG alloy with brand new tyre Im flogging - Ive got it up for £120, but will accept £100. He wants it for £80 because a) He doesnt want the tyre b) He has to travel to pick it up and its going to use fuel. Ive lost count of how many times Ive politely told him to fuck off its not happening, and to get himself round the scrappers and look for a matching alloy. His last response was how he was doing ME a favour getting it out of the way!!
  2. Oooh do tell. Is it some common cheesium component costing pennies?
  3. You are aware that this will cost you all of about £5 to remedy aren't you? Door switch from a scrappy ( pull the loom with it) & length of wire to the drivers door switch wire - scotchlock and jobbed. If you want to be really anal and have a 5 door you can add it to the rear doors as well using the rear switches from an Auris.
  4. Vintage Phillips 1960's Bicycle With Power Pak 49cc Sychromatic Engine | eBay
  5. MG6 Magnette | eBay A Bag WITH NO BIDS and a fucked box copper bottomed shit(e) I wonder if any K series 1.8 box will fit?
  6. Copper bottomed shite down the tip today - driven by a mk1 old giffer with a nose like a strawberry. MOT exempt innit,
  7. On the Rexton, hes had it a week now - must be getting bored.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/684376406101391?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  9. Couple of cars Ive regretted selling, but not for long. Life generally changes as you progress through it and so do your priorities. One motorbike I wish I had never sold, mainly because getting another one in un fucked about condition for anything less than telephone number sums is nigh on impossible now. But then I remind myself why I sold it in the first instance and that yearning soon passes. Would rather just enjoy life in the moment.
  10. VW Polar Silver. Its gold / beige M8. In fact I found an Austin paint colour of gold an exact match
  11. Me - though its a Dennis Lance that he has, not the Dart I'll mention it to Chris as there may well be some parts commonality and it might be of use to him. Aye - though he has a Lance not a Dart
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