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  1. Oil and filter done - engine sounds much happier and less tappy now. Drove to asda and back and around a bit with no issue. Tiny bit of extra cranking at Asda - might get another fuel filter on standby just in case this one blocks too. Chap I know popped round for a distanced chat about PC advice - and he recently got this sub 30k Punto. Jealous - future shite. Also was my first car (not this exact one but a Y reg one) Now just to figure out how I turn the sodding airbag light off....
  2. I wouldn't want to invite any more loosening of crap to the system to be honest! Noted - although it seems to have done the trick. Appreciate the tip off - live is too short to get frayed over old cars I actually ended up driving home as the recovery place kept extending the ETA and I got bored. Cut out once and was a bit down on power but got there fine. I assume it was the system pressuring to a certain pressure then the fuel pump cutting off, as when I let it sit for a bit it seemed to be happy to start, run for a bit then die again. Old Fram filter: Looked ol
  3. Hmm. Did something maybe a bit silly. Needed fuel, put in 15 quid of shell super duper 99 and the rest of the bottle of redex and gave it a rag with the idea that I'm doing the filter this weekend anyway so I may as well. Stalled and coasted on a main road - got it going again after some waiting and cranking. Drove to next job, did it, took some cranking to start but did, lost power on the way to the next job and same thing but now it won't start. I assume I've effectively cleaned something so much I've clogged the filter or a pipe somewhere. Good thing I took o
  4. I think they take 10/40 SS, which I happen to have some of in the garage of a random brand so I'll whack that in and see how we go. Does anyone know if the rear seats fold totally flat? I can fold the left rear down, leaving a bar in the way, but the middle and RHS ones stay put seemingly attached to this bar. Might just remove the bar and see what happens...
  5. Air filter done. Looks like it needed it. I do worry about how this car has been treated.... Also noticed one of the two little pipes going from the airbox to under the injection system....bit was nearly all the way unplugged. Plugged that back in. Also cable tied the end of the pipe that comes from the manifold into the airbox on the airbox end as it was pretty loose. Breathes much easier now. Gets up and going better. Started well and seems less fuelly smelling too. Maybe that pipe was affecting the mixture. Hopefully as I've done 128 miles to over half a tank of fuel, I hope it i
  6. Okay, had some runs in it today, especially this eve as my heating broke and had to fly about looking for radiators to plug in - fixed it now but anyhow. All seemed fine. Gave it a bloody good rag down the the local private road too (5/6k and 80 - 90MPH) and that seems to have helped a bit too. Got the oil, fuel, cabin and air filters from Euros so that's next when it warms up. Now....engine temp. It gets to one notch under halfway when running, goes a bit when I drive with the heater on full whack so I tend to recirc the air. When it's sitting I've seen it sneak a notch over
  7. Bit of a weird one, struggled to idle again yesterday and stalled going up a hill which required some full throttle and a lively pull away to get going again. Hoping it's either because it was -3, the connectors have got dirty again somehow or its just crap working its way through the system...
  8. A lovely chap on Facebook who breaks Bravos (I think?) shared this little nugget of info with me last night! The Transponder you've pictured is the ID48 - which doesn't fit in the JMA keys as standard, luckily mine had the ID46 transponder - which does! popped open the red one: ID46 transponder pictured Took the removable bit out of the JMA key: Popped in the ID46 transponder: Popped it back in: And now I have a perfect condition key that starts the car. Whey! Best price too, free! Did 25 or so miles today in the Bravo for work, hau
  9. Anyone know a good place to get a new key done for this? I have a Black key, which is the one that starts it (has the immobiliser gubbins inside), one that is cut the same but just does the locks (no immobiliser, or space for one or gubbins inside to program - I've tried!) and the red key. So really - all I need is a Blue key with an unprogrammed chip/whatever inside and I can program it myself with the red key... Did goto my local Timpsons but they didn't have the machine there so I'd have to go about 20 mins away to get a price. Just wondered if anyone knew anything.
  10. Thanks. I figured as water goes down there anyway it didn't make the blindest bit of difference - but just wanted to be sure. On a happy note, even after all of this snow the sunroof FINGERS CROSSED isn't leaking and the passenger seat is staying dry - even the headliner is drying out...
  11. Any opinions on this? Like I said - I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter. Only a bit itchy as it's snowing outside at the moment...
  12. Interesting. I would have cleaned it up - but honestly it all looked really clean. I'm hoping it was just a weird bit of water or dodgy plug slipping out or something, time will tell... Found one on eBay that's breaking so I've asked him if he's got a few bits - going to ring me back tomorrow.
  13. Okay - because I hate myself I decided to have a go at this today. I am now a human popsicle. Send help. Still, got the scuttle bit off (I assume breaking the plastic connectors on the back as I later found out - but I can't find any evidence of them anywhere in the scuttle area itself so maybe they weren't there...) ANYWAY - the cover for the wiper motor is brittle as anything and basically just a solid bit of plastic at this point: Took it off and the wiper motor seemed in reasonable shape: Unplugged it, gave it a good blow plugged it back in and it all
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