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  1. Christ - a face only a mother could love!
  2. No room for a tree at my house sadly - but had a big clearout at work of some shelves that have had stuff on for decades, and found about 10 Microsoft binders worth of install CD's back when they used to send you disks for all the stuff you bought. Saved them from the bin and made this: Poundland superglue, mainly, plus a little bit of hobbycraft cardboard foam stuff to give some extra supports. Have a bigger one at work that I've made for the wall there too. Nice to recycle and looks awesome. Merry disk-mas! My other half also works in IT and specialises in training Micro
  3. Absolutely extraordinary post. Thank you so much! That makes sense now. I'm surprised it just sits there freely and stays! I'll get the pin from Chevronics and see what's what. Where are you getting these diagrams and incredibly specific knowledge?!
  4. I'm disappointed, to be honest. Excellent work again @vulgalour - this is looking really good all round. You encourage me to work on my own cars and push myself every time I read this thread! Maybe in the future I can pop round for a look when COVID is under control.
  5. Progress has been slow due to many things going on in life - but Chevronics rung after I ordered the cable and told me that they'd refund me as the other cable would fit - so happy days there. £25 saved. Went at it with my dad - was great to spend 4 - 5 hours working on it and learning stuff as always. Getting the old cable out wasn't too bad - had to take off the pedal box but that was easy enough New cable installed: .. Took a while to work out the clip due to it being cold and my brain not working But I now see what people mean about that bastard little
  6. How can this have an MOT if it's not UK registered? Looks lovely though...
  7. Ooooh. Against my best interests I've sent him a PM. Cheers.
  8. This is literally minutes from me it seems....oof
  9. Spotted this on the way back from somewhere today - can't be many of these left? One for @Talbot? That MOT history is spotless!
  10. Just watched this: That doesn't seem too hard - especially as it's drums on the rear Anyone know of any good/cheap kits?
  11. Did the brakes today. The old disks and pads were actually okay - the right one was seized with gunk and crap - brake cleaner and a wire brush really does wonderful things. Had a helper who has done it before. Old: Those two little sticky out bits were a pain, 12mm but socket wasn't long enough. Before we discovered we could just use a spanner we mullered it a bit. Ended up whacking an 11mm over it to tighten them back but still all good. Comparison: None of the pads but they literally looked nearly new. I thought as I had them I may as well do them - and learn
  12. Blimey - you're some sort of super sleuth! Impressive - thank you. Although tempting, the time taken to do it and the potential for it not being correct/a faff for the sake of saving around £20 isn't worth it I don't think. I think I'd still be missing this bit too which is pictures on Chevronics: Chevronics seems the only place that has that - even this one on ebay doesn't appear to (albeit not genuine citroen)....starting to wonder if it's just a stock image
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