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  1. Would you like a.......*checks driveway & garage * Pug 405 estate or a K11 Micra? 😅
  2. Ooooh he's a shiny boy. First wash since it was laid up in January. £5 at the nearest generic place with a pressure washer to my work - he did a rubbish job on the windows but I did those when I got home with some glass cleaner and a microfiber. Much nicer. Would normally do it myself, but my pressure washer broke the other week. So, so pretty. Sometimes I just walk away and stare at it for a bit.
  3. Likewise! It's so weird, I love it. Thanks for the comments. I can relate to that more than most.. I drove to work today with no low coolant light! for 10 minutes then it came back on
  4. Very well bought, it's lovely. I've always loved the little kick upwards on the rear quarter window/arch. Welcome to the LHM club.
  5. Moving some stuff in this to clear clutter from the house temporarily I forget just how cavernous it is with the seats down. Unrivalled versatility - really makes me want to keep it. Would be a fun project to learn to weld on that's for sure. Even has the rare optional rear air-con too.
  6. Wiring done with the help of one of my long time best friends and fellow shite lover (but fresh AS member) @Moldymort. I say with the help of, he basically soldered it for me and I watched, then gave him some cans of beer afterwards while we chatted. Unoldered and resoldered it from the live splice and replaced it with some lovely new, thick wire with a nice bit of slack and O ring connector thing - job's a good'un: Also need to look at the engine mounts sometime soon as it does have a bit of movement in it. While we were there - shoved some solder on one of the dodgy coolant s
  7. Sadly, for sale. Right car, wrong time. Unless anyone knows a good/cheap welder, or someone who will teach me, in the Sheffield area. if so drop me a PM ASAP.
  8. Okay....interesting week. Tightened the clamp up as much as I dared - didn't want to kink the metal pipe. Tight enough to just start to visibly squeeze the pipe which is pretty darn tight, ran it for the rest of the week and all seems happy so far. Was driving home and I'd noticed the brakes feeling a bit weird and some hesitation/flat spots every now and then, then I had the stop light flicker on just as I came around the corner to my house on Friday. I'd neglected to check the LHM for a while and it was low. Put it on high and and set about filling it up, ended up putting abou
  9. It nearly is! I'll make a for sale post soon I think...
  10. Unsure. Haven't even had time to look at it, was going to look at it one evening this week but I ended up driving for 9 hours that day instead. Life is.....it's certainly moving.
  11. It needs the front caliper unsticking as it gets very hot/is stuck mostly on I think - but it would drive okay after that. Drives okay now just wouldn't want to drive 300 miles with a glowing red brake disc. Just not sure if I have the mental space for it
  12. It is really a pain. Depends how busy my welder is in the next couple of weeks but I'm hoping to move house a fair distance in the next couple of months and it might just be a bridge too far doing this at the same time - if I can't get it MOT'd I'm not going to pay to have it transported up the country that's for sure haha
  13. There is a fair chance this might be for sale very shortly and need moving sharpish - big life changes happening way sooner than expected. Assume it'll be as is, needs some sill work and two bushes. Anyone interested? @loseronehas bowed out gracefully. It'll run veg and its massive.
  14. Drove it for a couple days - all good! A lot for work and all is well. Happy days. Although - drove home for lunch yesterday and started to smell a big whiff of diesel....opened the bonnet and that pesky fuel line has come loose on the injector pump again and put diesel all down the front of the engine. Tightened it, put a rag there and left it as I had to get going. Assume I just need to screw it tighter - might replace it with a proper jubilee clip so it's less likely to loosen!
  15. Okay, proper update! Pic before I put the bonnet back on because why not: How the steering rack boot was sitting: Which means it was just flopping so this could happen: Lots of road under there, so that's a prime candidate for a wet carpet on a wet day. After much much sodding about (it was so fiddly as it's a perfect fit) I got the groove in the plastic into the metal bit and it's very secure and sealed; Feet are warmer now too. Happy days. Carpets put back in after that which is always nice. Had a trip out to my dads to transform
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