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  1. A few years ago we met one of my Mrs mates in the pub who said she had spent the day car shopping and had found her "dream car". When she proudly showed me a picture, it was one of these, in that colour! I nearly spat my beer.
  2. To battle the snack machines and food vans I made sure I didn't have any money on me. Leave it in the car or just don't carry any on a work day. If your office is anything like ours, tell one or two people (especially women) you are on a diet and need to lose a bit for your health and you will get bollocked for the cakes and biscuits. Is work walking distance? Or somewhere safe to park the car half a mile away?
  3. Who would have believed in 2000 that mitsubishi would pack its bags and go? Their range dwindled away to almost nothing over the past 10 years. I can see Honda going the same way. Where is the CRX, the FRV or Legend, or Prelude or Stream? When did you last see an Accord? The cars they do still sell are butt ugly. All those Kia and Hyundai sales are coming from somewhere.
  4. To his credit, he pulled up clear of the zig zags. (Only just got what you did there). It was me that dumped the car behind the trailer. The lines are for a ped crossing that only gets used at school times. No issue really. Backing that trailer on to my driveway would be a big ask. Narrow, 90 degrees ro the road, not flat.
  5. This morning I had to eject two scrap metal enthusiasts from our yard, one was in the metal skip! To my surprise they went quietly. Mind you, they have probably cut their way through the fence and taken what they wanted by now anyway.
  6. Did this actually go through? I thought it had been postponed, kicked down the road maybe not to return?
  7. WoC did a collect from me last year. Would love to have chatted a while but as you can see, it was pissing down with rain and I'd skipped work to meet him with the keys. Top man.
  8. To avoid being overweight and at the mercy of Vosa, I would say go 7.5t. But then you have operator's licence and all that to deal with. Verdict : Ball ache.
  9. A reduced fleet is probably a good move. A few gems far outweigh a car parks worth of dross. I'd love to try a Shadow but not sure I'd want to own one. Edit: Not suggesting your current fleet is dross BTW, just maybe less is more?
  10. My mk2 fell to bits. It was the worst car I have ever owned. It was a 140k mile Gti16v. Looked okay, went like fuck but something broke every time I drove it. Not always a big thing, might be a bit of trim or an electrical failure or a new clonk to investigate but something. I can only assume it had been totally abused throughout its life.
  11. This made me wonder about my Cav GL. It seems E694FWP last turned a wheel in 2001.
  12. Mine had another bleeper outside for if the key was left in the car, a door not shut, and several seemingly random things. It would bleep while you were sitting at traffic lights for no apparent reason. The bleeper "fell off" one day and the car was much improved.
  13. Another vote for WD40 here. Don't know how it dissolves glue without being a solvent, but it does.
  14. Discovery 4s make me angry. Because I really want one but everyone I talk to and everything I read about them and every survey says they are fantastic when they work but are financially ruinous, depressingly unreliable and generally shit.
  15. I miss velour seats. Leather is pish unless it is something like a Jag or Bentley.
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