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  1. Around 1994 anything Gti or Gte or Sri. Insurance prices went silly and to get a quote you needed this alarm, that immobiliser, a locked garage and a respectable postcode. I bought a 4 year old 205Gti for £3850 which was £1000 less than an 1.4XS. I spent the grand I saved on insurance. The sport models of most things were cheaper than the standard trim. Nova SRs were more than GTEs but both were cheaper than a standard Nova. Relatively unloved stiff like BX Gtis or Bluebird Turbos must have been a nightmare to shift. Sierra Cosworth, which fetch 6 figure sums these days could be bought for a few grand and Ford really struggled to shift the last few Sapphires once the Escort arrived. There were some right dogs knocking about, nicked, crashed and nicked again. Punched out locks and rattle can repairs. We should have bought a few each. And apple shares. And houses in the south.
  2. Sorry jake, but I bet the gritter driver pissed himself laughing.
  3. Is that a wheelie bin lid glued to the bonnet?
  4. That would explain all the walking!
  5. A scrap pile. God dam commie bullshit.
  6. I can't decide if I like it. I love 205s, and they have incorporated the little grey grill element from the 3 door at the base of the window. Some earlier prototypes were simpler. But I think they are a bit bland. I also found a prototype 309 break, which I like. Imagine that in gunmetal grey and Gti spec. Or more likely for us, with a mismatched door, painted steels and belching chip scented smoke out the back.
  7. From reading that article, I'm not sure you would. Unless you have a mortgage to pay off.
  8. Most offices have a desk cock. Like the tyre fitter who came out to me once and said he would have to get an order number from "the swivelly chaired wanker".
  9. With that collection I"d be going for a new name. Welcome Skintieg
  10. Depends what the ground is like. I took up an area of grass and laid the membrane and gravelled it. The ground gets quite wet and you drive on it you sink a bit and the mud comes up through the stones. Membranes need a good overlap and pegging down, if they tear or get pulled up then it's a right mess. I also find I'm buying extra gravel every few years as it just disappears. I wish I'd put some type2 or hardcore or something down first and gone over it with a whacker.
  11. There was this one night in Paris in a hired Uno.....
  12. More madness, my outlander got a van door whack on the passenger side on a windy day. Company admit full liability and arrange repair and a hire car. Body shopsay it will take a week. Hire company say "Mercedes A class okay for you? I say" No, not really. 3 kids and I can barely get all my work stuff in the outlander, I need an estate or an suv or something " They gave me a 19 plate Discovery HSE 3.0tdi. List price £65k! I"ve had it 2 weeks now. I'm quite bored now of : A: Putting diesel in it. B: Explaining to customers that it is not my company car, and that they are not paying for me to drive around in it. 😄 People assuming I'm in charge of whatever is going on when I appear. D:My colleagues calling me a spawny bastard. E: Putting diesel in it.
  13. Autoshite is a preference for a crap collection that is known as... SHEDLIFE! And pcp can be avoided if you take a journey straight to what is known as.. SHEDLIFE! Skizzers got loads of tat, he gets intimidated but the mot man, they love a bit of it... SHEDLIFE! What's that chod lord driving? You should cut down on your petrol bill mate, get some veg burners! ALL the shiters, so many shitters They all drive ancient tat, ancient tat through their... Shedlife..... Know what I mean? I buy up what I want except old Volvos that get rudely snapped up by the Scotsmen.. SHEDLIFE! I get a train ticket, have a cup of tea and I think about counting the poos. SHEDLIFE! I drive an Audi, I sometimes drive a Lotus too, It gives me a sense of enormous foreboding. Then I'm nervous for the rest of the trip. Sad in the knowledge I'm not in the AA ALL the shitters, so many shitters They all drive ancient tat, Ancient tat through their, Shedlife... Got nothing to do with your leafsprung berk technique ya know.
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