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  1. Timewaster

    Civic duty

    There is a number of extreme valeting videos on the tube. The vaxing is the money shot, it's as strangley compelling as watching Dr. Pimple Popper. Grosser the better. One guy even offers to valet the grimmest cars for free if he can video it.
  2. Good luck. Let's hope there isn't a sinister reason for bodging a Nissan bumper in place waiting to be discovered.
  3. I'd love to see a traffic warden write all that on a ticket. (can you tell one got me last week? I'm not bitter. Bastards.)
  4. I think the problem with supermarket fuel is not the fuel which probably is pretty much the same as anywhere else, it is the way it is handled. There was a local supermarket that several years ago had problems with water ingress in the tanks. Cars were conking out and kangarooing everywhere. Every garage was overwhelmed with sick cars and the factors sold out of fuel filters. Years later, most workshops will tell their customers to avoid the place. Take them a poorly running car and the first question will be "where do you fill it up? , when did you last fill it up?" There might be something in the type of person who gets the cheapest fuel being the same type of person who thinks an mot is a service and also the type to run the tank to the dregs every time? I have no inside knowledge of petrol stations but I guarantee that the supermarkets will have had the cheapest possible set up, afterall... every little helps.
  5. My mate had one in his yoof when we all had minis, Chevettes or mk1 Fiestas. He loved it, used to go to festivals before they were cool. We hated it. It did about 50mph and drove like a milk float. He said it was great, you can bimble along and stop in a layby and make a cup of tea. We pointed out that in our "Proper" cars, we were already home and in the pub by the time he got to the layby. 30 years on, I can see where he was coming from.
  6. News: Foreign power own the electricity network! Probably more likely that all this rain has got into a cable joint.
  7. What crack pipe smoker just bought a Seat Marbella?
  8. Excellent progress. That windscreen reminds me of a Mk2 Cavalier door mirror. I can't remember how I broke the original one, but the first £20 replacement cracked as I popped the ball and socket back in. So did the second one. Sensing my brewing rage, my dad made a piece of wood roughly the right shape to spread the load, and lubed the socket. The third one cracked. Starting to think the housing was the issue I just bought a stick on glass and fuck the heated mirror. Feel your pain!
  9. I actually prefer the pre face lift Estelle. That six door effort is awesome.
  10. Another auction memory is BCA Peterborough. Probably 1996ish, another mate had decided he wanted a mk3 Cavalier 2.0GL. We went to see one sale where there was a dozen to choose from. A couple of weeks later, we both had the day off work, he had got the cash together so we went back all ready to stick a hand in the air. It was a bloody Fiat special sale. Where there had been Astras and Cavaliers there was Tipos and Tempras. Plenty of Puntos and a few Dedras. We found one Cavalier in the whole lot. It was an automatic. After a burger and polystyrene cup of "tea" we gave up and returned home empty handed. A week later and he had given his cash to a local dealer instead.
  11. Am old girlfriend had a brand new one on an R plate. She picked me up in it with about 50 miles on the clock and then proceeded to rag it down the bypass at 90mph! Brilliant cars in my book. Few years later my wife (not the same person) had one as a courtesy car which had numberwang seats. I thought it was ace, she wasn't at all keen though. Good buy.
  12. Started as a Saturday job when I was about 14. Probably sold 20 sets of points on a busy Saturday and there was only 6 types that fitted most cars. After 6 months I would get complete service kits together without looking at the books. Unless it was a Renault 5 or 340 Volvo. They were a choice of 6 and still never fitted. I can remember all sorts of crap like that. Can't remember if I locked the door or where in supposed to be tomorrow though.
  13. Despite not selling a set of Capri points for probably twenty years I still know you need intermotor 22740 for a motor craft distributor. If only I could remember what I did yesterday. Intermotor stuff was pretty good quality in the day but I think they may just be a name on a Chinese box these days.
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