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  1. This weekend at ACA https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic-auctions/2565-28-Jan-2023/654~4-1990-ford-transit-190-lwb-custom&nbsp
  2. If anyone wants to join in, I spotted this excellent Facebook ad: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3437761466495172/
  3. If you enjoy it in this weather, you will love the summer.
  4. Baiting petrol bores is my new hobby. On the occasions me and a few mates get together for a beer or 6, there is usually 4 of us. 1 garage owner, once a car nut who now hates cars and people having been in the trade too long. Hates EVs especially. 1 fairly disinterested in cars and has a hybrid BMW 1 absolute car nut. Supercar in the garage, owned a string of 911s, favourite place is the nurburgring. Me. I take great delight in telling them how impressed I have been with the EVs I've driven. (Don't own one or have any intention of getting one). I've driven a few Zoes. They are bloody fantastic. It makes for an interesting evening. For a few days after, the car nut will send me videos of Clarkson running out of power deliberately, or a Tesla on fire or some other anti ev propaganda which I don't even bother playing. EV drivers are the new vegans or iPhone users but EV deniers are also a thing. Beats arguing about Brexit. Again.
  5. Where most remaining car spares shops are quite small and rammed with stuff in every corner, most Halfords have the same amount of stuff in a shop the size of Tesco's.
  6. What 2 door? Am I missing something?
  7. So ignoring the commercial vans, that is 924 outlets. £60m ÷ 924 is just under £65k pa. Or less than £1250 profit a week per outlet.
  8. Looks like a1982 Motor magazine family car test. Ital wins the economy trial but fails miserably every where else. Cavalier wins, despite needing a new camshaft every 3rd service.
  9. Should have used a gas axe. "It can't be seized if it's a liquid!"
  10. At the state of that tea presumably.
  11. Probably a clueless manager has taken the head office direction to encourage people to download the app a bit too seriously.
  12. Didn't Mr Bickle appear on an episode? Involved a green moggy I think. "Ah wunt giya a monkey for it!" "A bagga sand" No wonder Brewer has carved out a tv career.
  13. Recent import from the number plate. That R5 someone here imported and ended up on Flipping Bangers was CNF103M Which I only remember because of a long dead local radio station. https://images.app.goo.gl/HaPekHuSbxfUZ2iy5
  14. You should be able to contact the network operator by calling 105 from any phone. I'm a bit confused about them being in the paper. Were they predicted faults due to weather or planned cuts?
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