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  1. I once moved a pile of soil and ruble in a very old livestock trailer towed with a borrowed 1.0 Nova. It pulled it the mile or so down the road fairly well. Stopping at the other end was not fun though.
  2. That's quite a deal! Did they have council school contracts or something?
  3. That's impressively quick. I thought you'd still be half way through that breakfast.
  4. Back on again this weekend. Not much shite in the catalogue but some very nice looking stuff. There is a 2.8 Capri that has a guide which looks cheap, but it's half "restored" and missing the gearbox. Starts at 10am Edit : memorabilia starts at 10, cars on YouTube from 12
  5. If they buy at 6 months old it is almost certainly an ex rental. My mitsubishi was registered to some generic company name, but a little googling soon reveals that they also trade as Thrifty car rental. I don't doubt that most of the others at the car supermarket were too. Who else would sell a six month old car?
  6. Also this week, I've had two cold callers about the Sierra that lives (actually it's dead) on my drive but they are a different breed from the usual dealer boots, take it off yer ands for ya type. These seem genuinely interested, always wanted one types. One actually offered decent money. 😮
  7. Not really topic related, but I heard an interview recently with Len Goodman ("Seven!!) who's family had several green grocery shops all over London. He was the only child and when he was 18 and wanted to learn to drive his mother bought him a car. A brand new S type Jag. Which he pranged in a car park, damaging the wing. On hearing this, his mother promptly........ Bought him another new one!!! How the other half live eh?
  8. That is probably true about the new drivers. I think driving is going out of fashion a bit for today's youth anyway. Lessons and insurance are so costly. Plus there are so many new car for £99 a month deals about, witling parents dont want their precious driving around in any old rubbish. No offence to the micra.
  9. By crossing out the word Simca and writing Aleko?
  10. There are several stages of intervention that would need to have failed to get anywhere near a court. It is down to the company to sort out through either local management or HR. Unless you ARE especially old, I don't think that is a protected characteristic, so not much leverage there. Have you tried inviting them to politely fornicate elsewhere?
  11. Burns baby burns is my favorite. Series 8 episode 4
  12. Well I never knew that, perhaps it was a case of strike first, think of a reason later. Silly Hectors. The Simpsons is great but there are some really lame episodes and they seem to be the ones they show over and over again.
  13. Possible, slight over reaction?
  14. I love a 205gti, had one when I was 21 and they are definitely on the up, but I can fully sympathise with you or your son not being arsed with it. I doubt you would have any bother getting a couple of grand for it as is. What would it cost to get properly sorted? Would throwing 2 grand at it now result in a 6 grand car? If I didn't already have a driveway full of untouched projects I'd be tempted.
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