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  1. But,.... What........ Who........ Is that ......? No. Just no.
  2. The one I saw even had Toyota hybrid badges same as a Prius.
  3. That's a nice Fiesta, but my brain won't accept it. Maybe if it had mk2 rear lights? Might make it worse.
  4. I've done a bit of a Google image search and found most mk2 s with round handles and some with rectangular so now I am confused. Remember this image when Fiat and Seat were splitting and there was a court case over custody of the Strada design, Seat took a black Ronda and painted all the unique Seat parts yellow. Including the door handles.
  5. Mk1 round, mk2 rectangle. I bet it looked a proper state.
  6. When maestro vans were a common sight it wasn't unusual for them to have a secondhand chrome door handle instead of body colour. I guess they were harder wearing than the plastic ones but looked out of place. Cars driving around with scrap yard yellow scrawl on obvious parts like mirrors or tail lights. When Ford stopped producing mk1 fiesta tailgates, any mk1 fiesta with a hit at the rear got a new mk2 tailgate, which I always thought looked awful.
  7. My friends dad was a regular at the local car auction, he was always changing his cars. Sadly he died a few years ago, he would have fitted right in around here. Anyway, one Monday night auction he won a 3500 SD1 Rover for £250. Stood in the queue at the payment window, another man came up to him and said "Did you buy that gold Rover? I wanted that but I missed the bidding!" "You can have it for £300!" He replied. The other guy went for it, took his place in the queue and handed over £50 for the privilege. He never even sat in it.
  8. There was a (albeit quite nice looking) 1983 VDP automatic in Anglia Car Auctions over the weekend that blew it's reserve away and went for £5700 I think it was. Maybe Metros are on the up?
  9. I've grumped about absolutely useless dealers before (still waiting for the outcome of the "sorry we don't know how to fix your air conditioning" saga). My colleague has a 21plate Kia Sportage. There have been knocks and bangs from the back recently and he rearranged the stuff in the boot several times to no avail. It wasn't until someone he knew was following him, they said the exhaust was at a funny angle. The dealer said a weld had failed and they had ordered a new exhaust, but.... It wouldn't arrive until September. They said a hire car was available until then but it had a £1000 damage excess which he said was unacceptable. After phone calls back and fourth all morning, I just asked the question "can't they weld it for now?" He asked the dealer to weld it. They reacted like he had asked them to perform a seance on it. They knew what it meant, but had no idea why it would help or how to do it! 2 days later he has his car back after complaining to Kia UK. They presumably managed to find someone who could perform a 2” weld. I wonder if it was JB?
  10. My brother is a bit older than me and his driving instructor had an all white metro turbo. 80s tastic. The test centre and routes are about 20 miles away and he would say "quicker you get there, the more lesson you get!"
  11. You see, £15k for a metro is absolutely absurd. Crazy. But go to a new car dealer and see what £15k buys you and it is bugger all. I am losing the plot when it comes to the price of things these days.
  12. Trotters van from Only Horses and Idiots?
  13. It is an emerging technology, look at how far we have come from the G-wizz to something like a Ionic5. The next 10 years should see some amazing EVs. They could be mega efficient if they don't keep on building bloody huge things like Audi Q7s that no one needs and make something more like an A2. Diesel engines have peaked imo, modern ones are saddled with fragile adblue and dpf systems.
  14. I stopped reading your post after this point. Something about electric cars causing cancer? https://youtu.be/q3chJN9DCGg
  15. For years I would drive a 6 speed van all day at work, get in my old 405 and crunch reverse at the same point on my way home every single day. I once put a new, demonstrator Courier van into first gear at about 40mph while going for third to overtake. It didn't like it one bit! That Courier was bought by a local firm and I used to see it about all the time and I would wince every time.
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