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  1. That rear wheel looks pissed.
  2. That pic of the chap in the Standard 9, I'm pretty sure in an album somewhere there is an almost identical picture of my dad in a Ford Pop(?) in the exact same pose. Pre Wollard.
  3. Pretty sure most Ivecos are "Fawlty" . /Cavcraft
  4. I'm really looking forward to the Car SOS where everything goes exactly to plan, they get finished early and go down the pub. And Tim doesn't act like a twat.
  5. There was a patch under the wheel arch of my first mini that got painted every other wash. And one under the headlamp, and one under the rear window seal. It was 5 years old at the time!
  6. Probably a Lotus Cortina, Zephyr estate, Peugeot 104. Series 3 LandRover. (Sapphire Cosworth, MK2 Galaxy, 206, Ford Ranger)
  7. Are you going back for the Rover or is it Norwich's problem now? Nice beemer mister.
  8. You have bought a motless Ka unseen?
  9. That reminds me, mate was moving house and let me take his 996. 30 miles, single carriageway, barely 100 yards of it straight. Never seen so much traffic, Lorries, tractors. I don't think I got above 45mph.
  10. I lent my Sapphire Cosworth to my brother so I could have his Sharan TDI auto to take a load of mates and me to the airport for a stag do in Vegas. He loved it to start with. When I got it back he said "fuck me how much petrol does it use?!"
  11. I've not seen a tin cased one for years. They are all black plastic and look cheap and nasty. I'd buff that one up.
  12. Congratulations. I'm sure you will be very happy. Oh, and the engagement thing too. /Obvious joke.
  13. His car, he can paint a cock and balls on it if he wants.
  14. Problem is, when you're stupid, you don't know you're stupid. Reminds me of my ex sister in law. 100% drama queen. I remember the time she claims she was shot at. No one else saw a thing. Not even the council guy who was strimming the grass verge at the time.
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