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  1. I knew I'd seen this before. I never saw the footballist show, but on Sept 1st my piss taking mate sent me this : With the caption "this would go well with your pink mini" If it were mine, I'd park it next to a skip and transfer anything gold or green in to it, but that's just me. Good luck @dollywobbler And anyway, my mini is orange.
  2. Old Fella or not, there are times when it is appropriate to use the F word.
  3. A old girlfriend had one brand new on pcp. It was a purple base model on an R plate. I remember the day she got it she took me out for a drive..... 90mph down the bypass! Shortly after she got a new job and the company coverd the payments instead of arranging her a company car. In 3 years and 70 odd thousand miles the only maintenance it ever got was when I changed the pads because " it sounds like a spaceship". Metal to metal both sides. I might have put some new speakers in it too - priorities right? When it went back at 3 years old the penalties were horrendous, like half the cost of the car, mainly because it was double the mileage allowance, no service history, bald tyres and generally trashed. Luckily for her the company covered that too.
  4. Yep. Our local one has all the charm of a rabid dog and sells fucked parts for ridiculous prices.
  5. I'm due an eye test and I'm struggling to read print on packets and things, but I'm still grumpy from the last eye test where the young lady doing the test referred to age related deterioration and age related issues at least half a dozen times. Cow. I was 46 at the time.
  6. All I can think of now is.... And how funny a 10 year old me found Oz shouting "Ah, bolloxs Man!" when it broke down.
  7. Kind of BLs thinking all through that period though. "If people want a hatchback they can buy a maxi" was the reasoning behind the lack of a hatch on the Princess.
  8. Has the exhaust been chopped by cat theives?
  9. It isn't pretty is it? I'm surprised they didn't add a chrome grill and call it a Riley.
  10. Terry Wogan (or rather one of his team) produced stickers "I slow down for no apparent reason"
  11. I think they were only made for BT. I've only ever seen BT or ex BT Ka vans Around that time I went to the commercial vehicle show at the became the Ford vans stand had a ka van. We were looking for a new small van for work and I asked how much they were. No one in the stand knew and they weren't in the price list. (As it goes, we bought a second hand fiesta).
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