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  1. I'm increasingly thinking that. However I beg to differ that a 720 2cv is a fast car.
  2. It was great watching stuff like Yesterday and the like with no adverts.
  3. I would be sticking the badges in place. Not only as rust prevention but getting all those holes drilled 100% accurately would be some feat.
  4. Watching Derek Matthewson on TV, he says there is no market for pre war cars now as the old fellas that remember them are either gone or past tinkering. The stuff that fetches mad money now is 80s and 90s. That Saxo VTS that sold at Kings Lynn for £19k a couple of weeks ago is a case in point. Is that the same with YT videos? Nostalgia sells?
  5. Autoshite is probably not the place to do market research because we are all a bit odd. Yes that does include you. I'm an avid hub nut viewer, and I'm a similar age to Ian. (I say that, I'm probably 10 years older but at an age now where 10 years doesn't sound like a lot!) In order of preference I'd say: 1. Road Tests. Something obscure but I've at least heard of. 2. Show reports or scrapyard hunts. 3. Fettling/ fixing / failing videos. The stuff involving camping trips I probably won't watch tbh. The mail bag videos didn't hold my interest much. I wonder what everyone else thinks?
  6. Multiple parking fines and derision on the internet it would appear. 🙂
  7. £250 for 9 years motoring is a great result. I do wonder what you will replace it with and how you could replicate such low costs again. If you had gone for the defined bangernomics of buy cheap, drive it till it breaks, scrap and repeat then I doubt you would be better off. How many cars would you have got through? Not much car around for £500 these days and you only need 1 bad buy to wipe out the savings made.
  8. Don't be surprised if that is wrong too. There are loads of options. French
  9. Used to get this all the time when I worked in the parts place. Someone would ask for a thermostat, you'd get them the thermostat. Do you need a gasket or any sealer with that? Errr, I dunno? Do I? Suppose so. What about antifreeze sir? Errr, do i need that then? Well, yes if you lose the water. Err, suppose so? That is £17.50 please. Can I get that TRADE mate?
  10. I wonder what the warranty costs were on that Honda Disco Crossroad? The warranty administrators at Honda must have wondered what the hell was going on. Where have all these claims come from? We've had a years worth in a week!
  11. All true, there is lots of other stuff going on, but collection threads, rebuilds and general reminisces are in a similar style to Jalopy stories written by the readers.
  12. I still think AS is what an online version of Jalopy would have been. All my copies were donated to a member years ago when I had to clear some space. Would be nice if they were scanned and uploaded somewhere.
  13. So 1 in 6 of all Hollier Mosquitos have been stolen? Must be a record? Beats 1980s Cosworths and Nova SRs?
  14. @Muniphobia I'm intrigued... Do you live in East Europe or perhaps Russia,? Or do you just have a preference for certain types of cars, or girls for that matter?
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