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  1. Wow. A Mini25. My first car was a 1985 Mayfair which had been my dad's. Only 5 years old at the time. (the car, not me). There was a 25 in the showroom but dad didn't like silver. Didn't they rot at an alarming rate even for a mini? Mine was scabby around the headlamps and ends of the sills at 5 years old but every 25 I saw was hanging. A panels, bonnet edges door bottoms, scabbing up everywhere. Miss Haford must have got discount waxoyl from her famous uncles shop.
  2. I remember working at the spares place when Toyota announced one of their models had plugs that would last 60k. Oh shit we thought. Plugs must be 20% of our sales. We were relieved to see they cost £80 a set. Better yet, they didn't last anything like 60k. Made a change from old gits complaining that N9Ys used to cost a shilling.
  3. Not sure what the story is here, late plated Mk1 Metro with no mot history recorded on gov.uk https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/869880153446154/
  4. He couldn't grow a beard to save his life though. Doesn't stop him trying. The world loves a tryer.
  5. Replace "bit of a pillock" with "utter flange" and I would agree 100%. I find it's best to record the show and fast forward all the bits where Tim is on screen. If I see one more hilarious* attempt to blag* parts or services then I might throw something at the TV. There is that other thing, I can't remember what it's called with some twat called Henry from Fix it, Flog it who bodges up old crap with rattle cans while his quiet mate does all the actual work and they sell the result for Fuck all. Can't stand that either. I think Wheeler dealers is a bit better these days even though I don't like Ant Amstrad. The best car show on at the moment for me is Bangers and Cash following Matthewsons classic auctions. Main man Derek seems to really have a passion for old cars and would be a top bloke to chat with in the pub. Remember pubs?
  6. It's been a few years. I used to be tontops on here so went through a selection of unwanted crap so long as it was under a hundred quid. N reg Astra estate 180000 miles £100 J reg AxGt burnt wiring loom £100 N reg Rover 115 no mot £50 N reg Rover 620t undiagnosed HGF £100 J reg Sierra Azure engine fubar £100 Then all the really cheap crap dried up and I bought something half decent.
  7. I always wanted a Raleigh Equipe! When I had made enough paper round money I went to buy one, but a Peugeot Elan caught my eye instead.
  8. 1/3rd of mine are operational. 1/2 if you include the Mrs car. Chances of lockdown resurrections? Slim.
  9. I've told this one before, but a chap I know, big built guy, looks like a tamed Robbie Coltrane had an accident in a Reliant Robin (mid 70's in that murky brown colour). Head on impact on an a road, he went through the windscreen and took a chunk of roof with him. His labrador apparently also went through, sailed over the hedge and knocked a woman off her horse. Apart from bruising, the only real injury was to the horse rider. The police officer attending told the driver he probably wouldn't have survived in "a proper car". But traffic cops always are experts in structural rigidity and medical impact resistance aren't they? I just like the mental image of a labrador sailing through the air towards the unfortunate and oblivious rider. 🏇
  10. I've been here a decade, and I can only name 4 people in that photo. Must try harder.
  11. Depends how old you are I suppose. Also, if you have sold it, it becomes your old car?
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