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  1. Just a note on John Peels autobiography. I wouldn't bother, I bought it years ago. He died before he got by about chapter 3 and the rest of it is written by his missus. Well written but not what I wanted from an autobiography.
  2. Back end is an improvement, but that front spoiler looks like a cartoon mouth.
  3. Reminds me of the doctors acronym. NFN: Normal for Norfolk. (and if you've ever been to Norfolk, you know what they mean). Great win. How did I miss this one?!
  4. Be fair to Ital (the company, not the car) it was someone else's mild facelift of someone else's design that they helped put in to production. Had the car been a roaring success and become a desirable cult classic (unlikely!) then Ital would be criticised for trying to claim credit.
  5. More BL bodges. It has always bugged me that the Marina estate tailgate doesn't fit. Why was it produced with a massive gap all the way around? This one has got to be the biggest switch blank slap in the face. No sir, this Allegro model does not come with a rev counter OR a clock. Have a piece of cardboard with some pointless lines drawn on it instead. Ya tight git.
  6. Also, hate everything about these The big arches and tiny wheels, stupid rear door handles and general crapness. I cannot stand these hidden rear door handles - they fool nobody. Even when done well like the 156 they are still crap. Just why? Are we supposed to think this shitty shopping car is a graceful coupe?
  7. My only Tercel reference was from secondary school, we had a merger with another school, the crusty old head retired and a new, younger, cool down with the kids principal appointed. He was only one of those things. But he drove a 4wd Tercel estate and replaced it each year with a new one.
  8. What do your kids drive? Me, nuts.
  9. Friend of mine paid to have a MK2 cavalier converted from auto to manual. Madness. He only had the car because he had sold a newish MK3 to help with a house deposit. Even using second hand parts it must have cost as much as the car was worth but apparently he liked the car, just not the auto.
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