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  1. Despite not making any sense, the lyric is actually " drink cider from a lemon" /pendant mode. We used to annoy a mate who had a seriously shonky XJ40 at the time the song came out by singing.. "He's got a wanked out car... A shitty Jaguar... It doesn't start..." etc etc.
  2. Is that bending in the middle?! That cab has a distinct backward lean.
  3. I had to double check, my old boss has a blue 98 SLK 230 kompresor which I thought was called Myrtle. Then I remembered that myrtle was her 190. The SLK is called Mavis and she wouldn't sell it for £8000 nevermind £800.
  4. It's like a Nissan 100X went to a fancy dress party as mk 3 Granada.
  5. Not sure if you are appreciating the car or perving at Bunglebuses mum. 😉
  6. Not really. I'm pretty sure petrol requires a spark or flame to ignite, you could drip petrol onto a hot surface and it would just evaporate. Brake fluid however can ignite through heat alone.
  7. You've all missed the point. Shirley you open the rear doors and crap alfresco. I wonder if it open 270 degrees so you are perched on the side of the van, legs a dangling.
  8. There was a Sapphire Cosworth I went to view when they weren't worth much. (I say much, it was £3995, not the telephone numbers they sell for now). It was at a "sports specialist" in Suffolk which had sprung up like so many others at the time by putting a selection of rough Golf Gtis and XR3is in the showroom of a bankrupt dealer. Fortunately under the cheap spot lights in the ceiling tiles you could see the filler in the arches that had been lovingly rubbed with a house brick before the professional application of two coats of rattle can paint. Then close inspection showed m
  9. Glad you recovered, I bet the vendor scratched his chin and thought "yeah right!" though.
  10. They don't stay kittens for very long, there are usually plenty of young cats up for rehoming. My last moggy came from the Blue Cross, but a decade later after he passed away I went back to them and took my daughter with me. The woman I spoke to was a right bitch and sneered about us having children in the house and wasn't sure it was a suitable environment for one of her precious bloody cats. The local cats protection were much more accommodating and for a small fee (£30 I think) we rehomed a year old cat. Although it is totally antisocial, all claws and teeth 🐈.
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