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  1. Whenever I've had problems working on shite, I ring my mechanic mate up and his advice is always word for word the same. You ain't hitting it hard enough. There is another mate who's advice is always "cherry the fukka" which means apply lots of heat.
  2. At 30mph, that is flat out for 15 weeks. I don't know why I bothered working that out. God I'm bored.
  3. I'm sure modern stripper probably works on modern paint. Shame that's not what it is used for.
  4. If you search YT for Trabant 601 there is a version with English subtitles.
  5. Well I'm still here. And still wearing those trousers probably. I've definitely still got the jumper, I wore it last week!
  6. I'm loving all the name checks on this thread 🙂 I do my best to avoid selling cars to the great unwashed. I've been quite lucky really although I have always been brutally honest in the adverts, listed every fault and included the phrase "if you want a perfect car to show off to your neighbours, look elsewhere. If you just want a cheap car to get a to b then get bidding" or words to that effect. I sold a scruffy 405 estate with that description and the buyer actually said that it was better than he expected.
  7. They've been around a while, I used to dispatch orders to them 20 years ago. Never bought from them though, so perhaps not that helpful.
  8. The shortest lived car i ever had. Bought off a mates dad for £100 on the understanding that it " breathes a bit". Picked it up about 10am, drove it about 5 miles home, had a look under the bonnet, standard 1.8cvh but quite oily. Had a cup of tea and thought I'd take it to the garage and pressure wash it under the bonnet to see where it was leaking from. Drove to work to get some Gunk (1.5miles), drove to the first garage (half a mile) jet wash out of order, drove to tescos, (another half a mile) jet wash frozen up. Pulled out of Tescos, got 20 yards before an alarming ba
  9. Ever since my mates FB boss bought one of these, they will forever be known as a Burger Man.
  10. I never think to take photos of old chod, but I happened to have the camera open for something else.... Parked on an industrial estate, Google suggests it wasn't there last year despite looking like it has been sat for decades.
  11. Like it. Do these still have one mirror in portrait and the other in landscape? I could never quite accept that even though the logic is sound. Guessing LHD ones are the other way around.
  12. If they all belonged to the social, did the users even get a V5?
  13. Doncaster. It says so at the bottom of the ad.
  14. Offer a one in, one out policy. Then hide the mini in the boot of the Volvo.
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