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  1. Wow I remember having both as a lad. The cab on mine was white. The yellow XJ was a good companion to the various shades of greens on the CR versions.
  2. There was also the Electro rocket Corgi Rocket version. I had one and used to charge it from a battery. It was equipped with "proper" rubber tyres for the all important grip.
  3. hennabm

    Fuel in older cars

    ^^ I believe it was true but looking at the pumps now seems to indicate that it also contains E5 as even the super has an E5 sticker on it, the same as normal unleaded.
  4. Mine was that colour, although not quite as polished. TLO 540G.
  5. 1/18th scale - so a little easier.
  6. An HP printer/scanner/copier. Model number Envy 5644. It wasn't dear IIRC - around £60.
  7. The way I found was to put the number on the fancyplates site and then use the Snipping tool and save it as a Jpeg. Then use a blank Word doc and add the ruler. Measure the size of plate wanted and insert the picture of the number plate and size as required. Then print. I added several sizes, just to be sure before printing and used the best one.
  8. At least it is casing that screws together, so easy to part and hopefully repair the tape by splicing.
  9. All this talk of CR makes me reminisce for all of mine. I must resist eBay, I must resist eBay.............
  10. I love the collection. Back in the early 80s both my dad and I had an 18 each. He had a TL and I had a GTS. I used to tow my grass track car with my 18. You can just see the back end in the photo.
  11. @bunglebusExcellent. I had the white version of the conveyor truck. Would love to see the bigger VW stuff you have as well.
  12. @rob88hHa ha That was abit like me with my 240. I went to see it and decided I shouldn't really but it. It was a one owner car so I offered a silly amount and the owner accepted. 🤪 I then had to get it transported home and start the repairs.
  13. Husky also did the conveyor truck splittie with a working belt turned by hand. Then there was the tower wagon as well with a working tower to pull up. The platform also was able to twist IIRC. Then Corgi did the larger recovery truck with working crane.
  14. Here's my OTTO. Just a standard 325 face lift model. A very nice model in itself. However my head has been turned by a minichamp 1:18. This is a pre face lift and I have never seen a model of one. This almost matches my own in terms of chrome and colour. You may not think of the chromies as autoshite but in the E30 world the chromies are not loved and the 323i is least loved.
  15. Crayford also did conversions on the first Princesses, before BL decided to do it for themselves.
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