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  1. A 1600E - TLO 540G - needed engine work; P plate Transit MKI 1600 cross flow. Had to scrap it as no space to park it once the chassis corrosion had been discovered.
  2. Yep - it must be nearly crimbo.
  3. Hi Bramz if you ever think of trading, I'll be very interested in the 325 Touring please.
  4. Halfrauds are absolutely useless and have been for a few years now. They are no longer a car spares place - more bike and bling. The kids they employ don't look old enough to drive a car let alone know the innards of one. I tend to use GSF locally as the team there have a good knowledge of cars and parts and availability is good.
  5. When bus dereg happened in the late 80s, a company in Inverness, Inverness Traction ran Sherpa and Talbot buses. The rear suspension on the Talbots were always causing problems.
  6. I know how that feels Zelandeth. At a house in Inverness I had the alarm go off and full scale Adrenalin. Rushed down stairs smelling for smoke all the time - nothing. The one at the bottom of the stairs was bleating. Couldn’t see or smell the reason why. Couldn’t then get back to sleep and remained awake until the alarm went off some time later. It was a horrible feeling when first woken and your mind is in overdrive of what to do and what not to do. Hopefully sleep will return.
  7. Thank you split pin. one good thing in Greece - the hospital cafe sells beer. Mr Amstel is my friend tonight.
  8. Hi strangeangel it is so true how things can change so quick. Life is running fairly smoothly then BANG. All f***d up.
  9. Cheers chase racer. I think I have had about 8 hrs sleep since Tuesday morning. Chairs are very adaptable things. Mrs H now asleep and AS my companion for the night vigil.
  10. Don’t normally do stuff like this but Athens is a lonely place when in a hospital by a bed side. All went well last week and we had a great week on Santorini as a holiday. That was until the day we were due to leave. My wife tripped on a small step in the airport and smashed into the wall. Result was one smashed face and 4 numb limbs. Feelings in the legs soon returned but not in the arms. Immediately taken to local hospital for X-ray and CT. They spotted something and we were then transferred early on Friday by air ambulance to Athens. Had MRI and spotted ACDF - ask Mr Google but which meant an operation on the spine. All went well but post op only one operative was used to transfer her from trolley to bed. She then started complaining of lower back pain. Not sure if two are related but hopefully not. Now the long road to recovery TLDR NHS is good when compared with other countries. Make sure you have medical insurance when visiting Johnnie foreigner.
  11. In 1979 I had a few cars, my first been a Triumph Herald estate - GTK 547F. Then I had a Cortina II 1500 super - GTL 529E and a 1600E - TLO 540G. I had a brief fling with a Hillman Hunter 1725. I saw the year out with a Renault 12.
  12. The number of cars has grown from 3 to 6. Two of the current six were with me in 2009; the 323i and the 320i. The latter had been bought for £70 two years before. The third car ten years ago was a 2008 Punto Tjet. A wee rocket. That was swapped in early 2010 for a 116d. That one drowned in France in 2010 at 6 months old and replaced with the one I still have. 2009 2009
  13. Fiat UNO of any variety. E34 BMW Audi 80 - rounded models.
  14. The dvla give me a “massive” discount of £10 per year for having lpg fitted. So even taking the installation cost at only £1200, that’s only 120 years before I break even. But it does mean until April next year I can drive into Londinium free from Ken’s surcharge. After April the ULEZ affects it and is no longer exempt,
  15. HMRC will achieve more as they do the dipping.
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