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  1. In 1979 I had a few cars, my first been a Triumph Herald estate - GTK 547F. Then I had a Cortina II 1500 super - GTL 529E and a 1600E - TLO 540G. I had a brief fling with a Hillman Hunter 1725. I saw the year out with a Renault 12.
  2. The number of cars has grown from 3 to 6. Two of the current six were with me in 2009; the 323i and the 320i. The latter had been bought for £70 two years before. The third car ten years ago was a 2008 Punto Tjet. A wee rocket. That was swapped in early 2010 for a 116d. That one drowned in France in 2010 at 6 months old and replaced with the one I still have. 2009 2009
  3. Fiat UNO of any variety. E34 BMW Audi 80 - rounded models.
  4. The dvla give me a “massive” discount of £10 per year for having lpg fitted. So even taking the installation cost at only £1200, that’s only 120 years before I break even. But it does mean until April next year I can drive into Londinium free from Ken’s surcharge. After April the ULEZ affects it and is no longer exempt,
  5. HMRC will achieve more as they do the dipping.
  6. Re the Corgi Imp; there was also the rally version the same colour but with number 77 on it IIRC.
  7. The E34 518i was very much the bottom of the pile. However with the lighter M40 engine and the gearing it was just as quick as the 520i As usual at the time most things were then extra so a 518i could cost as much as a 535,depending on what you wanted to spec.
  8. Those Puntos look like ex Fiat stock as I bought one from the dealer when we bought our Punto back in 2012. As the Punto is more or less finished in the UK, looks like the model manufacturer/dealer has done a deal with Home Bargains.
  9. A colleague of mine spent his apprenticeship in a Leyland dealer. It wasn't uncommon to find a Marina with a disc on one side and a drum on the other when conducting a PDI. Hopefully this was due to strike action and not the much talked about "quality" of the product at the time.
  10. I've been "on the road" for 30 years now and the last 5 or 6 years have been the worst. Smart motorways my ar*** Lowering the camera to the side of the gantry just ain't cricket as mostly obscured by trucks. Journeys are getting longer not shorter or even staying the same despite "smart" motorways and all other so called road design. Anti car mayors making one lane in stead of two in many cities. The worst design of planning I see is the pedestrian crossings on the roundabouts near St Mary's church in Brizzle. Absolutely f***** riduculous. Even if they became light controlled it would give traffic a chance to move. Wombles travelling at 50mph causing traffic jams rather than helping. Thank god I don't have to do this much longer.
  11. hennabm

    Old shite pics

    Spottedlaurel Nice photos. I used to race at the Bluebell track (Spilsby) and Sturton track (Lincoln Show Ground). A lot were Minis of all engine sizes. I remember an Imp with a Rover V8 in the back. Escorts were also popular. Not been a contact sport as such, a car could last a few seasons and old rally cars were quite popular. Mine was between that and the scrap yard (just). No glass was allowed in the clubs I was in. Mesh had to be so big to allow vision. The NSF door had to be cut down to allow entrance/exit. All other doors welded/bolted shut. On one meeting the OSF inner wing gave out and the only thing stopping the strut from leaving through the top was the bonnet. Didn't stop me as some dexion and bolts across the inner wing split meant it was ready for the next race. Also for one meeting a guy turned up with an ex Formula Ford chassis and trounced everyone in their class.
  12. hennabm

    Old shite pics

    It was great, cheap fun. The diff was mig'd and the petrol tank was a small LPG tank bolted in the boot. It held about a gallon and a half and was just enough for a race. The best fun for me was racing when it was wet. The visor soon muddied up and so vision was restricted to a small slot formed by raising the full face visor just a little. This was accompanied by a steady stream of mud that was constantly clogging one's nose and mouth. How I ever finished a lap in conditions like that I don't know but we were all in the same position, except the leader. Look back on those times with fond memories.
  13. I was out in Germany when this happened. Watching Tony Bliar come on and say that the Army would be used to transport fuel just had the lads around me in fits of laughter as they hardly had enough bowsers to go round themselves, let alone sending them back to the UK to help.... I was running a 1.4 Tipo and an Audi 100 Avant 2.2 at the time, so didn't have to queue at all for petrol when back in the UK. LRP will do nicely sir.....
  14. It's all Marklin stuff he uses for the layout. He has a huge collection as well. Most of the museum is also Marklin stuff including all the toy kitchen stuff and ships. The lighting in the layout area I was told cost over 100k Eurodollars at the time. A great place to visit for car or train people.
  15. hennabm

    Old shite pics

    Ah My weapon of choice back in the 80s when I did auto cross. I remember paying £50 for the car and then selling all the good bits to fund the car. It ran an over bored 2.0 pinto with a twin choke on it. and a four branch.
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