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  1. ^ Similarly in the fact of having only one rear fog lamp on the OS. No good for Euro land travelling.
  2. My 1989 240DL estate has 4 on the floor AND a manual choke.
  3. It may “save” the car owner around £40 a year but the garage trade will lose around 50% of their current work. What do the gubberment think these people are going to do instead?
  4. I remember Corgi doing a larger scale of the JPS in the 70s, but don't recall a version in Junior size.
  5. A Honda SS50 4 speed (GFU 107L). Put the 70cc piston/cylinder and head on it. Quickly followed by an XFE 512N reg 4 speed SS50 but standard. First car - a Triumph Herald estate - GTK 547F
  6. Not owned that many estates as there was never the need. I have had several over the past years which amount to the following The Audi was a 2.2 facelift model The E30 was a 316i The ovlov remains with me The X5 was a 3.0 petrol, sold during the "fuel crisis" The X3 remains on fleet.
  7. You learn something new everyday. I never knew of the Grangemouth airport, even though I have been there many many times.
  8. No So long as fuel is available then I will continue to buy what I want. Saint Greta and the likes will not dictate to me what I drive. For all the cities that ban older vehicles - their loss as I won’t visit them. I’ll go bc elsewhere.
  9. Ford Fiasco - (Festa) Ford Grandad Mercedes - stuttgart taxis
  10. On the subject of WD, the most laughable for me were the 325 Touring where MB told the buyer it had been fitted with a new stainless steel exhaust. The other one was the two tone crapi - rattled canned by Ed. Even in the finished shots the wings were as distinctive as black on white. Absolute piles of cack. Very, very few lasted more than a year or two after the programmes.
  11. A 320ise I bought for £70 14 years ago. Unfortunately the tin worm caught up with it this year. The spares from it made well into four figures, meaning a very cheap 25k+ miles from it. Another one years ago was a Mk1 Cortina 1200, bought for £55 and sold 18 months later for £125. Very little done to it during those 18 months.
  12. I always take a print of the email receipt when taxing, just to prove it, in case the tax database doesn't update straight away.
  13. I had an old 2500 back in the early 90s. It was MAS 9R - now on a Harley (?). It had lived all its life on the Isle of Skye before I purchased it and had only covered 33k upon purchase. I used it as a wedding car for a little while then sold it on to a chap in Houston - who did the same. Nice car to drive for the size of it.
  14. 4 star recently advertised a Touring 325 for over £12 big ones. Seems like it went for near that. 🤯 It wasn't me gov, but I know a man that did.
  15. BTW, the 323 came in 139 or 150bhp flavours. It had rear discs and 51mm struts. The 320 had drum rear brakes, unless specified with ABS.
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