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  1. I've been thinking about my top 3 recently, when I was younger my dream car was a Delta Integrale but that's been knocked off top spot now. 1. Mercedes 190E 2.5 16V Cosworth in that champagney colour they came in with manual box and chequer seats. 2. Rover P6 3500 V8 Mk2, I'm easy on the colour aslong as it ain't white but I wouldn't have that spare wheel on the boot. 3. Impossible to decide, maybe a Delta Integrale, one of the subtler early ones, the Evo's don't look as nice imo. Probably on par with a MK1 Rover 827 for want. Realistically a 190E of any variant is mega appealing to me, hopefully I can still pick up a 2.0 for a decent price after the Croma.
  2. My first car back in October, passed my test on Tuesday, got the car back from passing it’s mot on the Thursday, new front discs and pads, couple of new tyres (cheapest I could get ha ha you can see where this is going) after sitting on my drive for two years. Wrote it off around 12:30am Sunday morning, car full of mates, been driving around all night going nowhere in particular just because we could. Was about to drop them home heading across a wet roundabout not even at speed lost the back end, thought no problem let’s correct this.... snap corrected into a lamppost. Car was undrivable, scrapped for £70 which was about how much it cost me to get it moved off the road anyway. Gutted, car was my aunties before mine and was way better than the knackered Volvo S40 I replaced it with.
  3. I’m a little biased as I really couldn’t stand Richard Hammond. Flintoff obviously knows fuck all about cars tbf but he’s there to do the stunts and brings something different, I find Paddy entertaining and obviously Chris Harris is perfect for the role.
  4. Better than the Clarkson lot I think. There’s no way the old trio would of been able to tackle the Baja 1000, shame they didn’t get very far like...
  5. They're very cool, but never to be trusted!
  6. The perfect Valentine’s Day targeted ad on tinder
  7. Had the Croma into a mechanic today because the steering rack was hanging on for dear life by only one bolt. Had a few more issues diagnosed properly, I definitely need a new idle control valve which is simple enough, plenty on eBay. I also need to source a new Speedo transducer and washer motor which is proving a little more difficult, can any shiters help out??
  8. I’ll take two seeing as it’s local!
  9. Jet wash did nowt trust me, oil leak was a head off reskimming job, I was advised by two trusted mechanics not to bother. Common problem on these apparently.
  10. Well the roffle win C3 was moved on today after an MOT fail, big oil leak made it unviable for me and I got a decent offer from a mechanic I know. Next task will be getting the Croma daily driver ready.
  11. Well it wouldn’t be autoshite if both my cars weren’t disposing of their oil a lot faster than they should be, this is the present the C3 left me this morning.... after sticking a litre in last night. Luckily the Cromas not losing anywhere near as much.... for now.
  12. It’s a great space and we used to hang down there all the time but then the mold got hold of a lot of our gear....
  13. Ah that’ll be ur booze and bong then! Keith moved us down into the cellar for ‘2-3 weeks’ whilst he renovated Rm2....... we’ve been down there for 6 months now!!
  14. https://fbwat.ch/1VcMHKHB2TnKqma0
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