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  1. AA on the way, will get it home and reassess. Cheers everyone for the advise, hopefully it’s just the clip.
  2. Yes unfortunately I’m stuck in the middle of a prestige car dealers car park, maybe it’s self conscious? Any advice, don’t really want to call in the scrappers if it can be helped
  3. Ok so the clutch has gone to the floor whilst on my way to Newcastle, is it cable on these, any quick fixes I can do here?
  4. It’s going strong, I managed to sell the BMW I had advertised on here so I’ve gave the Xantia to my Dad to use whilst he’s looking for a new car. Due to this I’ve been using my Merc daily and have only driven the Citroen occasionally, it’s helping us out but will probably be up for sale next week as my Subaru should be back on the road by then. It drives very well indeed despite it’s appearance, tho I think the rear suspension spheres are a bit tired, it’s a bouncy ride for sure. Did you mark it as sold with the DVLA Ken as don’t think the V5 has arrived yet? Bonus slammed in McDonalds Car Park pic:
  5. Good stuff, think we are aiming to get there around 10:30/11
  6. Me and a pal are heading over to the end of season car show at Ryhope Pumping Station on Sunday if you fancy it, just as spectators like.
  7. Yes certainly, would be rude not to, funny how the two Autoshite silver Citroen mega barges have ended up here together.
  8. Xantia acquired, cheers to Ken for delivering it, top shiter. Rush hour traffic in the pouring rain ain’t the best way to get a feel for a car but it seems to drive spot on despite some erratic French electric wiper action. In worse news, see that multi-storey car park it’s sitting on top of, well this happened on the way down, feel like a fucking idiot but there we are, I’ve left my mark to go alongside the previous owners many contributions. Trim clips already ordered to tidy it up a bit, might have a go at fixing the moulding on the other side as I’m feeling guilty. Lilly’s just as keen to find out what all the buttons do as I am.
  9. If it's the car I think it is and the mileage is correct then potential bargain. I'm a bit annoyed I didn't know about it till now or I'd of snapped it up, very jealous!
  10. Looks like a good day out! I've unfortunately been recovering from Covid so was unable to attend.
  11. I’ll be going to this on Saturday if anyone wants to join us we’re convoying down from Billingham: Might head along to one of these also:
  12. Kia also made a similarly horrible abomination 🤢
  13. Was it perhaps a Lybra that you saw? Almost as ugly:
  14. jmsguzzi

    FOTU 2023

    Yup, seems like it was set up for competition use, full cage, cut off switch, racing seats etc.
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