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  1. Wrapped and glued the rear panel on the 9000 over the weekend, no ones gonna be asking me to wrap their lambo anytime soon but it’s better than it was and presentable enough... before: after: Will have to try get that giffer sealant off the boot at some point as well. And finally got the ABS module sorted on my E39, it’s crazy just how many functions it knocks off on the car when it’s not working. Only drove it for 5 minutes but feels like like a totally different car, all that’s left to sort is a camshaft sensor and then it’ll be mechanically sound.
  2. Haven’t updated this thread in a while: In: 2000 BMW 528i SE bought off here: This will be a great car once I get the replacement ABS module on and programmed along with a few other age related niggles, you can tell how great these are even with all it’s hopefully temporary faults. 1989 SAAB 9000 CD: I wasn’t planning on getting this at all, I’d just managed to get rid of my 9-5, but was offered it for a great price by my friend Chris. It’s been nice experiencing it and bringing back memories of the Croma but can’t see myself holding onto it for long, not a
  3. I live in Sunderland. The twat then went on to send me the full list of advisories on my own car as if I didn’t know, should of suggested if he wants something to love he could always buy one of these ...
  4. Lmao It’s well loved, I’ve already had another former owner call dibs on it this week. Shiters syndrome means I’ll obviously get rid of it far to soon and put myself in exactly the same boat!
  5. What’s with the sad react, I’m not abusing it!
  6. Blasting this little tractor around the country lanes like a rally car is a great post work stress relief.
  7. First Dad car I remember was his early Peugeot 306 1.4, I cried when he sold it (was only 5 so I can be let off for this). The car that had the most influence on me was this 1993 Mercedes 190E 1.8 Manual, no optional extras whatsoever apart from the alloy wheels. I loved it and I’d love one for myself one day. After the Merc he had a 2001 BMW 530D E39 for 9 years, which I also loved, so much so that I bought my own E39 last year from prepace off here, which I regretfully sold for an awful Rover 600 (which my Dad would of never bought).
  8. Hope this isn’t the Renault 11 that was on here with a knackered auto box 😥 looks like they’ve cut up a few of them judging by the trailer
  9. Aye ofcourse, brain fart moment from me there!
  10. Big car small boat/big boat small car
  11. Was it anybody on here in the Honda crossover thing who flashed me in South Shields tonight? Enjoying the Inca, perfect snowmobile and very charming. (watch me have a massive crash on my way home tonight)
  12. My 9-5 2.3T. Should be up for sale/raffle soon!
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