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  1. I almost bought this a few weeks back, it was between this and a pug 306 XUD in Carlisle. Naturally I bought a Volvo that’s currently doing about 21mpg and has suddenly lost all of it’s power... so I guess it’s doing 0mpg now, oh well.
  2. I'm sure there was a tv documentary about the guy with the Daimlers in his garden a few years back.
  3. My driving instructor had a Clio then a Corsa then a DS3, I only passed this month 3rd attempt. First car I drove myself was my 2001 Seat Ibiza passed down from my Auntie, that lasted less than a week before an oil covered roundabout in the wet got the better of me and my chinese ditchfinders!! Just bought a 2003 Volvo S40 1.8 to replace it, needs some work but is surprisingly cheap to insure and has a working radio and air con, which the Seat didn't! Quite an eventful first two weeks of driving then....
  4. Imagine owning a Fiat 130 Coupe and deciding the fill the interior fill of tat from fkn home bargains! 🤔
  5. ek not sure if i'm looking at the wrong list but can still only see my 5 and 40!
  6. Jesus i'd love to spend a day photographing that Perthshire Loch collection, amazing stuff.
  7. Fairly common around here, my best mates Dad has one! Mind you I live in Sunderland.....
  8. Always look out for them as I own one, couldn't find anyone breaking one in the North East when I needed a radio unit!
  9. jmsguzzi

    Save Lancia!

    The new Giulia is meant to be a fantastic car, on par with the germans and Jags!
  10. Turns out it was the Leganza, phwoarr!!
  11. is that the design that was originally meant for Jaguar?
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