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  1. Well it’s almost a year and two months since I passed my driving test so I’ll add the two I had before 2020, it feels a lot longer but that’s probably because I’ve had so many cars.... 1. Seat Ibiza Chill - lasted 6 days after I passed, can anyone top that? 2. Volvo S40 1.8 S - lasted two months, crap car great seats 3. Fiat Croma I.E. Super - lasted 6 months, brilliant car, couldn’t afford to keep it as my only car. Sold it to a lad who’s restoring it. 4. Citroen C3 - lasted 2 weeks, raffle win from eddyramrod, shat all it’s oil and failed it’s mot. N
  2. I regret selling mine so much that I'll probably make the buyer an offer to try and get it back at the end of this month, I doubt he'll accept though because the cars fkn brilliant.
  3. Figured I’d turn this into a general thread for all my purchases due to the rate I get through em. Have had a couple of days with the Rovers replacement and it’s much more my style: ^^^very beige. It’s a very comfortable barge, wish it was an auto as I think that’d really suit it. It’s a super early 2.3T SE, built 1997, registered Jan 98, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of, if not the earliest example in the country?
  4. Is this one of those exploding Geartronic units? Either way it’s made it to 180k, I quite fancy an automatic Volvo of this age. Most of them are D5’s, is there anything I should be wary of? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2418895688405360/
  5. So mine will have the Rover system then, therefore not needing the Honda specific PAS? Tyre pressures all done today, they were low but it’s still not made much difference, it still steers like crap.
  6. I've found a better insurance deal that I'll be making use of, will get most of my upfront payment back from Admiral barring the £25 cancellation fee. Had a little drive of this earlier, it's growing on me, the steering is what i'd describe as springy in feeling but maybe they're all like this? I know the Honda system in these isn't the best. It's right on the changeover so I have no idea if it has the better Rover system, it has the normal 600 badges from the facelift but lacks the body coloured mirrors and rubbing strips. Obvious oil leak but it isn't from the rocker cover gasket as that's b
  7. Could very well be that, seems the most logical. Aye cheers once again for checking it out for me, prices seem to be all over with these, but I’m sure I got an ok deal. In other news, my new book was waiting for me in the porch when I got home. Written by @motorpunk , looking forward to reading it.
  8. No one got it, it’s a 620ti! And at the moment, I wish I hadn’t bothered. My insurance company decided that after quoting me only last week they no longer wish to insure a Rover 620ti. New policy taken out which is double the amount I thought I’d be paying a month, a proper faff on that spoiled the day before I’d even drove it. Anyway, the car, it’s relatively low mileage at 90,000 and is in decent nick baring the obvious lacquer peel on the bonnet, everything electrical works on it baring the electric aerial. It pulls well and and there’s no knocks but there’s a couple of issues that I’v
  9. No right answers so far. Collection transport ain’t the most exciting way to travel coast to coast...
  10. The 6 is a clue, ain’t a Volvo though.
  11. I’ve got a new job and have decided to treat myself with a car known for it’s exploding gearbox. The 5 series has gone, coincidentally that 5er was my 5th car and this one will be my 6th. Any guesses?
  12. The car I’d like to replace it with is in the Lake District if that’s any better for a soft southerner like yourself!
  13. Cheers man I’ll let you know, I’ve sent an offer of £1250 to the seller which might be a tad low ball as he’s read it and not replied.
  14. Really fancy this, looks in good nick baring the lacquer peel, MOT history is decent. 618’s are cheap as chips but is that an ok price for a 620Ti? It’s a couple of hours away from me and I’d have to sell the E39 first so if anyone is close by and wouldn’t mind checking it over I’d be very grateful!
  15. Doesn’t seem that leisurely to me!
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