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  1. Auto Diesel in Newcastle rebuilt the leaky fuel pump on my XUD 205 for a fair price, think it was 100 quid and had it done in an hour. Not sure I see the point in replacing this with the blue XM though?
  2. Was gonna pop along but had to take my friend to the airport, maybe next month.
  3. Yes, I believe you just rent a space, probably a waiting list though!
  4. I’ll probably be heading to Taste on Tuesday if you fancy it, think you may know my mate Chris with the blue XM already?
  5. Any recommendations as to where I could look to find one of these? pretty much identical to my car!
  6. I've got a couple of wings for it, in the wrong colour with a few shallow dents but they're a lot more solid. Will take it to my bodywork blokey and see which option he thinks is best.
  7. Our 1.8 190E lit had no options on it whatsoever, the alloys were a later addition. Mercedes had decided to give everyone a drivers airbag and a manual slide sunroof by this point atleast. Even on one that basic you could still tell it was quality. Judgements still out on whether I’m going to bond with this S124, definitely has some niggles that need sorting before I can really enjoy driving it.
  8. Interior has come up amazingly well on this auld bus, nowt dodgy found under the seats, just a crudely drawn pikachu, very 90s. what better way to celebrate than to go dogging/kidnap some blokes/give free rides around the pub car park.
  9. Will any of these fine french barges be at any of the local shows/meets soon? wouldn't mind a perv owa them.
  10. Think I must of drove past your place on the way to Corbridge last week, unless someone else in Newcastle owns a white Toyota Corona and an E38 BMW!
  11. Finally got my old 523i back tonight, bought it from @prepace and sold it two years ago, regretted it ever since. Big smile all the way home, better than I remember, bloke I sold it to seems to of looked after it fairly well though of course he’s broken the cup holders!
  12. Worst car I've owned was probably the stop gap Volvo S40 I bought for £400 after writing off my first car, weird notchy steering, incredibly slow, would gradually lose power until eventually coming to a complete stop, nice seats though. Most disappointing car was the Rover 620ti, sold my 523i E39 to buy it which was probably the best car I've owned. Rover drove terribly, quality was awful, felt like a bean tin. Worst of all was the smell of wet dog which I just couldn't shift, only lasted a week, only lost £50 and replaced it with a SAAB 9-5 2.3T SE of similar age which was better in every single way. Pretty much had the same experience with the Jag XJR I had at the beginning of this year, body may of been solid on it but everything else was very disappointing, think that's me done with British cars. Also disappointed with the 205 I had off Loserone, nowhere near as fun to drive as the Inca Diesel I had, even when the carb was behaving itself.
  13. Thought I’d check the tyre pressures today…. offside front 68psi WTF! offside rear 22… Nearsides were ok but still not right. I drove 400 miles home like that, needless to say it drives a lot better now.
  14. I think we also have some cream off cut if needs be, thanks anyway though!
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