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  1. Went into that London the other week. Only thought about the ULEZ charge when I was already in it. Got a fine. Fair enough. The fine was for driving in the ULEZ area at 00:03, on 17/04. The return journey. I got a second fine today for 18:45 on 16/04, on my way in. Bastards.
  2. Is this any good to anyone? Yours for the cost of postage, or free to collect from Folkestone, Kent.
  3. Another day, another car leaves. Not forever this time. Hopefully.
  4. The less said about this one the better. No collection thread, because the poo count was impossibly time consuming. Fine when I left, then in the words of Mickey Flannigan, the world fell out of my arse. On the train. At the same time as I was Exoticist sick. It's a 407 2.0 HDi. All the toys; leather, electric seats, dual zone climate control, cruise, (non-working) sat-nav, auto folding mirrors, auto dimming rear view mirror, 6-speed, rear sun blinds, etc etc. So far, sounds like exactly the sort of thing that would give me the fear, I should have realised it wasn't for me, but it was for the wife, so I blocked so that out. I discovered today (from the recovery bloke's paperwork) that's it's actually a 407 'Bellagio'. Had I known that before purchase, I may have changed my mind-pretentions beyond my simple needs. Anyway, no real problems with it. 237k, but still faily tight, and it has had the timing belt and clutch done 70k ago. Until the brakes went. Changed the master cylinder and servo for a used £25 part, still leaking. By this time my wife had lost all confidence in it, so it has to go. I've lost all enthusiasm, given that I had very little in the first place what with it being an OMGmodern which everyone knows are impossible to repair at home (obviously not true, but that idea is always nagging in the back of my mind with anything this 'new'). One pic: A more forum-friendly replacement has already been obtained. Details to follow. NB: One note-worthy feature of the car-the external boot release button is hidden; it's the hole in the middle of the '0' in the 407 badge. Pretty cool.
  5. There was a story in the local news within the last week about an overgrown house in Ramsgate; the front garden had a van (Renault Trafic), boat, and 'luxury car' (unspecified) parked in it, but only the back doors of the van could be seen. Its been like that since at least 2009. It reminded me that there is another abandoned Renault Trafic very close by (I've checked, it's about 2 1/2 miles). Which has also been there since at least 2009. The top two pictures are of the house in the news report, the bottom two are down the road from Thanet ambulance station. Are any of your other readers aware of two (or more) same model vehicles abandoned in close proximity?
  6. First proper sunny weekend has brought out a load of bellends. Do these people hibernate in the winter?
  7. The current 'Harvey Dent' fleet*.
  8. I just Googled "spat flaps". The results were all to do with aftermarket mud flaps.
  9. Haven't you ever watched Top Gear? All roads in Murica are straight, so far less tyre wear. You've probably not owned an Alfa either 🙄
  10. Parquet flooring in a van. Amazing.
  11. Yes, it's our very own Barbara Cartland. I think the woman's fairly well known too.
  12. I saw this on Facebook earlier and came here to post it; this seems cheap. Is this cheap? It's an old, rare, Ford. I'm as far from being a Ford person as it's possible to be, but I'm tempted.
  13. Apparently when you click the button on the remote on an L405 it says 'I can only show you the door'.
  14. It's already £2,500 per tyre, how much do you earn a month??? 🤣 Maybe the police should start incentivising grassing on these people, like they did with drink drivers.
  15. Worst thing they've ever done. The cheese doesn't melt!
  16. You can tell it's Prince's street because he's left one of his tiny microphones behind.
  17. So is their dad, so that sort of cancels it out. That just keeps on giving. Are those additional indicators cable tied into the grill, or marker lights? Where did he find those anachronistic marker lights under the front bumper? Why are there blue lights on the rear bumper? Why are those England stickers always applied symmetrically? 'Paul' 🤣
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