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  1. My Jaguar was initially registered with a K plate, but had a private plate put on it when it was still fairly new. Some years later the private plate was removed and put on to another car. The DVLA re-issued the original K plate to the car, but marked it 'Non transferable.' Some years further on, the same private plate was put back on to the car. The private plate is not marked non transferable and can be removed and put on to another car. If I was to do so, it is highly likely the DVLA would re-issue the car with the original K plate which would again be non- transferable. As stated by others, it is to prevent 'plate rape'.
  2. I haven't visited Autoshite for a while, but have enjoyed reading this.
  3. A Lendrum and Hartman right hand drive Caprice - a rare car. Sad to see it in this state.
  4. Talking of Audis, the Audi 200 of both shapes are a good fit for this thread. They were good cars and very competent against the likes of the Granada, but comedy over-pricing pitted them against the XJ6, the S Class and the 7 series. Vanishingly few were sold - and discounts were huge. I only ever saw one at a dealership, never once on the road.
  5. It was - particularly at over £17,000 in the early 'Eighties. You could have a Jag or an S Class for that.
  6. It is not absolute, but it does exist. The law of defamation sets a high bar with strong defences. So to does Article 10 of the ECHR. The law does set limits as I also believe it should, but these are far below that imposed by Autoshite. The moderators here elect to go further than they have to. The harm held in words varies. At all but the extremes, where this is determined is arbitary. Time for my coat, I think.
  7. The same is true for those in positions of authority, but magnified by an order of magnitude.
  8. I don't enjoy joining these types of discussions but this comment is so extreme I couldn't let it pass unchallenged. It is quite extraordinarily authoritarian and controlling. To anyone who places value in liberty, free thought and free expression it is difficult to hear. The culture of the UK, as in all countries is cyclical. Sadly we are entering a phase of increasing puritanism, only this time not rooted in religion, but manifested in a concerted attempt to heal the world of its 'ugly thoughts'. In the process, everything the self-appointed moral arbiter decrees as offensive is extinguished. I am deeply unhappy about this in life and on Autoshite: I can see it leads nowhere good. FWIW, I don't hold you responsible for the manifestation of this new authoritarianism and controlling behaviour in Autoshite's moderation. I can see you agree with it, but I don't believe you are the prime mover behind it. I look elsewhere for that. No doubt I will be flamed for this comment and I am fully expecting to be laughed at by people who have not understood me. But I feel it has to be said.
  9. I have an Autocar magazine somewhere which pits the Rover 2400SD Turbo against the Peugeot 604 Turbo D.
  10. I do - it's a personal thing I guess. I threw in the towel here a while back and removed the thread I wrote on my own car because it had content personal to me on it. I didn't want it on a forum I felt I was not a part of. She possibly feels the same. I didn't remove any of my replies on other people's threads since I felt it would break up the continuity of them and cause them damage which I didn't want to do. I ended up coming back after a few months in the end because I found I was still visiting occasionally. I semi-regret removing the thread because I had put a lot of effort into it, but hey, that's life.
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