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  1. Probably as expensive as the car itself.
  2. Not sure if Convoys got them too but the little pilot was poss the last factory build.
  3. I remember that being on everything in the late 90s. Loved it.
  4. I think a few end up in Singapore and Hong Kong with local bodywork, but I imagine hardly any these days. Those at the end of their life still sound brilliant.
  5. Would love to but sadly this weekend is the girlfriend's birthday and we are going to RIAT
  6. Mk5 Golf 1.9 TDI does about 60 smiles per gallon
  7. Where's that? Doesn't look like Hogarth
  8. 'What makes a good site'? I can't remember what the toilet situation etc was but at the two I've been to we stayed at 6C's farm (a field) and in Devil's Bridge I think we rented a field behind a pub. A blank slate to park and camp in, have some fires, make a bit of noise etc. Perfect.
  9. It's a road! I wish cycle paths were that good.
  10. I'm game for the mid-May date, can't do the other two (RIAT is that weekend in July!)
  11. Bermondsey still looks like that.
  12. Weirdest club ride I've ever seen. Bloody cyclists.
  13. Which AS member lives here? Two 406s and three BXs.
  14. Plenty of fun stuff around there, old railways etc. Could go here again but a bit further from where we stayed a few years ago https://www.internalfire.com/event.php
  15. Interesting - can't find any A NUS plates for sale online, maybe it's banned and that one snuck through? To clarify, I was asking for a friend.
  16. Crap cars in America. Disappointingly hard to find fun stuff over there these days.
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