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  1. Welcome to MoD procurement - these auctions highlight how much taxpayer's dish is pissed down the drain on pricey unused equipment in all public services.
  2. Remote controlled Land Rover. Very Rare Remote Controlled Land Rover 110 300TDi Panama Snatch-2A (HT) W/VPK 24V ONLY 286 HOURS! (mod-sales.com)
  3. Upcoming licence rule changes mean anybody will probably be able to drive these soon.
  4. Currently in France, Ford tractor units everywhere. I haven't been able to spot where they are registered but I know they have been big in Turkey for some time where they originate, but didn't think they were really sold in other countries. Unless they are now?
  5. The engineering of airport bi can be quite interesting. Cobus makes many low floor examples and they are front engine, front wheel drive, with a Merc 4 Pot from the Atego driving a heavy duty driven steerer axle robbed from some sort of AWD lorry.
  6. That's at Brooklands in case anyone wants to see it, however its revolutionary passenger scoop didn't catch on.
  7. I wonder if the trailer is of similar vintage - I've only ever seen that logging crane, and a twin axle double wheeled thing is pretty old school now.
  8. Spotted on the Isle of Man - this was actually the Lieutenant General (the boss, basically) of the island being driven around by his chauffer.
  9. Used to be on one of those Citroen Relay things working as taxi.
  10. GM EV1. Mainly as GM only ever leased them, before cancelling all leases and crushing them other than a few museum exhibits.
  11. Queen spotted scouting her jubilee preparations.
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