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  1. As opposed to having all 4 of its forward gears? I always like to think the generation 1 BINI is the spiritual successor to the metro turdo. Both of which have gearboxes not quite good enough, suspension parts that wear out for fun and a British Leyland approach to wiring.
  2. https://www.shpock.com/en-gb/i/XauyL63nVmo-MNJ_/audi-a2-1-4-tdi Is it me, or does everything in his advert scream run run run away. That is: Popcorn limiter Tinted back windows Straight through exhaust
  3. https://www.shpock.com/en-gb/i/Xa89wvqUfVULdGQi/x1120-mcdonald-stickers-valid-til-2020 What made me grin? Going on crime shoppers anonymous and suggesting they check what other stolen goods they are trying to flog.
  4. Ah, we have lots of peasants not far from us. Since the Great Altcar hare coursing became illegal, they have diversified into breeding peasants and most end up in the wild. The trick is Not to get too close, to the car in front so that you are not surprised by emergency braking. The other trick is to aim the wheels at them because that way you get less bumper damage.
  5. https://www.shpock.com/en-gb/i/XZoRC3Mxzk_3IP1z/106-peugeot Oh a 106 Peugeot. For £50. Wcpgr?
  6. I thought the last couple of chapters was written by her. And the sort of autobiography I like to send to my parents for Christmas. Since the 60s appear to have passed them by.
  7. Edited because I'm a snob.
  8. New POD

    BX Roll Call

    I once sat in a BX Gti that was for sale in 1999 in "Five Star of Formby" for £1250. My Budget was £1000 and they refused to budge on the price. I didn't drive it.
  9. https://auctions.asm-autos.co.uk/vehicle-list/details/2010-citroen-berlingo-625-lx-l1-hdi-1560cc-turbo-diesel-manual-5-speed-5-door-panel-van--integral--at-mbs-salford-ltd-mbs-salford-ltd/809354?x=0&type=2&make=&trns=0&fuel=0&catc=0&dist=0&sort=7&srch=&page=1
  10. Ah buggery. The joys of private schools. Ask John Peel RIP about his experiences at Shrewsbury School. Documented in his post-humous autobiography.
  11. I would ask VOSA or DVLA I'm sure they have a free helpline
  12. Dad's 1.6 Sierra estate aged 17. Drove from Liverpool to Brunel University to pick up my sister after her exams. Stayed in Banbury at my Grandparents on the way back. What parent would hand a 17 year old the keys to.their car and tell them to drive 450 miles around trip (half alone) to pick up thier 19 year old sister ? It didn't even have a radio.
  13. Suzuki TS50ER aged 16 Needing a dechoke. Top speed 30 on the flat, 10 mph uphill. Went From Liverpool to Grasmere in the lakes. Then to Keswick, Buttermere, across to Penrith, to Dufton, then Malham, and then home. I had to push the thing up any hill that was steeper than 1 in 7. Stayed in Youth Hostels. 7 nights. Alone.
  14. An aspirational photo for all men in thier 50s
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