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  1. Hiding a car from a wife. Would it be easier to have an affair ? At least you'd have a excuse to drive "Someone elses" car.
  2. Sell a mini and you can afford any gen1 MINI one. Remapped for 125 bhp ?
  3. I was a manufacturing engineer on the Clio X65 project, introduction 1997/8? For the Lucas switches. Given that we already made pretty much the same switches for the Megan, Laguna, traffic and roadsters, it mainly the air bag connector and colour and a new auto test of the self cancel function which measured the peak forces IIRC we had to make 200 whilst Renault engineers watched and they ended up as part of thier pre-production run. I'm given to understand that because some of the suppliers were using prototype parts they planned on scrapping all 200 cars. I have the first off the line in my shed (The switch not the car) because I had to take 30 to our development shop for some testing and I miss counted. It stayed in my boot for weeks and I eventually forgot it was there. I visited the V6 Vauxhall assembly and test line some years later and we're driven from the main reception to that building in a white mk4 astra estate. Preprod cars used to get around site. Keys left in them. Then I had an Interview at MINI and there were loads of gen 1s used by engineers to get around site. I think MINI warranty problems would have been lowest the day before they brought out the Gen 2 ?
  4. They wish they had a mini, but last time they had one, much of 2010 was spent under it. So they sacked it off and bought a car they'd have time to drive. The beeps aren't then being friendly. They are both jealous that yours works. But it's also them feeling sorry for you. Knowing that the hot metal glue gun will be required.
  5. Do you want to borrow the omega ? I can't say you won't have pain, but got to be more comfy than a mk1 focus?
  6. I'd suggest whilst a 10k 3 door shell is worth buying its not a Gsi, has the wrong wheels and is worth about 1/4 of what he wants for it.
  7. I once saw Jesus and Mary Chain at Cov Poly. We've got a fuzz box and we're going to use it were the support band and 100 times better.
  8. That's 495 quid worth of Astra if not more. Maybe £2 ,more Not £2000 more.
  9. There are 2 in the boot of the mk6 Astra. They work just fine.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1624805100992791/
  11. The polite answer to someone pissed knocking over your drink is to say, no fella, that's okay, do you need me to get you an ambulance? You seem to have been poisoned.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3004498099580897/ This looks lush. It's been my dream to own one but buying a 1.6 mk4 astra and an omega has got in the way for 5 years. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3004498099580897/
  13. I'd definately turn that 2 door into a 4x4 Bosworth powered wide arch rally car. If I had the money.
  14. I had 2 faults in 12 months. The original fuel filter rusted through and petrol leaked out. and the coil pack was the cause of a misfire. It was the combination of rock.hard seats, and hard suspension and low profile tyres
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