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  1. My son has a W reg 1.6 16v club with 60k on it. He was given it 5 years ago by his grandad with 19k on the clock. I have first refusal. Its red. But parked in a garage for all but 3 years. The last 2 years underground.
  2. Its the cost per mile that matters. But really its the smiles per life that matters.
  3. I would have gone back in and ask if they need any volunteers. Tell them you are a paricularly good shop undercover security guard. And you would be happy to run a Security and safety course for all the staff. Because the way they followed you around the shop in such an obvious manner is likely to result in violence from a real smackhead. Put on your best Eton schoolboy accent, and be as condescending as you dare.
  4. But now that particular dwaft has a full size wife, he needs the rest of the bed.
  5. Id have 2 tickets at a fiver each or 3 at 2 quid
  6. Sorry, whats he actually done? What was he intention? Who was encouraging him? Was the victim really innocent? Give the lad some slack. At 14, my parents were invited into school.to discuss my behaviour. I was put on report. Meaning at the end of each class i had to get a form signed. After 4 weeks my form was inspected and i was critised by the deputy head for getting a single C for effort. Out of all A and Bs Looking back. My behaviour had changed. Id hit puberty with a growing hatred of authority. And i despised most of my peer group. The ones who had made the previous 3 years almost unbearable. If you want my advice, take him to a clmbing wall. Both of you do the ropes course, and every wednesday evening, spend 3 hours trusting each other to save the others life, by being attached on a bylay rope. Challenge him and get him to challenge you to do scarey but safe. Talk to him like a fucking adult. Don't take the blue eyed boy. (Arrange it at a time wjjen he has maths club)
  7. I knew someone with 2 vw beetles almost identical. I suggested buying numberplates consecutive.
  8. An achievement to take up 4 spaces. Plod at their most arrogant?
  9. I don't know how old you are or what you do, but I found that the buzz words had changed, and once I started using them on my CV and understood how what I'd been doing for 20 years was basically the same as the new buzz word, I was okay. Value stream mapping. Was one that had passed me by, but turns out I've been doing them for 20 years. I have a few tricks to get Recruitment Consultants to put your CV at the top of their priority list. Let me know how you get on.
  10. I once brought a Perfect Z500 off MikeR before he was my brother in law, and to be honest I ragged it to near death before swapping it for an RD350LC that I blew up (and rebuilt to 375) . I can't imagine selling him a car.
  11. If you NEED to borrow the omega
  12. One day, i'll drive you to work and you can fake a broken arm.
  13. Railways are shite shocker (especially in the countryside)
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