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Community Answers

  1. My mx5 has 2 bolts from a warrior tank, as I was working at the MODs rebuild factory. Mx5 parts wanted a stupid price for a single bolt.
  2. At least with horse shit, you can warm your feet in it.
  3. In 1993, I was on a project with an engineer who had put a Rover V8 in an esprit. He also had a CAT C aldi Quattro he had rebuilt. And a mk3 spitfire that he was trying to flog to me.
  4. Plate-raped Morris Minor. Held on with phone cable.
  5. My son describes his mk4 Astra as a cavalier. Look closely. It's pretty much a mk2 cavalier in size and a mk3 in technology. Rear beam suspension is interchangeable. My vote is therefore a mk4 Astra.
  6. Pubs that make Wetherspoons look good.
  7. And yet in Staffordshire everyone at commuting time drives like Carlos McBurns-Mikola. At 6 am going South from say Ashborne, towards Lichfield, there's a B Road that heads towards BARTON under Needwood, and at 60 I can't keep up. Same in the Evening.
  8. Hasn't been used since last year when the engine declared fuckthatforagameifsoliders. Basically a 200t S replica with a broken engine. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/wyk9m2j/ My dream car when I had a 1.4 saloon 20 years ago.
  9. Have you come across the Sharknado series of films. Sharknado https://g.co/kgs/47MYkR
  10. Or the provenance of the engine?
  11. He's calling you a tight arse. Probably..
  12. https://www.facebook.com/groups/712366136149860/permalink/1124702958249507/?sale_post_id=1124702958249507 Metro above. Not a metro below. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/701150517786825/
  13. I once achieved 8 mpg driving the 8 miles to the M58 at Ormskirk in a V6 omega hire car. Achieved 22 mpg in the week I had it. Someone else paying the fuel.
  14. On some cars you oniy need 1, to know all you need to know.
  15. I keep thinking...........Hayabusa
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