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  1. Last of the big spenders. I definately wouldn't put more in than I needed to get me to a reasonably* priced filling station.
  2. You need to pay for membership.
  3. £1.37 for E10 at Costco in Brum.
  4. At least you won't be wondering what the meat is.
  5. You sound like a criminal. Sorry no that's not right. You are a criminal. You may as well go to Tesco and walk over out with a new telly without going to the Till. No better than any other shop lifter.
  6. Just tell them the date you can start. Add 2 weeks to it and if you do get an offer you can have a 2 week holiday.
  7. This could be the kick up the arse Chris needed. @Chris2cvdon't take this the wrong way. I've been made redundant twice in 20 years and whilst it was stressful and there was the fear of the unknown, in both cases when I reflected back about a year later, I was much happier and was enjoying my new job more. Most* people I've met who have been made redundant have told me the same thing. Not All, but most. But given that your job was shit, I can't imagine that you won't enjoy the next one alot. And thanks to Brexit, you shouldn't find you have too much competition.
  8. Father in Law sold me a 19K D reg 1.6 GL mk2 cav in 1993 for £2k, 3 months before my wife gave birth. It is my biggest regret selling that car in 1997 with 110k on the clock. He GAVE us a J reg 1.8L mk3 cavalier in 2000. With 20k on the clock. It is my second biggest regret selling it in 2013 with 130k on the clock. He later GAVE a W Reg mk4 Astra 1.6 16V club with 17k on the clock to my son. Everyone who has driven it describes it as being just like a cavalier. It's now got 85k on the clock. Simple. Easy to maintain. Comfy. Safe handling. Big enough boot. What more could you need?
  9. It's not like your route home needed a sat nav. A50 West. A500 (EITHER WAY left or Right) M6 North, M62 west, M57 North.
  10. Yeah, battery sizing. Hellfrauds ain't the only retailer which gets it wrong. Note that battery trays are often longer than the OE battery requires because different global models and requirements. That is the Deisel version might need a bigger battery.
  11. Years ago I wascworkingwith a graduate manufacturing engineer doing assembly work instructions. He only ever ate ready meals made in the microwave. One day he asked for advice on cooking a proper meal for a new girl friend. I pointed out that there were work instructions available in the library. Or recipe books as they like to be called. I saw him about 10 years later. He was married to said girl, and reckoned he now owned 50 recipe books at least. Said he was addicted to cooking from scratch. Hadn't bought a ready meal since he bought that first book.
  12. Better than attempting crib gock in the snow wearing trainers. Now that would be a waste of resources.
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