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  1. Think of it like an estate version of a monaro. Just 600 bhp. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Omega-MV6-LS1-V8-supercharged-Limited-Edition-/334044548261?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  2. I know, I'm very odd. May be the sun got to me.
  3. I've yet to watch one. Initially because I went to chumley once and Ian tried to flog me a hubnut sticker. Sorry what? You want me to pay for you advertising on my car? I'm very strange.
  4. I think the BBC report was less than helpful, in its imagery. This is what the country needs. Although What happens if the experiment says, that it's a super spreading event? I think we need to try to find ways to get back to normal. Apart I guess that 8 of the guests at the wedding will have had 1 Pfizer jab, 2 have had 2 Pfizer jabs, and the rest will have had 2 AZ jabs, and 2 (home schooled children 8 And 13) will have had none. The Catostrophising of the mothers of both bride and groom, are causing unnecessary stress on the build up to the event. One of the bride's ma
  5. Sorry about my rant on the coronovirus fun thread. Given the stress my wife is in over my sons wedding next weekend, I wasnt best pleased to see the BBC reporting on this on Friday. I do hope it's a successful pilot, I really do, and maybe it's envy. A wedding where 70% of the guests are totally paranoid, where there's not supposed to be an dancing, singing or interaction outside of the 6 people on your table. Worrying about whether we should go out at all for the 10 days before hand. Worrying about the reversal dinner, and what if someone gets pinged on the contact tracing app.
  6. I think we should all agree on the phone. Then when they arrive say the price is now 150% I ask £1000, you insult me by offering £500. Well I've had a think and I want £1500. Take it or leave it. Cash. Now. Do you want a cup of tea whilst you think about it?
  7. More importantly when are you changing your name to Fredrick Eddie Darwin?
  8. I've always said. If there is something wrong with the car that I haven't described, I'd be happy to knock £10 off for every fault you can find, but the price is fair, so if you don't want to pay that price, and you can't find any faults I'm not dropping the price. But be careful with forums. You don't know the people, really. Some may be more honest than others. Even here. I assume.
  9. My wife assumes that I know about computers, because I can create a simple macro in excel. Bloke at work thinks I'm brilliant, because I showed him how to put Today's date in by pressing Ctrl and : at the same time. I really know nothing. I'm a user of IT and I've googled a few things. Bloke next door has me down as an engine expert, because I had the intake manifold and cam covers off on my V6 omega, to stop the oil leak. Luckily, all the information is available on how to do that, on the net. As for replacing a door. @MikeR helped me replace the dented re
  10. Looks like something from Skooberrrroo
  11. I put a kettle switch in series
  12. Exactly a week ago. I requested via email, my meds, for my heart. Seven days. Radio silence. Is this because the Pharmacy have the prescription and they send it off for a robot to full fill the order in a warehouse miles away. Or because the GP hasn't done it yet. Or because the GP has decided that I'm ordering them too early, which i did because I'm likely to be away all next week, so really need them this week (which bi explained in my request) Or because the Pharmacy have them ready. But haven't texted me, because you know, random quality of staff.
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