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  1. Dealer or Factory ? It's a petrol station and co-op now. The middle picture shows his "Snow Angels" - He actually went down 3 flights of stairs to lie in the snow. He's 27.
  2. Young Pod, sent me this today of his view from his Flat in Harbourne
  3. I haven't used the omega since Christmas due to wife having a car and the fact that we use that for local trips. Obviously the battery is flat. So jump leads off the Astra and it started fine. Reversed it onto the shared drive so i can put my battery charger on it. Which is in the boot. The ignition needs to be off to open the boot. Then The boot won't open due to low battery. So I try to start it. No. 4 mins of idling is not enough to get enough charge. So I have to use the Astra to get it open, with jump leads, and then I can start it again. Only now it wo
  4. In the late 90s I worked for Garrett as a assembly engineer. I think our standard time for fitting a hose to a waste gate including 2 of those clips was about 15 seconds. I was too honest and in those days didn't forget I had tools in my pocket.
  5. If you refuse a discoursety car, you are entitled to the value of a hire car whilst you await for a third party to pay out. Ensure that you put £25 per day in your claim under Additional Costs, making alternative transport arrangements.
  6. Drift ? No. I'm either speeding on purpose. Or I'm keeping to the limit on purpose. And if it's the former, then I'm looking for signs of camera vans well into the distance. Today I went 73 in a 70 on purpose.
  7. Unless you are responsible for opening up, or are on an assembly line where you need all the people sitting down at the same time, there are few jobs where start and finish times truly matter. Obviously there are other jobs where it really matters. I had a contract some 220 miles south, and told them that in Monday morning I'd leave the house at 5am but i might not be in til after 10 am. But realistically anywhere from.9:30 to 11 am. But that over the 5 days, i would do 38 hours. The second Monday I managed to arrive at 9:30 and then got a verbal dressing down, for not b
  8. I've noticed that I don't take in much of the weather forecast is Sarah Blizzard (brilliantbmame for a weather forecaster) or Carol Kirkwood are presenting. My focus is elsewhere.
  9. The police deleted the Evidence. They just need to do the Finite Element analysis or stick 1000kg on the roof and drive it very fast over some cobled streets or down an unadopted farm track. If it survives rate it at 500 kg. If not try again with 750kg
  10. My advice to my wife yesterday. If you can't see the curb, it's too deep. Obviously we don't travel on roads out of town with no curbs.
  11. Quote: With MG5 EV, we initially believed that the car was approved to carry weight on its roof, but we have since become aware of some missing engineering data meaning that we are – at present – unable to confirm this, so have taken the safest possible action of advising our customers not to carry a load on the roof until we can confirm otherwise So it's not that it can't, it's just they have lost the proof.
  12. Ah, the 3 speed GM autobox. A thing of mechanical beauty. I owned a Mk2 cavalier CDi Auto. The gap from 2nd to Top was as you say wide. Very wide.
  13. When I owned a metro turbo, there was a bloke round the corner who has a shonkey looking clubman estate. It was Rednal, about 1/2 mile from.the Longbridge factory and most people did indeed work at the Austin. One day, I followed him through BARNT green to the M42 at Hopewood heading North East towards the M40 South or M42 North. I thought "I'll blast past him on the slip road" Then I thought "fuck that's noisy" Then I thought "fuck that's fast" Then I thought "Christ I'm doing 100 mph and I can't keep up" He went off down the M40, and I suspect he had a seco
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