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  1. I'm the opposite. After doing some formal ILS training years ago. Which defined reliability the way the MOD sees it, I now only really worry about things that stop you actually completing your journey or passing an MOT. When my rear wiper failed on my mk3 Astra, I left it. Every now and then I would wipe the sort off with a cloth. When the heated seat stopped working in my Honda accord: MEH When the hatch struts on a mk2 cavalier failed, I got a bit of wood. It's what the MOD call dedregrated performance. Won't stop you completing the mission.
  2. It looks nice. Pity about the list if faults. I'd like the bumper.
  3. 412 quid. That's a bargain and a half.
  4. Interior is very good with no rips or tears, horrible smells or adverse wear in seat bolsters. If those seat covers have been on since new, that's possibly true. Although you'd have to trust the seller.
  5. 70 quid? I'm doing a business plan. How many do you think I could sell a year ?
  6. It's not the sort of thing you touch more than once or twice every decade.
  7. That really is a crap advert. 🙊🙉🙈 It's like you couldn't be arsed.
  8. Also the peasants are revolting. Well buy them some soap.
  9. I'm in Formby, but occassionally drive to Crosby, because I can pretend to be retired and sit watching the sea, whilst drinking tea from my flask, with the windows up and the rain pissing down. I prefer to go at high tide and see the waves crashing over the sea wall. If you go to Formby, park here, go up the alley, turn left and it's about 3/4 mile. Picture shows post code. You avoid having to pay £6. And get a nice walk too.
  10. This time of year don't follow other cars too closely on country roads. Some people emergency brake for pheasants.
  11. The Lucas DPC smart solenoid*, had 3 black wires by design. It was designed to meet the 15 minute immobilization regulations that came out in 1995. *an On Off solenoid which had electronics stuck to the end of it, which pulled a plunger to allow fuel.to flow.
  12. I once spelt a word wrong in a university assignment, 32 times. And correctly once. Every mistake had a red ring around it. The correct spelling had a green ring around it leading to an arrow and a comment in the margin, saying I can forgive spelling mistakes but i can't forgive inconsistency. In the case of wheel nuts, the risks are somewhat higher than upsetting an OCD spelling pedant
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