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  1. There was a comedian we went to see about 10 years ago. Support act to someone else. Told a long winded joke. Basically they were running late and were due to pick up granny. Daughter is given the job of letting her know they are coming for her. When.they arrive at grannies house they can't find her. Eventually they find her in an orange puffs jacket hidding behind the hot water tank. Which is wearing a similar jacket. The reason? Daughter doesn't ring her (cause that generation doesn't), she texts "we are coming to take you, be ready in 10 minutes to leave straight away. Have you
  2. Not funny. Stereotypes like that need to.be stamped out. You don't get mugged in Liverpool. You might look out the window one morning and see that someone has taken the Mersey in the night, but they will have done it under cover of darkness and nobody will have been threatened.
  3. Quote : Reg number will only be given to winning bidder to be fair to them. Although not fair to the person who loses a mini, which then ends up with the reg.....
  4. Was it necessary for the council to give the pubs temporary all night licence, or did they not bother to ask permission?
  5. And she's not happy with her sister, either, it seems. Who said, we couldn't look after your kids, because we have to go and look at Kitchens.
  6. Gsi slab alloys. Very nice. They always make me laugh. Like how Vauxhall manage to design alloys that look so much like plastic wheel trims.
  7. Make a shadow board. Advertise on eBay as genuine 1950s tat.
  8. There's an mgb (GT?) I saw pictures off with a 3.2 V6 omega engine. Looked pretty cool to be honest.
  9. You can convert a later car to have an earlier look. The main difficulties will be the smaller rear window and external door handles, but you can get smaller front discs and calipers to make 10 inch wheels a practical possibility. And smaller rear lights and an early bootlid are not a problem. Obviously suitable trim is obtainable, although deckchair fabric may not be. Personally, I always wanted* to build a bitsa. It would be a hornet front end, metro turbo engine with 5 speed straight cut gearbox, external door handles, BRM arches, 13 inch mg metro turdo wheels, and a pickup b
  10. Oh yeah, immaculate. Mint even.
  11. Stickers you say. National Trust sticker from 1997 to 2021. When he bought the car as a retirement present. And a Fat Willy's surf shack sticker put on by the grandchildren as a piss take.
  12. Our GP is the same. With 7 days to spare I send off my request for a repeat prescription for my heart tablets. And hear nothing. On the 6th day I phone the pharmacist. And no. They don't have my prescription yet. It takes an hour to get through to the GP reception, who tells me, I need to email my prescription request. Yes. That's right, so why hasn t it been done? After trying to bullshit me, she eventually admits they may have had some computer issues. Well, okay but i need these tablets before tomorrow, which happened to be good Friday. So I get the promise that they'll sort
  13. I went non Sunday morning at 8.30 as my allotted slot was 8.30 to 9.00 Drove to the mixed recycling threw my dodgy chemicals in there first. Reversed to the metal, threw on the old exhaust and brake discs, and then reversed to the wood, where I deposited bits of old wood. I could have put them.on the chiminea, but some of it was old fence coated with engine oil and it fucking stinks when it burns. Strangely I have was the only customer they had at that time in the morning.
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