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  1. 5 is not a Z and therefore he should be slapped across the face with a wet fish.
  2. @paulplom@Mally no engine problems on these 😂🤣😄🤔☹😭😢
  3. I'm a cyclist. But I'm not brave or stupid. There's a Road on my way home from work, goes down a hill called Marchington Cliff. STEEP. WITH A BEND OR TWO. It's not smooth either. I followed a cyclist down there yesterday. At the end he's doing 45 mph. Luckily there is a long straight that flattens out a bit before it reaches a tee junction. Brave or stupid ?
  4. A hotel ? Look closer. https://www.fullonadventure.co.uk/stay/glenmore-hostel-cairngorm-lodge/
  5. I was once late for work because a JLR worker had parked* a brand new (complete with trade plates) freelander on top of the central crash barrier of the Knowsley Expressway. With a view of Halewood in the distance. Probably got promoted.
  6. Take one Ferrari, and turn.it into an mr2 replica ?
  7. Three blocking a lane on the A38 North of Brum, in 4 miles.
  8. My last bike taken on a trip to Scotland in 1987 (to run it in after a 3mm over size rebore) Bonus points if anyone knows where the pictures are taken.
  9. Daughter Studied at Cardiff Uni. Once I got from L37 to her house in time for breakfast, in under 3.5 hours and once it took 8 hours to get home.
  10. Someone that doesn't understand mechanical failure analysis with respect to shock loadings. The answer is to do them in the snow. It melts the ice.
  11. Price it at £999, and charge £200 admin fee.
  12. In the 90s it was a thing that it was cheaper below a price point.
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