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  1. Heh. My Beetle used to have ‘Tigar’ tyres. Never seen them before or since…
  2. That Volvo F88 possibly for sale soon:
  3. Harrowing for me too, since if there's one thing that stresses me out more than having to do a thing, it's having to do a thing twice. Thanks for the heads up. Should be fixed now.
  4. September 2018. Another Monday morning and this time, a run down to St Albans for this behemoth of a Volvo. Recently purchased, it had developed some malady that required it to be returned under warranty, to the dealer. In Preston. A full day’s work there, but no dramas as it did, at least, run and drive. The following day was a ride around the Birmingham, area to relocate this Beetle. Something of a family heirloom as I recall, the chap was moving it from a late relative’s house closer to home, with the intention of putting it back on the road. Sadly, at the time of writing the DVLA still records it as untaxed since 1990. On the Friday I had a run down to Harefield to see the Lee, the machinery dealer whose acquaintance I’d made over the course of a couple of previous jobs. He had a towable winching machine that he’d sold to a company in South Wales. Although the route was a bit ‘out of my way’, it was actually quite handy that I’d be finishing up in that neck of the woods at the end of the week. My friend ‘Lightning’ and I had entered the HERO Challenge rally in her Austin Healey Sprite. As she lives near Neath it meant I was perfectly located for me to pick the car up to take to the rally base near Bicester. I remissively failed to take a photo of the winching machine in transit. A surprisingly substantial bit of kit, I do recall needing to engage low range to reverse up the buyer’s drive. Delivery achieved, I nipped into Neath to pick up ‘Suzy’ Sprite and by early evening was parked up somewhere in a field near Bicester. The following morning dawned full of promise but sadly, our dreams or classic rallying glory were dashed by lunchtime. A shattered clutch was our downfall. Regular readers may recall that I had transported the Sprite to have the clutch replaced only a few weeks prior. Make of that what you will. Fortunate really that I’d taken the Sprite up on the trailer. Ordinarily Lightning would have driven her to the event. The experts from Maulden Garage obligingly rolled around on the floor for a bit while I photographed their backsides, but declined to change the clutch at the side of the road. So I dropped the car to them first thing on Monday for further transmission fettling.
  5. The chronology of this thread is all over the place.
  6. September 2018. First thing Monday morning was a trip down to Reading for a broken mk5 Golf. I forget the cause of the breakdown, but the owner had been recovered to a nearby garage. The owner’s father – sounded like he would be footing the bill – wanted it taking to his preferred local garage to him, up in Warrington. As is often the case in these types of situation, the despatching garage were not very helpful, hence the extreme-jacknife attitude required for single-handed loading. Couple of days later I headed up to Lincolnshire to collect this old Shogun. Customer was a guy in Birmingham seemingly with a penchant for these things. The old Fens back roads have a distinct character. Flat and straight with visibility for miles encourage you to press on, but then all of a sudden a series of alarming undulations threaten to pitch you into the adjacent dyke. Leaving the Mitsubishi in Brum, I nipped down to Fenny Compton in Warwickshire to pick up this ratty Porsche 914. Destination was just a short drive to the unit of a guy I’ve known for many years who specialises in classic restorations, mainly of air-cooled VWs. The following day I had a run out to near Kidderminster to pick up this Alfa Spider. Collection address was a proper millionaire’s mansion. I could drive right up to the house and swing the trailer round on the drive no bother, it was that massive. Destination was the Warwickshire Event Centre where Classic Car Auctions used to have regular sales. The guy with the Range Rover and covered trailer was a London based chauffeur doing a bit of car transport on the side.
  7. According to the article Mr Longbridge posted, it is. Crane is powered by a donkey engine.
  8. And that article is nearly a decade old. How many newer trucks have come and gone in that time alone? Incredible.
  9. I also spotted this legend in the game this week! Just outside of Warwick on Thursday.
  10. Interesting* fact (that may be incorrect): The mk2 Renault 5 had two types of dashboard, but the more basic type (as fitted to this van) was never converted to rhd, so all UK Extras and base-spec R5s had a marginally posher dashboard than their continental counterparts.
  11. worldofceri

    Rover P4

    Indeed, it’s no accident that the current London taxi (LEVC TX) basically looks like a modern pastiche of one of these.
  12. Frankley (My Dear I Couldn’t Give A Damn) Services.
  13. Not sure if I’m allowed to give the game away, so I’ve disguised it as a Land Rover.
  14. Briefly puzzled there. I thought you’d photoshopped a different plate on the pic I sent you!
  15. There’s a layby not far from me where I often see his trailer parked up. Seems an odd thing to do but I’ve spotted it a few times lately but never with the unit in attendance.
  16. What’s the payload on it @scruff out of interest? And can you run at 40t what with having 5 axles?
  17. Collection photos may be of interest to @motorpunk…
  18. Giving me the jells this thread, even though I’ve got my own T25 on the drive that I’ve barely driven since September. I think getting off my arse and fitting a diesel heater would help my enthusiasm.
  19. I imagine there’s a big ol’ removable engine cover inside the cab. Side hatch would be just for checking/topping up levels I’d have thought.
  20. Sadly not, as my insurance won’t cover it. I can seek assistance however, it you PM me some details.
  21. worldofceri


    This car has the most effective reversing lamp of any vehicle I’ve ever attempted to reverse in the pitch dark. BAR NONE.
  22. I think he was just relieved I didn’t feck straight off when it became apparent his neighbour had parked across the front of his lock up, and then gone out!
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