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  1. Thanks,I really wasn't sure it would run. It took ages to get it turning over freely with a ratchet on the crankshaft,but plenty of ATF down the bores got it turning smoothly,then I figured I had a chance.
  2. This was a engine that came with a scrap Mk2 Golf I bought a while back for spares. It came with three diesel engines,two 1.9 turbodiesel that were scrap unfortunately, and this 1.6 turbodiesel, even though it had been left outside I managed to turn it over with a prybar on the ring gear. I stuck it in the shed and said I'll try and get it going someday. A few weeks ago I decided to have a tinker with it,drained the lumpy oil and a few litres of water out of the sump. Dropped the sump and the bottom end was surprisingly clean,the same under the rocker cover,was expecting it to be choked up with the black death. The oil pump was seized from being filled with water as the oil filter housing was missing,but one from the 1.9 block wasn't and fitted a treat. Next was to sort out an oil feed pipe to the turbo,the 1.9 oil filter housing won't bolt to the 1.6 block,so I tapped out a 1.8 petrol housing to fit the oil feed banjo bolt into it. Next,the 1.6 turbo was seized solid,but the 1.9 wasn't,plus the exhaust I have wouldn't suit the 1.6 only the 1.9,so decided to see if I could bolt the 1.9 turbo and manifold to the 1.6 head. It went straight on,but the oil return pipe was different. Some thick aluminium plate. Mark out the shape needed. Drill and tap. Now,I could use the 1.6 oil return pipe on the 1.9 turbo. Had to remove a wee bit of material from the manifold to clear the pipe,but only a minimal amount. Lots of other small jobs were needed,such as swap over the clutch and pressure plate as the one on the 1.6 wouldn't suit my gearbox,checking the timing and just generally getting it ready to try and fire it up. Today was the day.....Will it run or had I wasted a load of hours and effort on a no hoper piece of scrap?? Lots of tinkering,bleading,checking,bleading,twatting the lazy starter,bleading,heating the glow plugs,flattening the batteries later....... The fucker only fired up!! Didn't run it for too long as no water and an oil leak but it runs. Chuffed. Plan is to build it into an rough old Mk 2 GTI 3 door shell I have knocking about. 20220519_161747.mp4
  3. I really enjoy this Youtube channel.
  4. I much prefer the original Matchbox Capri. Yes,the proportion is all wrong,the wheels too big,but it has a certain charm that the newer version doesn't.
  5. Mk1 and 2 Ford Fiesta had the same window regulator on the left and right doors. Always thought that was actually quite clever.
  6. Not serious,it was an old well used tractor at this stage on my cousins farm,it had no battery. I was 9 or 10 years old and elected to be the towee to get it started behind a MF35 and a new Holland bailer. I was given a rudimentary lesson in how to be tow started and we were off. Tactor started and I ran into the bailer,bent the rear chute and put a gash in the Zetors already battered tin work before I managed to bring it to a halt after dragging the bailer sideways. šŸ¤£ The old thing was scrapped many years ago after the engine filled with water and bent a conrod. They were extremely popular here,still see them at agricultural shows,some look better than new. I would like to own a 2511 at some stage.
  7. I have a huge soft spot for the old 2511,as it was the first mechanical device I ever piloted.......and crashedšŸ¤£
  8. I know,isn't it beautiful.
  9. Shite in the Congo, Exciting and terrifying in equal measure.
  10. This has a 2.0 pinto,steel wheels and hubcaps,but not quite base as it also has such decadence as electric windows,electric mirrors,central locking,and an autobox. No power steering though. Still a crap vehicle for your last journeyšŸ¤£
  11. The Budgie Austin is nice,the stripe on the other side is painted in the wrong position though. No idea if that Minor is a rare colour or not,that's only the 2nd one I've ever found. Will have a poke on eBay as I'd like to get the hooks.
  12. Some recent finds. Corgi Renault 5. Some black wall Hotwheels. Corgi Rockets The Saint Volvo. Benbros Chevrolet and Land Rover. Yatming and Corgi Rockets Chevrolet Astro 1. Budgie Austin A55. Regular wheels Matchbox,Minor,Jag,and ERF cement truck. Guiloy Citroen van. Majorette BMW 733. Last my favourite find of late, Corgi juniors Ford Holmes wrecker, In quite nice condition apart from the broken tow hooks. These are quite difficult to find,this is the first one I've come across.
  13. The mk2 Golf/Jetta with the 1.3 engine was available with a 4speed up until end of production in 1992. I'm guessing the similar engined polo was the same until that was replaced in 1994.
  14. Here in Ireland the first roadworthyness test is done at four years old,then every two years until the car is ten years old.Then it's tested every year. If a car is lucky enough to survive to thirty years old then the test becomes every two years again,when the car reaches its fortieth it's exempt from test.
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