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  1. Today's thrilling* update, Fitted the sound deadening pads to the rear floorpans. Followed by some more insulation. And then the carpets. I also trial fitted a new gear knob,the original has lost its top,I bought this one from AliExpress, it's actually made of aluminium and the gearshift gaiter fits much nicer into it's extended base. The lower half was silver which I wasn't that happy with,so a squirt of black paint later it looks much better Seats next.
  2. I do like the Anglia van casting. Mines got Monkey wrench decals. "I prefer the term grease monkey M8"
  3. Today's exciting* endeavour was fitting up the front door cards. First apply the black sealant, Cut a piece of polythene sheet to size and stick it on. At this stage I decided to also fit the original one over the top. Patched up the damaged aera with some duct tape. Fit up the door card. And finally connect up and fit the new speaker grille. Happy with that. Time to repeat it all again on the other side. That'll do for today. Will try and get the carpet into it next.
  4. https://www.adverts.ie/vehicles/1983-mk1-sierra-auto-nct-02-23-tax-07-21/22652183 29k Dangle mirror Sierra 1.6 L auto.
  5. Never saw that decal on any Matchbox of that era before they had stickers from the factory,probably applied by a previous owner. Cool find.
  6. Yes,can just about squeeze 4 cars in there,and assorted paraphernalia.
  7. The two rear door damp membranes were good enough to be reused. I used this stuff to attach them to the door,I bought it at the local farm shop,I guess it's used to seal between roofing sheets or similar. Quite sticky,but the polythene membrane can be peeled off again if need be.(knowing my luck it'll be sooner rather than later) Finally got the two rear door cards fitted up. They scrubbed up quite good,will need another clean,but that can wait until it's all back together completely.
  8. Yes,I'm thinking one would make a decent replacement for my mk4 Mondeo when the time comes to replace it. God,I'm getting old,I'd never have even considered a Volvo a few years ago!!! 😂
  9. Agreed,Semperit tyres are definitely not death rings, they are decent tyre,used them on my Mondeo for a few years. Talking of death rings.......Charmhoo? Spotted today on an Opel Insignia.
  10. Work has been progressing slowly on this,sometimes it's been 1 step forward and 2 back,but I'll keep slogging away, the finish is in sight......hopefully. New sound deadening pads have been slapped onto the front floorpans,plenty of heat from a hot air gun moulded them to shape nicely. The original sound insulation was beyond help,so 3 layers of alternative material was fitted,hopefully it will be ok. Dashboard has been refitted too,lots of dicking about with wiring,switches and heating ducting but it's all in place now. Replaced the airflow meter,as it d
  11. Ford platform with a PSA engine,not a bad combination.
  12. Never seen this version of the Corgi Sierra before. https://www.adverts.ie/models/model-car/22344688
  13. Not a very flattering casting of the Mk2 Golf,or to my eyes it isn't.
  14. Nice work! Lovely job on the outrigger fabrication Spot weld cutters are great.
  15. https://www.adverts.ie/toy-cars-trains-boats-planes/matchbox-super-kings-daf-car-transporter/22503472 Ignore the comedy price,but has anybody ever seen this combination before? Early type wheels with the later superfast colour,only ever seen the gold/blue with this style wheels.
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