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  1. Painting wheels is extremely tedious.
  2. Did you put a battery in it to test the flashing indicators yet? They are a great model. I picked one up for £5.00 A few years ago, nowhere near as nice as that one though.
  3. I've got one of those Merc limos too, Featured here atop my very own tat box. It's a hell of a job to keep Smoll Eddy out of it!!
  4. Got these two by way of a trade with 155V6. A Matchbox Ford Mustang wildcat,and The Mercury Cougar rat rod! Two perfect candidates for a makeover! Wotcha reckon Smoll Eddy? "Flashy rimz M8"
  5. Standing outside for a long time hasn't done it any favours really,but for a 30 year old car it's not too bad. I always find with German cars though that something will always bite you. Still I'm quite enjoying it's resurrection,looking forward to driving it again.
  6. Tailgate fitted. Quite pleased with the gaps,so will move onto the doors next. Shame that there's four of them. TBC....
  7. Still plodding away at this, The underneath has been given a coat of stone chip as has the floor pan inside. Filled the repairs and rubber the paint down on the door shuts. Refitted the fuel tank,I'm glad to say my repairs seem to be in the correct places as everything bolted back together nicely. Removed the sunroof and mechanism because there was some surface rust in around the drain tubes,no pics of this unfortunately. Also found a few pinholes here and there that needed attention,but finally I think all the welding on the shell is complete. Started to work on the panels now. The tailgate is first for attention. Some localised rot around the fixings for the boot handle. Surprisingly the one to be replaced was sound there,so these bits were chopped out. Also chopped out that large piece of surface rust around the number plate fixing point. Next rub down the inside,and fit it back on the shell,to check the gaps. TBC....
  8. That Prelude is fantastic!
  9. I know the guy that built that Cortina hatch, He's big into classic Ford's and owns quite a few. He owns a body shop.
  10. I'm still insanely jealous over that Lone star Transit wrecker!! What a find,it's nice to share the excitement on a find like that. Oh how we miss tat Friday's.
  11. I'd have an interest in the Matchbox cougar and mustang,but only if MrF4A Hasn't. 😉
  12. Today's antics have been just finishing off a few bits and pieces on the shell,mainly a few pinholes here an there,and cleaned up the nearside rear wheel arch. This had been damaged and filled prior to my ownership, it had been drilled to pull it back into a rough shape,then wagged over. Looking like a piece of Swiss cheese. Holes welded up and ground down,I had thought about cutting the arch out and replacing it, but there would be much to be gained from that,I'll spend a bit of time reshaping it,then fill it again. Also removed the rear hatch screen, Hummm,that explains how water was getting in,slightly on the fucked side.Think I have a better one in the shed. Splashed a bit of red oxide primer on the floor repairs inside. Will do underneath tomorrow, then some seam sealer,then a coat of white stone chip,then it's onto filling and sanding the body shell in preparation for a coat of primer. TBC.......
  13. No,just an amateur bodger. The paint is Johnston's smooth metal paint,no idea how good it is in the long term.
  14. Today's effort was this rear seal lip. Not excessive, but an awkward shape. I went down to the spares car,with my new toy, but it was in worse condition than my own. I chopped out a section anyway,but it was much too short. Only one thing for it,I'll have to make up my own repair sections. Because it's two panels joined, I got my spot welder out and welded them together. Then welded them into the shell. Ground down the welds. Then tried the boot seal for size. That'll do. TBC....
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