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  1. https://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/220439/vauxhall-cresta-van Sold this on then?
  2. The MF tractor is made by Matchbox.
  3. Think I have one of those vans somewhere!
  4. Don't beat yourself up about it. Stay inside,drink tea,surf the web, and wait for a better day when you feel like tackling it again. I'm lucky enough to have a shed to tinker in but even I'm finding the enthusiasm somewhat lacking at this time of the year.
  5. Don't matter to me,I wasn't driving the car,I wasn't driving the truck. The car driver messed up. That's the reality of it.
  6. Think I've had my moneys worth from this exhaust clamp. 😂
  7. Shit happens. Only herself to blame. She may have learned a valuable lesson and be more careful and vigilant in the future. Some people have to learn the hard way in life.
  8. If you can't merge with traffic on a busy stretch of road,you have no business being there. They obviously couldn't. Give your own head a wobble,if you think they needed special treatment to join the flow of traffic.
  9. Or,you know,the car driver could have timed his merge better,sped up and got well in front,or slowed and went in behind,the truck had nowhere to go,seeing as it was being overtaken at the time. Trucks are heavy old beasts and take longer to stop/slow down. I think this is firmly the cars fault.
  10. Fucking wonderful, The 99 Focus has now decided to present me with a fucked rear wheel bearing 🙄 Aren't old cars fantastic.
  11. I very nearly left it there,they are quite pricey 😂
  12. I found this today. Strange looking Land Rover. That's a Dodge Charger on the wrong card. Premium model too,never seen an error on the more expensive versions before.
  13. Completely terrifying. I never liked dolls,my two sisters had quite a few,I've always found them creepy. The dolls not the sisters......😂 Never liked action man either for that matter.
  14. New pump bought and fitted. Meat and Doria? No? Me neither. Comes with the plug connector though! All back together,and running again. Although that wasn't without incident, the car was lowish on fuel,not low enough to have the idiot light on mind you,but driving it the car kept hesitating and couldn't take but the lightest of throttle without losing power and bogging down. I nursed it to the local fuel station and added a thimble full of petrol ie €20.00 and normal service has been resumed.....hopefully🙄 X marks the spot😂
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