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  1. I find artificial light can show up every blemish,but outside in natural light they are barely noticeable. Nice to see it going back together.
  2. Plates look all the same after a few miles,few stone chips and a few squashed flies. 🤪
  3. Shell has finally been blocked down. Finally flatted back with 800. Wheels back on and back home to my shed. I was going to paint it myself,but there is a lad down the road with a small paint booth,so he'll do it for me hopefully next weekend....maybe.
  4. Another example of Smoll Eddy's wheel swapping exploits is this 70's skyline. One of my favourite castings, but let down by the wheels. Eddy generously offered to replace them with a set he had down the lock up. Looks much better now Smoll Eddy!! "I likes a bit of BDSM now and then M8" Erm......don't you mean JDM Smoll Eddy? "You have your hobbies and I have mine M8" 😯
  5. Same colour as mine. Hoping to get it resurrected next year,after my Golf is finished.
  6. That garage is cool!! Smoll eddy is extremely jealous, all he's got is his lockup 🤣 I found this down the market today. Sweet Norev Renner!
  7. ^^^^^Eddy is looking for the Dodge police car! Real Eddy not smoll Eddy I hasten to add! 😂
  8. Smoll Eddy has received this in the post today!! Nice VW eddy,where you get the money to pay for that? "Found yer debit card M8" 😁
  9. As much as I enjoy tat Friday's, I hope Mr Datsuncog stays at home and keeps safe!
  10. Rip it open and enjoy it. Smoll eddy has been busy again!!! "Resto mod innit M8!"
  11. Smoll Eddy had this beauty delivered yesterday. "She's a cracker M8"
  12. Smoll Eddy has been busy with his rattle gun and tyre machine again. This time a mk1 Ford Escort. Looking good smoll Eddy. "Pukka M8"
  13. A lot more detailed,but then it's considerably more expensive.
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