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  1. Ah,so not too bad then. I know nothing of tin plate,just what info I've found on the net. It was fun getting it to work again
  2. I'm actually looking for the Bandai large bump n go version,with the light up removable engine and working lights in white if possible. I had a used one as a kid,but it got wrecked. So when I spotted this smaller version it was like a tramp on a bag of discarded chips! Paid €10.00 for it,dunno if that was a good price?
  3. Picked this up last Sunday at a autojumble. Made by Taiyo in Japan,it's a 1960's tin plate motorised Volkswagen. Of course it didnt work,but some tinkering and a replacement motor got it to move. Gave it a good clean,lube and polish and it trundles around the table quite happily. It has a clever mechanism underneath that stops it going over the edge. I won't paint it as I quite like it as it is. "Fill her up please smoll Eddy" "You taking the piss M8"
  4. Another repaint, lesney Mercedes coupe. Painted with a brush,but now chipped again. Time for a refresh. "Wotcha reckon smoll Eddy?" "Very classy M8"
  5. Next under the knife is this daubed Lesney Victor. Fill of dirt,seen some serious puddle action over the years! Here it is in all its miniature glory,modeled here alongside the inimitable smoll Eddy! "This to your liking smoll Eddy?" "Very fond of the GM brand M8"
  6. Another regular wheels lesney repaint. "You like it Smoll Eddy"? "Very Rock n Roll M8"
  7. One battered,and repainted Matchbox Wolseley 1500. A quick trip to Eddys motors for a swift blow over. "Looks great Eddy" "Makes me look huge M8"
  8. That needs some red oxide patches,and at least one panel painted a different colour too.
  9. Here is a little oddity I found today. Looks like a Matchbox Mercedes,yes? Except it's not. It's a Dinky! Made in Bulgaria. Alongside an original Matchbox version of the casting. I've heard of Bulgarian made die cast cars,but have never owned one until now. Another addition to the collection.
  10. That 4cv really looks excellent! Love the worn through paint. It has real character.
  11. Are these an interference engine?? Before you go ripping the head off,it would be worth setting the timing and fitting a new belt. It may well be fine.
  12. Yes,aerosol. I don't have the patience for fiddling with an airbrush. I don't know why I don't use the same lacquer, the Halfords stuff gives a good glossy finish. Plus it comes in a much bigger can so lasts a while.
  13. Cheap stuff from our version of poundland! I think it's branded 151 or similar. Then finished off with a coat or two of Halfords universal clear lacquer. Cheap n cheerful.
  14. Yes,he was quite chuffed to be serving familiar old customers again!
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