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  1. I had to tow home my cousins one this morning,turbo went bang.
  2. Never seen that Husky Ford tractor unit in blue before.
  3. I've no interest in military vehicles at all,but would love to have a go in one of those Alvis Stalwarts.
  4. Out and about in an ageing Volkswagen.
  5. Wow,think I paid €1.00 for mine!!
  6. I wanted to modify the last Dodge dragster I got in trade for that Seat, but it's much too nice and original,Smoll Eddy threatened to pee into my bedside glass of water when I was sleeping if I did, so thought better of it! 😲
  7. I'm guessing it was just unused paint from various batches they they didn't want to waste,so it got used on the bases. Interesting subject though. I know you can get a mettalic green base on the Dodge dragster.
  8. A couple of mildly interesting variations on the Matchbox Ford GT. Regular Yellow wheels and regular red wheels. Never seen red ones on this casting before. 3 different colour bases on early superfast. Never seen the mustard colour on a base. As I said,mildly interesting. Smoll Eddy just yawned when I mentioned it to him.
  9. That does sound kind of appealing. Would there be enough interest in the general autoshite populus though?
  10. Fantastic piece of fabrication,Nearly a shame to weld it in!!🤣
  11. Picked up this 1/43 Burago FSO Polonez today,anybody interested in a trade for either a Matchbox Dodge dragster, Mercury Cougar rat rod, or the wild cat Mustang,in complete but tatty condition?
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