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  1. Did this Dinky CF as a commission for the guy down the Market that sells diecast on a Saturday morning. It was almost paintless and had evidence of being repainted silver. It was originally an AA van,and he wanted it yellow again,but seeing as I didn't have any yellow he said he'd leave it up to me to decide. This is the result, an Irish Garda van,or police if you prefer,Blue paint from our equivalent of Poundland, and a couple of coats of their clear Lacquer too! Made the stickers by cutting up an old phone book,covering the paper with clear sticky tape,and using double sided tape on the rear. I'm quite chuffed with this one, I really don't want to give it back!!
  2. ^^^^^One of my favourite castings!
  3. To my eye that car never looked that well restored in the first place. More like something Des would have done from a back street garage,than a professional job.
  4. Today's market find. M2 Plymouth Road Runner.
  5. Arfur always knocked out a dodgy motor! Poor Tel, he'll never get his wedge back now!!
  6. I always pick up those matchbox ramps whenever I see them,depending on the price of course. Although I don't need another set right now. 😊
  7. Leave it as it is,it looks great. Sometimes less is more.
  8. Bought this Citroen CX at the market yesterday. Repainted and fitted with more modern matchbox wheels. "Dull as ditchwater M8"
  9. WOW,that's a lot. Pretty sure mine are the same colour as those ones.
  10. Any idea what the seat cost to repair? Only reason I ask is that I have a brand new pair of genuine Mercedes front seat covers,and I'm wondering what sort of value they have.
  11. "Yer missin' a blue un M8"
  12. I picked this up today at a market. Looks really good for a reproduction. Happy to have this,nearly bought a rough later wheeled Dinky original one last year,but though it was too much.
  13. Shame you don't have an Earl Scheib nearby Eddy, You could roll that sucker in there and get it painted for$29.95!
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