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  1. Hammer a screwdriver through the weak plastic door handle gets around the locks on those.
  2. Does anyone else still remember the reg numbers of the unmarked cars of their youth? Locally we had two unmarked Fiestas, D816THG was he burgundy one and E661DNN was the dark blue one. We also used to have an unmarked Vectra C PO54NVP.
  3. In the violent crime novel that when I've mastered reading and writing I'll get around to typing up, there's a scene where some poor twat gets tortured by being slammed under the bonnet of a Mk2 Lotus Cortina. The pain starts when someone fires up the engine whilst someone else jumps up and down on the bonnet. The Cortina later dies in another scene when the owner gets a severe beating in a concrete multi story car park. The owner hobbles his broken frame behind the wheel, starts the engine, and drives straight at the guy who beat him up slamming him against a wall. Both people seriously injured, the Cortina owner pulls a Zippo lighter out of his pocket, lights it causing them to both die in a massive fireball. Another car scene involves two people disposing of the body of a dead call girl. They put her body between them on the front bench seat of a 1965 Ford Galaxie. During the drive they put the radio on and I Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles comes on giving them the giggles, miming to the song whilst using her body as some sort of prop. Fast forward to the 30th of January 1983 and the protagonist has been tipped off that another gang is about to break into the safe house he's stashed a large amount of cash in and throws a sawn off into the boot of his metallic red, Mk2 Granada 2.8i facelift and thrashes it down the motorway to get there. Little does he know that he's under police observation and due to get raided the following day when he's in possession of the money. On the way he gets stopped for speeding by a police traffic officer in a Rover SD1 who radio's his details in only to be told that he's in danger of compromising a major investigation and he should find a way to let him go. Traffic officer walks back to the protagonist's Granada and tells him that he's lucky as the equipment in his Rover is faulty and he'll have to let him go. As a parting shot, the officer pulls on the Granada's seat belt and says "tomorrow?" as that was the date seat belt laws came into force.
  4. As someone who was around back then I cannot recall ever seeing a Capri like that other than at the Belle View custom car show. Certainly a Capri like that wouldn't be a daily driver. No way would it be fitted with a 4 speed manual box either, an auto with a Hurst shifter would be more appropriate. Can't say I've ever seen a Capri fitted with XJ-S headlights either.
  5. I appreciate that you may not want to answer this question but I'll ask it anyway. Have you ever been offered the chance to borrow a car for a test but refused to take up the owners offer as you don't think it'd make a worthwhile video? I couldn't imagine a review of something like a Mk4 Mondeo getting many views under normal circumstances but if it had lived, a video of my old Mk4 Mondeo with nearly half a million miles on the clock might have been the exception. The super high mileage Skoda Octavia on another channel did incredibly well.
  6. It's slightly depressing how few AS members currently active know what I'm talking about with that comment.
  7. Autoshite 2012 called and it's demanding that you submit a picture of yourself standing in front of it with your arms folded whilst looking "purposeful".
  8. And while I'm at it (can number seven currently being enjoyed) what about the shifting demographic of YouTube viewers? I know this is a bit of a vague analogy but hear me out on this. Radio 2 has decided to position itself to play more 90s music to cater for its new listeners meaning that as a 52 year old who's nearer Boot Hill than Grange Hill I've switched stations. Does the same thing apply to what cars on your channel would get the most likes with a younger generation buying cars that they wanted when they were young? Do you think that a video of you reviewing something like a Saxo VTR would get more views than a 1981, four speed, carb fed, Escort XR3?
  9. I'm curious about something and as I've had six cans of Stella tonight I'm going to ask anyway. In classic car journalism, magazines usually put something safe like an MGB or MkII Jag on the cover because it attracts casual viewers. Does the same apply to the world of YouTube views and likes? Did your video of the Jag S Type from the Jaguar heritage collection get more likes and comments than for example, your video featuring the two pot Visa? Would going down the clickbait avenue of "DID THIS CAR DESERVE TO FAIL?" and showing a blurred out thumbnail making a casual viewer click the link out of curiosity work? What's the significance of YouTube comments? Why do so many content creators beg for viewers to write something in their comments?
  10. Surely you need to keep buying cars to keep your YouTube traffic flowing? A Daewoo Leganza would be a decent addition to the fleet. Failing that a Xedos.
  11. I believe this wasn't stolen directly from plod but from Quicks of Trafford in Altrincham.
  12. Merseyside Police Traffic garage. IIRC, @Pete-Mowned an ex Merpol RS2000 at one point.
  13. My much missed XR3i was originally purchased from Holland Motors of Southport. I even remember the reg but as I use it as a password on some web sites I won't repeat it here.
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