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  1. I saw that parked up on the Knowsley Industrial Estate and was hoping that it wasn't going to get removed by the council.
  2. I had a little game when I worked as a truck driver and owned a W124 Merc called "Keyring Upgrade". As Mercedes haven't changed the design of their complimentary keyrings whenever I found myself driving a Merc truck I'd swap my keyring for the one on the trucks keys. Childish I know.
  3. It could be worse. I looked after a Boxter for a "mate" while he was away for two weeks on holiday. 13 days and maybe 250 miles later I threw it in for a valet at my usual taxi valeting establishment. Fortunately the Kurdistan car wash valued me as a customer and didn't phone the plod when they found a loaded firearm hidden behind the passenger seat...
  4. My lottery win car in an Interceptor tastefully updated and fitted with a Hellcat engine.
  5. Isn't there a Fiat that always crops up in the background of The Sweeney?
  6. My old Chevette from Minder. I had no idea it was a TV extra when I had it although I knew it was ex Vauxhall management/staff car.
  7. I don't recall it buzzing its tits off at motorway speeds? Or being any less economical either.
  8. Now I'm certain that I've never mentioned this particular Mk1 Mondeo either on here or in my continued taxi tales on the dark wob because I've only just remembered it after 15 years or so. The thing is I can't even remember whether I owned, rented or long term borrowed this Mk1 but I do remember that it's the only Mondeo I actually managed to kill. All I remember is that it was a 5 door Mk1 2.0 si in a fetching shade of dark metallic grey. To be honest it didn't feel any quicker than the standard two litre LXs I had but the sports seats were nice and it did look good although for a sport
  9. So many memories! With regards to taxi usage, the Mk1 had the slight advantage over the Mk2 due to the fitment of a smaller stereo meaning the standard issue Tait two way radio would fit nicely under Ford unit in the handy cubby hole. This meant that we didn't have to drill holes into the drivers side of the centre console to mount a cage for the two way to fit into which also robbed driver's leg room. They were still a twat to wire in though due to the placement of any grommets on the bulkhead meaning pushing wires through to the battery was a nightmare. Obviously you heros would wire a
  10. Someone not a million miles away called Warren used to rent these out as taxis. One day to save money he decided to pick up the spanners and do a cambelt change himself to save money. All went well, the belt was changed and young Warren surveyed the two litre Zetec lump to bask in his mechanical ability. He hopped into the Mondeo and turned the key only to be greeted by it being locked solid. Yes, some dickhead had forgot to remove the camlock tool from the engine! Somewhat surprisingly the hardy Zetec engine survived the hamfisted bodgery.
  11. Sadly I'm old enough to remember when adding twin headlights to a poor XJS was common practice here in the UK. While we're on the subject of quirky US regulations, can someone please explain the logic and reasoning behind the federal 85mph speedo?
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