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  1. A little over two months ago I was despatched a job to take a 92 year old lady half a mile to the shops. She'd not long lost her husband to cancer and after being double jabbed this was her first trip out alone after he passed away. She asked me about my Covid vaccine status and I told her that I'd already had Covid. Curious, she enquired how badly I was affected so I gave her the honest answer, I had a bad dry cough that lasted four days and I spent the next ten days on the sofa wondering if I was going to die. I told her that to pass the time I watched Citizen Kane and Casablanca as I felt that if I might die then I really should watch those classic films before I shuffle my mortal coil! She found this funny and she laughed all the way to the shops.Earlier today I get the same job sent to me. I vaguely remember her from before and she gets in the back of my Hyundai. During the journey, she tells me that our drivers are wonderful and always polite. She then tells me the story of her first shopping trip without her late husband. She says that she was close to tears with grief and anxiety but our driver made her laugh and smile for the first time since her husband died by telling the story of when he got Covid and whilst isolating and wondering if he was going to snuff it so spent the time on his sofa watching Citizen Kane and Casablanca as he felt that if he might die then he really should watch those classic films before its too late. Apparently, his personality and funny story helped her feel confident enough to face her first trip out alone.I really wanted to tell her that I was the driver she was talking to but thought better of it. I quite like the fact that she tells our story to every driver that takes her.I'll always remember her telling me my story and what good it did her until the day I die. This little old lady certainly made my day!
  2. Redstone is a proper farmers Subaru dealer, no WRX's on their forecourt! I often peruse their pitch when I'm buying dog treats for Claim_Whippet at Wynnstay stores. When I was seriously considering the purchase of a brand new Mondeo a few years ago I went to Ford Pentre Llanrhaeder to see if they could get close to the taxi brokers price as I wanted to give a small dealer a chance but they refused to give me a price that was even close to being competitive.
  3. I've just noticed that Slaters have pulled out of Abergele like the did with their Ruthin showroom twenty odd years ago.
  4. Remember, you aren't a proper North Wales bloke unless you get excited seeing a Slaters Of Abergele sticker in the back of a car.
  5. It belongs to the garage I have an interest in. I've been asked to get it sold but I'm tempted to buy it myself.
  6. I miss my E36 318is. I bought it off a bloke and his husband after it had sat on the lad's late mothers driveway unused for three years after she died. She also owned a 1979 Mercedes 350SL ragtop that they'd just sold due to having to sell her bungalow. He was fighting back the tears when I went to buy it! Every other sentence he said was "she was a beautiful woman," and as his house was a shrine to her with old monochrome pics of her everywhere I'm inclined to agree, she looked like a late 1960s Diana Rigg. I think I paid £250 for it and after a set of front pads it flew through its test. It was never my intention to sell it but my traders insurance was up for renewal and I needed to send the broker some car ads to prove proof of trading. I listed it on Gumtree for the (then) OTT price of £895 and to my surprise a couple of Asian lads from Bolton turned up determined to buy it. They wanted to part ex an E36 316i saloon and looked genuinely shocked when I pointed out to them that it had HGF. Undeterred, they phoned me up throughout the week, first offering me £750 and then £850. In the end they made me an offer I couldn't refuse, full asking price plus another £50 to deliver it to Bolton. I arrive in Bolton at the agreed time and place, a hand car wash somewhere in town. The ecstatic buyer gets it valeted there for £6. When I mention that's cheap for a valet he replies, "This is Bolton, everything's cheap here, life's cheap here." Apparently he wants the paintwork shining so he can admire it whilst he's working on the doors of a club later that evening. At this point I struggle to keep a straight face as this lad if 5'6" tops! The sad thing is the prick managed to kill it shortly after he bought it. It never went for another MOT.
  7. Just £2200 secures this 320i auto. Fully loaded with heated leather and only 40,000 miles.
  8. Saw this and thought of you @Lord Sterling
  9. What time does this start? If the weather's OK may I suggest that we set off in convoy to Morfa Dyffryn beach where we can take advantage of the naturist section and chillax and chat nude together?
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