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  1. Right then. I have it on good authority that this is the silver Astra concerned. Not silver. Not P reg. 12000 miles on the clock.
  2. I have to say my 1994 W124 E200 didn't suffer any electrical issues at all.
  3. Fucking hell! Mine was ten times better than that and half the price!
  4. A 1.1 Talbot Horizon deserves a mention on this list.
  5. The last of the RWD Nissan Sunnys were a pretty shit driving experience.
  6. What size is it? I'll happily let you know what the cost price is.
  7. My home is a white goods graveyard. Tumble dryer dead. No fridge freezer lasts longer than a year and any washing machine I buy shits itself a month out of warranty. Place your bets on how long the dishwasher I got this week lasts.
  8. Nope. In the event of a pissing incident we were expected to provide a receipt for a valet and hopefully get paid a week later.
  9. Oh they have an escort! She's the one who told me.
  10. My taxi company has a school run contract that involves picking up a 13 year old incontinent boy. We're not allowed to put a bin bag under where he's sitting as it might upset him. His classmate that we take to school with him is known to freak out if he finds any dust in the car, up to and including grabbing the wheel to try and get the driver to stop.
  11. I had a Mk3 Granada Executive Turbo Diesel on an M plate as a company car. We used to source our fleet from Stamford Car hire in Altrincham and the Granada was a no extra cost upgrade from a Mk1 Mondeo LX TD and the Granny was seen as a bit past it.
  12. My haunted one wasn't. Although a lowly 1300 base it was ex Vauxhall staff and loaded with every extra available. The first owner bought it for his retirement.
  13. I had a Mk2 Cav that was only a two door. 1982 on an X plate IIRC. Allegedly haunted by the first owners ghost as well!
  14. I heard the same but in taxi usage they were good for 300k if maintained.
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