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  1. www.thedarkwob.co.uk

  2. Right up until they hole a piston. Anyone remember the Rover 800 fitted with the 2.0 O Series engine? Or on similar lines, the Omega fitted with the 8v 2.0 Carlton lump?
  3. I've just searched that Repoman on YouTube and all I can say is what a fucking tool. While working as a bailiff I seized dozens of vehicles on behalf of finance companies, to cover Rates and Poll Tax debts and to cover unpaid VAT and I can honestly say that neither myself or my colleagues acted in such an unprofessional way. That prick seems to think he's Lizard Lick Towing or something. Whenever I had to take a car it was either done very early morning at the keepers address or at a known workplace, in both instances as discreetly as possible. At least I ended that career on a shite high as the last car I took was a Citroen GSA estate.
  4. I'll certainly be watching that documentary with great interest. I might do some screen grabs and post them on the ALL NEW Cars and Girls thread on The Dark Wob.
  5. The feelings of a couple of whingers who seem to want to be professionally offended and incapable of ignoring a thread seem to count for more than the feelings of the OP and contributors who put a lot of effort into making that thread a success. I'm a second class shiter and I know it.
  6. All topics being discussed without shit fits on our grown ups forum.
  7. Being an utter fucking weirdo I have a thing for hand car washes that are located in disused petrol stations. Do we have a suitable thread I could post pics of these establishments in?
  8. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/ford-sierra/1330204615 Errr.. Have we had this grey grille Sierra yet?
  9. Bye bye to that CF. Will undoubtedly be crushed.
  10. Keep it simple. Fit a Nissan 2.7 diesel from a TX1 taxi.
  11. Good point. Will it fire on WD40?
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