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  1. I remember seeing some Middle Eastern students in Liverpool taking selfies next to a tatty 1974 Humber Sceptre parked on Bold Street. I think I can safely assume the students were Iranian.
  2. You do know that there was a Hammer house Of Horror (I think) story involving a black Capri II 3.0 S/GT that was possessed?
  3. Spent six hours today stuck in the house waiting for the man from my electricity provider to come and change my meter. After two hours I ran out of smokes and was crawling the walls. After the allotted time slot came and gone I went all Karen and phoned up my electricity provider demanding satisfaction only to realise that I got the date wrong and he's scheduled for the next day.
  4. Whatever happened to these companies offering car finance to the desperate and stupid sub prime UK population?
  5. This raises a couple of questions. Was John Wayne really a talented enough driver to chuck a RHD manual Capri around that rooftop? Did they use the Capri as a camera car for the chase scene?
  6. TRIGGER WARNING. Pic also features Prince Andrew
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