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  1. Anyone else follow vinwiki on YouTube? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCefl-5pmhZmljwZTE2KrcdA There's a lot of crap on there but several interesting gems. The valet parking tales are worth a watch along with the story of buying a Lambo off a prostitute.
  2. No idea if this tat laden music vid has been posted here yet.
  3. Even though I lived about 500 yards from a Yugo dealer when these were new I can honestly say I have never seen them in any colour other than beige.
  4. Funny you should say that as I had a 1991 Panda that shat its ignition barrel. I thought I'd bodged it well enough until the steering locked while going around a roundabout... Another Panda, a 1986 I think, dropped the pins in the ignition barrel meaning I could turn it to the first position with half the key inserted but that was it. I had to drill it out and leave the key jammed in. I also had the pleasure of ignition barrel failure of the Fiat variety while driving a 1993 Iveco. Just to prove it's not just Fiat who are useless at making ignition barrels, my E36 318is suffered from the dreaded 90s BMW key spin.
  5. In all fairness, it doesn't look any better or worse than the infamous Wirral Sana (that's still there!)
  6. Donating cars to the local Fire Brigade for free was my usual way of disposing of cars that reached the ultimate accolade of pissing me off so much that I'd rather they suffered horrifically before being fragged than me claiming £50 off the scrap man. Only two cars managed to achieve such status, a 1985 Volvo 340 GL 1.4 and a 1982 Phase 1 Peugeot 305 1.5 SR Estate.
  7. I used to know him. Back in 1993 he invited me to be part of a charity raffle scam called Kara. Sell the tickets and keep 50% for yourself and pass the rest on. I must say he did a decent presentation although I did politely decline. Mind you, when I was in school I used to walk past his house on the way home and there was always something interesting parked outside like an Espada and that was back in the days when they changed hands for the price of a Mk 2 Fiesta 1.1 L
  8. That road test is featured in the Car annual I bought. How much do the publishers get paid if you look at their content through Readly? As much as we'd like to read articles about Talbot Solaras they're something of a niche interest and to make money features on Daytonas and E Types attract the interest of the casual magazine buyer looking for something to read on a mainline train journey. With regards to advertising, if you had a DB5 to sell then is advertising in the glossies going to attract a buyer better than online media?
  9. While clearing out the house I found a load of 7 to 10 year old tacho discs I really should have returned to the agency. I might see if any of the wagons are still on the road.
  10. I always thought they were bland and shite, especially in ASTronic auto guise.
  11. I remember watching that on TV. I believe it was hosted by Nicky Campbell and Blue Peter and King Cinder sex thimble Peter Duncan was one of the drivers along with a senior girl scout. I can imagine them in bunk beds and him peering over with a toothy grin and telling her that it's only natural for her to want to see and touch his aroused penis. It's OK folks, I do have a solicitor to fight the impending legal action.
  12. Although I have no fucking idea how, a Corcel like this made it as far as my local area back in the early to mid 80s. It was UK registered so maybe the DVLA have a record of it?
  13. Any big car without PAS, even the Granada 2.0i Ghia lacked it on early models. Rover SD1 2300/2600 liked to depreciate. Citroen CX and XM had little used value. All big Jap stuff used to pass through the auction ring with no interest. Toyota Crown/Nissan 260 or 300C. Any manual with a Getrag 5 speed dog leg first gearbox.
  14. It looks like the green Astra was dead before its 11th birthday.
  15. The white corner shop was a Motorists Discount Centre where an 11 year old WTC managed to blow up the Sparkright electronic ignition display unit.
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