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  1. Back in 1987 my first job was working my Sixth Form holidays in a cleaning supplies company run by born again christians. As well as running a couple of Ebro (powered by Nissan) vans one of the partners owned a Datsun 140J Violet that was badged as a Plymouth even though it was RHD. 33 years later and I'm still wondering if that was some sort of Aussie import or he just nailed the badges to a Datsun.
  2. During my more idle moments this week I've been pondering this unsolved case from north of the border. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willie_MacRae
  3. I've been trying to track down a clip of a New Avengers episode where the caretaker from Grange Hill drives an early 16 that eventually ends up being stripped down.
  4. I think Aussie regs forbid the import of LHD cars for some reason. Apparently there's a couple of RHD Citroen SMs floating about down under too.
  5. Proper Yorkshire coppers piloting a Triumph 2500 PI(G).
  6. Hybrids aren't really the norm here as PHVs except with drivers of Asian descent who need a relatively cheap to run automatic because many of them can't drive stick. Since I got my Ioniq another 15 or so have been plated in my area. Very few people even know my car is hybrid and plenty think it's a Focus or Astra due to the somewhat anonymous styling.
  7. I've just woke up after dreaming that a truck had turned up at my house containing the front end and scrap shell of an Alfasud Sprint. I only agreed to buy the parts off the vendor for £196 a year earlier if he agreed to sell me a tidy example for £3995 but the sale fell through. The seller's name was G.A. Aspinall of Southport.
  8. My local Proton dealer (planning permission already in to flatten and a new Aldi built there) advised me to give the Persona a swerve due to parts availability and that was in 2004. My old taxi boss double shifted Persona petrols and they never went wrong. He refused to replace them with Wiras because apparently they have different engines?
  9. Remember this post I made nearly a year ago? Well yesterday I had a night time pick up from the local maternity unit to go to Birkenhead and back and low and behold when I get to the address I recognise it as being the home of the cunt mentioned above. During my usual polite chit chat on the way there he tells me that his girlfriend is having her fourth child which will be his sixth! Now, it'd be really unprofessional of me to have altered the meter to Liverpool tariff (extra £4) and passenger has an animal surcharge (extra £1.70) plus waiting time while he was in his house getting his stuff. Fucking. Worthless. Benefits. Vacuum.
  10. Well here's a thread from the dead but as we're nearly there I thought I'd treat it to a bump so we can see if anyone still here achieved their prediction. Me? Well I would never have guessed that instead of trying to keep a senile VW Phaeton on the road I'd be running around in a financed Hyundai that I bought new but I guess that's how my life panned out.
  11. Thank you! Here's a linky to my previous postings.
  12. Here's my original thread dating back to 2010(!) if there's anyone confused about the last page. I wish I was 40 again!
  13. Which means it'll sadly be swept away when he dies. Still worth a try though?
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