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  1. That road test is featured in the Car annual I bought. How much do the publishers get paid if you look at their content through Readly? As much as we'd like to read articles about Talbot Solaras they're something of a niche interest and to make money features on Daytonas and E Types attract the interest of the casual magazine buyer looking for something to read on a mainline train journey. With regards to advertising, if you had a DB5 to sell then is advertising in the glossies going to attract a buyer better than online media?
  2. While clearing out the house I found a load of 7 to 10 year old tacho discs I really should have returned to the agency. I might see if any of the wagons are still on the road.
  3. I always thought they were bland and shite, especially in ASTronic auto guise.
  4. I remember watching that on TV. I believe it was hosted by Nicky Campbell and Blue Peter and King Cinder sex thimble Peter Duncan was one of the drivers along with a senior girl scout. I can imagine them in bunk beds and him peering over with a toothy grin and telling her that it's only natural for her to want to see and touch his aroused penis. It's OK folks, I do have a solicitor to fight the impending legal action.
  5. Although I have no fucking idea how, a Corcel like this made it as far as my local area back in the early to mid 80s. It was UK registered so maybe the DVLA have a record of it?
  6. Any big car without PAS, even the Granada 2.0i Ghia lacked it on early models. Rover SD1 2300/2600 liked to depreciate. Citroen CX and XM had little used value. All big Jap stuff used to pass through the auction ring with no interest. Toyota Crown/Nissan 260 or 300C. Any manual with a Getrag 5 speed dog leg first gearbox.
  7. It looks like the green Astra was dead before its 11th birthday.
  8. The white corner shop was a Motorists Discount Centre where an 11 year old WTC managed to blow up the Sparkright electronic ignition display unit.
  9. Thank you! I appreciate that I'm persona non grata here but I want to purge my pics.
  10. This is the junction of Vernon St and Dale St. As the building on the other side is a pub that's been there over 150 years I can only assume that this small plot is where the dealership used to stand.
  11. 12 Conway Street has always been a dodgy nightclub called Sherlocks (recently rebranded The Platinum Lounge after a recent murder) for as long as I can remember although I was only born in 1970!
  12. This is where the Reliant dealer in Liverpool was. On the corner of Oxford Rd and Hawthorne Rd in Bootle.
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