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  1. Remember this post I made nearly a year ago? Well yesterday I had a night time pick up from the local maternity unit to go to Birkenhead and back and low and behold when I get to the address I recognise it as being the home of the cunt mentioned above. During my usual polite chit chat on the way there he tells me that his girlfriend is having her fourth child which will be his sixth! Now, it'd be really unprofessional of me to have altered the meter to Liverpool tariff (extra £4) and passenger has an animal surcharge (extra £1.70) plus waiting time while he was in his house getting his stuff. Fucking. Worthless. Benefits. Vacuum.
  2. Well here's a thread from the dead but as we're nearly there I thought I'd treat it to a bump so we can see if anyone still here achieved their prediction. Me? Well I would never have guessed that instead of trying to keep a senile VW Phaeton on the road I'd be running around in a financed Hyundai that I bought new but I guess that's how my life panned out.
  3. Thank you! Here's a linky to my previous postings.
  4. You need the Sana of beigeness to keep it company.
  5. Here's my original thread dating back to 2010(!) if there's anyone confused about the last page. I wish I was 40 again!
  6. Which means it'll sadly be swept away when he dies. Still worth a try though?
  7. I've always maintained that we're two sides of the same coin.
  8. The company I first started working as a bailiff at back in 1991 had a burgundy Yugo van that was bought for the specific purpose of uplifting huge CRT TVs for a company we had a contract with. Anyone who drove the Yugo was allocated that job as a punishment for fucking up elsewhere. Needless to say I had the pleasure of driving it after taking out two offside tyres on my Mk4 Escort Combi van here on Moss Lane, Litherland on the chicane traffic calming islands that used to be here. In all fairness the Yugo went like hell and would run up to stupid speeds on it's doubtlessly optimistic speedo. Only the thought of getting crushed from behind by a 26" CRT slowed me down. It's a pity Yugo didn't fit a bulkhead!
  9. I can imagine the prospect of you (AS staff) and myself (The Dark Wob staff) working together to SAVE THE SANA will result in several of our respective members reaching for the beta blockers before writing a stern letter to The Times to voice their concerns.
  10. https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/2456-kit-car-which-kit-feud/
  11. I'll happily meet you locally and take you there. IIRC from my last post on this the owner is a bit eccentric (not Richard) and hung on to it because it is his late father's last car.
  12. Wasn't Peter Filby a bit of a cunt in real life? Didn't he ban other kit car mags from his shows?
  13. Nope. A long standing member of high regard asked me to door knock him but I never got around to it to be honest.
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