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    On the hard shoulder in 1985 slipping Fuegobird a length.
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  1. Possibly the most depressing motorcycle I've ever owned.
  2. Ford always fitted speedos that massively over read at speed. Even a 1300 Cortina would nudge 100mph on the speedo flat out. IIRC my Mk4 XR3 company car would show 134mph max speed on a flat motorway. My early Capri II 3 litre Ghia manual would nudge 140mph on the gauge downhill on a good day.
  3. I think the final Manta's were badged as Exclusives and I've seen a few F plate examples.
  4. Scotch eggs contain very little scotch.
  5. And the odd interior shot showed that it also had a digital instrument cluster as well. They did have a real Daytona for static shots in the first episode.
  6. I used to see that Mk10 driving around Wirral until recently.
  7. Someone who owns a boutique hotel near me owned both a Noble and an Ascari.
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