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  1. Never mind, you can still buy a new Escort in China. https://www.motor1.com/news/499366/2021-ford-escort-facelift-reveal/ £11000
  2. The sad reality for the FoMoCo is that if they couldn't get someone like me, who honestly can't remember how many mid sized Fords he's owned, to sign on the line for a new Mondeo when I was out to buy a new car, then something has gone terribly wrong. I don't just mourn the passing of the Mondeo, I genuinely feel shocked and upset at the thought of Ford binning the whole class of family saloon it created back in 1962. It's an uncomfortable truth that even if Ford replaced it with the most perfect family saloon in the world our fake and plastic society would ignore it because of the b
  3. At the end of the day, Mondeo production lasted a decade longer than all Cortina variants and twenty years more than the Sierra was sold for.
  4. I distinctly remember taking an Alfa 146 to my local town hall for an inspection to see if it would be put on the approved list. The enforcement officer took one look at it and screamed "HOW'S MY FUCKING GRANNY GOING TO GET INTO THE BACK OF THAT? IT HASN'T GOT ANY REAR DOORHANDLES!!!"
  5. I'll be sad to see the demise of the mid sized Ford dominating our taxi fleet after its 45 year reign, other than for a few years between 2001-6 when the 406 became the car of choice. Watching scruffy Mk3 Cortinas being thrashed around my local area when I was an eight year old boy is what made me want to work the taxis in the first place.
  6. I thought the 1.6 was the high carbon lump that when even after replacing a blown turbo would shit its replacement within weeks?
  7. About five years ago, when my 07 plate Passat seized its gearbox at a set of lights in such a way that it needed slippys under the front wheels to get on the back of the truck to be recovered half a mile for the bargain price of £110, the recovery guy told me that he'll attend seven Passat callouts for every one Octavia breakdown. Technically, as they're basically the same mechanically, there's no good reason for this. Maybe it's down to electric parking brake or push in key fob issues? Does the 508 have the hand grenade 1.6 diesel engine? I have no idea where you live but speaking a
  8. Don't worry, you'll still be able to buy a Passat for many years to come as they're apparently a quality product.
  9. I believe it has bought in Toyota hybrid technology. Although it does have Lithium -Ion batteries, which is a step up from the Prius, it still relies on a CVT box.
  10. Sadly to make room for the batteries they've had to raise the boot floor substantially. The estate bit is Focus sized.
  11. Former star of Top Gear and Coalville Magistrates Court, Quentin Willclock gives his opinion. I really, really wanted to buy a new Mk5 back in 2018 but I just couldn't justify the overinflated price. Ford should really have had a hard look at pricing and pitching it at the Octavia market. When it came down to the choice of either buying the Ford or ordering a similar specced Skoda and spending the difference on a conservatory/holiday of a lifetime/5 Oz of coke/a nice new pair of tits for Claim_Bird it really was a no brainer. One can only speculate how much longer th
  12. I suppose I should comment as I've probably owned more Mondeos and covered more miles in them than pretty much anyone else here. I actually left my home one day back in 2018 to attend a taxi dealers demo day intent on buying a brand new 18 plate Mondeo. What stopped me signing on the dotted line? Well, firstly the Ford rep was a bellend and secondly the Mondeo just didn't represent value for money compared to an Octavia or i40. Spec wise they are quite basic for the money as they even lack reverse sensors, let alone a reversing camera. They do drive well enough, very comfy seats, punchy
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