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  1. I want to see the collection thread for the 205. 🙃
  2. After having to call them twice when they failed to call me, Kwik Fit have finally called me back and are sending a fitter tomorrow evening to make right. They don't know why the previous fitter couldn't complete the job and won't until he's back on shift on Monday. I think he's also chipped the paint on one of my wheels as there are several fresh looking large chips around the lip of the wheel, tapering outwards to the lip.
  3. Other way round, the second gen bB was a Toyota first and foremost - rebadged and sold as the Daihatsu Materia here for some reason. Though sold is a loose term - HML reckons that 586 manual and 281 auto Materias were the most ever on the road in the UK - less than a thousand. Amusing to think one appeared in a Top Gear part with an Ascari A10. Wonder how many sales that inspired?
  4. in News 24, but not much anywhere else. I've done sod all on my cars lately as they've just been working, so I've not had much to say about them. As I'm commuting daily I needed something a bit more sensible and modern as I didn't even own a car with ABS.
  5. Following with interest as my dad had a Diamond White 1.6 Laser when I was a kid. I loved it, but my dad never let me in it. so I don't even know what inside was like
  6. Valid, more like 1mm tread. But I bought it like that.
  7. After two and a half hours, and only managing to fit two tyres on the passenger side of the Type R, the Kwik Fit man claims that two of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S that I ordered wouldn't fit on the third rim, but there was nothing wrong with the rim. He's fitted two to one side and requested the office call me tomorrow to rebook and send two more tyres for the other side. I've been left with different size tyres on the back (225/35 vs 235/35, budget vs Michelin), and a brand new Michelin on one side of the front and a bald Potenza on the other. Car's not usable IMO (traction control would go mad), lucky I have the MX5 to get to work. Kwik Fit will be compensating me for this.
  8. Kwik Fit man arrived at 6:50ish. He's still here - 9:15. At this point I'm scared to ask.
  9. This spaceship I bought about three weeks ago.
  10. Was disappointed that you can't go inside the Shinkansen any more last time I was at NRM.
  11. Also, this came back from having the lower rear quarters welded up. Rear arches are like new now! Can see inside as it's still stripped out, they've done a top notch job. Can't tell it's been welded on the outside.
  12. Type R's getting a set of Pilot Sport 4S tomorrow after work. I've also ordered new front dampers, top mounts/bearings, spark plugs, and a washer pump for it, and popped out to Halfords for new Bosch AeroTwins (they were cheapest for them) which were fitted in pretty much seconds. That was the best part of £1000.
  13. I swapped it for that absolutely banjaxed Accord Aerodeck on bike carbs that I had, because it just wasn't selling, and I managed to combine the collection with a trip to the FoD. I ran around in it for a couple of months then punted it on as I didn't have much use for it, and I'd never intended to keep it.
  14. Up Marsden Moor bah'waterproof jacket.
  15. I completely forgot that I took my XJ to Chumley. I had a terrible hangover that day - I'd been to a house party warming the previous night, at which the Jag was quite a talking point. I slept on the back seat in my clothes, woke up, thought 'fuck, I'm late' and drove straight to Chumley, somehow managing to catch the breakfast convoy, at which point @Cavcraft started gesticulating wildly at me from his XJS and let me in. Nobody knew I had the XJ as I'd owned it for about a week and kept it a secret so it was bloody amusing seeing people's reactions to the car. I need another car like that at some point.
  16. In the words of Apollo 440, you can't stop the lock, or something.
  17. I have to somehow get an engine over Saddleworth Moor. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  18. Lion are shit, I've had issues with them on all the cars I've owned that came with one iirc. Worst one was on a 416 that randomly shat a cell in a hospital car park and was stone dead. Tayna FTW.
  19. The MX-5 and the Type R got oil and filter changes today. Both are pleasingly clean and tidy underneath for cars known to rot. The only issue on the MX5 is that the chassis rails are scraped to fuck as it's so low. I'm going to raise the coilovers a bit at some point. Type R was a mild pain, the sump plug is under a skidplate and the filter is a wheel off job. MX5 could only have been easier if it didn't have an undertray. Filter is accessible by hand and came right off. It's had a competent owner in the past. Pleasingly, the tappets on both cars have quietened down and they're both running smoother. Happy days. MX5 needs to go for an MOT when I have time, and after that the Type R. The Type R needs new tyres and front dampers as they're shot.
  20. That's class! What are the wheels?
  21. Been cleaning up the Type R today, clipping bits of trim back on, polishing etc. It's coming up really well - done a bit, but mate showed up and invited me to the pub, and it got a bit chilly, so I'll continue tomorrow. The folks love it. I'm already 500 miles in as I drove it to London and back yesterday and it performed flawlessly. I need to think about giving it new tyres though. It's not really sunk in. I saw it and I just knew it was the right car. I drive it, and it's like I'm in the right place, it feels natural. It feels absurd, seeing that outside my house and knowing it's mine. But it just feels right, logical. I don't know how I got here, how I earned it, and I'm pinching myself. But it's like I'm home.
  22. Sorry I didn't show! I ended up with my mum in tow.
  23. 500 miles on the R already. Nothing to report
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