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  1. heard a lot of that. It's spot on, doesn't slip or anything. Car's had an easy life I think
  2. Yeah, there's no chance of me shifting it for more than 1k - the mileage is just too high and there are far too many available on less miles. It's manual too so I dread to think of the state of the clutch.
  3. The mystery Saab has been revealed: D'oh. 9-3 Vector Sport TiD. MOT checker says 9 months MOT, and 170k. Is it worth 1k? Not sure.
  4. Pop-out window cars are TWOC bait anyway - someone had broken into my old Accord Aerodeck by levering one of the rear windows open. All it takes is one rear seat passenger that opens one and doesn't put the latch all the way back, and they just fall open. If you're really unlucky when that happens, you close a door and the window opens when air escapes, and if you don't notice...
  5. This isn't true IMO, especially of autos which are well spaced and have a very short first gear. The 'gutless' ones are usually manual D16s or F20s with weird gear ratios, like my old Civic Aerodeck where 4th served no purpose other than overtaking on motorways, and 5th was too short so it felt like it wanted to shift into a sixth gear that wasn't there. The 2.0 auto is a lively thing with a lot of low end torque, and the 2.2VTi is a bit less torquey, but very very smooth and not overworked - it just cruises along until you put your foot down, and you get kickdown and VTEC in short order. It makes for an easy going GT car IMO. As Liggle said the H22 has a low VTEC engagement - the redline is lower too, only 8k rather than the usual DOHC VTEC 9k. Also, yes, manual Preludes were always available, they're rare as they've all been driven to death by now - the manuals that are left tend to be in poor shape. There are a couple of ropey manual fifth gen VTis on eBay for around 3k. In terms of the fifth gen, I think 2.2 autos exist because the standard equipment level on the 2.0 was so poor - steel wheels, 130hp SOHC non-VTEC, plastic steering wheel, leccy windows, sunroof and mirrors, and aircon. That's your lot - and you can get all that in a mid-range Civic and still have 125bhp - and VTEC. Yes, there were a couple of editions towards the end of the cars life (2000 Sport and Motegi) but these only added alloys and a spoiler, maybe some side skirts. Nothing much inside. Also, interior colour was directly tied to paint choice and in the 2.0i, a lot of colours including green and blue had a horrible sandstone beige interior. Honda weren't the type to custom spec a car for you either. the VTis came with more stuff - cruise, leather steering wheel, alloys as standard, and most importantly better interiors - a lot more of the paint options on the VTI came with black interiors as it was more sporty.
  6. One corner has a badly touched up scuff, there's a dent in the leading edge of the bonnet, and some ripples down the rear quarter on the driver's side. Mostly intact, though the steering wheel was absolutely hanging: One rather interesting feature I've found is that the cruise control moves the accelerator pedal(!), and that there is a sensor above the brake pedal that turns the cruise off - you don't have to brake at all to turn it off, just wave your foot in front of the pedal. Really nice feature and saves you unintentionally brake checking people.
  7. Have fun trying to reverse it. (You'll see).
  8. EG Civics are massively overvalued, ones in a similar spec to that one go for about £2250 on Marketplace. I paid £500 less. The difference in insurance premiums was barely more than the admin fee too...
  9. They're class - had a fourth gen a few years ago. I'm fond of all Preludes. My dad had a fifth gen 2.0i when I was 12 - that's where the Honda thing started for me.
  10. I didn't mention the drive up or down, as they were both completely uneventful.
  11. I agree with mid-90s. Things work, you can fix them, and they're rewarding to drive to boot.
  12. Writeup time. I was offered this Prelude as a swap for the silver Civic before I'd even bought the latter. I'd pondered it, and wasn't sure what to do, so I left it a few days so I could get acquainted with the Civic and see how I felt about it - a Prelude VTi was a very fair swap, the only thing was that I'd been planning to buy a hatchback because practical. I was told it was low mileage, had bad paint but a new cambelt. Hmmm. A couple of weeks with the Civic gave me the following list of observations: cambelt, water pump etc unknown - there was a faded sticker under the bonnet with a date in 2007 and a mileage - this was shortly before it was exported to France so it was plausible it was a cambelt, but there was no evidence to back it up. The Civic Sedan's cambelt is due on age even though it's virtually new in mileage terms, and I don't fancy doing two. rear trailing arm bushes are perished knocking noise from rear needs tracking bonnet latch sticks cheap budget tyres - poor grip even in dry speakers knackered, and there are only 2 needs undersealing - thanks to 11 years in Bordeaux the underseal has all dried and flaked off occasional hot starting fault - suspect distributor ice blue interior will be difficult to keep clean no headroom basic seats are uncomfortable and have extremely limited adjustment split tailgate is completely pointless and actually a mild hindrance at times My knees keep hitting the hard edge of the dash when I'm in a comfortable seating position It's a bit gutless - it only has twin point fuel injection, not the multipoint throttle body I'm used to (it's possible to upgrade for +15bhp but I don't have the time) Metal sunroof - not to my personal preference (I like glass ones, and I keep the cover open usually). I just wasn't getting on with it, and while the gearbox was remarkably strong and the engine ran well, hot start issues aside, it just left me feeling a bit deflated. I messaged the chap who'd offered me the Prelude and provisionally accepted it. It transpires it was a car being stored where he and some friends kept their cars, and it belonged to his mate's other half. The story is that she was originally from Sydney, and while she was there she'd had a silver automatic EG, which she adored, but was stolen and written off. These guys had opted to surprise her with the Civic as she just wasn't using the Prelude (about 1k in the last year) and thought the Civic would suit her better. Anyway, today rolled up so I took the Civic down to them, and had a nose about the Prelude. Its story is that a gentleman somewhere London-ish bought it new in 1999, then kept it until 2020 when he gave up driving at NINETY NINE YEARS OLD. As such, the car does have some giffer scrapes, most notably the front bumper corners and the rear quarter panels, one of which looks like it's been dragged along a fencepost - only lightly, though. He took it to the same mechanic all that time and it has service history to match - in the end it was the mechanic that sold the car for the owner. The Australian lass then had it for a year or so, and in that time it had a new cambelt and ancillaries, which have next to no miles on them. Big winner. The Prelude has had some parking sensors fitted at some point, but they're rather ineffective, look daft, and sound ridiculous, so I'll most likely remove them. Inside the car is like new, with genuine deep pile Honda floor mats in black with a gold accent to match the black velour interior, and a full host of features: four wheel steering (!) electric windows electric glass sunroof electric heated mirrors heated seats cruise control air conditioning eBay special Bluetooth radio (OE radio included) leather steering wheel autobox Rather nice, really, an ideal long distance cruiser. Everything works, the autobox is in excellent shape, and the aircon is ice cold. We agreed on a straight swap, even though the poor Aussie lass was a bit blindsided (I'd been dealing with her other half), and I set off home. It's an absolutely cracking car that wants for very little aside a wash and a polish. The handling is superb - turning circle is tiny, and turn-in is eager. The car's planted, and when you put your foot down it just flies away (182bhp). VTEC yo is working as it should. The ride is extremely pleasant and compliant, while remaining planted and confident. Very happy with it, and it suits me and the driving I do perfectly. You probably won't find me sleeping in it at any point though...
  13. Once it's had a wash I need to stick one of the badges back on.
  14. Drove home like this as I was also collecting a Micra bonnet for my mate:
  15. I sold that via loserone, someone up that way has it now.
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