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  1. Not really as they're just facelifted Carina Es. Much better than vomiting your life savings at a K11.
  2. 2010: that one was my dad's. It's still on the road, somewhere.
  3. Packages finally started coming in today so in my lunch break I ticked a few things off. New rear wiper to match the fronts, a set of Denso spark plugs (89p each from ECP), both installed. There's a new oil and fuel filter (£1.29!) waiting to go on, a cabin filter, and some antifreeze as someone's mixed blue and green (Prestone?) and it's gone a bit black/dark green. New radio in too - it's nice buying proper stuff, as it fits like a glove: Alpine mechless, same as the one in the saloon, save for no CD slot and red buttons instead of blue. The dash lights up orange so it fits in. £45 on eBay, used but boxed and complete. Only been waiting since Christmas. I went to investigate the non-functional driver's speaker - unclipped the grille and a perfect condition original speaker is revealed. Pioneer, no less. Thought to myself, someone's unplugged this, and sure enough the speaker had a plastic clip on multiplug on the back of it that had been unplugged and wrapped in electrical tape. I've seen this done a couple of times iirc - giffer thing? don't understand it at all. Anyway, that's back in and working, and sounds fantastic. No need for new speakers. The passenger footwell is damp again, but I suspect it's done what Rover 75s do with blocked bulkhead plenums. I'll investigate that soon. I've got some new tyres to fit (aren't Uniroyals great value?) but I'm not doing that just yet as I need some spigot rings for the wheels - alas they're trapped in the postage purgatory that currently is Royal Mail.
  4. One of my Civics was like that - it'd been sandwiched in an accident and had repairs at both ends, to significant expense. Auto Trader claimed it was a Cat C but the V5 was clean.
  5. you've done alright there!
  6. Ghosty

    Jumbuck Shiting

    Fun fact, early Lancer Evo bits fit on these.
  7. Our hatchbacks seem to be fine on E10. The 5 series hates it though, and I daren't put it in the sedan Civic.
  8. that's been for sale for a good while - it was up for 2.5k. He must really want it gone. Accord Aerodecks are a hard sell sometimes, and someone's just been shafted on another one condition wise - a blue one with way more surface rust than was made out, and Seat Cordoba wheels (?!), that came up for sale twice in quick succession. It's a lovely thing but it's not for me.
  9. A very good mate of mine has that problem, he also noticed that certain foods significantly affect his movements. He's type one diabetic and never thought much of it - I pointed out to him that he probably has IBS...
  10. Speaking of transformations: In less visible news it also has new droplinks on the front, and a new thermostat.
  11. That Civic I'd just bought, and was supposedly running but EML on. Dizzy cap fucked, o2 sensor fucked, would idle but misfired under load. It's good now it's fixed though.
  12. edit: RH, but they're the same wheels just not Borbet branded.
  13. That pub on the left has three series Landies and a couple of Renault 4 vans in the car park. Bloody good pub too.
  14. Been away for a couple of days, 360 miles in the hatch and it hasn't missed a beat. 35mpg which is pretty good considering the EML's on for a duff o2 sensor. Thanks to a conveniently timed reply to a message I sent a couple of days prior, while I was away I managed to pick up a new bumper! Today I got on with fitting it, and doing a bit of polishing of the car too (but I've not finished that yet). Let's look behind the tape: fucking LOL. The bumper is cracked, hence the replacement. These are easy to change - a row of trim clips in the boot shut, two underneath, and a bolt on each side in the wheelarch. It was a bit dirty: New bumper on.
  15. Few from recent years: Granada 2.8 Ghia estate: was on an eBay listing starting at a reasonable price with no reserve but the guy actually wanted stupid money for it and would fuck over the winning bidder if it didn't sell for what he wanted. Went to view it and there were tack welded plates in the rear door shuts, bodged rear arches, flat battery, it was on TRXs, and generally a bit fucked - it had a vinyl roof which was bubbling away on the A-pillars. Was supposedly a 50k mile FSH car but this implied that the car did 8000 miles in the first ten years of its life, which smelt like shite to me. It's been on and off the road inconsistently since. S3 Daimler Sovereign 4.2: after a long train journey on a Sunday to view it, I arrived at the train station where the seller picked me up, and immediately dropped the price of the car by £250 as the windscreen had cracked while he drove off a kerb, ie the bulkhead was rotten. The car also wouldn't start and so he was shoving easy start in the air intake then thrashing the bollocks off it from cold to get it to run on the high pressure fuel pump. I didn't bother to tell him that the inertia switch in the passenger footwell had probably triggered, and left him to it. Even if I'd wanted to buy the car, he refused to take any money off me until he'd fixed it. I text him from the train telling him the bulkhead was probably rotten and he didn't reply again. MR2: trying to get rid of my shagged Accord Aerodeck and a youngish chap offered me a px on an MR2, and could tell me quite a bit about it. It sounded good, he came to view the Accord but didn't bring the MR2 for some reason. We agreed a deal in principle so I ran down to see the MR2 a couple of weeks later and I was happy with it, however it had an obnoxiously noisy decat pipe on it: chap says he has the original backbox but it's a mess, however he can refit it and send it for an MOT (he worked in a Ferrari/Porsche dealership, at a guess he was an apprentice tech). He'd done some work on the car himself including the front suspension, and while viewing the car I noticed he'd fitted one of the front top mounts upside down. He sends it to a colleague's other garage for an after-hours MOT on a Friday night - I think he was under the impression he'd get a friendly test. Anyway, the car comes back with a massive fail sheet, including several corrosion advisories, brakes, the dodgy top mount (a fail item), oil leaks, and to top it all off emissions, because he'd sent it for an MOT with the fucking decat pipe. He said he'd get it re-tested, but by this point I'd lost patience with him as he'd already messed me about getting it MOT'd (he'd had about 2 weeks as I was on holiday) so I walked away from the deal. That was in July and the MR2 still hasn't been for a retest. 205 diesel: seller was a tinfoil hat nutcase that was taking ivermectin for Covid and joint pain, and believed in all sorts of snake oil remedies and car bodges. Way worse than described - he claimed to have welded the car up himself but he appeared to have done it with his eyes closed, and there were countless things wrong with it like a door that didn't open, a broken headlight lens, putting my hand through the boot floor, Foster's cans littering the car, etc. Ran pretty quickly away from that one. 960 for £1k: after being the first to message about it, the Marketplace seller 'wasn't in' when I'd agreed to meet him and gave vague non-reasons, followed by radio silence. Civic 1.5 LSi saloon auto for £400: saw the ad on Marketplace at 3pm, agreed with seller to collect at 8pm. 40 minutes later the seller messages me 'sold' as she'd sold it to some Asian bloke from Blackburn that immediately relisted it for £1200.
  16. When? Six months ago that thing was on display in Beaulieu in a very sorry state.
  17. WINNER. New dizzy cap and a bodged o2 sensor, and it's back to driving as it should. For a new o2 sensor and a thermostat (stuck open like most D series ones are) it'll be spot on. Drives lovely, couple of small knocks but it does need a droplink. Radio is borked too.
  18. Already tried, it's well on. I think it's the arm for a 1.6 that's been forced to fit - the 'right' part is a different shape.
  19. It's got the wrong bloody rotor arm on it, I think.
  20. Not entirely sure what my dad's been up to this morning, but with a new o2 sensor from the parts stash, the car seems to be running a bit better - the white smoke has subsided, and all the fault codes have cleared, but there's still a definite misfire. Takes a while to start sometimes too. Ruled out the plugs by putting a spare set of NGKs in it and taking out some Russian made Bosch ones (not OEM), the leads are ok too, but the dizzy cap and arm aren't original either and the cap was full of loose carbon. The arm seems to be seized on to the distributor which is odd. Wondering if a new cap and arm will help.
  21. No, don't think so. But there wasn't much oil to speak of.
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