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  1. The real reason for facemasks is so that you can't smile at Londoners
  2. Aerodeck is more or less running - and pretty decent on fuel too considering the carbs. It's fantastic fun to drive, tons of torque and really nice well spaced gear ratios. I took it to a ~car meet~ today and it got loads of attention, people asking what it was etc. On the way back it started cutting out when I stopped at traffic lights and such, I'll have to investigate that.
  3. When life gives you lemons, add an E with some dots on it.
  4. This is how mods intervene on railforums, completely transparently: they edit posts in red and labelled 'mod note'. If such a note appears then a PM is sent to the poster too. I think something like this would go down well here?
  5. These are strictly show plates of course, if anyone from the DVSA or DVLA is reading.
  6. Not the only one, there's a white saloon one somewhere with the engine in the boot.
  7. I'd have liked to come to this but I'm gonna be in Southampton that weekend.
  8. Surely you can get bits from Rock Auto?
  9. @Fumbler this is the one I was looking at on C&C! Wonder if I should buy what it's replacing, the lack of MOT is a minor stumbling block though.
  10. It was a sales advisor job, it didn't specify but it did transpire to be a position on the bikes, and I think they were looking for someone primarily to sell and assemble bikes.
  11. Halfords declined to hire me, citing 'other applicants with skills and experience more in line with what we're looking for' - probably as I have no sales experience. They did give vaguely positive interview feedback though.
  12. Right - spoken to work and as I disclosed that I'd be off on FOTU ahead of starting with them, the leave has to be honoured, and as such I'll be going
  13. Well, the exhaust box came today. The old fartcan was the standard1.75" flange with a 2" mild steel pipe bodged on, then another adapter on the backbox up to 2.5" or something. As you can see from the difference in the positioning of the rear hangers, the new box is too long. A quick run out to ECP yielded a 1.75" sleeve and two exhaust clamps for £9 and change, after cutting about a 7" section out of the pipe on the backbox, it was a perfect fit. It's now on the car, and sounds pleasingly sporting, but isn't offensive, and the back pressure is a little better too.
  14. Well I found and ordered the carb seals after a call to danST Engineering who knew exactly what the deal with the carbs was - and confirmed my suspicions, they're Mikuni CV, off a Suzuki GSX-R 600 SRAD. They also sell a custom intake manifold for the A-series/SRAD combo that I might invest in if the car's a keeper. I asked my dad if he could pull the carbs off while I was working so I could fit the seals, well he did the whole job and reassembled it, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No pics of that obv, but it wouldn't be anything I've not already seen/done/taken pics of. I also noticed that the ba
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