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  1. Escaped unscathed, and both cars have made it home. That manual Civic is a real gem and isn't going to need much to be a cracker. It's had a series of caring owners with no intention to modify it at all - even has the original radio.
  2. Been down to Bridgwater to pick up this blue Civic for my mate. He's chuffed. Manual! 102k, was owned by a giffer until the mid teens when she left it in her will to her mechanic, who sold it on to prevent his son ruining it. A bloke bought it, kept it four years then his 23 year old son ran it for a bit. He's now upgraded to an E46 328ci so the Civic was up for sale. Top notch seller tbh. Saw the ex-HMC Chevy pickup going up the M5, as well as some legend A-framing an MG Metro with a Rover 45 😁
  3. NOT IN FIFE M8, another blissful 280 miles. Managed an improvement in MPG too.
  4. FUCKING LOL. That was up for £1250 recently, my mate almost bought it. It's been getting passed round the south coast like a hot potato for a year or so.
  5. It's bad enough from Manchester, I'm glad I get a day's rest there after I come back from Fife tomorrow. I've done Bristol and back in a day in an MX5 and that was surprisingly doable but hard work.
  6. Looks like I'm going to Bridgwater at the weekend to view a car with my mate as he's after a fourth gen Civic, and I've had an eye out for him. It's going to be his first car, he's been driving for a while and wants one as a modern classic, he doesn't need a daily and it's going to live at his folks' place. Bridgwater, in Somerset. And it'll probably be a one day affair. Did I mention I'm currently in Fife?
  7. I keep getting ads for the Ora Funky Cat. I'm not hiding them, because it's funny. and better than most ads in feeds.
  8. That's the spit of mine - aside 400cc, slightly different seat fabric and 16 hole wheels. Absolute steal for the price.
  9. 280 miles non-stop in the Merc. What a car.
  10. Going by the recent MOT fail, you either have deep pockets or a lot of free time.
  11. Filling up a 416GTI I'd bought off RobT, at the Asda in Poplar. I got in the car to drive away and the main relay died. Had to call the AA and ended up driving home in a PowerShift Fiesta listening to Booker T and the MG's. My mum came with me on the collection, she's never bothered again.
  12. Oooh, that Kidco Accord, want. Saw some premium Hot Wheels in a Tesco the other day, Jay Leno series. If money was a bit better I'd have grabbed some - one was the Tank Car.
  13. Pre-67, one of the earliest of the 4s. Good spot.
  14. I once had to wait SIX MONTHS for a £60 refund from Autodoc as I asked them to cancel an order, they agreed, then said actually it's too late, it's gone now. Refuse the delivery and it'll be returned to us. Spent several months going in circles at German customs in the tracking.
  15. After six weeks I finally got the Eunos on the road, using the spare wheels I took off the green car, and reassembling the wingmirrors. It's great. Can't wait to clean it up a bit and see how it comes up.
  16. Jimny is just absolute win on every level.
  17. That's everyone's question... I think there's some work in the hols but not much. It's a Mon-Fri role though and that's more than good enough for me.
  18. Is that a C15 Romahome body tacked on the back?!
  19. No idea why, but in my part of the world fuel's significantly cheaper than anywhere else at the moment. Sainsbury's is less than Costco even!
  20. Landed myself a job as a primary school IT assistant. Get in.
  21. Yesterday I posted an LS430 in the tat thread, being sold by a bloke at the top of the street. A while ago he said to let him know if I ever want to sell the green MX5. He's sent me a WhatsApp, he's sold the LS and how much am I looking for for the MX5? He had the LS up for 2500ono. That's how much I want. Fuckin' winner.
  22. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155349731674 Badly listed Acclaim CD! It's flippin exempt too which is a winner.
  23. that plastic Civic's flippin class. Agree that those bags of tat are a stupid idea, and represent awful value. Just sell me one thing ffs. those 007 cars are sort of nice, but they look cheap as fuck.
  24. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255921233346 This is being sold by a chap that lives at the top of my street. Good guy.
  25. WTF? You've shot yourself in the foot for four figures surely... tourer as well.
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