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  1. Nobody will be surprised by this: 1.5 VTEC, auto, 58k. Very nice drive, just needs one or two small bits. Paid 995, lucky Marketplace find.
  2. Ghosty

    '93 Mondy thread

    This is out and about! Saw it on my way home just now.
  3. Yep, LS in those! Absolute winner. Like that a LOT.
  4. WAVs take up a lot of space, you should get an mp3. 🙃
  5. Classic prices holding at 150/year for the sedan. Mum's EF is about the same. Hatch and Cav stand me a grand a year between them, though I'm going to put it on classic at renewal in April as with all the mods and it off daily duties, it needs better cover, and it'll save me £400 or so. Used to be able to insure anything I wanted for about £3-400, but it's more like £550 now.
  6. Corolla's a weird one as the Auris breaks its run in the UK...
  7. Door shuts on a mk2 Granada I looked at that had 12" long rectangular steel plates tack welded in place, with each weld blob no more than an inch apart. No grinding back, no filler, but painted.
  8. Ghosty

    New car day

    Oh that Type S! Good sleepers those.
  9. Ghosty

    New car day

    2.2s can be mapped to be Type R fast. The only 2.0 was the type R... a Type-S would be 1.4 or 1.8.
  10. Autos with stalling issues when in drive for me has always been a dizzy fault. MX5s don't have a dizzy per se but could it be worth replacing the cam sensor?
  11. Next logical step from cat theft, innit.
  12. 420GSI that, he's ended up with it back and it's for sale for slightly too much. Paul is optimistic with his Rover antics I think. When he says something's a keeper that just means it gets a slightly longer stay of execution. He ended up with my old 416GTI, no idea what became of that as it's been on SORN for the last year.
  13. No. Bubble dash cars have a K.
  14. The Cav is quite reliant on its cooling fan. It sits at 90 which is the centre of the gauge, but when stationary at temp it pretty quickly climbs up to 100, the fan kicks in then puts it back down to 90, repeat ad nauseum. Is that normal? Not had a car like that before.
  15. I hate going to supermarkets, the beer is always too far from the door.
  16. It's not like I'm doing anything antisocial either! All my cars are legal and I only work on them in the day. We have another neighbour that works on his cars as well, and he gets no grief, it's me specifically he has a problem with. When I cut all my hair off a couple of years ago he made a really vile veiled comment, now I recall. No idea what his fucking problem is.
  17. Curtain twitching cunt neighbour has decided to wage war on us for no reason, calling me and Speedy 'fuckin arseholes' to himself loudly, for having the gall to work on cars at my place at the weekend. We called him out on that and he din't have much to say but childish deflections. Had a go at me last week for parking a car of mine outside his house for 30 seconds to move another, and just being incredibly petty and uptight over nothing, just appearing and telling us to leave whenever we do anything. Even had the pettiness to pressure wash half the dividing wall between our properties a while ago. We haven't washed our side. We've done nothing, but we're being harassed and abused for no reason. Stupid cunt today said to me 'what are you going to do, go cry to your parents?' he's at least in his 60s, what a fucking belm. Needs taking down a peg (probably knows I'm an easy target) but need to work out how. I've had people fired on Equality Act grounds for less than this. I've been bullied my whole fucking life, I don't need this shit. 'Ignore it' doesn't work for me.
  18. I had a Volvo SC-805 head unit (Premium Sound System in 850s, standard in V70s) out of UPI for £15. They're Alpine units worth £50+ to Volvo people.
  19. Cav has been misfiring, and in the evenings on my way home from work it'd started stalling in traffic. Never in the morning mind... Replaced the dizzy cap and arm: the cap wasn't worn, but it was completely unbranded and had witness marks where the rotor arm had been striking the poles. The rotor arm also had damage where it's been striking the poles. A new QH arm and Intermotor cap have made a notable difference to the cranking and idle. I replaced the rocker gasket as it was weeping (had previously been replaced but bolts weren't torqued down so it leaked and contaminated the gasket), and also separated two HT leads that were cable tied together. Did that and some rear dampers, and discs/pads all round, and between that and some new Uniroyals and an oil change over the past week - seems to be running and riding miles better. Happy days. It shows clear signs that someone's been servicing it, but I think they've been using the cheapest parts Autodoc have on offer (unbranded HT leads, dizzy cap, and Herth&Buss oil filter - and some GM (Delco?) branded spark plugs that I'm sure Autodoc used to sell), and it's just a false economy.
  20. Haha, he's a right character is Brisdion. He's just bought a Carina II after he somehow snapped the cam (!) on his Sunny. That 305 is something of a landmark to spotters.
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