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  1. Finally actually got my ADHD diagnosis in writing after seeing the nurse at the clinic instead of the psychologist, who turned out never to have properly finished my diagnosis. Nurse was loads better at her job. I'm really fucking pleased, 'cause the check up revealed my blood pressure is back to normal (was pretty high in winter), and since Christmas I've lost 16kg - two and a half stone
  2. That's usually when I go to bed... what sort of things at the airport? Also ideally looking for Mon-Fri, flexible/rota working really doesn't work for me or my mental health. I've had an interview today, and I've got two more lined up this week - one for a trainee position assembling server rack mount fire suppression modules (from 18.5k but extremely local), one as a telecoms engineer installing VoIP phones (up to 25k), and one for taking deliveries of stock for a used car dealership (24k). Indeed seems to have worked out what sort of roles I'm looking for, and my CV seems to be doing alright - I'm getting a lot more interviews now with some customer service experience under my belt than I was this time last year. Given a bit of patience I could probably be on 25k - I'm currently on £10/h or just under 21k..
  3. Oh, and my mum's been diagnosed with osteoporosis.
  4. I've had very little to do at work recently, I keep getting retrained to work on different parts of the campaign I'm on (temp government outsource contract that originated as test and trace, now relief work for the Home Office regarding Afghan refugees). The work pretty much dried up at the end of April... for the last two and a half weeks I've done literally nothing at work, with no sign of it ending. They tell us 'just go on the helpline' which has no script, no actual purpose, and hasn't rang once in two and a half weeks (I have a suspicion it's set up wrong on my work VM, shhh). I spend the days working on cars. However I want a real job cause nice as this is, it does me no favours. Getting plenty of interviews. Got a briefing email through yesterday saying the contract (previously rolling 2 week, since May) has been extended to 22/8 as they still need us (?!), and if nothing changes they'll serve notice on 8/8. So I have a feeling I might lose my job soon - no worries, I'm already looking for other stuff, but it's worrying all the same. I've asked for clarification as the email was written strangely. We aren't usually able to talk to colleagues but since the work laptops have Teams, you can - a 60 year old woman I've been working with for a bit started talking to me as she also resented having nothing to do (I think she's annoyed and is talking to me because I'm not afraid to speak my mind about incompetent higher ups sometimes). However she's been retrained on something and the higher ups have kept that quiet - knowing what I do, I asked my team leader how much longer I'd be doing fuck all and the response was 'don't know, they're meant to be training you on more stuff but don't know when it's going to happen'. Lies, they're doing it without me. My new friend also told me our team leader is apparently leaving the company on Thursday. Not been mentioned anywhere else... we're already down a team leader after one of them mysteriously disappeared while being investigated by HR after I complained about disability discrimination. A replacement never came... With two down, that would leave one team leader that doesn't have access to the Home Office systems - dealing with about 60 people. What a shitshow...
  5. I bought these for something else, but they're the wrong size. However, a perfect fit in the new Civic, and an improvement over one knackered and one blown. Started to clean it up, and the ATF has had its first change for an immediate improvement. I've sourced a dash mat and the correct wheel trims for it, the latter of which I'm off to get later.
  6. These trims were on my sedan when I bought it (and I think had been since 1993). They'll do for now.
  7. Home! This is how my driveway looks now: Mum's happy. Car hasn't missed a beat. I've nicked one of the keys. It's a bit cleaner now as it pissed it down on the M6 Toll. Still needs a full going over though. To do: tyres - braking in the wet is an experience but fine otherwise change ATF - clunky shifts tracking wheeltrims (new ones waiting) clean heated rear window inop passenger speaker inop source dashmat and original trims service This is a permanent fleet member, to be slowly restored.
  8. Currently in Warwick having dinner. Car is faultless, just needs a wash and an ATF change.
  9. Yep, typical leafy Surrey. I spotted this MX5, registered very close to mine - and Cartell reckons, another Monza:
  10. Banstead achieved. That's the railway station...
  11. Hm, wha? cider? Morning. I'm on a train to London. No pics yet as on the way here I bumped into one of my neighbours that I went to primary school with and started talking about CVs. Also, it'd be boring. There is no defecation incrementation yet.
  12. MX5 diff no longer leaks - one of the plugs was loose. Got my dad to change the oil as I'd have just got EP90 everywhere. It's had the one new disc fitted to the back as one of them had glazed and started grooving, too. The diff oil has made a massive difference! Silky smooth now. I'm away to see a mate in Bristol next weekend in it. With the passenger window working, I've decided that the hardtop can stay on semi-permanently as the cabin has excellent airflow with the windows open. Besides, it's too big to fit in my shed full of mountain bikes. I'm on a train at 8:55, I should probably go to sleep soon.
  13. Auto Trader private sellers are generally good eggs.
  14. More things today. MX5's handbrake is a bit shit, so let's adjust it. Calipers first, then the lever. Ah, there's the problem. Caliper has been replaced and someone forgot (?) to put the cable in. Loads better now. In other news, I was idly browsing eBay yesterday, and I found a fourth-gen Civic hatch. Early prefacelift on an F, grey, 75k, rot free (sill bodges aside) and garaged most of its life - same owner since Aug '89. Showed the mother and she was rather excited - she loved my old hatch. She was a bit miffed when the coupe left - my dad sold it to me without consulting her, so she lost out on a car. So I got dispensation to bid on this on her behalf, as she likes these more than the coupes (and they're just cooler). And bid I did, and after successfully outwitting someone who was lobbing increment bids at it last minute, I won, for a pretty fair price. I messaged the seller, and she informs me it's her neighbour's car and gives me his phone number. Mum and I spoke to him, he's an old boy and it's his wife's car. It's all agreed for me to go and collect it on Saturday
  15. Collection mission time. Mum's happy.
  16. So I recently swapped a Civic Coupe, that I bought off my folks, for an MX-5. Well, my dad. Turns out he hadn't asked my mum about that and she wasn't happy. I've spotted a replacement on eBay that ends in a few hours - showed it her and she's very keen... More soon.
  17. They're a bloody good steer too for what they are. If I ever need a practical shitter they're the first thing I'll look for.
  18. It seems to be doing 350 to a tank which comes out as 40mpg... I guess the low output 1.6 and some free breathing helps that. Not done a full tank on the new tyres yet, mind. I'll report back in time...
  19. Window regulator time. Strip the door card off - unscrew the escutcheon and arm rest and it just pulls off. Unbolt glass by moving window up and down (I'm lucky the window was moving freely) to access 10mm bolts through provided holes. Window regulator comes off on two 14mm nuts at the top of the door and another two under the bottom. Winder cable unclips, winder would have unbolted (3x 10mm nut) but was MIA - turned out to be in the boot. The cable had snapped. Refitting is the reverse of removal, though you need to unbolt the front window runner (2 10mm bolts) to let the winder mechanism past it. With the addition of a new winder handle from a breakers, we have a working window. Took about an hour, the hardest part was lining the glass up with the bolt holes on the new regulator.
  20. That's just the M6 at any given moment. ¬_¬ A mate and I reckon the Sandbach area is so bad for accidents because it's halfway London-Scotland and all the drivers are knackered by around there.
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