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  1. And with 3 years over the use by date like Meghan they are past their best...
  2. When you get fed up of hearing Princess Anne had one of those and decide if it looks like an Aston people will say Prince Charles had one of those
  3. The only CD players fitted to the Puma were the 6000 and the 6006 cd multi cd changer (which had a tendancy to munch CD's) and both of them were silver to match the dash so must be from another ford.
  4. Trouble is light covered interiors show the dirt up 😮
  5. I was going to say that, I know EA is a West Bromwich number as my Mum used to work in the Car Tax department at West Bromwich before I was born and they moved the department to Swansea so she most likely dealt with that Interceptor.
  6. I'm no mini expert but with the red door mirrors it looks like it could be a John Cooper works edition which was quite a lot more than a standard mini Cooper when new
  7. The cleaner sorting the library books by size makes me think of the two Ronnies sketch with the library books sorted by colour
  8. I live near a private hospital, does that mean that I have to rattle some jewelery instead?
  9. No good sending them a deranged email as they will just block them your emails as spam
  10. They have seen the episode of room 101 where Jason Manford complains about small cars in car parks when looking for a space and they think they are being helpful
  11. Wonder if the rear wiper motor seized up due to water ingress?
  12. I saw it too - think it's a recently updated article on AROnline
  13. As work decided to move the office into Birmingham city centre means I'm spending 3-4 hours a day commuting a day using public transport which is hopelessly unreliable. I often have to wait 35-40 minutes to get a bus that is supposed to run every 6 minutes. The sooner I can get a job out of the city centre the better especially as my workload just keeps increasing due to internal promotion and the determination not to take on any more staff means I single handed do the it support for over 500 people.
  14. I had a matchbox mercedes convertible in metallic red I lost in the garden as a child. I remember going to Woolworths and remember getting a replacement one that was in a non metallic red that I still have. I always had hopes of buying a metal detector to find the first one but never got round to it and now we moved there's some buried treasure for some other kid to find
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