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  1. You're going to miss me jabbing him in the ribs as a 23 year old E-Class estate on sagging air suspension and with fist-sized holes in the front wings rolls through and his arm involuntary jerks into the air. You're going to miss the look of panic on his face as nobody else bids...
  2. Outstanding work Earl Triggington. Dunno why you're justifying not fitting a whole arch, that's a perfectly decent repair and if it gets the car on the road quicker, you can enjoy it quicker.
  3. Some plank on a motorbike on the M40 yesterday. I get "filtering" but going from lane 3 to 1 to 2 to 1 to 3 etc and squeezing between cars at well over 70mph ain't filtering, it's riding like a prick. He spotted the marked police X5 well in advance so packed it in and started riding sensibly. The occupants of the marked police X5 however spotted his postage-stamp sized black and silver plate, and immediately gave it a bit of a blue tinge with their lights. I don't doubt he got away with his stupid riding as they're unlikely to have seen that, but it still made me smile as they invited him to join them in their car.
  4. I'm very grateful to Mssr. Fowler and his Facebook check-in at Cannock as I'd totally forgot about this. Not only is Mrs Pillock tagging along but we also have small_pillock_replica for the weekend and he's up for it too. Probably aided by the fact he's now 16 and legitimately looking for a car. WCPGW?
  5. I can get it to Winchester w/c 16th Sept which is sort of maybe helpful?
  6. (Enable wheeltrim pervert mode) Ford had a similar design plastic wheeltrim on the 1988 Escort LX, pretty sure it was specific to that model, that was the same double square hole but more of them.
  7. Saturday and Sunday we went on road trips, covered about 600 miles. We were home Saturday night though to save booking a hotel last minute but as usual we really enjoyed the drive and found it a shame to have to head back. Then the previous conversation with brownnova about campers came up. Think we're gonna do it over the winter and have one ready for camping early next year. So much so I passed a Vivaro for sale at the side of the road, turned round and went back. Sadly it was £10k and more than that, a young lad on a bike came over and told me it was his dad's, and gave me a different phone number to the advert. Dodgy as. So, now have ebay searches saved for campers and will see how it goes!
  8. One for @beko1987 VID_20190826_150715.mp4
  9. Which Center Parcs? I used to live just outside the Sherwood one, as in I'd go for a bike ride in the woods and meet their security fence (and all the holes). They used to have BBQ facilities at their villas (don't call them chalets, they get well upset!) and if the shops are expensive, just drive out and hit the butcher's. Again, at Sherwood there's a Co-Op about a mile down the road.
  10. After chatting to Brownnova about campers today, I came home and fired up eBay. Some Ducatos, Trafics, sure yeah they're fine, OOH HELLO what's this? Or, this looks like a wonderful way to fast-track to bankruptcy.
  11. Went to Retro Rides Gathering today at Shelsey Walsh. Lovely day, great cars but made all the better by @brownnova and @Mrsbrownnova spotting me and having a chinwag. An expensive chinwag since I'm now looking at motorhomes....
  12. What random timing, I ended up down a Twitter rabbithole (probably via Hubnut) and onto your channel this very morning. Good stuff! Sorry for the delay approving you, being bombarded by Russian bots.
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