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  1. I'm up for this Oh, I went to it. It was lovely Five stars, would watch Deltic go back and forth again
  2. Mrs_Pillock is using the excuse of she was ill, hence the poor performance. I was quite chuffed with mine. Good game, good game.
  3. Because he chose a car that would break for many thousands of pounds so cost more than my whole fleet put together ?
  4. The S-Class was only showing a fault for tyre pressure, but tbh if I was selling an S-Class at auction I'd leave a Bluetooth dongle in it and be furiously resetting the warning lights as it lumbered through. That red Fiat was hilarious, I guess it's a bad crash repair as the wing was a different colour. But the boot lid was squiffy too, had panel gaps that would make a BL employee blush. V6 Twatrag actually seemed relatively quiet, perhaps that's just compared to the number of cars that were knocking their tits off at idle.
  5. The youngest is doing motor vehicle maintenance at college, and he's doing work experience this term at a garage. Sent me this photo today of what he's been doing some work on...
  6. I reserve the right to not get up in time, but I think this is a goer
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