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  1. Yeah, not sure what happened but I think they're like that for good now. Weird, eh? Glad to know clicks make huge
  2. They should expand to larger images but for some reason that's not really clear they've been saved really small. Do they pop up when clicked?
  3. Pillock

    Truck Shite

    This seemed to be more stuff that was being broken for spares. It was parked outside the workshop which made sense, maybe if you've got some sort of urgent requirement for a bit from a military truck they'll just whip it off. Here you see a pair of TK's going for it whilst another looks on, the dirty buggers. This had "Starts and drives" on the windscreen. I rather think not. Leyland DAFAid was a short lived flavour of fizzy pop, notable for an aftertaste of rust and hydraulic fluid. I believe this one is called "Reverse Cowgirl" This sort of summed up the day well. Whereas this summed up Crouch Snr's approach to just hoarding shit. I mean, who on earth is still running one of these and will phone up in a panic for spares? Royal Navy seemed to be operating on a different scale again to the Army Back to cranes means we must be near the start/finish line FIN
  4. Pillock

    Truck Shite

    There was some older stuff. Sorry, not too up on vintage trucks at the best of times even less so when it's perhaps something that was made for the Army or found in a French field somewhere after we'd chased the Germans out with sticks and catapults. Presumably this ^^^ will become one of these if you just polish it a bit No idea but it had a massive game of Jenga on the front That was it for the storage yard. Most of these were complete, if a little tatty. I say that was it, I didn't photograph everything and I've not posted all my photos, must have been 50-60 vehicles in there. Some of it was two or three deep and they'd taped it off as it looked like you'd get tetanus if you wandered too far down. Most of the newer stuff like the Leyland DAFs were chalk-markered as being sold from auction and a lot of them had "Starts and drives" written on too. Most of them. From here, we walked back towards the workshop
  5. Pillock

    Truck Shite

    You know what, I totally missed that! It fits so well.....
  6. Pillock

    Truck Shite

    One of a number of the excellently-named OSHKOSHes. It's like someone making a truck got their metric and imperial mixed up and it all got scaled up. EDIT: You fucking dickhead Pillock, that says Foden on the front. The WhooshBosh was parked behind, and even bigger Who doesn't love a good Dodge. Or is it a Renner? Actually now I see a large photo it's clearly got a diamond on the front. There's something really cool about military versions of every day trucks. Even though this has just had a headlamp repositioning and a dose of khaki it looks well tough. Well, I guess not in all cases. There were loads of these Leyland DAFs (So many that I didn't actually get a decent picture of one solo, they were like vehicular wallpaper!) and they just look.... gawky. But these. Based on a Leyland DAF cab that was everywhere on the high street in the late 80s, Scammellify it a bit and it looks well hard. Bedford TM Justice. Worst camouflage ever though. There were TK's to the Maxx No frickin' idea. Is that a French reg?
  7. Pillock

    Truck Shite

    Out the back of that bit were some more heavy recovery vehicles, part of the collection rather than working machines by the looks of things More Unimogs, YAWWN so bored of those (not bored of those at all, they're fucking awesome) From here it all got a bit Scammelly - in fact I think there was a Scammel Enthusiasts Group had made the trip, lots of embroidered shirts with forum names on the back. Goncalo had some port markings on it, not sure if it was a foreign truck or worked at the port. Cummins POWER CHARGECOOLED. To an 11 year old me that was the closest to arousal I probably got. Not sure where I'd stand on the MoT front if I bolted a frickin' vice to the front of my car. Didn't really look easily removable either, imagine that smacking you as it went past. Seen enough Scammels yet? No? From here it was into the military vehicle, erm, collection (is that a nice way of saying junkyard?) at the back [to be continued]
  8. Pillock

    Truck Shite

    Ok, here we go. For those that are wondering WTF? - Crouch Recovery are a local firm but they've had a series on Channel 5 (or one of the offshoots) called Trucking Hell. It's a little bit psuedo-drama but it's quite fun to watch what they get up to.... and it means there's a bit of a celeb following for the firm and some of their drivers. Must have been a good thousand people there. The day was held at the Market Harborough depot which I think is more for their military vehicle sales - the recovery depot is a bit further up the road. That said there was a decent turnout from recovery vehicles too, but most of what was on show was the army stuff. And by "on show" I mean parked up in varying states of dilapidation.... it was certainly an Autoshite friendly place, had I know how big it was I'd have put a post up beforehand! Are we nearly there yet? Erm yeah I think this might be the right place. Mmmm, Pye These were the stars for me. I bloody love this shape DAF, proper childhood memories. The Scammel was the first of many, many Scammels. Both are in service but not used a lot, I guess what once was one of the most powerful trucks on the road is now merely average. This also set the scene for the amount of rusty shite we were going to see. I understand that Crouch Senior has retired from the recovery business and just spends his days buying old trucks at auction. More than once we overheard "If I had the space...." from those wandering around. "Yeah mate, up the stairs, turn right at the DAF" Indoors was a load of Land Rovers, don't really know what I'm looking at. Deffo Land Rovers though. I do freakin' know a Unimog when I see one though! Also, quite obviously, a variety of recovery trucks through the ages. And Army shizz And a tractor. Then we walked outside.... [to be continued]
  9. Pillock

    Truck Shite

    Popped down to the Crouch Recovery and Military open day. Holy shit! More to follow, here's a taster
  10. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/burton/cars-garage-castle-gresley-abandoned-2849687 It's popped up in the news, which either means there'll be a decision on the planning application soon, or scrotes will realise there's cars to be stolen. It seems the owner keeps applying for permission, but then not doing anything and letting it lapse. It's also reported to be a working office, workshop and retail site!
  11. Pillock

    Stance hilarity

    Regardless of what the cars look/handle like.... it's absolutely well known that the German police take a dim view of mods like that. Everyone I know who is heading to Worthesee has been joking about winding their coilovers up for the trip etc, it's common knowledge that cars get impounded every year for not complying with the regulations of the countries they're driving through.
  12. Posts hidden on both sides. Less sniping, more shite pls. Edit: Actually, posts unhidden as I'll only cop flak for censoring things. Regardless, be civil to each other or STFU.
  13. Hmmm, that is odd. I kinda want to say it's a Tapatalk thing, maybe it's the TT version of the 502 error? I know it just stops loading when it loses connectivity so perhaps test it on mobile network and wifi, different wifi, stick your arm in the air whilst you do it etc. I'll reinstall TT and give it a blast later, see what happens.
  14. Mrs_Pillock works in Coventry with a few people still closely entangled in PSA... family members work there etc. They're all convinced that they'll have company Jags soon.
  15. Is one of those wins that you've ensured the dog will never need to go out for a poo again?
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