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  1. For over two years I drove a 26t DAF CF with the 12 speed shitetronic or whatever it’s called. Pains me to say it but I’d probably have taken a pay cut to have the same lorry with a manual four over four.
  2. Looks like a bit of an over-zealous test to me. Most places would remove dangly stuff from around the mirror or whatever without making a fuss about it, and I thought it was no longer considered necessary to advise on oe-fitment sill covers?
  3. Not a high number, but a pleasing one. Took this a while ago. The mileage on the Sorento is over 160k now.
  4. And so, part V begins... The 1100 in it’s new (old) home:
  5. Step #2 of project Heirloom Laguna is under way!
  6. Looks like I will have an empty car trailer heading from the midlands all the way to Penzance next week (probably Tuesday). PM if any use to anyone! PFA.
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