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  1. The prospect of no AS calendar this year is MY concern! Possibly not enough of a concern to actually step up and do it though, I mustard mitt. Having said that, I have a lot of photos of shiter-owned rammle on the back of my trailer. Perhaps I could justify the effort to myself if I could introduce an element of flagrant self-promotion...
  2. Not quite the same thing but back when I had my first Sorento I came across it’s number-plate-next-door-neighbour at Asda. Some time later our broken yellow Mini Cooper was bought by a couple who already had a working yellow Mini Cooper.
  3. IN: 1 OUT: NIL Non Movers: 5 December 2021 - Working: 4; Broken: 1 December 2022 - Working: 4: Broken: 2 IN: 2011 Ford Ranger Thunder STATUS: Working The back end of ‘21 and the first half of this year were a good period for Walsgrave Transport and I began to have ideas about putting a second truck and trailer on the road. When @ruffgeezer put this Ranger up for sale my interest was piqued when I noticed it already had a tachograph fitted, which would save me a good few quid over getting one fitted. Over the following few weeks, and egged on by @Inspector Morose, I talked myself into it. At about the same time I won a ‘cherished’ plate in a roffle from @Cord Fourteener, so that went on it. All it needed was the tacho calibrating and it was ready to go. Unfortunately since the summer, costs have been higher and business less brisk, so my plans to have a second trailer roadworthy have faltered. Still, the Ranger is proving a useful backup truck for when the Isuzu is in for service or whatever, as evidenced by this pic Mr Morose took the other week whilst out in the snow. NON MOVER: 2017 Isuzu D-Max STATUS: Working The Isuzu continues to be a superb towing machine. Now on 170,000 miles, averaging around 2,000 miles a week. NON MOVER: 2000 Vauxhall Astra van STATUS: Broken With the Ranger providing runaround duties, I have less use for the old Astra. When the wiper motor packed up just before the mot expired, I parked it up and cancelled the insurance, as I just didn’t have time to do anything with it. Currently still sat around whilst I figure out what to do with it. NON MOVER: 2005 Honda Accord STATUS: Working Mrs WoC’s Honda is still here as it just keeps going. Needs a wheel bearing and a couple of tyres. And a rear bumper if I’m being picky, after someone drove into it in a supermarket car park. NON MOVER: 1980 VW Transporter Devon camper STATUS: Working Our camper continued to be reliable and fun through 2022, though as ever, we didn’t really use it as much as we’d like. Currently for sale as we’re likely to use it even less next year. Terrible time to be selling a camper though and we’ve had very little interest. NON MOVER: 1972 VW 1200 STATUS: Broken Still in the garage surrounded by junk. Third year running for this photo.
  4. Maybe she’s a dairy farmer. Or an agricultural veterinarian.
  5. X54 MOA was originally on a mk4 Golf. I kept the plate when we sold the car simply because 6-digit plates are getting uncommon now and I like the symmetry compared with 7-digit numbers. Also, I thought someone might offer me something for it one day as it could be spaced as X 54M OA or X 54MOA. Not that I condone such behaviour. Now on retention since the Sorento was scrapped and I didn’t have the chance to transfer to my Isuzu. This disaster of a Mini came with the plate. The car is long gone and I’m supposed to be selling the number as it’s technically my wife’s, but I’ve not made much effort in that regard. V33 DJF I won in a roffle on here. Think it’s been on a couple of shiter-owned cars but I don’t recall the history.
  6. Nobody has asked me what I would like for Christmas yet this year, but when (if) someone does, I shall definitely be looking to add to my collection* of Motorpunk SUPER books. *one volume and counting.
  7. Great* for starting out as an Evri contractor.
  8. Had an excuse a couple of weeks ago to have a brief poke around the Sennybridge Training Area, and a blezz around the military roads up on the Epynt Mountains, near Brecon.
  9. I don’t think it is the Woolwich Ferry but looking up old photos to compare turned up this. Source
  10. Came across this today. Sadly it looks like absolutely nothing has been done with it.
  11. Came across this today:
  12. As you can obseve, my daughter is now too old for a perambulator, and I am fortunately too young to require an invalid carriage. But we were heartened to find that those fiendish horseless carriages would not irk us whilst traversing this narrow thoroughfare in Sheringham, Norfolk.
  13. Could the ‘Hayburner’ business model work? Needs a lot of paying advertisers though presumably.
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