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  1. Hey @quicksilver will you be there tomorrow afternoon (13th)? I’ll be passing through from the direction of the Field of Dreams... Not in a truck, sadly, but I might have something interesting on the trailer (not that it hasn’t featured on these pages before!)
  2. So, I turned up at the seller's house and he reckons it might start with a jump, so I stick the jump leads on. Success: It runs! But by the time I'd unhooked the leads and stowed them it had died again. So I reattach the cables and... Success: It runs! But by the time I'd unhooked the leads and... You get the idea. Nearly went through this charade three times before remembering Einstein's (attributed) definition of insanity. Noticed that the alternator wasn't spinning and furthermore, wasn't connected to anything that might cause it to spin. Oh well, better get the winch out then.
  3. I was quite taken by the plates and badges too! No pez station shot so have a trailer shot instead:
  4. What makes you think they’re incorrect?
  5. Yes, the Sorento is plated at 6.1t train weight! You're supposed to have a tacho for commercial use over 3.5t but checks are rare and many don't bother. There are lots of exemptions however.
  6. It’s paid for though innit? So if work is slack or he fancies a holiday he can park it up without worrying how he’s going to keep up the finance payments.
  7. Not exactly stockpiled, but I’ve just bought another one. 76k miles on this.
  8. Last week my Kia Sorento nommed it’s gearbox. I’ve done 130,000 miles in a smidge over two years. Odometer stopped at 188,000 but actual mileage now is 222,000. Engine is fine so I’ll see about replacing the ’box when funds allow.
  9. July 2018. An eclectic few jobs over the next few days: Lovely Mercedes SL collected in Derbyshire and delivered to Stratford on Avon. *** Reliant based trike picked up in Leicestershire and taken to Stourbridge. The DVLA database suggests the guy is yet to get it back on the road. *** The Mini was collected in East Yorkshire and transported to South Wales. Took a bit of faffing around to get off the seller’s drive, which was gravel and sloped away from the road. With flat tyres pushing wouldn’t budge it and the access was too awkward to get t
  10. How ruuude. Gove's old enough to be my grandad. Probably.
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