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  1. With all these photograms you are truly spoiling us. Have you had it running yet?
  2. F O T O E V I D E N C E
  3. Mine's a Kia Sorento, and a 4-pot diesel, so not sure how comparable they are. But in terms of general bullet-proofness, I'd rate highly. (Figuratively speaking, of course. In an actual gunfight I'd recommend a tank.)
  4. I got a rear view camera for Christmas. Sorry to waste two minutes of everyone's life.
  5. I’ve only moved two Ladas ever!
  6. Now safely at a secret* storage bunker for the weekend.
  7. Well , that’s not on. I would grab this for you if I was heading down the A34 but don’t know when that might be yet. I’d have thought another shiteist would be closer but I suppose it’s a cumbersome thing to transport and store.
  8. Thanks man. I found the pics while sorting through photos the other day and thought ‘they’d go well in the SNOKAOS thread’, then somehow turned it into a novel!
  9. In 2018 I was still working for DHL delivering into Network Rail sites. I had a regular run down to the West Country, via Bristol, Newton Abbot, Plymouth and sometimes as far down as Truro. I would have a night out somewhere in Cornwall or Devon and then go into Exeter and Taunton on the way back up to Coventry. I would do this twice a week, ie Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. On a Wednesday I would do a one-day run to another part of the country. Late in February there were reports that snow was going to be affecting the south west much more than usual, as I believe they usually e
  10. Yes! I though that too, although I didn't really notice until posting the pic on here. By my reckoning an Espada must be only a shade over 1m tall then...
  11. I’m lucky enough to have driven one of these, albeit only about ten yards onto my trailer and then off again. I’m normally a bit ‘whatevs’ about supercars and ‘proper’ classics as I know I will never afford one, but I was quite taken by the Espada. I could see myself smoking around in one, (wrongly) thinking I look awesome.
  12. PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR A CRAPPY CALENDAR PURPLE MONKEY DISHWATER ORNAMENT FAKE LOL DOLL: 1; barefoot 2; Craig the Princess 3; Sickboy 4; Rob88h 5: KruJoe 6: Fumbler 7: worldofceri 8:
  13. Yes. (Although I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes...) Happy to help if required; pm sent.
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