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  2. Steady on Si, don’t over-egg the pudding. But seriously, give me a shout if I could help!
  3. Crikey, a Samara in the wild! Meanwhile, have a fuzzy Sierra:
  4. I am indeed in Cov, thanks @loserone. Throw me some details via pm if you like and I can let you know the cost. Could go and have a look at it for you in advance too, potentially save you a wasted trip.
  5. I was in Derby today with ten minutes to kill. So how about a ‘then and now’? ca. 1987: November 2019: Can’t quite get the same angle as the trees have grown so you can’t stand any further up the bank. Also the original photographer had a better zoom lens than my phone!
  6. I took this photo a month ago. Still hasn’t moved. Taxed, but out of mot for nearly a year.
  7. For over two years I drove a 26t DAF CF with the 12 speed shitetronic or whatever it’s called. Pains me to say it but I’d probably have taken a pay cut to have the same lorry with a manual four over four.
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