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  1. Briefly puzzled there. I thought you’d photoshopped a different plate on the pic I sent you!
  2. There’s a layby not far from me where I often see his trailer parked up. Seems an odd thing to do but I’ve spotted it a few times lately but never with the unit in attendance.
  3. What’s the payload on it @scruff out of interest? And can you run at 40t what with having 5 axles?
  4. Collection photos may be of interest to @motorpunk…
  5. Giving me the jells this thread, even though I’ve got my own T25 on the drive that I’ve barely driven since September. I think getting off my arse and fitting a diesel heater would help my enthusiasm.
  6. I imagine there’s a big ol’ removable engine cover inside the cab. Side hatch would be just for checking/topping up levels I’d have thought.
  7. Sadly not, as my insurance won’t cover it. I can seek assistance however, it you PM me some details.
  8. worldofceri


    This car has the most effective reversing lamp of any vehicle I’ve ever attempted to reverse in the pitch dark. BAR NONE.
  9. I think he was just relieved I didn’t feck straight off when it became apparent his neighbour had parked across the front of his lock up, and then gone out!
  10. Good to meet you, Soundwave. Sorry it was brief. The Gooner looks pretty tidy. You can tell it’s been in a lock up when not in use over the last twenty odd years.
  11. That’s impressive, and reminds me I saw a trailer with the international code KZ (Kazakhstan) a week or so ago. Sadly, it was being hauled by an eastern European unit (I think Lithuanian but couldn’t see the plate properly). I’ve seen two or three Moroccan outfits in the last couple of weeks as well. I wonder if the container shortage has made longer overland journeys relatively more viable of late?
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