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  1. What does the ‘other’ V40 need to get back on the road?
  2. Nice to meet you @reb. Thanks for the coffee. Kept me going through the snow on the M74! Now to brave the A66…
  3. On the loading bay door at the city centre Sainsbury’s in Sheffield was (maybe still is) carved, in pretty big letters, “OPEN NOW FUCKERS OR U GET SUM OF THE DRIVER”. [sic] Always used to make me chuckle. Ironically I never used to have to wait long there compared with some other supermarkets. Shame I never had a camera on my phone in those days.
  4. Does the front of the trailer have windows?
  5. Lovely* MAN spotted today in Gibraltar.
  6. Spotted today in Gibraltar. SEAT (LICENCIA FIAT)
  7. An ERF I did see today:
  8. Kia branded double din CD radio. Free + postage or collect from Coventry.
  9. Golf mk4 & Bedford CF Haynes. Free + postage or collect from Coventry.
  10. It's not often Yorkshire is mistaken for Africa in a photograph. Though most of the equipment coming out of there doesn't stay in the UK for very much longer, so the scenes in Zimbabwe are probably quite similar tbf.
  11. August 2018. The last week of August and first job was a lengthy trip from Chesterfield to Sussex with this little Riley 1500. Despite what you might imagine from the picture, it did actually start and drive fairly well. Took me a few attempts to get it going at the delivery point – my inexperience with manual chokes showing itself – but got there in the end. The following day I went up to another machinery auction. This time the massive Euro Auctions site near Goole in East Yorkshire. This was a repeat booking from the chap with the all-terrain forklift from a couple of pages back. Two trenching machines were lifted on by the staff at Euro Auctions, but strapping them securely was a little bit of a challenge… Mental note made to buy a few extra straps. Having dropped the machinery in Middlesex, I headed straight out to Norfolk and the next task. This was a 7 series BMW in E38 flavour. By the time I reached the coastal village of Walcott, it was early evening and I car-camped in the quiet of the Norfolk countryside. The following morning I arrived to a cup of coffee and an apology: The BMW in question was still blocked in by a static caravan, that they hadn’t been able to move for reasons I now forget. As the BMW didn’t drive, I needed the space to get the trailer right up to it, so the Sorento stepped up and got the old ‘van out of the way. The E38 was apparently of a very unusual spec, having been used previously by the security services. The seller reckoned the windows may be bullet-proof and there was evidence of additional lights, radios etc having been fitted in a past life. I was concerned what effect this may have had on the weight, but as ever, the Kia had no issues with it. I had a slight mishap as I tuned out of the guy’s yard. A wide turn was necessary to ensure the trailer cleared the walled entrance, and as I brushed beneath a small apple tree, a branch snapped the aerial in two. I never did fix it. The BMW’s buyer was on the other side of the country, in Bridgwater, Somerset. A long trip, thankfully uneventful. Final trip of the week was to take a Defender 90 from Bedfordshire up to Keighley, West Yorkshire. Looks a bit wonky on the trailer with one flat tyre, but no point in pumping it up as, if it had gone down again in transit, the strap on that wheel would’ve gone slack.
  12. August 2018. The next two jobs were a lesson in why not to offer ‘backload’ prices on Shiply. I had a Citroen Picasso to take up to Oldham, which I planned to do on the way to pick up the Range Rover, and a Skoda to take over to West Wales, planned as an outbound job when picking up the Bentley. For various reasons dates couldn’t be aligned, so to make the best of the situation, I headed out to do the Picasso and the Skoda on the same (long) day. An early start saw me collect the Octavia from a main dealer near Cannock and a pleasant drive over to the west coast, to an independent garage near Caernarfon. Heading back towards England, I the Citroen was to be collected from a private address in Mold. The guy had bought the car a couple of weeks prior, from a bomb-site car dealer in Oldham. Due to developing sundry electrical problems the dealer had agreed to accept the car back. Regrettably, in my haste to reach the pick-up point, I managed to run into the back of someone entering a roundabout. Classic case of three lanes of traffic going for a gap, except the one ditherer in front of me who hits the brakes. Flippin’ facepalm. There didn’t seem to be a lot of damage from the Sorento-Polo interface, so I didn’t expect any comeback. Unfortunately the older lady in the (leased) VW was on first name terms with the staff at the main dealer’s bodyshop, and she took it straight round for a quote. Turned out there was genuinely a bit of damage to the bumper (of the sort that an ASer would not even notice in ten years of ownership). Following a week or so of wrangling, I persuaded her to let me send round a smart-repair chap who halved the cost of the fix. I wasn’t going to involve my insurance at this point in my career, but it certainly wiped out my profit for the week. Anyway, back to the Picasso, which I was warned may be a non starter. Luckily it did start, but I made sure to leave the (auto) gearbox in neutral and the (electric) handbrake off when on the trailer – I wasn’t about to risk not being able to roll it off again. Four 5 ton straps will hold a car solid on the bed, no bother! Not many photos of this one due to my flusterment following the preceding rta. When I eventually reached Oldham, the car started fine and everything worked perfectly, so I beat a hasty retreat whilst the lads scratched their heads over why the vehicle had been sent back to them.
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