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  1. Not Plastic Pig Del Boy Robin Reliant [sic]
  2. Ahem! Photo credit? 👀😉😁
  3. On a recent visit to a yard I deliver to from time to time, I was surprised to see this thing had appeared. Clearly someone’s ‘overland’ camper project. I had to take a photo because it reminded me of a picture I have of my dad, taken in 1976 at Harewood Hillclimb. Comparing the two pictures, the bodywork looks identical; The running gear clearly not. @Inspector Morose tells me several of these were built for the RAF, but I do still wonder if it’s the same one,
  4. Had a bit of spare time this afternoon so I gave my mother’s Clio a quick wash and vacuum. She’s had it since new and it’s done fewer than 38k miles. It turned 20 years old in July. The photos flatter it as it’s Pogweaseled and lacquer-peely af, and every panel is scraped or scratched. I’ve had a bit of a poke around underneath though and surprisingly couldn’t find any rust on the shell really at all. The front suspension components all look quite corroded so will perhaps need wishbones before too long (the strut top mounts already need doing). Back axle looks OK; Don’t know if they’re a weakness on these like they are some contemporary Peugeots? Whenever these are mentioned or come up for sale there always seem to be comments along the lines of mayo under the oil cap. Surprisingly, given the low mileage and the amount of time it sits around doing nothing, this one has never suffered from it. I use it occasionally and it still drives pretty much like new. I don’t really like driving it, mind you, as it’s slow and I find the upright driving position annoying. My son is 15 now and, although she hasn’t said anything yet, I think my mother might give up driving in a couple of year’s time and let him have it.
  5. I’ve fawned over a lot of rods in magazines and at shows over the years but that is just about perfect. Steel or ‘glass?
  6. Thanks, I’ll get these out later in the week as I’m away now until Tuesday night.
  7. Stickers now in the post for @grogee, @AnnoyingPentium, @New POD, @Spiny Norman, @EyesWeldedShut, @reb, @louiepj, @davehedgehog31, @Datsuncog, @dozeydustman & @Tenmil Socket.
  8. PayPal link is in the first post. If you need bank transfer details, PM me. Thanks for the orders so far. Will get them n the post tomorrow.
  9. Yes, they are external-mount like a traditional GB UK sticker.
  10. ...Actually, they never went out of stock. When the last lot ran out, several years ago, I ordered some more. Then promptly put them on a shelf and forgot about them. These are the internationally recognised symbol of the shite car community and essential for all domestic and foreign road trips. Guaranteed* to get you off all made-up fines from the Bosnian Traffic Polis. They measure about 125mm x 88mm and were professionally made by professional sticker-making artisans. They are £1.50 each including UK 2nd class postage. For international postage rates please ask. Should you wish to purchase, please send funds plus your real name and address by PayPal (friends and family appreciated but not compulsory). paypal.me/worldofceri OR: PM for bank transfer details. NB: Please don't send monies to my Walsgrave Transport account, as I know some serial tat-buying addicts will have those details saved. First come, first served. If they sell out, please bear with me while I order some more then forget about them for three years. E&OE. Please allow 28 months for delivery. Your statutory rights are disregarded. *Except in Bosnia.
  11. I used to do two nights out a week in a 63 plate CF. It only had the standard height cab though, so I couldn’t even sit up on the bunk, let alone stand up.
  12. Badabing-badabing-badabing-badabing… Still ringing in my ears and it’s over five years since I’ve driven one
  13. Tried to get a shot of this immaculate Dodge six-legger earlier as it trundled past, but all I managed was a close up of one of ol’ Robbie Bosch’s finest wiper blades.
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