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  1. I can't get the insurance to go international unfortunately. There's a chance this may change when I renew in June but I doubt it tbh. If you want it shipped it would probably be more cost effective if you can find someone who does regular trips with a multi-car transporter. I can ask around if you like. Alternatively, if you can somehow get it onto a ferry, I can collect from any port. Good luck!
  2. Probably one for Wingzzz given the locations but give me a shout if I can help. I've not done a Princess before, so to speak...
  3. Suspect a fly-tipping fail here. This minging Transit appeared at the height of the storms and floods. It’s now axle-deep in solid ground.
  4. Further to other replies, urban artics - as they’re sometimes known - are more manoeuvrable in certain respects than a rigid with the same load volume. I used to deliver to shops with an 18t rigid. Occasionally I’d be told off for reversing off the road into a yard: “The risk assessment says you have to drive in and turn in the yard!” “Yes, but your risk assessment is for an artic which can screw around in it’s own length. There’s no way I can turn in here, and you’ll be waiting a long time for your stuff if you want us to come with in artic as we only have two to cover half the country!”
  5. What horrendous news. My deepest sympathies to his family. I met him once at Cholmondeley and we chatted about Saabs and Volvos. He’ll be sorely missed.
  6. Thanks @Mrs6C Yes, I’m not far from your neck of the woods. Drop me a message with details if you like; I should be able to move it for you without drama.
  7. Haha yes. I grew up to the smell of biscuits!
  8. This photo made me do a triple-take. I know exactly where it is, although I haven’t been there for donkey’s years. My childhood best friend lived next door.
  9. Thanks @SiC I’ve seen the stories circulating about the guy/s apparently stealing cars from unsuspecting Shiply customers. The problem is that everyone assumes (wrongly) that Shiply have vetted the transporters on their site. I think you have to provide evidence of your address, but that’s about it. Shiply do not give a shit whether the people doing the work they’re taking a cut of are insured or otherwise legitimate and compliant. They also give zero fucks if you lose your money and or car/goods to a con-man. To a certain extent my business benefits from folk being overly trusting as I often go to pick up cars that have been paid for sight unseen. However I have no issue waiting the ten minutes or so it takes for a buyer to bacs the funds over to a seller after I’ve arrived and ascertained all is above board. Plus I’m more likely to be offered a coffee and a biscuit in these circumstances!
  10. Brownnova x 1Fumbler x 1 Craig the Princess x 1Garythesnail x 2Billybunter x 1Datsuncog x 1BL Bloke x 1Xtriple x 1Saabnut x 1Catsinthewelder x 1puddlethumper x 1Six-cylinder x 1blguy1975 x 1jamhowe x 2GM x 1Stinkwheel x 2adw1977 x 1Semi-C x 1barefoot x 1Supernaut x 1sporty-shite x 1dozeydustman x 1MorrisItalSLX x 1Asimo x 1castros_bro x 2red5 x1chaseracer x1garycox x2djoptix x 2I_am_Diesel x1 (Thank you)agw9262 x 1Clayts450 x1RobT x1Vulgalour x1Fat_Pirate x1Captain_70s x1 davidfowler2000 x 1 Davehedgehog31 x 1 NewPod x1 RML2345 x2 scdan4 x1 cms206 x2 Cavboy80 x1 worldofceri x1
  11. Steady on Si, don’t over-egg the pudding. But seriously, give me a shout if I could help!
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