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  1. Yes. I bought it in the dark and only the day after I got it home realised it was absolutely hanging. Spent ages trying to clean it, after which it took five of us on a week’s holiday to Denmark without missing a beat (although it did leave an oil trail). I didn’t have the stomach for the suspension work it needed, but LS managed to sort it reasonably cheaply, I seem to recall. It then rewarded him with collapsing front suspension, and once that was fixed, someone drove into him and wrote it off.
  2. Mothball for twenty years to fund ministeve79’s first house!
  3. I won’t spoil Mr79’s tale too much, but I can’t resist posting this... Yes, that’s the odometer, not the trip!
  4. I’m amazed at how much you’ve been able to salvage from that shell... And at the speed you work; I received a picture of the remains loaded and off to the weighbridge before I’d even got home! Have another picture or two:
  5. I drove past Buckingham’s resident lorry-spotter on Thursday, but despite a friendly ‘beep-beep’, he didn’t take my photo. Fair enough like, I wasn’t in a truck... If it jogs your memory, @quicksilver, I looked like this:
  6. I did the coolant flange on my A4. I didn’t think it was that tricky to be honest. Possibly not the same engine. Of course, it failed the mot miserably about 5 minutes later, so it was still a waste of effort. I concur with the assessments above though; mine had been viciously abused (not by me*) and was utterly fecked, but still felt nice to drive. *actually, I did once, in the dark and the rain, accidentally slam it over a massive kerb. I thought the front suspension would be smashed to pieces - my fillings certainly were. But no, the Audi remained unphased.
  7. Crikey, that’s a great spot!
  8. Having driven this about 20 yards, I can say with absolute uncertainty that this will perform faultlessly when pressed into daily use. Have another photogram of it:
  9. As I got a free plug, have a free ‘in transit’ photo!
  10. Morning.could you give me a quote for transporting a Mercedes from PE22 8EY to ME17 4JX....both Autoshite members!

  11. Got home at 17:30! Twelve hours door to door give or take...
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