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  1. Spotted this beauty today. Sorry about the hasty potato-cam shot.
  2. I can be wherever you need me to be!
  3. Computer-controlled gearboxes. Not really 'automatic' in the traditional sense. Trouble is, the computer - unlike the driver - can't see the impending incline, and has no ability to plan ahead. Coupled to the fact that it's programmed to always be in the highest gear possible, and takes a second or two to change down... Then the driver loses points on his or her telematics score for using >90% throttle... Another issue that can catch a driver unawares is that the cruise control will suddenly cut off when the speed dips below a certain threshold. If you're not ready to quickly mash the throttle pedal, you can lose what remaining momentum you have very quickly.
  4. It's quite nice actually, and runs OK. Reckon it will flip pretty well, especially if he gets an mot on it. Watch out for it back up for sale soon on all your favourite old-car-buying-selling media.
  5. So, yesterday evening I got a call, “Hi are you ok to collect a Rover 827 Vitesse from Telford ?” Well, yes, I can do Monday afternoon as it goes. The buyer isn’t on here. At least, I don’t think so anyway! Could be a lurker!
  6. My wife got her parents this one for Christmas to go on their motorhome*.
  7. No job too small! I’m a bit manic this week but can move it for you next time I’m in the area… Probably a week or two. Send me a message if any good.
  8. In case you’re wondering what an Ital looks like and/or exactly how bonkers @Jikovronis:
  9. No no. The redacted car is not a Morris!
  10. @Spurious The Kia threw in the towel, sadly. Hence I am now Isuzued up to D Max.
  11. I am in Coventry and can collect it. Inbox me bruv (as they say around here)
  12. Walsgrave Transport, earlier:
  13. Oddly enough I was on the top end of the M6 today and got overtaken by an R reg Elgrand. (Or at least I think it was.) Made me think of you, naturally.
  14. Have another picture… The sun was shining over Andy’s Garage that day. Special mention to @Inspector Morose for helping out with the collection leg of the trip.
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