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  1. I'm surprised to see this, I must admit there's a few specks in the black of the plate and £65 for two bits of painted tin with some plastic digits pushed on is expensive but they are what I expected. One thing I will say though is that they took 3 and a half weeks to arrive and when I rang after 2 weeks, numerous times they never answered the phone, I ended up emailing them and they replied that they were struggling to get the white digits, they didn't they message me to tell me rather than leave me in the dark?
  2. So did I! I knew it had a small scab on the back of the sill and the mot was due shortly so went to see my tamed welder for a price on a patch, that was a depressing visit! Basically a previous owner had fitted a new sill and rather than weld it on they had pop rivited it and then brushed over the bottom with seam sealer and schutz over it all... The front jacking point needs replacing too I had to order a new sill from the owners club for £65 but I had to join the club to buy it which was another £27, oh and the new rear main oil seal is pissing out oil and the bo
  3. Hi all, we haven't really used this much with pissing COVID but have done a few little jobs here and there on it Fitted the rear seat belts so I can get my girls in it and had a couple of patches fitted under the rear seat. Botched the scabby rear arch. Repaired that crease in the front wing, this came out well considering but the paint match wasn't the best, still it's not bad for a rattle can. And I splashed out on a set of new number plates from Tippers which cost a small fortune considering its just two pieces of tin painted gloss black
  4. Strewth, that makes me feel better about mine, it's quite disheartening when you find it's worse than you expected but they are well worth doing and the values re only going one way. Mines still away having a new sill fitted, jacking point replaced and front crossmember replaced, I dare not poke about anywhere else though! Good luck with it
  5. I'm down to four at the moment. A 2014 Ford Grand Cmax 1.6TDCi Titanium, I've owned this for 3 years now and I've been wanting to sell it for the last 3 years... The kids are doing a good job of wrecking it for me though. A 2008 Skoda Fabia 1.9TDi Sport, I've had this 2 years now and it's probably been the best car I've owned, it does nothing exceptional well but everything you want from a car, it's currently my messroom for 3 hours a day/night at work 😭 My 1980 Triumph Dolomite Sprint, the less said about that and its problems the better at the moment, the gearbox is about to
  6. It says in the video but it was the alternator over charging which caused the new battery to explode, the guys restoring it are well known to the owner, they are currently restoring his Marina van for one, one of many they have done I believe and the car isn't going though the insurance, Tony's paying for all the work out of his own pocket.
  7. Dolly progress! So last week I retrimed the parcel shelf as it was full of holes and fitted some rear belts. I then changed all the under bonnet fuel pipes as they were perished and of them was even leaking. After all that I got the transmission tunnel of to investigate this clutch problem... What a mare, I decided that removing the gearbox was too much work for me so farmed the job out to a local mechanic I know, a friend was kind enough to deliver the car to the garage for me as he was passing. And then the garage got the box out, found t
  8. The new toy arrived yesterday! I'm so happy to own it, I've wanted one for years but never thought I'd be able to afford one but a few thrifty deals with the Granada and Marina meant that I easily had enough money in the end. The previous owner ran it up to me from Potters bar and I dropped him off at the train station, can't say better than that. Unfortunately I can't really drive it yet as the clutch isn't engaging properly, the pedal isn't coming up enough and it won't go in gear with the engine running and when it is running the cars driving with your foot still on the cl
  9. I'll try although I don't seem to get on here much anymore, There's a few scabs here and there and it doesn't start very well but I think the carbs need a little attention, once it's running it goes like a train though, stainless exhaust and a K&N makes it sound very angry! Also came with a load of spares too.
  10. Treated myself to a late 40th birthday present today. I'm mega excited, I've wanted a Sprint since being a kid, especially a yellow one so jumped on this when I was offered it. Drove down to Potters Bar this morning to view it and fell in love straight away, it's a million miles away from my old 1500 SE, it's a rip roaring monster which will probably financially ruined me bit it's worth it! It's being delivered by the owner on Tuesday as he gets free train travel and it saved me having to insure and going back again. Definitely my favourite car I've ever bou
  11. Funnily enough another friend said he was the guy who delivered his Ital Van to him in Scotland, he obviously gets about a bit!
  12. Err... I seem to have sold this already! ? I've used it for a few days outs, work a few times, pottering about and even a small meet in Felixstowe last week but due to COVID its really not done much other than cost me money in tax and insurance and having two other cars both tax exempt and not enough room for a 3rd something had to go and with the insurance up for renewal this got the boot. Put it on ebay as a classified ad on Saturday and had loads of messages then Sunday I had a offer of £2500 which I accepted, a lad from County Durham fell in love with it, wired the money across witho
  13. I'm probably mental but i put the Granada on ebay last night, I'm not really using due to this virus and i was never planning on keeping it so thought I'd try selling it now whilst the weather is nice and it be worth more than in the winter when no one wants old cars, I've had several emails etc but tonight I had a good offer on it and pending a payment it might be going up north. The Marina might be next for the chop ? I''m not not sure yet but as lovely as the car is and I know i'll never find another car in that condition i really want something a little more exciting to drive w
  14. That's a great looking car! Proper classy and it suits white with beige!
  15. This is also quite a nice period video with a Victor like mine in it https://youtu.be/9eIbiqUzuSk
  16. Well spotted! This might still be on this year but I'd be surprised, shame as its one of the biggest shows in the area and I'm a judge! Poor oldford, he's passed away now and greatly missed but his Cortina is still in good hands with a good mate of his.
  17. Hit something on the A14 on the way to work this morning, don't know if it's a pothole or some debris as I never saw anything but it made a hell of a bang which results in my tyres looking like this and me changing to my spare in a layby with lorries thundering past my back, not a experience I'd like to repeat. The drive home with that bolge in the back tyre is going to be fun.
  18. I think that's exactly what the problem was, old numbnuts here had his phone the wrong way wrong and my hand over the mic, it's all a learning curve! I think the dent is too bad for a dent man Mark, it's like a gouge that someone's tried knocking out before.
  19. Just in case your struggling to sleep...
  20. So have you bought this for just when your in Thailand or are you planning on bringing it home Hairnet?
  21. I had to collect some gaskets and a trophy from the previous owner this afternoon and joked about the vin tag, he said he made it so that he could get it moted!
  22. So I made the decision what tyres to buy... Yep, I gave in and bought a set of normal ones! I spent a couple of days painting the wheels and nipped over yesterday and had 3 tyres fitted for £130. They look perfectly fine too. I've also repainted the bonnet latch back to silver, and the radiator panel from silver to black like they should be and fitted the correct lubrication plate and a new stamped up vin. Then today I took it for its first proper drive to Felixstowe with my oldest daughter , its bloody lovely to drive! Sit's happily at 60mph and the stainle
  23. I always enjoy your posts on Facebook!, Your green R18 TL was jaw dropping beautiful, i was having serious thoughts about buying it myself when i first saw you post it, I've always had a thing for 70s and 80s Renaults as i grew up opposite a now long gone dealer in Essex for my first 10 years, i used to have a lovely photo of the forecourt full of R21 and Fuegos but can't find it anymore so here's me in about 1985/86 instead in front of it.
  24. I took a little drive out to the lane behind and made a video on this today, It's certainly not up to Dollywobblers standard, in fact it's marginally up to any standard but it's a video never the less.
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