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  1. Blimey it's been ages since I posted anything about this one!. Well i didn't use it much over winter, managed to rebuild the brakes as the wheel cylinders had all popped and leaked over the shoes, then replaced the rear axle pinion seal in that time, I done a few miles pottering about though. then took it to a drive it day show in Kersey Mill here in Suffolk On the way back from the show Mrs Trigger was having a right mare with the gearbox, kept getting 2nd and reverse muddled up until stopping in the middle of the road, it was this point i th
  2. So a bit more of a update, The cars been driving well apart from the oil leak but i wasn't happy with a few rusty bits, seeing as the cars value seems to have gone up significantly since covid i decided to bite the bullet and get it booked into a professional bodyshop here in Ipswich. These were the worse bit, the lower quarter needed a new plate welded in and both wing tips had been plugged before and need repairing as well as the screen surround. and the finished result Money well spent i think, They done
  3. For anyone local and interested we are restarting our car meets at Shotley again! Obviously Covid is making it a nightmare but the Pub will be locking it doors as they still need to provide table service but instead are doing a BBQ on the field and soft drinks.
  4. It drives really nicely too. I've booked the Dolomite in although it doesn't feel quite as in keeping with the ethos of the show as the Marina did.
  5. Thanks Nigel! I hope your keeping well by the way? We have some dates for our car meets again for this summer, the one in May is at the Foxhall Aviation museum but after that it's back at Shotley again.
  6. Thanks again. yeah the door alignments is a little off, not sure if that's from factory or where its been resprayed, I've had a little fiddle but can't seem to get them much better. It's interesting that you say they kept them for 6-9 months as it was definitely 2 years old when the next owner, a Doctor from Selly Oak, Birmingham bought it.
  7. Ah! I wondered what MCP meant! Thank you! So it would have been a Unipart managers car for the first 2 years then?
  8. I read loads comments about how rubbish they are but personally I find them to be pretty good, mine have been upgraded to braided hoses and EBC green stuff pads which I'm sure help and I've got a set of EBC grooved discs that I bought cheap to fit at some point but under normal driving I've had no issues.
  9. So I've just been to see a chap in Martlesham that I know who's runs a bodyshop, he's a bit of a BL licker and does some racing driving, funnily I've just found a Wikipedia page on him! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Kerry Anyway I digress, he's going to give me a price to paint the front wings, windscreen surround, a scab on the rear arch and a scratch on the door, with these Sprints now selling for £10000 upwards (crazy money) i thought it's worth investing a little to make it really nice, I took my hardly used anymore DSLR camera with me so took some photos on the way back. I
  10. Thank you everyone! Funny you say that, this one has the same problem! It's a tremendous car to drive, I can't even compare it to my old 1500 SE, it really is like chalk and cheese, the 1500 was quite slow and noisy and a much more sedate way to travel, this on the other hand is a lot more fun! It really flies, even by todays standards and will happily scare a Audi driver! 70mph in 4th with overdrive engaged is just under 3000 rpm so it's pretty quiet and refined but out on the B roads its a lot of fun, the steering reminds me of a proper Mini, lots of response and feedback and ver
  11. Dad came over at the weekend and we sorted out the birds nest of underdash wiring so it's much better now, the electric aerial and the cigarette lighter works again and wired in a £20 Classic style stereo which I really rate! Unfortunately I haven't got a very photo of the dash yet. oh and I rewired up the original front sidelight/indictors again, the old ones were bodged up with bluetac and looked shit with LED bulbs. So there you have it, i have done loads more but that's enough for now, i still need to get the front wings painted and some other jobs
  12. My attention then turned to the drivers side, now I'm not proud of this but i wasn't expecting to find a poor patch, now i know the obvious thing to do is cut it out and fit a new front sill section but i had to draw a line somewhere and fiberglassed the small holes and filled it, I don't plan on using it in the wet much and i flooded it with Bilt Hamber so it will be find for a while. It actually came out looking good, i also repainted the satin black on the back as the badges has been fitted with mastic and pulled the paint off and there was a small scab.
  13. Things started to go downhill again, the mot was due in October so I went to see the welder/mechanic I use about getting a patch on the sill for the mot, what started as this ended up being a complete sill!, the outside had been pop rivited on and the underseal and mastic painted over the top to hide it, devastating! I ended up joing the Dolomite club and ordering one of their excellent sills and both jacking points, a patch on the crossmember and he also did the rear main oil seal again. then after 6 months it was ready to come h
  14. The first job was to start removing some of the stickers and cleaning it up a bit. and then farm it stright off to a local garage to fix the clutch, the car wouldn't go into gear unless the engine was off and if you started it in gear it would just drive off with your foot still on the clutch! This ended up being a snapped clutch shaft pin. Bumhats, so a new pin (£300 to change a £9 pin), clutch kit and rear main oil seal later i was back in business again! Then i started concentrating on the other jobs, first it was the cracking fuel lines. They we
  15. Having already posted a post over on the News24 thread and raising a bit of interest I thought I'd make as well make the effort and put a thread up for it. So earlier last year I had the Granada Scorpio and the Marina estate, both lovely cars but lock down happened and things were starting to get to me a bit, the Granada wasn't being used yet I was forking out tax on it so i sold that and bought a 1962 Vauxhall Victor FB for the wife as it was cheap and as i had a little money saved i decided sell the Marina and to start looking for a Dolomite Sprint as I'd been hankering after one for years.
  16. Thank you, I should really post more on here again, I probably also should have made a thread about the car really but didn't think anyone would be that interested and I don't have as much time in front of a computer like I used too anymore.
  17. Thanks, it's all been a bit of a nightmare really, I dropped it off at the garage last September as there was a tiny hole in the sill, as he started poking it we found that it had been pop rivited on and then covered in mastic! I ended up joining the Dolomite club to order a new outer sill and my mechanic then repaired the inner sill and fitted the new one, meanwhile finding that both front jacking points needed replacing and the the front crossmember had a hole too, and the clutch had to come out to replace the rear main oil seal, again! Which still is leaking (this is a sore subject but it's
  18. Oh and I've also sorted the brakes on the Victor by replacing the shoes and a few cylinders and repaired the leaking rear diff by fitted a new pinion seal, I was feeling brave after this so booked it in for its first MOT since 2017 and it passed! Well it had a couple of advisorys for a wheel bearing and some play in the half shaft as well as some tired bushes but nothing worth worrying about! It's still bloody horrible to drive really but it looks nice!
  19. I got the Dolomite back from the welders a few weeks back and then had the week of work last week so I've absolutely hammered the repairs and got it all back together again, it's unbelievable the number bodges I've had to sort (for example the too long rear bumper bolts that hit the fuel tank inside the boot, one knock up the arse and the tank would have been punchered but it's looking beautiful (to me) now. Even sorted the interior out and fitted one of them £20 Amazon Chinese stereo which for the money is excellent!
  20. I haven't heard anything but as long as tax exemption doesn't stop then it doesn't bother me, I've seen so many classic cars with cracked tyres or other damage to know that mot exemption is a bad idea. I've just had to replace a load of wheel cylinders and brake shoes on the Victor where it's been sat without much use lately with them all leaking over the shoes, how many other classics will be driving about in the summer with dangerous brakes?
  21. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/suzuki-alto-FX-1985-SS80-spares-or-repair-27K-manual-gearbox/224385753775 Have we had this yet?. It's a formerTriggermobile! Poor thing, the oil pump seized on the next owner whilst on the A14, the bottom end started rattling and it smoked badly and it ended up sat in a garage yard for the next 7 years, I've seen a photo of it running and it's fucked!
  22. My dad had quite a few cars as i grew up, the oldest one i remember was this Silver VX2300 when i was 3, i can just remember the blue velour interior and being sick in it! That was replaced with a blue Y reg Cortina 1.6 Crusader around 1985, that was well posh as it had wood door caps and a grey velour interior! then things get a bit hazy, he had a blue Escort 1.3L estate on a E plate briefly around 1988 time, he then sold that for a F reg Sapphire 1.8 LX in red but with the full RS bodykit in 1989. That was the dogs, the best car he had but they fitted the bodykit incorrectly
  23. Very belated but they belong to a guy called Tony who has about 30 of them as well as a load of old Fords and Tractors and more recently Internet famous for owing the Minder Capri which recently caught on fire.
  24. I'm surprised to see this, I must admit there's a few specks in the black of the plate and £65 for two bits of painted tin with some plastic digits pushed on is expensive but they are what I expected. One thing I will say though is that they took 3 and a half weeks to arrive and when I rang after 2 weeks, numerous times they never answered the phone, I ended up emailing them and they replied that they were struggling to get the white digits, they didn't they message me to tell me rather than leave me in the dark?
  25. So did I! I knew it had a small scab on the back of the sill and the mot was due shortly so went to see my tamed welder for a price on a patch, that was a depressing visit! Basically a previous owner had fitted a new sill and rather than weld it on they had pop rivited it and then brushed over the bottom with seam sealer and schutz over it all... The front jacking point needs replacing too I had to order a new sill from the owners club for £65 but I had to join the club to buy it which was another £27, oh and the new rear main oil seal is pissing out oil and the bo
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