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  1. Nice to see you yesterday Wuvvum, that Dodge of yours is impressive for the fact there's so much hard plastic inside you could easily wash the interior out with a hose pipe if someone chucked up in it! I had the pleasure of Dollywobbler staying over for the evening in readiness for our East Coast Retros meet in the morning, I even ended up mopping some of his car for him. We had around 400 cars at the meet again, it was absolutely manic! I didn't get many photos as I was too busy parking cars or talking but here a couple I did get This was a recent Japanese import, my friend who owns it had one for years and done over 170000 miles in it before selling it at 233000 miles with a duff fuel pump and wants to make a replica of it with this one. And this was for sale for £2750, I particularly liked the 4 ft cobweb across the dash!
  2. If anybody local is looking for something to do on Sunday then we have another one of our car meets on 😊
  3. That is absolutely beautiful! Very well bought sir!
  4. I've been chipping away with jobs on the Golf still, the original interior was all worn and split and quite tatty but replacements are really expensive so imagine my excitement when I spotted a new interior out of a later Clipper model on FB marketplace for £250, the only downside was that it was in Orpington and needed collecting that night, so last Saturday I shot down at 9pm and brought this lot home. To replace this lot It wasn't too bad to swap over, changed all the door cards to match too, the only issue was the later seats have the slider handles the opposite way round so they need swapping round and slightly bodged back on with cable ties which seem to work Definite improvment though. I also painted the alloys whilst I was at it all. I'm now just waiting for the new Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs to arrive so I can throw the shit coilovers off a cliff and I'll be happy!
  5. Yes it's unfortunately on cheap coilovers and its bloody horrid! Really hard and bouncy so it's definitely the next job and the most expensive and the person who fitted the coilovers binned the front strut legs so I need to buy complete units so around £300 for the whole set up
  6. I decided to bite the bullet and order a set of number plates from that 'Retroplates' fella of Instagram on Monday, Tuesday he had already drafted up a set on his computer. And by Thursday they were sat on my door mat. I have to say I was very impressed, yes they are bloody expensive really, more than DMB cost (£60 delivered) but they look so much better than the wanky modern scene tit ones I had before.
  7. The roof on this Beetle had been removed, chopped and then swap front to back?! £5500 for a base model Escort with 38000 miles A Volvo 780! It was stunning too A pair of immaculate Corsas. And a recently restored Belmont SRi This is a odd one, the story is that the car started life as a D reg RS Turbo hatchback but very early in its life its was crashed and everything swapped over to a brand new Estate shell by Ford to make the only RS Turbo Estate and registered as so by the DVLA and put on the private plate.?. This CA was built on a Senator floor with the 3.0 24v engine and Jar rear end with a one piece tailgate, it was amazing, LCD dash as well, apparently it took 2 years to build, mostly during lockdown! And lastly my two cars whilst I was there with the camera!
  8. Actually here's a few photos from the Stonham Barns show yesterday This is a the oldest Marina saloon and is absolutely stunning, Paul the owner did the full restoration on his own collecting parts from the BL show in Peterborough This 505 SRD Turbo apparently lives around the corner from me. This Jag cost £400000 to build, the owner wanted a car with classic style and engine but with all the modern features of to drive it to Switzerland, it has a 6.1 V12 engine and everything was custom built. Love it or hate it you have to appreciate the attention to detail.
  9. We had a little bit of drama at a show yesterday, we had about 70 cars to park in our club area and this beautiful Lancia Fulvia was already parked there. After a short while we turned round to find it down a the ditch behind, complete with the owners 92 year old wife still in the passenger seat! We all rushed over and thankfully she was still OK if a little shaken up, it seems the elderly owner hadn't put the handbreak on and also hadn't put it in gear properly 🤦‍♂️ As a group we all managed to push the front down and support the back enough for the owner to drive it out the ditch, luckily it had a tow bar which took the brunt of a impact although the bumper was squashed and the lower rear quarter a little dented but all in all they got away lightly considering how deep the ditch was!
  10. Just a few from our East Coast Retros meet this evening, good to see you there Dicky and Wuvvum! This Escort 1.1L with immaculate with only 12000 miles, the floor was like new, unfortunately the wheels and headlights were a bit of a let down for me.
  11. A reminder for those local shitters who come to our East Coast Retros meet. 😊
  12. I'm with BI on this, HubNut is a business earning money from video content and merchandise, whilst what happened is a terrible blow and shock for Ian it isn't really worth crowdfunding is it, that just screams of fanboiz trying to get themselves noticed in my opinion.
  13. Easily done Ian, especially if the tyres are getting on a bit or cheap brands, the first sign of rain and you often see cars in the ditch, in fact last Sunday a 80 year old man stacked his 4x4 doing the same thing just as it started to rain at the end of our road where there's a sweeping left bend into the village down a hill and parked it on his roof badly cutting his face so in the grand scheme of things you got of lightly. All the best getting the parts shipped over and don't let it upset you too much.
  14. I've been camping it up in the Cabriolet this afternoon, I'm actually really enjoying this one. I've painted the sills yellow again which have smartened it right up, I'm well chuffed with how cheap and easy it is to change parts on this, new Mintex brake pads £12, new Gates cambelt kit, also £12, new boot lock seal from China £1.86! £13 normally on ebay! All the little jobs are making a big difference now. The dash is all back together after replacing the voltage stabiliser so it now has working fuel and temp gauges and the stereo is wired up correctly again rather than turning on with the lights! I do need to replace the number plates too with more period correct ones but I can't justify £60 at the moment, especially after the starter motor on the Dolomite grenaded itself last week.
  15. I'm a bit gutted but I can't make it now this year, I was really looking forwards to it but the Dolomite which is the car I've booked in has smashed its starter motor and my dad's offered to come over on Saturday to help me fix it (it's a right sod to get to the top bolts) and I need the car fixed for a local show. Have a great time those who are going!
  16. Looks like hes decided to scrap it after all!
  17. Here's a good one going through the BCA auctions tomorrow... Looks pretty tidy, drivers seat is a little shinny but not worn out Probably done around 100000 miles right? Wrong! That's right, almost 400000! https://www.bca.co.uk/lot/N886UUX?VehId=78814958-4ab8-4446-ad0c-edda098f2c5c&FromSearch=true&searchQuery=q=&bq=&sort=MileageDescending&missingMileage=True&awaitingAppraisal=True&page=0&extraFiltersActive=true&returnTo=N886UUX&promoAppliedSets=&Source=Search&vrm=N886UUX
  18. Well, it doesn't hurt to have both!
  19. In other news I've been busy on the Golf, I've spent many hours polishing and cleaning it up and it's now looking quite respectable. Hopefully you can see the difference in shine here. I've removed a load of the tat and stickers off the car, serviced it, fixed a few bits and today replaced the 165/65/13 tyres for the correct 175/70/13 Uniroyals which have transformed the way the car drives and wound back up the coilovers by a inch. I've also removed them shit German plate surrounds now too. With the 165 tyres And the 175s The rear quarter trim should be here tomorrow and all in all its bloody lovely now!
  20. It's our Shotley meet again this Friday evening for anyone local who's interested in looking at a field full of old cars
  21. Thanks for the cabby advice guys, I went to view the car this morning, it was at a garage friend of the sellers awaiting a new exhaust and a fuel/temp gauge repair. It has been sat a while and had a flat tyre so looked a bit sad for itself but it fire up OK if sounding like a tractor, it was very tidy with no signs of rust and bone dry inside. It needs a couple of tyres, a good polish and clean and a service as it's not been used much for 7 years and the suspension it's stupidly low on adjustable coilovers but we shook on £3250 which I felt was fair. I spoke to the previous lady owner too who said she wish she could afford to buy it back, she's the one who lowered it all and fitted the wank number plates, it will be putting back to standard again!
  22. Nice buy, I enjoyed the one that I had, underated, and rapid cars.
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