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  1. @The Vicar beautiful Volvo
  2. It's a optimistic £4000 tops...
  3. I've done my insurance today, Churchill had gone up from £250 to £317 so I've been busy on the comparisons site and managed to get it back down to £251 with Dial direct, the classic car insurance was even worse this year!
  4. I had a phone call last week from the previous owner of my Dolomite, his brother was interested in seeing if I'd be willing to sell him back his dad's old car... Well I do need to sell a car as I'm short on space but I wasn't in any rush to sell the Dolomite though so I had a think about it. This evening the brother rang me saying he saw it last week at a toy fair and had fallen in love with it again and made me a fair offer on it so I said yes, bit sad as the car is absolutely immaculate and I doubt I'll find another like it but it feels like the right thing to do, I think...
  5. Did the Cortina sell @Semi-C? I sold the Dolomite today and be interested if it's still about.
  6. Whilst I remember I have some ECR entrance photos for you @Spottedlaurel
  7. Everyone's welcome to check out my meet, it's very impressive I'm told.
  8. Also if anyone is localish and at a loose end tomorrow and fancies seeing 300+ old cars in a field then our first meet of the season is on, I think it's going to be a very busy one!
  9. Dad bought this 1978 MG Midget 1500 last summer from the mechanic next to his barn, long story but it had been in his garage for 6 years and now the owner wanted it sold and dad stepped in thinking it be a nice project roll on about a month ago and we decided to start getting it ready for the road, we spent a few Saturdays trying to get it run until eventually going though all the fuel system and now it runs like a dream, it's needed new switches and some pretty shoddy repairs doing properly but today we managed to get it pretty much finished, par just a drivers seat belt and needing to polybush the front trunnions and then it's going on Ebay as dad can't physically get in the car and them bucket seats are a bit too narrow for my liking. I got the new number plates from fancyplates, I was pretty impressed with them, in the correct pre 2001 font too I must say it's a lot of fun to drive and after struggling to fit a speedo cable to the gearbox i managed to find a 5th gear whilst on a road test! It looks like it has a type 9 box fitted which was unexpected! It also has a bloody powerful stereo that runs from your phone into a amp in the back, the roof is a bit shite though! Lets say it's more of a fair weather car!
  10. It's now in paint, the colour looks amazing! They've gone above and beyond my expectations, especially for the price quoted, I'm so happy with it! The colour match is bang on too. Once all fitted back up and with the new graphics on it will look mega!
  11. That will give me something to do!
  12. Our Golf went tax exempt last Saturday, It literally just scraped in being registered on the 7th January 1983 so it probably one of the newest tax exempt cars on the road! Mrs T wanted to take it for a drive to a garden centre on Sunday to celebrate... I really need to sell one of the cars, either this or the Dolomite but i think I'm going to struggle to be allowed to let this one go so I suspect it will be the Dolomite, that will be a sad day as the Dolly is such a nice car to drive and condition wise
  13. I've not done much with this recently but I have booked it into a local bodyshop who done the paintwork my old Sprint a couple of years ago to get both the sides of the car painted and rear valance. A lot of expense but it's still less than the cars worth seeing the crazy prices Fords sell for now so it seemed like a good investment, the car was dropped off last week and I've had a few updates so far. the couple of rusty bits cut and out replaced and then the whole side sanded back and the dents and scrapes repaired. Above and beyond what i was expecting! i was just expecting the side mouldings to be taped off and the rust filled so fair play to them, i can't wait to see the finished result!
  14. Absolutely fantastic stuff! Love the little Moggie with it's local to me history, Bridge Garage is what is now called Bridge Classics which raffle all the classic cars on Facebook, the other garages I've heard off but long before my time. The Rover is pretty awesome too, the funny thing is that it's now ULEZ exempt so you can happily drive into the city in that but can't in my low mileage diesel Fabia.
  15. They won't win a race but economical, tough and no DPF filter to worry about, I thought the wet belt was mid 2008 models? I had a 2008 2.0 TDCi version and it was unreliable, injector problems mainly but DPF's also play up.
  16. That era of Focus is excellent although I'm not keen on the 1.6 petrol myself, the best model is the 1.8 TDCi in my opinion.
  17. That looks a lot of fun! On a side note what did you think of the Fiat Abarth? I'm regretting missing the advert as I would have done a deal with the Golf Cabriolet as Mrs Trigger really wants one, I'm just curious if they are any good?
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