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  1. Meanwhile, the internet urges all and sundry to put down the crack pipe.
  2. It's deidre barlow, your CAPS LOCK HERO.
  3. I have sat in this vehicle and made brum brum noises. It is very good sincerely dugong
  4. *unblocks Sheefag* [reads post] *blocks Sheefag again*
  5. Right, so I'm supposed to know the specific weight of floor mats by looking at a photograph? I trusted the seller not to royally take the piss with the postage costs. He royally took the piss with the postage costs. The seller guessed how much they were to post and didn't bother to offer me the difference back. I've overcharged people in the past and refunded them the difference - mostly because I'm human and humans get it wrong. Had he admitted this and refunded me the difference, I'd have accepted his apology and moved on. The seller broke the contract by overcharging me and making
  6. Depends. If he refunds me the money of his own volition and apologises, he can have the money back minus the difference in postage costs. I do so hope pound sterling rises against the dollar in the next week. If he refuses and claims he's been done, I might just keep all of it; eBay decided in my favour. I can be reasonable if treated with respect. The fact he's taken a flying dump over this little arrangement so far means he's got a long way to go. His choice. The money's been frozen. He can have what he's actually owed or he can have none of it for the sake of trying it on. I gen
  7. Ebay have refunded me the full amount! Got on the phone and they accepted my documentation. Seller shouldn't have dipped me then, should he? Had he actually paid $145, I'd have accepted it (because I did accept it, well observed, I wanted the items and was prepared to pay for them). But (and here's the really crucial part) he didn't pay [the equivalent of] £118! He paid £71.80! He tried to scalp me and couldn't provide a single fucking shred of evidence explaining why. Had he fessed up and refunded the difference, it would have been fine. I'd have accepted £15-20 for (decent) packing
  8. This has lacquer peel and is in Scotland. We all know who should buy it. SVM, obvs.
  9. 9000 yen paid to post. $145 billed for shipping. I am in awe of my £47 packaging.
  10. He's added seller fees and handling charges on to the cost of postage, or at least that's what I can discern. Gonna argue the toss with eBay but I doubt I'll get anything out of the robbing little shit.
  11. This guy lives in Japan but his details say he's based in the UAE (or that's where his account was registered).
  12. If the postage declaration had matched what he'd charged me on eBay, yes, I would have agreed. Do you not think a near £50 difference is a bit fishy? He's hiding behind the 'send it back or fuck off' terms of eBay's return policy.
  13. Postage as stated on the docket was 9000 yen (xe.com reckons this is £70.75 or thereabouts) He took $145 off me (or £118.88) for shipping. I reckon he guesstimated and gave me a random figure to make sure it was covered. So far he's claimed: 1. Ebay's shipping service took the difference off him (don't care, that isn't my problem, he didn't state this as a term of sale) 2. Ebay's handling fees took the difference off him (don't care, that isn't my problem, he didn't state this as a term of sale) 3. Ebay's final value fees took the difference off him (why are you passing them on to
  14. Oh no, sorry - matey reckons the difference is in final value fees. I ain't seeing much proof. And you're adding these to your postal costs - why? Am I likely to get the difference out of this tit or should I just neg him and move on?
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