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  1. New addition to the fleet, modelled here by MrsR but used by us both... This is named, for obvious reasons, Madge. Actually it's both handy and fun.
  2. Looks like a 67 Camaro to me. I don't recognise the actual model, sorry.
  3. It IS a fantastic collection, I've visited. I actually got to sit in the black Fiat 2300S! I'd certainly go again.
  4. I agree. Unless the floor is lacy like mine was? On the surface though, an excellent buy, well done.
  5. I can see we will have to get these together at some point! Sorry about the red one, btw, I didn't realise it was beyond help.
  6. Chevrolet Chevy II Nova, in fact, about 1964-5.
  7. Are these freely available in UK? If so I need at least two immediately!
  8. And still is, yes please! Although that one looks too good for my purposes, which involve cutting it up. Anybody got a rougher one?
  9. Chevy pickup looks nice!
  10. That Jeep is from the ERTL Dukes of Hazzard set, it's Daisy's (and was named Dixie).
  11. They are, aren't they? Probably the best of their period, at least in their class.
  12. Huggy? And tagging people is easy, just use the @ and start typing a name, you'll get a drop-down list of suggestions. Thus: @sutty2006
  13. What's the silver car in the Tonka pic? It looks like the 1980 Buick I used to have!
  14. On the front row: what's the red car with the white roof? And what scale?
  15. Now sold and collected. Still got the grey 39 Ford Coupe and the pink 59 Impala convertible, but then that's it for 1/18s, for the moment.
  16. Erm... thanks but no thanks. It'll be a weldathon and I'm not deliberately taking on one of those again. Anyway, it's the wrong gearbox.
  17. Not while I'm still enjoying it!
  18. Thank you kind sir, but I'm afraid I have no use for it.
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