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  1. Is there a playworn Matchbox SD1 in there?
  2. I'll pass on the Carbonaras then, I can't really work in that scale any more, but thanks. You did find me a Polonez, three in fact in various guises, but one can never have too many! Thank YOU kind sir! You two are such lovely gents. I hope to meet you both sometime. Stag definitely! Also Mustang and beige Pilot if you please. I think we'd better start a "box" so I have time to build up some PayPal! Someone buy some of my stuff please, quick!
  3. Oh DAMN, too late on the Polonez! What scale is the Cararama police set please?
  4. My first estate was in 1986: a 78 Toyota Cressida. Since then I've had a few, especially Volvos. I do like the convenience of an estate car; the bigger the better really as there are times when one needs to carry something long (stop sniggering at the back there!). In recent years: 940 turbo auto from @rawy of this parish. Somehow I never felt quite at home in it so I sold it on to @rml2345. It gave its life for his when assaulted by a combination of ice and bus. There followed a Saab (which acted as Support Vehicle on my collection of Huggy in 2016) and a Citroen Xantia (a well-known AS bike), and then a bit of a gap. Until this came in. Already something of an AS bike, it moved on to @cms206 (seen above on handover day) and thence to @Split_Pin. Hmm, two Volvos have left me and gone over the border, there must be something in the legend! I'm not going to rule out another estate, I do like having one around. I'd really love to have a 70s American station wagon, or even 60s! But it's not going to happen, I can barely afford a pint of milk these days. (You think I'm joking? I'm not!)
  5. Nah, Shadow likes them small. 106.
  6. Right body, right fuel, right gearbox, even a nice colour, but HFM? And of course, wrong engine. I can still dream...
  7. American Graffiti 1951 Mercury with Florida Highway Patrol 1949 version... Note that the rear screen and wings are actually different on the 51, these have not simply* been Kustomized. Also, American Graffiti 1958 Chevy with Michigan State Police version... I've wanted the film cars for years. Had to pay slightly more than I intended for these but never mind, I've got them now. I would happily not sell the police versions, because as everyone here knows, I love and collect American police cars. However I'm really struggling for display space and also need to get some money in. So now, here is my entire 1/18 American Graffiti collection. Oh bugger, I haven't got Harrison Ford's black 55 Chevy yet....
  8. Thank you, now I see what you mean! Even I can do better than that.
  9. Well thank you, but it wouldn't let me access the page. Any more details?
  10. Halo? Unlikely, but I'll have to check. Postable? Er, no, it makes up way too big a box. I've also got a Wii with several games and some accessories; again, something I just don't play with any more. £75 takes that.
  11. Anybody want an Xbox? It's the original iteration and comes with a bunch of games, and accessories including a steering wheel and pedals. I can get some photos if you want. £50 the lot?
  12. HFM?????? The decimal point needs moving two spaces to the left. £11.22 is about right.
  13. Incidentally I found another UB40 brochure the other day, from 2003 I think. If anyone wants either, I'm perfectly happy for them to go as a pair, and they are postable.
  14. Yep, I remember that, Paul Barber and Philip Whitchurch. The brothers were dodgy as hell, but PW later turned up as a senior officer in The Bill!
  15. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who remembers The Brothers! Incidentally: Leyland Roadrunner? Done by Matchbox in their Superkings range, as a rigid with either four or six wheels; also IIRC as an artic unit. I have half a dozen or so, so it can't be exactly rare or expensive!
  16. Now sold, as is the big dolls' house with all the furnishings. Still got the kit version though.
  17. No diecasts among my prezzies today so I'm especially glad of my parcel from Norn Iron the other day!
  18. If you see them again, and they're reasonable, Imp and CF please
  19. Good luck! My branch has bugger-all in singles.
  20. @Missy Charm you'll find in time that there are a few writers on here! Many are writing, or have written, for specific magazines (no not that type, I mean car mags!); I am now working on a sitcom with three writer friends, none of whom are on here. I, as I'm sure several others can say, have dabbled in "modern history" before and may well again, so please, post freely, we ARE interested!
  21. April 1981? I was 22, unemployed, driving a rough 1972 Triumph Toledo, and picking up seasonal work where I could. Luckily, living in a seaside town meant there was a permanent fairground, so for the likes of Easter I could get a couple of weeks work. This was the year after the incident I referred to in the "Scrapped a Cosworth" thread, so the scars were still a bit raw. I remember later in the year (June/July) driving to Norwich in the Triumph (from Southport, so 200-odd miles) and driving through a strangely quiet Leicester. It was only later I found out there had been major rioting in Leicester that night, it just wasn't where I was. So, there was a lot of unrest going on. The government, elected in a landslide a mere two years ago, was very unpopular and having to take some awfully hard decisions. Rabbles were being roused all over the place, a ridiculously easy task at the time. There were only three TV channels, and people, whole families even, could be loyal to one channel over the others, as they would to their preferred brand of car, of cigarette, of chocolate. There was nothing unusual in seeing a ten-year-old car with an odd-coloured door or two. That car could easily be an Escort: they were worthless. Marque loyalty was mostly for people who could buy new. Foreign cars were creeping in but fleet buyers exclusively bought British. Minder and The Professionals were on telly, and both were "events" to be watched by the family as a whole, at the appointed time. Not many households had video recorders. Not every household even had a phone! Good luck You could still see the odd stylistic "punk" out and about.
  22. Bloody 'ell it were foggy yesterday. Wasn't very nice driving the 25 or so miles each way to my mate's, where he shot that vid as I was leaving. If I hadn't planned to have a couple of hours with him, and to take Huggy, I think I'd have stayed home. This is the same bloke who followed me round Barrow in his 1978 Lincoln videoing the drive! It's still around somewhere on YouTube, I'm sure.
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