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  1. You can often see old Matchbox toys in things like Thunderbirds; that Cooper-Jarrett combination being one such. It appears on the airfield where Zero X is assembled, among others.
  2. Look carefully, especially at the side profile... Buford's Le Mans is built on the same architecture, so a very close relative. See also... 1976 Chevy Malibu, as used by LaRue and Washington in Hill Street Blues. And here's the Oldsmobile version, the Cutlass. Although on screen we've seen all the first three used as police cars, in reality the only really likely one would be the Chevy, as the base-priced line. Saying that though: a small Sheriff department such as that of Buford T. Justice, might have been able to cut a local deal with, say, a Pontiac agency; or might even have been able to hang on the coat-tails of a neighbouring City or Highway Patrol order. Before I got rid of most of my MB-size cars, I painted a Juniors Kojak Buick in pale blue, to match the Hill Street car. Somehow I managed to let it go a couple of years ago along with most of the others I had; I've kept the Kojak car, a Metropolis squad car and a yellow taxi, which was a genuine issue. I have a 1/36 Kojak which I've repainted, but somehow not one in the original bronze. Something to look out for at the fair on Sunday! The archetypal American car of my youth would probably be the 1965-7 Ford Galaxie, being one I saw often on the cop shows. But then I'm older...
  3. Even I have a DG CA! Also an LD, in fact a couple. I also have three (I think) of that Solido Fiat van, due to having a long-held soft spot for rear-engined Fiats.
  4. I've got a fair coming up at Bolton on the 12th. Could be expensive...
  5. Too much? You're undercutting even me, and I didn't think that was possible! GLWTS
  6. Ah, you won that! It went over my budget. Enjoy! Edit: applies to both lots!
  7. Those ladies need some pies urgently, or they'll be riding in the back of that Cadillac!
  8. As a change from all this agonising about new models (justified though it is) here's a look at one of my projects. I wanted a mk2 Cortina in 1/43 to represent the last car my dad bought new, way back in 1967. The 1600 engine had just come out so he got a good deal on a 1500 Super in maroon, which he called Black Cherry. Contemporary models of the mk2 came from Matchbox and Dinky, in approximately 1/64 and 1/43 respectively. I've never had the Dinky but that doesn't matter because it's a two-door and our car had four. The Matchbox was also a two-door, but some years ago I converted one to four-door and it's been in my Family Fleet wing of the collection ever since. More recently I've decided to add some more 1/43s, where the only model I have is smaller, and the Cortina is one that I can do because there's a perfectly acceptable Vanguards model these days, and thanks to a fine gentleman from these parts who shall remain nameless, I have the Boy Racer edition at a scrap price to use as my base. Except... even the Vanguard Cortina is only a two-door. Well it WAS! Out go the B pillars. I've kept them in case I can use them a bit further forward, because obviously the Cortina was never available as a pillarless hardtop (shame on you, Ford!). The shell will now have to wait until I'm mixing up some filler in the spring (I have other cars needing some) because obviously the door shut line is in the wrong place now. Then I will have to take a deep breath and with a very steady hand, scribe new verticals where they should be. I probably won't follow the line of the rear arch! And then it can be painted maroon. Speaking of paint... The Boy Racer edition comes with a beige interior, which, on the whole, Cortinas didn't back then. I remember them being mostly black; certainly ours was. So what you see above is a little Humbrolling to correct that. The dash is black already, but unfortunately has a supplementary instrument pod cast into the top, which the Super didn't have. I'm not going to try and re-sculpt it though. The BR also has a sunstrip at the top of the windscreen bearing the names Mick and Tracey. I've removed that with a small file. It also has a lovely pair of bullet mirrors on the front wings, which have gone into a spares pot. I'm sure I'll find a use for those. More pictures to follow in a few months.
  9. I've managed a couple of grabs recently! Sierra was at Asda... Micra was at Iceland... And...! You may remember in another thread I mentioned a little Reliant that I found sitting in a yard in the next street, that seemed like it had been there a LONG time. Well here it is... What you can't see, behind the door on the left, is at least one, possibly two, four-cylinder engine blocks standing on one end, with what looks like a gearbox perched on top of them. And also looking like they've been there a long time. Now I know Reliants are lightweight, but this one does sit a bit nose-up, which might suggest there's no engine in the front any more. I haven't crossed the threshold to look closer, nor have I seen anyone on the property to ask.
  10. And as usual, the buying public gets ripped off yet again.
  11. Wait a minute, that was Grandma's? Who is your Grandma? Pat Moss-Carlsson??? Good save anyway
  12. eddyramrod

    End of shite?

    It didn't just seem like madness: it was, and is, both then and now. It was nothing but a con, and legions of people fell for it.
  13. eddyramrod

    End of shite?

    EFA From where I stand, the future looks gloomy at best. I've spent decades buying cars for as little as possible. £500 is still an expensive car to me! But I know it's not, in the bigger picture. It already wasn't before the world went crazy in 2020. It was more bare-minimum territory, where if you could put what you bought into service for little further expense, you were doing pretty well. I did very well indeed picking up a Rover 820 in that bracket in 2017; hard on the heels of an epic fail of a 213 in the same bracket. Now, with the raging inflation and soaring scrap prices, I'd be doing bloody well to get the same 820 for a grand. I just haven't got that kind of money to fling about. To gamble, even, because that's what old cars were: you'd gamble £50 or so on some old shed because if it failed MoT a month later, you could get your money back. Now, if your £1500 "old banger" fails, you might get £400 from a scrappy, or you're going to be handing a garage various body parts to cover their work. The stakes are too high. The prices one has to stump up now for dreary, scruffy modern dross are just not sustainable. £1500 is not an old banger! I look at the prices of 10-15 year old cars around me with mounting horror. I daren't continue this train of thought, it's too depressing.
  14. There's a rather good seller on the south coast too here, not to mention one up north somewhere...
  15. They absolutely ARE taking the piss. BUT enough idiots will always buy from them to encourage them to keep doing it. And for those of us with more sense than money, none of the above is any consolation. The prices will stay high and we will have to scour the boot sales ever harder to pick up the usual crumbs.
  16. Totally my thinking too. It's just RONG. As for the ebay scalpers, they can just FRO.
  17. Didn't Peter Sellers have a wicker Mini in one of the early Pink Panther films? Hmm, LHD conversion shouldn't be difficult on those...
  18. I don't think it was, Dan; I can't remember seeing it offered solo.
  19. Legend at the time suggested that Ford Europe had indeed bought a small fleet of Fiat 127s to use as test mules, because they regarded that model as the benchmark. I started my driving lessons in 77 just as I left art college, and the Escorts and Minis I began with were replaced before my test by Fiestas. Years later I had a 127 and could see exactly why Ford aimed at it. I think they not only hit the target but exploded it.
  20. MB Dinky green Mustang? Or is it a Corgi Bullitt edition? Also, Corgi Classics mk2 Zephyr?
  21. While we're showing our childhood relics, who would like to see the James Bond Corgi DB5 that I got new for Christmas, probably in 1964? As you can see, it's lived a life! I can't remember when it lost the opening roof, but it sat around unloved for a while thereafter. It's been several colours at different times, but this coat of black Humbrol and the mockup Webasto must be nearly 40 years old, possibly older. The Jag is one I picked up somewhere or other more recently* and decided it was probably too nice to paint. I may possibly change my mind on that, if one crops up with more paint left. *More recently than 40 years? Not exactly a challenge! I would guess some time in the last decade or so.
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