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  1. He's probably read it now. How do I know? Because I haven't heard from him since!
  2. Astra came with two extra spare wheels, courtesy of CMS206. The tyres on them are a bit* worn but they hold air. With the scrappy coming for it on Tuesday I've just pulled the best of the set that was on the car and replaced them with the old ones, and the car's own spare. So now I'm shattered! I'll be worth nothing for the rest of the day. However, the result of all this effort is that Huggy's trunk is now home to three Astra 15" steels with decent tyres on (two Dunlops and one Pirelli), and the four plastic hubcaps that covered them. Anybody want to make me an offer on any or all of the above? You might be surprised how little it takes to get them out of my hands...
  3. The indicators are inaccurate on that. A pre-1964 Anglia should have white; for a couple of years they went to orange with the addition of a white sidelight, then the sidelight was moved up into the headlight and the last year or two of production just had the orange indicator. Pedantic? Yes; my 1967 Anglia had the last configuration and I took notice.
  4. I suppose that's a possibility! Or the previous tester was being lenient. I don't know; I don't care.
  5. Talk about being overtaken by events! If you've been keeping track, you already know that the Famous Five Volvo has now gone home and been replaced by a much younger diesel Astra; and that the Astra has now suffered a major fail. I'm now waiting for it to be collected for scrap.
  6. In that case, what a shame I haven't got one close by! I must see my neighbour this morning and let him syphon off most of the half a tank of diesel that's still in there...
  7. There isn't one or I might have looked at that, but are they going to buy-in a car that comes cold off the street? Or are they just bumping up their part-exchange allowance in the hope of tying me into three years of finance on some horrible new jellymould? Doesn't matter now, it's going.
  8. Thank you! I've accepted their offer, now I just need them to collect.
  9. Anybody up to date with the price of a scrapper? I'm touting the car round some local banger lads and it would be nice to have a fair ballpark figure.
  10. Narrowly missed some more on the way home. Standout was probably the burgundy Renault 25 just outside Southport.
  11. I didn't even think of checking online. Thanks Mark. That all just confirms the first sentence of my post above, then. Wonder if I can palm it off on a banger racer....
  12. And it's dead, Jim. I haven't collected it yet so haven't seen the fail sheet, but it's been described as "a whole load of welding." There's no way I'm getting involved in that, on a car that's going to be worthless for the next decade or more anyway.
  13. Even @chaseracer couldn't stay long! Never mind, I got to see some of the soaps, and remind myself why I never watch them. Safe travels, @Inspector Morose
  14. When I lived in Southport, the loal authority insisted on a maximum working age of eight years old for both Hackney and Private Hire vehicles. Not sure if it still applies... But in Cyprus there were plenty of older Mercs doing taxi work, and to my enormous surprise I found one in Barrow too, which has appeared on my spotting thread; a 1987 Merc 190D. The owner-driver died last year. I've seen the car a couple of times since, but I don't think it's still "on the job." Shame, because it looked mint, it was a credit to its owner.
  15. He meant mine... and the distortions in his comment dwarf any that will ever happen to the body of my Cadillac.
  16. Did you read my Huggy thread last year? And you still show non-welded repairs? On a unitary-construction car? You're braver than I am! And btw: I happen to think the work you've done is excellent and I agree, it probably will last the life of the car. You didn't know it was there until you had to expose it; I understand that. Once exposed, you had to do something. I get that too. I'm with you.
  17. Almost every car I've ever owned! Just a few examples in no particular order: Cyprus X1/9: after being laid up for some time (which tbf might be the key phrase) it wanted a bit of bodywork; done. Clutch slave cylinder, which is a legendary bitch; done. Stutter under load; no idea. Carb? Sold it because I needed the money anyway, it was 10 years ago and we all know what was happening then! Cyprus Metro van: another one laid up for years. Head gasket, brake servo, radiator fan switch, Hydragas... the last straw being the vandal attack. Sold because I needed the money, hmm, I see a pattern already! Chevy Blazer: faltering under load, massive thirst. Back and forth to the garage, never the slightest improvement. Traded it in after 8 weeks for the Tacuma, which we had over five years. Mercury Sable: sensor failure putting it in limp mode most of the time. Sensors replaced, no improvement. Sold to @Bobthebeard who replaced the drive to one of the sensors, which cured it. Rover 213, Hyacinth: Terminal rust. 1978 Daimler Sovereign: carb issues, never resolved. I could go on and on, but I won't.
  18. I did miss some out. Three Sunbeam Imps, in convoy with... wait for it... an Austin Ambassador! Also a 1964 Humber Sceptre and a 1932 Ford hot rod hiding in driveways and several VW T2 and T25 models - almost all campers - and Land Rovers of all ages. There were probably still more I haven't remembered, and I'm sure plenty I didn't catch at all! Most of the Minis were in two parties, and some of the others were in little groups too. Not to mention the swarms of bikes. I reckon there must have been at least a couple of club tours going on. Still frustrated I couldn't get a snap of that lush Cresta though...
  19. Day out today on the Isle of Wight. Very pretty island, lots of luscious bungalows (I like a good bungalow) and to my surprise on a September Monday, rather a lot of classic cars! Naturally I was driving so failed to get all but a couple of pics but: 1973 Ford F100 pickup 8 or more A-series Minis including at least one van Morgan TR4 mk1 Fiesta mk4 Cortina Vauxhall Cresta PA, 1960 model (which was obviously the highlight for me, especially as it was maroon and grey like my Velox) Stag XJS convertible And I'm sure I've missed some out.
  20. Is this available? If so, yes please. Can we start a box to make it worthwhile shipping? Not possible!
  21. Yep, just the four of us (including former Shiter Mercrocker) but a quality meet Pics to follow when I'm home.
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