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  1. GX 51GNS belongs to Graphix Signs, a sign-making business just round the corner from me, it's on their van. Side note: today while walking the dog I saw someone collecting a van they'd just stickered up, for a coffee company. The big sign on the side said "COFFE". Oops! I did point it out to the driver...
  2. I rather like that! Way back in 1986 I had a first-gen 127 - KKD 177P - which my dad brush-painted for me in the back garden while I was at work. It was a right laugh to drive. That car above seems like a bit of a mishmash. The front end sheet metal is the same as mine, but the rest of the car is mk2. It's also grossly overpriced. But all that said... I still like it just because they are so much fun.
  3. eddyramrod

    Car chases

    How on earth have we never seen this one before??? Pure Shite!
  4. Lol, I think you mean Escalade. Esplanade is where you drive it!
  5. Thanks chaps but I think I'll pass this time...
  6. So did I! Good work Tony, some lovely things there.
  7. Yes, Vauxhall Chevette. In my defence I was going through a breakdown at the time (1993).
  8. You would have got away with the W suffix on the Escort and Capri, V was a bit early on the Escort. It was a bit late for the Z though! Never mind eh!
  9. I know I'm old but even I have limits! Please don't bid on the Dinky lorry bundle or the Corgi police cars though.
  10. Oh I forgot to mention... doing the weekly shop this morning in Asda I somehow managed to pick up one of those Hot Wheels Dodge vans.
  11. Some interesting job lots in his "other items" which are now in my watch list!
  12. Even from an angle that only gives me the top of her head, Dolly's expressions are looking awfully familiar! I wouldn't like to be in Ken's shoes...
  13. Yes, about 7am on my way to work in the summer of 1982, in my 1967 Hillman Minx (Arrow) 1725 auto. That was........... exciting! I just realised, the last of my Arrow cars was only a couple of years later, which means it's now over 35 years since I last had one! Bloody hell.........
  14. Just a thought here... if anyone fancies these and can offer me anything on or near my swops list, I'm interested. Cash is not strictly necessary!
  15. Considering I said I didn't want a camper, that's actually rather nice! If I had some money I might be on my way to Wales this week to inspect it.
  16. She'll be calling him your pusher next!
  17. Oh it's not your fault Tim! Glad the D was what you wanted/expected. Meanwhile... What an exciting selection! Blingo van can stay boxed for now, but will be joining my other recovery/service vans in their cabinet. Garda Omega sits on a shelf neatly between my Police Omega and Garda Range Rover. Scorpio estate slots into the "fringe" personal fleet, as my old mate Dave had one. Hunter and Anglia van are projects. Hunter, in particular, is not as bad as I feared, but tbh I don't exactly know what I'm going to do with either of them. I'll think of somethin
  18. How many of the cars you have owned still exist in model form on your shelves? I mean accurate right down to number plates!
  19. Sold at £1873, it appears, so too rich for my blood. I kept going back just to look at it. Oh well...
  20. That's what I keep saying, along with "I'm leaving them to the Lakeland Motor Museum" but she seems to be determined to drain all the joy out of them for me. Never mind, such is life, and all that.
  21. Marital disharmony reigns again in the Ramrod household. A lovely little parcel has just arrived from Sir Datsun of Cog, partly in exchange for one I've sent him, so now if all I get from MrsR for the rest of the day is Cold Shoulder I will have to consider myself getting off lightly. She is convinced that her children (who live 400 miles away in different directions) are going to have a nightmare sweeping my entire collection into a skip after we're dead. We're only 61 and 65! She seems convinced we're both going to peg out tonight, ffs. She's been telling me for most of our married life
  22. Something different now, not diecasts at all. T-shirts! About ten years old but in excellent condition, because I do try to look after my clothes. Lada, which is size XL, and Capri, which inexplicably is size L. Fiver a go plus postage if anyone fancies them.
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