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  1. The 1966 Austin A40 I had in Cyprus had no heater. Most of the time it wouldn't have mattered out there, but over here it would definitely have been an issue! Heaters were optional on older designs well up through the 60s and IIRC even into the 70s. On a related tack, can you imagine a work van with no radio? I don't have to, I drove them! The youngest was a VW pickup T25, that I remember new in early 1986. C279 KCK, if you ever see it about...
  2. Oh I REALLY need one (or more) of those!
  3. Anybody want any of these? I've sorted these out to put in my sale stock that's going to the Lakeland Motor Museum with me on Saturday, but if anyone here fancies anything... BMW, red trailer and Fire Chief are a quid each, Merc and Citroen are 50p because they're incomplete. Oh and @bunglebus I've found a couple of Dubs you might be able to use. Your box is filling up! Gradually though, it's only up to 3 items so far.
  4. Oh nice! I especially like the blue 67 Chevy, and the pickup.
  5. I do, I'm a toyboy, but that's for another thread...
  6. That Cougar is rather tempting!
  7. I don't know, I haven't been brave enough to do that!
  8. It's going in tomorrow for the tracking, and a good thing too because it isn't right yet. It's got a new trick now. If I leave it for a few minutes, then start up, the mileage appears on the dash. So naturally I go to drive away in the belief that it's ready. It lets me get a few yards - just enough to get far enough out of a parking space that I'm obstructing traffic - then replaces the mileage with "Vehicle Too Low." So I have to stop and wait until it pumps up enough for the message to disappear. Grrrrrr.
  9. I took Handsome round to see Tom this morning. Tom disconnected the supply pipe to the OSF strut and refitted it, with PTFE tape on the threads. Seems to have worked; I've been using it. Let's see how it behaves tomorrow.
  10. Nice haul! I can make use of that white trailer if it's going to be available.
  11. Even on yesterday's day out, I didn't forget you guys! I spotted these on the way into Lancaster. This one first. Colour might be a bit yuk, but you can see underneath it was previously Harvest Gold, which I've been saying for 50 years should be illegal. And after this, I turned around to get back in my Suzuki and saw... I'm going to guess they belong to the same household!
  12. That looks exactly like where we stayed in the summer! Nissan looks lush too.
  13. Any time you're in the vicinity! And thank you for the kind words. Also, what a lovely Nissan, I well remember these but I've never had one, never even sat in one.
  14. Well yes. Look at the Jags that came after it. They're all trying to be Audis, which is a dizzying drop of Jaguar's aim. Audi should be trying to make Jaguars. I don't think it needs "another few years;" I think we're there already and have been for several years. Also, can I steal your phrase there! Worth cuddling? Me and the car, both! Unfortunately this one rejects my advances and slaps me in the face, repeatedly. I'm not that much of a masochist.
  15. Oh and for those weighing up the car's open-market value: at the moment I don't care.
  16. That was my thought, but under the bonnet is a daytrip to Hogwarts on this thing. I've been round and told Tom, he said bring it round on Monday morning. TBF he was on the brink of closing for the weekend so that was the best I was going to get today. I'm going to have my planned day out tomorrow, ignore the thing on Sunday, and on Monday drive it the few yards it has to go whether or not it pumps up.
  17. Heh... no. I brought it home, a trip I can walk in sixty seconds. Then last night I had a meeting to go to, so I took the Jag, and it behaved, although it was slower to pump up the suspension than it ever was before. This morning, when I particularly wanted it for an occasion in town, I went outside a bit early, started the engine, and waited for the system to pump up. And waited. And waited. And wai- well you get the idea. Ten minutes and still "Vehicle Too Low" and "Air Suspension Fault." So I took the Suzuki. Tomorrow I'm going to Lancaster for another day out with my sister. I would have liked to take the Jag but was already thinking better of it because of the wheel alignment. Now it's absolutely not going and I'll be in the Suzuki again. This is 13 weeks since our last day out together, which is when the front strut called it a day at Chester Services. What have I done to upset this car? It's clearly retaliating at me for something, but I don't know what. Is it just because most of what I ask it to do is short-distance crawling-around-town jobs? Is it clamouring for more motorway and I haven't been listening? Does it not like standard unleaded? Can someone who speaks fluent Jag interpret for me? @Matty: those "decent roads" are surprisingly sparse! If you can find one, it's at least half an hour away, full of cyclists, tourists or tractors, and very likely littered with roadworks.
  18. Bloody hell... I'm watching Bangers And Cash, where they've just sunk £30k into a 1.6 Capri. Maybe I got off lightly!
  19. It was, as suspected, the thermostat. In off-the-car testing it wouldn't open, so they put a new one on. I've been out in it this evening, just into town and back. It's so easy to see why I've missed it. Driving is effortless in exactly the way the Suzuki isn't. The suspension is a bit slow to pump up; we think the pump might be on its way out. For the moment it doesn't matter, I can live with it. @Mally: don't worry, two Motability cars was never the intention. If I do go for one, it'll be instead of MrsR's, not as well as. Unless I get a sudden good offer, I'll run Handsome for the winter and weigh up my options in the spring.
  20. Handsome is home! Not only that - with a Pass. I might need a holiday to recover from the bill though. £1400, on top of the parts I already had. It still needs four-wheel alignment, which Tom isn't equipped to do, but he's booked it into another garage for Wednesday. I don't think I want to drive it very far until that's done.
  21. @Jon: Amity Blazer please! No hurry. In fact if nobody else claims it could I also put my name on the Volvo? I don't go for two-door cars much but given I'm a Volvo fan....
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