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  1. It's halt that time of year when some people* start posting on Facebook that is actually Christmas because they've seen the Coke advert with the lorry. Cunts. This makes me angry. However, there is a new Coke advert with two old ladies using a dating/shagging app. One of their potential suitors is this chap, Woolarding on an Opel Monza (or a Senator?). *fucking twats
  2. Today I met the man who invented the material base-model unpainted bumpers are made of.
  3. They're cunts. Where would an extremely satisfied customer post reviews of this delivery service?
  4. Probably jumping the queue through the roadworks, the bastard.
  5. He didn't say they sell for good money, he said they're full of Bon Dough.
  6. Privilege are encouraging you to make a injury claim as it means they pay you £x, rather than paying you £x AND a solicitor ££££y. They might even pay you £x + a bit more, to ensure you don't go to a solicitor. It also means a solicitor won't be taking z% of your £x-they do that now, filthy bastards. Don't put an order in for a Ferrari yet though, whiplash isn't the golden egg it used to be; however, it sounds pretty certain you've hit your head and lost consciousness, so may well have a subtle brain injury-the hurty neck doctor Privilege initially send you to should pick up on that and suggest you see someone else too.
  7. Or they could be thinking 'it's only a fucking cone'. Some people have a complete disregard for cones and either move them or drive over them, depending on which car they're driving.
  8. 'Sorry love, that's a tagnut. I'll shuffle back a couple of inches.'
  9. This sounds like a Radio Norwich phone-in.
  10. Is that a picture of Dot Cotton in the rear window??
  11. I followed these directions using the Google, and before I got to the Range Rover house I passed this: Yes. A person who has chosen to live in a thirties house which has been vandalised so that it looks like a very shit castle has somehow amassed enough money to run a Porsche and a Maserati.
  12. Apologies first; my tablet only displays bits of Facebook in landscape mode-evidently market place isn't one of them. Also, no idea how to link-but there's not that many for sale. I went to see it today. Seems alright; 92k, MOT until January. Might need an engine mount, o/s plastic sill cover missing, one or two little damaged bits of interior. It drove ok. The bloke is a trader, though this isn't mentioned in the ad, and it looks like this is from an auction (remnants of yellow maker on the windscreen). Price seems fair though. This was pretty much my perfect spec for one of these-a three-door diesel, with only two seats in the back, but driving it after a Xantia made me realize it isn't what I want.
  13. Want to drive around with a slightly loose seatbelt, whilst simultaneously being reminded of the most famous paedophile/necrophile from seventies & eighties television? No eBay link, because these desirable items are from my own personal collection. They are available*, free of charge, to anyone who wants them. * Not supplied: cigar, jangley chains, foil blanket or Showaddywaddy.
  14. I don't often get the bus, but the queuing system here is a cause of huge anxiety to me; there isn't normally a formal queue as such, just people waiting near the bus stop. I don't pay much attention too who's there, then when the bus arrives have to look around and try and work out who was there before me and who wasn't.
  15. Anybody want this? You probably won't learn anything practical, but it gives you an insight into the mindset of late sixties/early seventies car modification.
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