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  1. https://eu.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2020/02/03/fords-lending-arm-generating-profit-ever/41133523/
  2. I haven't watched Wheeler Dealers for ages, I didn't even realise Ant had gone and been replaced by Elvis (ELVIS? Really?). Just saw the Shogun one; loads of time and effort put into fabricating a new front bumper, so as to close the gap caused by the body lift. The end result looked like something off a Judge Dredd prop, on an otherwise fairly standard looking car. And the standard rear bumper was left as is, leaving the 2" gap it was so important to close on the front. Absolute shitehawks.
  3. Blimey, they don't drive that carefully now!
  4. On the subject of useless new employees.... I worked in a warehouse for a bit. One day a new intake came in; they expect you provide your own safety boots and hi-viz vest-bring those, the job is yours. One lad had no hi-viz. Even that didn't disqualify him, the manager taking them round gave him one, and told him he'd need to wear it. Lad took off his hoodie, put on hi-viz, then put his hoodie back on. Over the hi-viz.
  5. Last time I used them they told me my brakes pads were dangerously low. I'd changed them myself a month or two prior, so just smiled and said I'd get them looked at. I did double check afterwards and the pads looked barely used. Lying shysters.
  6. This. 1.9 xud, which will last forever. No canbus shite. Comfy. Some airbags. Not rusty.
  7. That is fucking priceless. I don't care what they're asking, I'd pay double that if I had the cash.
  8. Two favourites: Citroen Zabrus Lamborghini Athon
  9. It anyone requires any logistical assistance with this one, let me know. Looks like an absolute bargain.
  10. Miss Masters is nearly seventeen, so obviously potential cars have been discussed. She told me she'd seen a lot of Nissan Micras around, I wasn't sure which on she meant so looked up their history-she had been taking about K12s, but when she saw a K10 said that's what she really wants. My work here as a parent is done.
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