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  1. I suspect he was actually searching for something like this: In other news, if you want to spend nearly thirteen minutes yuck-yucking and fnarr-fnarring, with the occasional 'that's what she said' and 'as the actress said to the bishop' thrown in for good measure, here you go:
  2. This was my new old car and my old new car a couple of years ago. Not the same, but equivalents.
  3. It could well be one of the Proclaimers; with that range you are going to be walking hundreds of miles.
  4. Like a Metro then. (I had a Metro in my teens, in the nineties)
  5. It's meant to do that? I thought all that popping meant my ears were broken. If it's normal, I'll try again.
  6. It's very important to monitor a car's gravy level, especially if it's been chipped. Apparently Mazda's R&D department is in the north of England.
  7. It's for Citroens, at the moment, but I'm just after something generic that will give me basic codes off anything. I definitely don't need (want to spend that much on) a Lexia. Wireless phone things are fine, if they work. I had one of those Chinese ELM327 things some time ago and it was absolute rubbish. If they've improved since then that would be pretty handy, it could stay plugged in permanently.
  8. Night of the Living Thread. My cheapy 'Streetwize' code reader has shat itself. Never comes to the end of a scan, occasionally says 'link error'. So, I need a new one. I've had a look, and exactly the same one (I got mine 10+ years ago, surely things have moved on?) seems to be still available for ~£20, but there's then a load that cost ~£25 that seem to show slightly more information. I don't want an all-singing, all, dancing one, I just need to read basic engine codes. Any recommendations?
  9. Self-isolating as of today. Went to work feeling a bit rough, didn't really think about it (brain not working due to symptoms), measured my temp there as 38.4. Which means I have to have 7 days off, and get tested. I didn't want 7 days off. The test is horrible (I've seen how far they stick the big cotton bud down your throat/nose). My daughter's friends were arranging a surprise party for her this weekend. Under normal circumstances a bit of flu would mean a couple of days off watching the telly. At the moment it means I've got an enforced week off, an unpleasant test, I'm
  10. This almost invisible repair made me smile. It's not a bodge if it works.
  11. Dressed like that, if you're anything like the average poster on here, they'll give you free stuff until you leave! Grin for today-drove back from Brighton to Folkestone, this waited until we were parked outside our own house to fall off:
  12. I've spent the last hour trying to think of something to post in the 'shite you can't stand' thread, but I can't think of anything. I don't hate anything. I used to hate things. I used to hate lots of things. Must be old age, my opinions are getting more grey/beige.
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