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  1. Very much of this. They're everywhere at the moment, with their fat, middle aged (I am one of those, but don't impose it upon others) pasty fucking horribleness sticking out between the inappropriate lycra. I had written a long angry rant about this, but have thought better of it (but have included some rantage later on). Succinctly, the issue is this: if you're out on your bike to exercise, use a road where you're not inconveniencing others. If you're cycling to work at 8am on a Monday, in an anorak, because that's the quickest way to work, with a queue of traffic behind you, fine. If you're wearing a full tour de France get up at 3pm on a Sunday on the same road with a big queue behind you, you're a cunt. Best local example of this: NSL road just round the corner from me. Double white lines, so you can't overtake. Lycra dickheads cycle on the road. Monday morning anorak man? He uses the FUCKING CYCLE LANE RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROAD.
  2. How often do you get interviewed from the driver's seat of a 1986 MG Metro?
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184296945108 'Did I leave the gas on?'
  4. I don't understand why I haven't owned one of these, it'd make a hugely practical four seater. Handsome too.
  5. Maybe it started life as a Hindustan Ambassador?
  6. Peter Stringfellow and a couple of minors. I bet you can squeal like a pig, boy. Minimum pineapple.
  7. Bibliography: Kuah, I., Caddell, L. and Ward, I., 1988. Dream Cars. Macdonald. EDIT: I should also include this, with the quote, from the same book (from memory) 'The crude gearchange gate, however, would not have got past the drawing board at Ferrari or Lamborghini'.
  8. MG Metro? I'd love a Maserati, of this era preferably. Put me down for 19 please. Virtual thread of imagined fettling will immediately following my winning this.
  9. INSURANCE GRIN! Policy about to renew, so as any fule know, to get the best price you have to shop around, threaten to cancel etc. Current provider (Axa) renewal price: £455.32 Meerkat's best quote: £450.28
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