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  1. Such a nice design. I've always thought I preferred the S1's more angular front, but this has really grown on me. Oh, and also the fact that I'm photographing my car at 3am, because of course I am.
  2. Xantia update. It's back. It's actually been back a while. I found a relatively local Citroen specialist (Paul Clifford Motor Services in Wingham, near Canterbury), who located the leak. It was only a return pipe, but it was underneath the 'octopus', so required some dismantling to fix. Very reasonable price though. Next step, MOT; however, an hour before MOT, the airbag light came on. Access is so much easier with the seat tipped back, so I unbolted the seat, sprayed contact cleaner on the connector under the seat, and it worked again. I thought that was the only problem, but the garage found CORROSION on the back of the nearside sill; this was MOT-standard plated; they also found that the driver's seat was insecure-I'd forgotten to tighten one of the bolts when putting the seat back. Here's the MOT patch, and the C5 wheels I've put on it: Within three weeks I had an FTP. Five minutes from home the engine just cut out; no warning. Would not restart, with the ignition on accessories, only the battery light came on. I coasted to here; came to a halt where the white car is: On an upwards slope, so I couldn't push it by myself; it's an NSL road, and there's nowhere to stop if I'd rolled back. I couldn't push it up the hill by myself, so sat there for a while hoping someone would stop and offer to help me push; they didn't. I called the recovery company. Then someone stopped and helped me push it far enough that I could coast down the first exit of that roundabout, and into a layby. Sitting in the layby, with the ignition in the accessory position, waiting for the recovery man. Suddenly all the previously unlit warning lights came on; car started first turn of the key, so I drove home and stood down the recovery man. Apparently these are prone to dry joints in the fusebox, which would certainly explain a sudden loss of most electrical systems. This was the state of the fusebox: Many dry joints. After some soldering and cleaning, I had this: I ordered a solder sucker, tried again and got it fairly neat looking instead of the mess of pigeon shit shown above. Having refitted the fusebox, it's not shat itself again. Now onto the important stuff. Music. The rear speakers were fooked. Duly replaced. However, aftermarket speakers do not come with the same connectors as the standard ones. So rather than just cutting wires, obviously I cut the connectors off the old speakers and made up adapters so that I can retain the original connectors on the car and just plug in the new speakers. In their infinite wisdom, Citroen decided to label their speaker terminals 1 & 2 rather than + & -. After looking at a wiring diagram, consulting the internet, checking with a multimeter, writing down notes, obviously I wired up the speakers backwards. Eventually I ended up with these: I've put the original stereo back in, and bought a bluetooth cassette adapter thing. Next important repair; the rear sunblind. Bit of glue required. I'm just starting to look on this as an old car rather than a cheap car. So I bought a sticker (I always remove all stickers when I buy a car, so didn't have the original). Also this is colour coded. So there it is. Current state of the (tiny) fleet:
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