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  1. Hire car delivered just now. It's a beautiful sunny day; who in their right mind would want to travel inside this?
  2. Collection now collected. No thread, as frankly I've got bored of my own collection threads, which tend to involve short train journeys, nineties or later bland hatchbacks, and neither poo counts or local pastry delicacies. Also, I did a night shift last night and haven't slept yet. Here's a brief summary of the caper: The observant amongst you may have connected the revised thread title with a registration number-it's the former Broadsword white Xantia Hdi. Here it is, 'laying frame' near chez Masters. Apologies for the blue-forum OMGSLAMMEDYO abuse of the suspension, but I'm a child. It's an excellent example. Motorway speeds* all the way home, it handles well, rides well, and feels as tight as a drum. Minor cosmetic shiz on the outside, which are all detailed in Joshua's ad, but the rear arches and the strut tops are solid. It's been sat for a while (hence the sale), so there's grime everywhere. It will be receiving a thorough drubbing tomorrow, and a few aesthetic mods-it doesn't actually need anything (touches all ov teh woodz) mechanical at the moment. Even the plips work.
  3. Due to an impending collection, this is for sale. I've just put a year's MOT on it. It's a 1.1 pez 'Desire', so has electric windows and a manual sunroof. It's done 82k, and is available for the shiter's price of £400. Located in Folkestone, Kent, with the usual station collection facilities available. Pictures: Now in the correct sub-forum.
  4. Saw Jimmy deVille off that Goblin Car Works program in Lidl earlier. Well, I saw the bloke off that awful Tattoo Fixers-esque car program, had to look up who he was when I got home.
  5. Bloody moderns. I only want to take the stereo out.
  6. Electric fluid transfer pumps. Dem de shit. Always thought this was some sort of cheat/shortcut/bodge. You just pump the old oil into empty pop bottles. AMAZING.
  7. Vauxhall obviously get their black bumper dye from the same place they get their red paint.
  8. However, from the to fund me page: They took their dangerous cars to Germany expecting to get fined, then still behaved like bell-ends when they inevitably got pulled. An intentional publicity stunt?
  9. Wife's spaceship Civic only passed it's MOT on Friday! 180k and totally neglected. Had to do the asking the price poker face thing in reverse when the bloke told me.
  10. The suggestion was to out them in national media of some sort, hopefully generating enough bad publicity to affect, or potentially affect, their profit. Minis/old Ford's/series Land Rovers have a big enough following to make that work.
  11. I hope her C15 had the optional side windows, or her view of the telly would have been terrible.
  12. Social meedjya posts along the lines of: Translation: Please sell me your fucked pile of shite worth, at most, £100, for £700, then dispose of your prepaid mobile in the nearest canal.
  13. Obviously the first thing I did after reading this thread on a car I've never liked, is subject to the forum 'All Vauxhalls are...' bias, doesn't suit my needs at present, and without a budget, was to go straight to eBay. Have prices started to rise?
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