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  1. Datsuns? I don't want that in my browsing history.
  2. Neighbours of ours when I was a child had, I thought, a Datsun 120Y, but looking at a few pictures I think it was more likely a Sunny. Either way, it was bright yellow. I must have been in it, but don't remember anything about it, unlike the noisy, smelly, uncomfortable Beetle it replaced. However, I do remember the owner's daughter once let me watch her have a piss in the woods.
  3. This bloke is brilliant. He's over-excited, sweats a lot and sounds a bit drunk. He uses very strange camera angles, and frames things oddly, sometimes so you can't see the part of the thing he's talking about.
  4. Does Mike speak louder and more slowly?
  5. Had it not been veganism, I suspect Mr Casamitjana would have found and way of rubbing people up the wrong way by being an utter cunt-satchel.
  6. 'See you home' lights. First of all, how many people actually have a big enough drive so that they can park the car approximately pointing at the front door, so that the lights do indeed 'see you home'? Secondly, and more importantly, you stop in a country lane in a car thusly equipped. You get out. Your headlights, which remain on for your convenience, render you totally and utterly invisible; they're retina-burningly bright, and you're standing in the pitch black area they create around themselves.
  7. Is he selling a car owned by someone he's stalking?
  8. Blue badges are essential to enable some people to retain their mobility. This is just taking the fucking piss (the space was there before they parked), and means Joe Public tars them all with the same brush.
  9. I did search for this image as a 'humorous' response to the above post. However, I'd not noticed before, the engine is probably totally fucked as a result of the massive torque exerted upon it by being started by that tank battery. * and obviously the massive starter which would draw that torque. Apologies in advance to anyone who actually knows about this stuff-I don't.
  10. Nearly time to finish work on a Friday night, and I notice how much a transit van's window line looks like a bottle opener.
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