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  1. So, now that our allotted couple of days of winter are out of the way for another year, how was it for you lot? Yesterday afternoon saw me sliding backwards, sideways and every which way in between in my Discovery down snow-covered sheet ice at the Ilkley end of the UCR lane that heads over Ilkley Moor towards Keighley... We then headed towards Guiseley and saw loads of rear-wheel drive stuff struggling to gain any traction in what was admittedly some of the slippiest snow I've been out in for a long while. Massive tailback caused by a people carrier taxi, a Jaguar Sovereign and some random modern hatchback thing stuck in the middle of the road on a slight incline. Over towards Halifax we spotted a red Toyota Corolla abandoned on a slippy downhill section with its n/s/f stuffed in a tree, followed by several cars stuck trying to get up the incline at the other side of the valley. Then, finally managing to do the Ilkley UCR lane from the Keighley end, we found a Lexus RX400 abandoned with its nearside wheels stuck well in a ditch on the moor a mile or so from Ilkley. Then, heading back out of Ilkley, we followed a Peugeot taxi that gradually ran out of grip heading up Cowpasture Lane towards Cow & Calf rocks, luckily leaving enough room for us to get past. I only just had enough traction in the Disco to get up over the top to head back towards Baildon (3rd gear low box with diff lock engaged). Today we went up into North Yorkshire, and had to wait at a convenient pub for a couple of hours for this to be HIABed off the road ahead: It turns out they were friends of the couple that ran the pub. Luckily, no Freelander occupants were harmed during the making of this accident. We finished off the day with a revisit of the Ilkley UCR from the Ilkley end... I managed to get up it this time, the Lexus was still there. And weirdly, there was another abandoned Mk 5 Golf almost at the top on the Keighley side - what on earth possessed someone to try driving such an unsuitable car up a rutted track in such conditions is a mystery to me, but they'd have had a pretty long walk home if they didn't manage to get a lift back to civilisation.
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