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  1. Asimo

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Perfect for that essential* journey. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-elite/223963544567?hash=item3425447bf7:g:MzEAAOSwaeBehHE5 Something heroic about the shite-ness of photographing this Gothic horror by the bins downstairs, and then trying to flog it during the plague-days. Want. Quite a lot. *Driven once in the last 3 weeks, to buy lawnmower petrol from a pay at the pump. Mask, goggles, gloves, late at night. Frightening. This bourgeois-barge would have suited my mood perfectly.
  2. Asimo

    eBay tat volume 3.

    And too many pedals, not enough bench.
  3. Asimo

    1925 Trojan

    Marvellous. I've wanted a proper look inside one of these engines since reading about them in Dad's "Newton & Steeds" (1930s edition) Are the pistons iron?
  4. Ross on Wye Morrissons. Makes a change from riding in the tractor link box. (Not my picture. Was looking for local car park images.)
  5. Completely agree with this. Do the bores wear equally on these engines? I am presuming that the rear cylinder runs hotter - maybe wears more, (or seizes more often!) ? As ever, fascinating reading and inspiring work.
  6. Asimo

    eBay tat volume 3.

    https://www.brightwellslive.com/lot/details/472607 Engine: MAN D0836 LFG50 326hp/1250Nm, EU4, 6 cylinder, Transmission: ZF AS 1210 MAN TipMatic Anyone understand "timed auctions"?
  7. That very "Road Impressions" article began my unhealthy interest in Gammas. Which still surfaces from time to time.
  8. These are wonderful, thanks ever so much. How do you scan slides, with some sort of adapter on a camera? However it's done, the results are really good.
  9. I was brought up on Motor Sport magazine. There were hundreds of back issues dating back to the '40s, mouldering in the back of various old heaps that Dad had given up on and I spent many happy hours there, inhaling dust and spores and cars. The magazine has all of these issues fully scanned, adverts, letters, the lot, all on-line. Just change the month and year at the end of this link to get the issue you want. https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/archive/issues/march-1957 My "birthday issue" Includes an ad. for the delightful Berkeley. A front-wheel drive two stroke. Some of the small ads are worth a look. £345 for a Mercedes 500K! Easily 200 times as much today. I wonder who the famous comedian previous owner was?
  10. I went to this show, with a friend in his Rover 2000TC. The only car I remember being excited about was the Fiat Panda; I was in the throws of a "less is more" obsession at the time. "" Perhaps if Ford had made V8 Mustangs available here instead, they might have sold some.
  11. Reminded me of this visitor to the Glasgow Necropolis. Which would be a great place for Trials riding.
  12. The Galue is rather attractive compared to that X1. Damning with faint praise for sure, but only one of these two cars deserves fuel.
  13. Another Pininfarina gem, also with a flat (12) engine. Ferrari Pinin. Shame it never became a production reality. Could have been a serious competitor for the Lagonda...........
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