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  1. Keep the Leaf and roffle everything else to buy a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow with the proceeds.
  2. If you really want one of these, this could be the one. https://en-gb.facebook.com/marketplace/item/987435605142197
  3. The link works for me. Seller has 3 cars in one ad: Matra Murena, Ginetta G21 and the Renault 7. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/3-extremely-rare-cars/30147968
  4. If you can weld this could be all you will ever need. £900. https://en-gb.facebook.com/marketplace/item/314381567293176
  5. That £400 Avantime is now marked sold. Thank fuck.
  6. The interior of that Peugeot van looks utterly hateful.
  7. That Fanta addition Aston Martin is glorious. It should be listed grade III. Have another pic. I’d like to meet the bloke who ordered that, and buy him a pint.
  8. Another vote for Mk2 Cavalier. Mine was new, auto and (obviously) a company car. For just being a car, day in day out, thousands of miles a month it really was hard to fault. Of the cars I’ve bought with my own money, the manual 120 hp ‘04 Subaru Legacy saloon was the best day in day out car. A shame Subaru products have spiralled down the can since that model.
  9. I wouldn’t normally notice these, but YELLOW! https://en-gb.facebook.com/marketplace/item/312947567268884 Ad says 4WD works. MOT history has last two tests - advisory: propshaft removed.
  10. He just pressed the button Navara mode!
  11. These things. Overnight they went from #1 for tottymums to #1 for the dog-fighting and rabbit-molesting crowd. Nowadays they get tuned for maximum soot and on open exhausts they are hateful and make me cross. Except when it snows and they are upside down in a field due to 4wd-overconfidence. Then they make me laugh.
  12. Not Manta, Cavalier Mk2: I think the wreck has a transverse engine, and that front valence panel is very distinctively Mk2 Cavalier.
  13. You are old money. I had to take most* of the money that you paid me for the Insight to the bank and swap for the new plastic chod-vouchers. **Less two Covid-season's worth of beer tokens.
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