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  1. Yes, although it can also indicate Diesel on younger ones, in which case Run Away.
  2. More “wrongly engined” vans. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-Vans-Austin-Maestro-Diesel-x-2-Ex-AA-Van/233871304883?hash=item3673d0e8b3:g:EbYAAOSwyAdgDd3f
  3. Just found https://www.flickr.com/photos/128691640@N04/50083336268/in/photolist-2jiGbZJ-7q5KUR-H5MVuJ-wia9Go-Jz91zQ-xbooJv-biRqe-bgsFMB-2b5Jdbo-2jMy6ns-Unr9RC-K7ewXr-2h7jx7Z-2g8V5dV-eau4js-HqoLM3-2jMxSsu-amkVuJ-fLQJ7a-2b5JcZb-MpbCGM-2hHdsoL-2kbptmz-2juJHLc-2iJkdkT-LQVv3o-2gbabPS-7JA9Lf-FiewEY-9uDkkb-Czje3y-euEkPk-2jGRCji-TJsXoL-jPfJPB-YpNnax-W1LkiW-6rcVg5-JtQkjc-2h7PrW9-XVsbTU-9Np8fZ-TNqNNA-ohQQ4B-56p5Yr-mv25GT-wFwbGJ-X9q7be-2h7Psji-VZT4Rj
  4. This is the stuff, from model shops or eBay. It adheres really well to the polycarbonate lenses. I sprayed the lenses inside and outside until they looked right, about 4 coats in all.
  5. Is it just where a brake-pad-wear sense cable plugs in?
  6. This has moved for the first time since end of October, a few 1/4 mile trips for firewood. Started instantly, brakes still free, bone dry inside, all working perfectly. Moderns are amazing! I now have rear gingercators! Thanks to @vulgalour for suggesting the Tamiya paint. It has worked perfectly. Reversing lights are also orange with LED (Gu10 lamps) driven via diodes in parallel with the indicators for extra visibility.
  7. This is in Gloucester. Just not the Gloucester 25 miles away. All good to go for about £5k, plus the drive home... Want! https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/gloucester/cars-vans-utes/leyland-p76-1974-deluxe-6/1262975257
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