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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1136913990272868 Completely original, low miles, best body variant. Perfect.
  2. I don’t want this. Even more I don’t want to meet the seller. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1303504980417761
  3. Constantly dissapointed by how compromised and bland production cars are, especially commercially successful ones, I am really drawn to the radical, focussed design seen in many concept cars. A few favourites:- Rover P6BS Triplex glassback Porsche FLA
  4. Asimo


    Not just race numbers, I’ve seen clones of these two sad heaps in Hereford recently.
  5. Good to know the TR is doing the job at last. Thanks for the east-coast travelogue. I must get round to going east from here (English Marches) one day. It’s just so much easier to go West…
  6. Your patience and persistance with that transmission is above and beyond! And makes for very interesting posts. For anyone else fascinated by the engineering involved, Weber University has 5+ hours of video on this pioneering transmission.
  7. The green Commer estate/shooting brake is delightful. Never seen one of those before.
  8. Proper car, proper colour, proper epic!
  9. The left side rear door looks better, the right side looks to be shaped around the existing fuel filler position. I think I prefer the door buttons on the right side to the flap handles on the left doors.
  10. Untaxed for 44 years. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/455078056570727
  11. Thieves don’t do LHD so quick RHD conversion?
  12. “Trade” What does that mean? If it is like Dulux Trade gloss paint, it means the best paint Dulux make. If it is like bathroom taps, it means the shittiest tap loadsamoney the plumber can get away with fitting.
  13. Petrol was less than half that price in ‘73.
  14. Does the filter have a non-return valve in it? If so, is the non-return action in the wrong direction for the flow through the spin-on filter adapter?
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