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  1. A base BMW from back when they were a bit left-field and upmarket. This is similar to the one I ran for years, mine had manual steering and 5 speed but this one could have pas, could (I think) even be a 4 speed. 90 hp from 4cylinders is not enough of course, but "not enough***to be a proper BMW" is a big part of the attraction. Note the complete absence of unnecessary crap in here. Lovely. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E28-518-Manual-In-Orginal-Condition-From-Factory/284052375703?hash=item4222d74897:g:HK4AAOSwF9FfhahM
  2. "Pickup" "needs welding of course mainly from the cab back" Half-scrapped RomaHome more like. £1200 start! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-car-Citroen-C15-Pickup/224199779947?hash=item343359266b:g:eeMAAOSwQPdffMxV
  3. Asimo

    Chrysler 180

    I may have posted this before - I worked briefly for Chrysler in 1975- as a postie at their Coventry (Stoke) engine plant. One of the tasks was putting letters into window-envelopes. I remember doing lots of the same letter to Chrysler 180 / 2Litre owners, which more or less explained that the camshaft failure they had experienced at a very low mileage was normal, and outside of the warranty so tough luck. It was one of those cars often heard tick-tick-ticking. This is a base model (1.6) from Leboncoin today €3200, low miles. https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1837526067.htm/
  4. Looks more like an old icecream-van for conversion rather than a classic camper for restoration.
  5. No. I never tried the sATnAV in my Avantime either and once the radio had been tuned to BBC radio3 I didn't touch it again either. To be fair, for the first 35 miles in an 18 year old and complicated Renault, you need to be concentrating on the important things such as warning lights, weird noises and smells.
  6. This is very appealing. And very local. Oh dear. I do like '80s fibreglass however. But there is also that Corvette to consider. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chevrolet-Corvette-C4-V8-MANUAL-RARE-MODEL-CLASSIC-AMERCIAN-CAR-DRIFT-SWAP-PX/224191617032?hash=item3432dc9808:g:8fQAAOSwnB1fbKYo" Hmmm. Broken headlight, aux. belt missing, flat battery / new battery (which - both are claimed), New (old) alternator, hacked-through bracket by the PAS reservoir, Aldi thermoswitch thing-(for a fan?) And those awful wheeelzz. I could cope with the interior however. Sure, it is shite, but it i
  7. "Incidentally, on the above photo, the longer contact is the one that meets with the curved bit inside the unit but the shorter one doesn't seem to have a purpose, any thoughts on that?" My thought: one of the wipers contacts the coil of resistance wire, the other wiper contacts the plate that closes the sender unit. Have a look for witness marks from the contact wiping. This plate is earthed via the tank. So the petrol gauge responds to the varying resistance to earth as the wiper connects varying length of the sender coil to earth. So to test the sender, the fuel pipe / sender bod
  8. And a second ooof for that Ferrari 400 'n all.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Reliant-only-fools-and-horses-funeral-hire-company/164433576749?hash=item264901432d:g:dSQAAOSwMalfgFHy
  10. Why is it "Robin Reliant", but never "Rialto Reliant" or "Regal Reliant"?
  11. I'd quite like a Pontiac Fiero. Sadly, many of them have been ruined with body-kits. But the Fakerrari boys ain't trying hard enough! Look what Zimmer did! Yep, under that lo-ong bonnet is just a spare wheel (hopefully not spoked) Real (ply) wood dash. I don't think I knew about these until today, and now I want one. Just so shite, so me. https://classiccars.com/listings/find/all-years/zimmer/quicksilver
  12. Welcome to our world.
  13. This place was built in'64. In the mid sixties the 1100 was the most common car around here so it ought to be one of these. But I still "don't fit in around these parts" so I'll pass on the Austin and have one of these.
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