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  1. ^^^ £3k but with that horrid engine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334436882288
  2. From the EA brochure. https://www.flickr.com/photos/16684904@N02/albums/72157633001623668
  3. They made these things until 1996. Edit:- 2013! Big fleet users don’t care how out of date it is. Does it do the job? If yes then buy same again.
  4. This low-quality set of crash videos of ‘80s VW vans is quite interesting. The collision between an LT and an American car is a bit contrived with the chassis of the Yank ( what is it?) being below the floor of the LT and the structure of the trunk being very feeble. When the Mk3 Transporter was new VW made quite a thing of it’s crashworthiness. There was a lot of strong steel between bumper and front axle.
  5. Even the Toyota Hiace has a bonnet now, the Mk6, 2019 - model. The very forward control Mk5 Hiace was never sold here, but I saw one here, just a few days ago, so grey imports are managing to get registered. They were THE van in Hong Kong when Iwas last there. They are very obviously ideal for that high density urban environment. The space efficiency of a shoebox and a very tight turning circle helped by short wheelbase and rear wheel drive. I’d like one! What Toyota did sell here until 2015 or so was the Dyna, my kind of Japanese pickup. Very rare on British roads compared to the Nissan Cabstar.
  6. Asimo

    The Wolseley Six

    Manual. A £1300 project in Newport Pagnell. My favourite Wolseley Six colour. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-cars/wolseley6/1432403104
  7. Good choice of cars for back then. What Motor Sport magazine used to refer to as a "perfect pair". No sign of the Cadillac but the Porsche is still with us -
  8. More tools. The socket wrench last autumn, and today a big plumber’s adjustable. (Stilson-?) One I didn’t pick up (because I was on the M4) was a big and expensive looking crimp tool.
  9. Best bodykit for a Midget, imho, the Arkley SS @barrett This one is cheap but needy… https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165466294249
  10. Asimo


    Brill. All that a car needs to be.
  11. Car wiring diagrams absolutely suck! I have used circuit diagrams for as long as I can remember: they show HOW things should be connected AND how it should work. Those wiring diagrams only show where the wires go, not what the switch etc. does. Makes fault finding so much harder than it need be, even for a car as electrically minimalist as this Lanchester. It will be something simple. Which makes it more frustrating somehow.
  12. This is a new one on me - a "threepenny bit" with a long bonnet? https://www.brightwells.com/timed-sale/5240/lot/573179
  13. Dad,Dad,Dad, I want a Yank pickup! Ok Son, have a PontiacPlymouth. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284803645028
  14. For sale in southern France. Not exported though ? https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/2106395289.htm
  15. Are the rear lights earthed seperately or are they earthed via the loom? If the latter then the rears could be earthing via the headlights due to a crossed connection. Or Simply a mis-assembly or mis-connection to the switch such as feed and headlight connections swapped?
  16. Dump the Discovery. P38 V8 has class. Disco is just a wannabe Shogun.
  17. I completely concur with this. Especially if the convertible is a rented Mustang and the city is Los Angeles. (No need to feel self conscious in L.A.)
  18. The donkey of MR2 bodykits.
  19. Just the one. It would have been a much better car as a coupe. Won’t be having another convertible.
  20. Doesn't a Jazz have a bigger window between door and screen-pillar? Edit - not the older models. The Jazz has it.
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