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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-cortina-pickup-2-0-pinto-engine-automatic-classic-rare-barn-find-hot-rod/353288503856?hash=item5241a2c230:g:z10AAOSwZ-5fupr3
  2. Asimo

    Austin Maxi

  3. Grandma (in the sidecar) and friend. 107 years ago.
  4. Amazing to think how this (and earlier) generation(s) of car had a virtually identical wiring diagram, no matter what model or wherever made.
  5. Would look ok if it had plain van wheels and 80-profile tyres.
  6. Is safe towing / bump-starting the sole purpose of the rear pump?
  7. The yellow oval-window had been a bit squashed by a tree falling at that point. A few years earlier it had burned** after which it was hand painted yellow. It had hydraulic brakes, and was a bit posh compared to the LHD '49 split rear window it replaced, with it's cable brakes. That was hand painted red with "Jel-Gloss" ** The day after the fire. Snooty neighbours were a bit dissapointed when Dad fixed it within a few days and then painted it in the street. Always remember to replace the petrol pipe after maintenance!
  8. ...inspiration for a rational step in my motoring career.
  9. Another, similar Riley, early sixties. Probably my Uncle's. (Every car he has ever had was for sale) But Dad never sold anything. Just parked it up,out of the way...
  10. Sometimes they fight you all the way. Is it worth having a look for metal particles in the engine oil? There must be a way to test whether any oil-borne metal is aluminium or bearing-metal. Caustic soda to dissolve aluminium perhaps?
  11. Terrible pictures, but my kind of Cadillac: two doors, front wheel drive, column "shift", cloth seats. And probably easy* to keep mpg over 20. Using man-maths it could also be considered "affordable" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CADILLAC-FLEETWOOD-COUPE/143836487649?hash=item217d529fe1:g:tNwAAOSwuDBfrCbD
  12. I like the way you have bricked-up the side-door!
  13. "I'm wanting to move onto a new chapter in my car-ownership" https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-cars/other-firebird-1994-3400-cc-/1389906181
  14. A silver Chrysler Neon with vinyl seats and a minidisc player.
  15. Yes! a proper Panda. Pushrods, leaf springs and no coolant = 😀 Nice colour. Quite a lot / 10.
  16. Yes. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1263291
  17. I think this is a close, base model, relative of Vulgalour's Lanchester.
  18. Presumably this Cadillac is a Vectra at heart? Shame it's not got more engine. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202010265436487
  19. 19 Longbridge Austin / BMC / BLMC / Rover / BAE / Phoenix / Oblivion 20 Canley Triumph / BLMC / Oblivion 21 Ryton on Dunsmore Hillman / Chrysler / Peugeot / Oblivion
  20. Taking the very long view - none. Any petrol engine can be readily converted to run on hydrogen. Which will be produced in quantity as a transport "fuel" using nuclear or solar energy to drive the neccessary chemical engineering. But in the near future the (entirely appropriate) vendetta against fossil fuels is going to be the dominant force in car values. Only the truly significant cars are likely to survive the next hundred years as anything other than decaying ornaments. And good riddance. Most Automobiles are Shite. Which is where we came in...
  21. Very pretty for a dobbin-box. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugeot-J7-Retro-Vintage-Classic-Horsebox-Camper-Street-Food-Pizza-Van-Gin-Bar/254772178310?hash=item3b519aed86:g:Ry0AAOSwZRNfLFzs
  22. Cat on a Chopped Tin Roof...
  23. There is a world of difference between asking and selling prices and there seem to be many, many dreamers chasing the Mike Brewer pot of gold. But the real value in an old car is the huge amount of skill, time and money required to restore and maintain one in top order. Just consider the scale of investment in the Granada Coupe restoration we have been following here. Must add up to much more than buying something equivalent and new.
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