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  1. I assume so, at least until 11pm on the 31st - under EU law all motor insurance policies have to provide the minimum legally required level of cover to drive in all member states.
  2. How loud is the noise? These all do gearbox bearings after a while - starts off as a high-pitched whine in 4th and / or 5th. They can go on for ages - the Rover of Doom had a whiny 'box throughout my ownership. Obvs if it sounds like a bag of spanners in a cement mixer then its doom might be more imminent.
  3. Be a little bit careful with Araldite though - it can go a bit funny in sub-zero temperatures, as I found when I used it to fix the Innocenti headlight. It has since been replaced by Tiger Seal.
  4. I once took a Saab 99 in to a Saab specialist and got given an Austin Somerset as a courtesy car.
  5. /\ Bloody hell that beige Club is tempting...
  6. /\That is (or was) Bickle's.
  7. @skattrd / @Skizzer Need any bits?
  8. Well that was an uneventful collection mission. It's a modern* diesel Audi so as expected it got me home quickly, economically, safely and boringly. The only thing that makes it vaguely interesting is that it's been remapped from the factory 130bhp to 162, according to the dyno printout, so it GLF when called upon - it'll easily light up the front tyres on the throttle in first. I wouldn't call it a sleeper though as people expect diesel Audis to be going fast. It's a base model so cloth seats, keep fit windows in the back and no cruise. It's not in bad nick apart from the rear bumper needing realigning and some bizarre corrosion on the roof. RobT and co are right though - London is still a fertile hunting ground for chod. These were all taken within a few hundred yards of each other in Hackney this morning. These two were on the south bank of the Thames - not exactly chod, but make a nice change from the usual butchered H van (of which there was also one). Even Aldershot (where I picked the Audi up from) isn't entirely without interest when it comes to chod spotting. These were all taken on the walk from the station to the seller's house.
  9. 31st of Feb? Sounds like your solicitors are on a wind up as well...
  10. Tssk. Sensors and computers. Bloody moderns.
  11. Sadly not. I wanted that and fully intended to buy it but couldn't afford it. Today's purchase is nowhere near as interesting.
  12. Once again it's early on a Saturday morning and once again I am on a train going to collect a car I didn't intend to buy, have no real use for and only bid on because it was cheap. I'm beginning to think there might be something wrong with me...
  13. Sounds like you're almost as good* at making a profit on cars as I am.
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