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  1. Actually, looking at R Classes on eBay, there seems to be a few of them going for around £3K - although most of them are diesels.
  2. Fuck a duck that is tempting! I've always had a soft spot for these for some reason - maybe because the utter pointlessness of them makes them prime futureshite material.
  3. Yep - intercooler sits on top of the engine in these and the scoop feeds directly into that.
  4. I have to say I've been a bit underwhelmed by the bags I bought too.
  5. Well look on the bright side, if the financial adviser / sales gig doesn't work out, at least you've got the cum consultant option to fall back on.
  6. Well it seems that the 75's battery is indeed goosed. I took it off and had it on charge overnight, ran a 12v tyre compressor off it for 20 minutes and it didn't have enough power left to start the engine - I had to jump it off the Iveco. On the plus side I left it overnight and it didn't lock itself or run the battery down any further, so that's good. I've stuck the spare wheel on the back for now as I'm fed up with having to constantly pump the tyre up - once I start using the old girl again I'll treat it to a pair of rear tyres as they were an advisory on the MOT anyway. Not got muc
  7. Is the washing machine not 4WD?
  8. Looks like it, yup. He's got some quality grot lying around.
  9. Here's a great opportunity for anyone in the North West who's gutted about missing out on Cavcraft's Wartburg. OK it's slightly* less solid but at least the engine is in place and not seized, and it's MOT exempt anyway so it doesn't matter if you can put your foot through the floor.
  10. Be like me, only faster and with no pop-up headlight
  11. The problem with a broken Maxus is that most diagnostic software won't talk to them properly, so you're pretty much on your own trying to work out what's wrong. So it could just be a fuel pump fuse (my first Maxus pulled that one on me, thankfully the AA man who turned up was on the ball and found it pretty much straight away) or it could be a fried ECU, in which case repairing it would be fun*.
  12. Good to see he's cracking on. It does look like a solid old thing from that photo I have to say.
  13. Now that is nice. As others have said, I can't remember the last time I saw such an un-messed-with T4 Caravelle. Probably the best engine option as well. How does the performance compare with the Granvia?
  14. We'd be lapped by the fugging dumper Sam.
  15. I think that last sentence might be key...
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