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  1. I'm pretty sure RX8s are counted as 2.6 litres by the DVLA rather than 1.3.
  2. Good job mine isn't the Lowline system then - my IPK screen is pretty much knackered! Interesting to see those price lists. I have the original bill of sale for mine - total price was £28,185.01. Curiously that includes £127.66 for power folding door mirrors which the car doesn't have.
  3. Is it another Daewoo? The dealership comment makes me think it might be. Nexia / Espero?
  4. wuvvum

    Budget X Type

    Bloody hell that's cheap for a facelift diesel. One of my neighbours swears by these - he's on about his 5th. He reckons the 2-litre is a far better bet than the 2.2.
  5. I had an estate on the same year - was supposed to be swapping it with Torsten for a Renault 12 but it got pikey'd when scrap prices were at their peak. It wasn't slow, but I certainly wouldn't have described it as "swift". Bloody good turning circle mind.
  6. Don't see why it would be. £3.5K for a rolling resto Land Lobster doesn't seem ridiculously cheap. Plus most of their listings are photographed in the same spot - the scammers usually have photos taken on random driveways all around the country / world.
  7. Didn't realise these late Magnums had such a funky dashboard.
  8. What was the "Low Line" Nav then?
  9. Every time I see this I marvel at how tiny the front discs are. To be fair I always thought the brakes were pretty decent on the two later 50s I had (the early one was on drums all round which were thunderously shit). Good luck with the fettling - sounds like the scuttle is going to be a pain in the arse, although probably more feasible than trying to remove and refit a Mercedes gearbox single-handedly.
  10. It must be spring - just found this little chap in my front garden.
  11. I bought a set of these a month or so back. They're not bad, as cheapo plastic trims go - they don't look nearly as offensive as some offerings.
  12. Wouldn't want to use that in a strong breeze...
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