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  1. You've done bloody well there.
  2. As alluded to a couple of pages back I have finally got the new offside front strut fitted to the Z4, and I'm pleased to report that it's transformed the way the car drives - even the knocking that I had thought was a knackered balljoint has gone. I've got it booked in tomorrow to have the tracking done and it should then hopefully drive as well as a 20-year-old 192k-mile car can be expected to. Then I just need to sort out its other issues - the sticky steering, the battery drain and the engine misfire when cold / throwing a wobbly if I try to take it over 4,000rpm. I was intending to attempt to diagnose the latter two issues this weekend, but predictably when I tried to do so the car behaved perfectly. I thought I was onto something with the battery drain as the multimeter was initially showing just over 1.2 amps with everything switched off, but after 10 minutes or so that had gone down to about 80mA, and that was the same each time I tried it. It's now gone three days without flattening its battery, and that's with the smaller battery off the Zafira on there. I also plugged in the laptop and took the car for a thrash up the coast road to see if I could get a fault code when the engine threw its usual wobbly, but instead it revved happily to 5,000rpm and beyond and didn't even put the engine light on. I'm pretty sure it has a vacuum leak though as there is an audible hiss at idle, which gets much louder if I give the throttle a sudden blip, after which the engine will misfire for a few seconds. It's going to be a two-man job to track the leak down though, so I'll run the car up to my mate's at the weekend and get him to listen while I blip or vice versa. The Lexmoto also threw a bit of a wobbly on Sunday - I fired it up and it ran fine for a bit then cut out, and I noticed petrol pissing out of the carb overflow. So it looks like that has a stuck float - I've taken the carb off and I'm going to take it to bits one of these evenings and see what's what. The rest of the fleet has been behaving remarkably well. I took the Mobylette for its first ride of the year on Sunday, and other than taking a bit longer than usual to start from cold and being a bit spluttery for the first mile or so, it ran surprisingly well - in fact I ended up taking it for the longest ride I've been on since I got it back on the road, and it didn't conk out once, although it still has a major flat spot on part throttle when it's warm so that will still need investigating at some point - not hugely urgent though given that most of the roads round here are NSL so the bike spends most of its time flat out. The Renault 6 ran fine as it always does (although it's definitely getting more tappety, I really need to do the valve clearances this year), but what I am pleased about is that my brake repair from last year is holding up fine - I did a couple of fairly heavy stops and the brakes didn't stick on at all. The bungee cord holding the bonnet closed also seems to be doing the trick, for now. The Volvo also ran great, managing an uphill overtake of a dawdling giffer in an X-Trail (it's not a sporting engine by any means but it still sounds nice when given some beans), the temperature gauge held steady at just below half and it didn't seem to lose any coolant. I do need to sort the brakes out this year though, they're OK but the offside rear still isn't doing much so it does still pull to the left noticeably under heavy braking. The Visa's brake pedal has gone a bit softer again but it's still much better than it was previously. On Saturday I swapped the wheels front to rear (when I got the car the rears were the correct 155/65x13, the fronts were oversized and rather worn 165/70x13). It's made a noticeable improvement to the steering - it's lighter at parking speeds and weighs up less in faster corners. It does look a bit odd with the fatter tyres on the back, but the spare wheel has a nearly new correctly-sized tyre, so I only need to find one more to have a complete set. To do that I need to find a tyre place that can balance centreless wheels...
  3. Given that some people still seem to think that historic vehicle exemption is at 25 years, I'm going to say it'll be a while yet.
  4. I forgot myself, but then I was out early this morning and saw a TR6, MGB GT and Acadiane in quick succession so realised something must be afoot.
  5. Today was Drive It Day. So I drove it.
  6. I'm not sure that I'd trust anything from a place that has nine consonants and no vowels in its name.
  7. Well that was a more than averagely productive lunch break.
  8. I wonder if he'd deliver? I've always wanted to see a Transit do a wheelie.
  9. Bloody hell, and there's me thinking I'd never be able to afford another DS!
  10. @LightBulbFun How difficult do you reckon this would be to get off the Q plate? Not that a Q particularly bothers me in itself at this price, but it's one of the exclusions on my insurance policy.
  11. You are the eBay AI engine AICMFP.
  12. It doesn't matter how shit it looks, you are still legally required to tag @eddyramrod.
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