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  1. 618 and 623 were defo Honda engines, but I'm sure I remember reading that the auto 620s used Honda mechanicals as well.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-54607295
  3. Seller sounds like a pleasant chap too...
  4. Someone needs to find a photo of an Iveco rescuing a broken down Vauxhall and get it made into a Christmas card for Billy.
  5. Looks like the price is climbing now anyway...
  6. Maybe his eyes are still hurting from that shirt and it's making him hold a grudge?
  7. Extremely cheap 3.2 Omega estate ending in an hour. I have no way of getting to Sussex in the next two days or I'd be all over this.
  8. I thought it was only the auto 620s that used the Honda engine?
  9. The cat on my C4 was empty - it appeared to be original, it had just (presumably) broken up over the life of the car. I don't think anyone is going to decat a 1.6-litre C4 for "performance". Interestingly the CO reading was only just over the limit even with effectively no cat in the system at all.
  10. I think the 1.1s are single point injection, which can bear a passing resemblance to a carb.
  11. Low mileage Rover 100. Would suit someone living near March and with access to a trailer. @BeEP
  12. Not much to report on the fleet this weekend. The Škoda now has choonz - the original Blaupunkt stereo is broken beyond repair, but I found an old Kenwood radio cassette in the airing cupboard which is roughly period correct, so a £2.79 eBay Kenwood-to-ISO adaptor later and it's plugged in and making suitably tinny sounds through at least one of the original speakers. I had a quick poke around the Punto to see if I could spot what is causing the third gear issues. The gear is still there, and if I can get it to engage it's fine - it doesn't make any nasty noises or pop out on the overru
  13. I wish I was as good at "bodging" bodywork as you are...
  14. I occasionally see a giffer-driven red P10 saloon around these parts.
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