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  1. A Capri with rear discs? What sorcery is this? Edit: And 5-stud wheels...
  2. Even more pedant mode: it's actually spelled "Scotchlok".
  3. Just sling a Pinto in it...
  4. [LightBulbFun] If that's a 1962 registered car then the A suffix plate is presumably a replacement and as such might be non-transferable, so if someone's buying it to plate rape it they might be disappointed. [/LightBulbFun]
  5. I can confirm this, having had one of my bank accounts blacklisted for doing that very thing. Yep. I don't find that expensive Bosch wipers last any longer nowadays than the £2.79 jobs from Roys of Wroxham.
  6. Ooh, I do like the shape of those. What year is it? Need to drop in a Hellcat engine m8.
  7. I've been trundling around in an Iveco that takes almost a minute to hit 60, so 16.7 seconds would feel positively dragster-like...
  8. Aah, the moped engine. Disapoint.
  9. 0-62 in 16.7 seconds though, so the performance is even more shite than the old model.
  10. Me too. It's just a shame Dacia have gone all decadent and fitted electric windows in the front and central locking.
  11. That is lush, although it has the usual KGF HFM price tag.
  12. Been bright sunshine and relatively mild up here in Norfolk. Petrol C2 has passed its MOT, so that'll be going up for sale once I've refitted the side skirt. Bill for weldage came to 79 quid all in which wasn't too bad, and my repair on the rear brake seems to have done the trick.
  13. There's an easy answer to all that - one I have found myself being tempted by on a number of occasions recently.
  14. Ah so you're the bar steward who outbid me! 🤣
  15. Just spunked out another 32 quid on the Innocenti - I'd found a seller on eBay.it who had an engine mount in stock, emailed them to ask if they'd post to the UK and they came back saying "we don't post internationally via eBay". That suggested to me that they would post internationally via other means, so I found their "main" online shop and sure enough they offered overseas shipping. So I ordered one. The old crate might yet see the road again this year. Although once it's MOT'd I'll need to do the clutch, which is going to be a pain as I have no idea what clutch it uses and I won't be ab
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