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  1. Those cunts with bugles and horses really do ruin everything, don't they?
  2. I had one of these. I sold it to DaveNotDave. Nice bloke. Had one of these too, albeit a slightly later one with the Phaser 90 engine. Drove it back from Wales to Norfolk. It took a while, as I recall.
  3. Cheap and potentially only mildly fucked C900 in Sussexshire
  4. I generally do what I can to avoid hitting wildlife, but the issue with pheasants is that no matter what avoiding action you may take, they will still always somehow manage to end up directly in front of you.
  5. They do have a nice shape to them those hatchbacks, although I still prefer the front end treatment of the saloons. 0-60 in 9.7 seconds seems respectable enough - would leave my 1.8-litre Carina in the weeds anyway...
  6. I had a floppytop Sebring with the 2.7 as a hire rental car in California in 2005 - engine seemed decent enough to me. Mind you it was almost new at the time.
  7. Next time you pass it, could you nick the front brakes off it for me? TIA.
  8. I hit a pheasant at 50 on a Honda Lead scooter once. It did make a bit of a thud.
  9. The very same. 300 quid for an MOT'd and running diesel M-Class is just silly.
  10. Coincidentally, I'm currently kicking myself for not bidding on something on my eBay watch list which was many hours and £70+ away by train, and which went for such an absurdly low price that even with the cost of collection it would still have been a bargain.
  11. This looks cheap for a Figaro, even a fucked one.
  12. Essex, innit. Wonder if it's lost its pre-selector 'box as well? I don't see that at three and a half bags personally...
  13. Battered but cheap (very cheap) diesel M-Class in Fife m8.
  14. I think it was a reference to the piles of needles on the car bearing a passing resemblance to the POTUS' coiffure.
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