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  1. Just stopped for a sarnie on the A421. Going OK so far,noisy wheel bearing on the front but other than that it drives nicely enough.
  2. Slightly gutted that isn't my train.
  3. First time on the Brenda Line. All very shiny and new.
  4. Off on a collection mission. First one of the year, in fact first one since the Visa.
  5. Looking forward to seeing this all back together. I'll actually be (all going well) passing through FOD country tomorrow on the way home from a collection mission, but it'll be dark by then and everyone will probably have buggered off.
  6. Mine has been suffering from a sticky brake light switch (among other ailments). It used to only happen if it'd been stood for a long while but it's getting worse. I might have to fork out for a shiny new one - I haven't looked yet to see how much of a twat they are to change.
  7. That is absolutely fantastic. Did they ever sell the V6 version here? I'd assume it'd be a bit overshadowed by the Turbo. Also - [barefoot] Twat. [/barefoot]
  8. Looks like it's the four-seater version too! That'll be the same Lombardini 2-cylinder petrol engine as was in my second Ligier Ambra. Should be good for about 60mph, eventually.
  9. Seems decent value that with 11 months' test, despite the silly colour scheme.
  10. Is it a Rover 75 that has a slipping clutch but you've had a few drinks and decided it can't be that bad after all?
  11. Cheap 99 Turbo in the spares section
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