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  1. @bunglebus - My cap is duly doffed. You took a cheap looking toy buick and turned it into a sought-after model. @sheffcortinacentre - have you got anymore photos of the Cortina Estate. I can guess you built it with parts from another one but it looks really good.
  2. You're kidding right? Is getting a car into a space really a "challenge" these days?
  3. Got into a MINI mode recently. Just as the Corona virus thingy was unravelling, I landed myself a temporary job at an office in Birmingham. A lady who sat at the desk opposite was a fan of MINIs and had a 1/18 scale model by Motor Max on her desk. As corona got worse most of the staff were sent to work at home. I temporarily 'adopted' the green MINI as a desk ornament for the last few days I was there and gave it a good clean as it was very dusty. It inspired me to buy one, I bid and got one for £10 delivered: Mine is a 1/18 scale by Burago. The interior is a bit more detailed than the Green Motor Max one, the scale on mine seems bigger than the Green one plus the shape is more realistic than the green one. Mine also has realistic looking brake discs. If you're wondering about the Blue car: 1/18 Citroen DS that I got given by a mate some years ago. Needs a hubcap.
  4. A few recent ones from me. Mostly garden/driveway found tat:
  5. Absolutely. The last part of my post was actually a personal rant as a neighbour of mine is very elderly and currently housebound, she doesn't have a large mixture of various foods. One particular stock of food that she does eat was out of stock in 5 supermarkets I visited on Friday. Thankfully I found some last night restocked and bought a few packets for her so she won't go without. The common sense being replaced by self-entitlement comment applies to all ages. Young and old.
  6. Because sadly "common sense" barely exists anymore. Its a rare thing these days that has been forgotton or chased out of peoples senses and replaced by their sense of entitlement and the rapidly growing "me first" attitude" that has so far massively displayed itself through the panic-buying twats who have cleared the shelves of various supermarkets not thinking that the helpers of housebound vunerable elderly people will be unable to find stuff for them.
  7. Liking the Vauxhall branded oil drums. "I'd roll that"
  8. 😔 My sincere condolences to Reb and family.
  9. Probably forgot to post this during my last posts here.
  10. Had a rear brake light warning come up on the Vectra yesterday. I decided to tackle it today during my lunch break. Firstly remove these 3 screw in lugs: Secondly, remove rear whole lamp Thirdly, unscrew rear access unit: Replace bulb and refitting is the reverse of removal.
  11. If you can get a pic that would great!
  12. I might have some spare glass but only fronts iirc. They're in my lock-up garage in Telford. I might also have some door cards in the right colour as I changed them over from my mk2 to later mk2s. I'm completely barrasic otherwise I'd happily chuck a few quid in.
  13. They're great cars. I kept this one because its been pretty hardy, it doesn't seem to let go of life as easily as some others. It's starting to look a bit frilly around the edges right now so needs attention. It still drives beautifully. The KV6 sounds lovely when accelerating, I never get tired of that sound. This car has seen me good in some of the difficult times I've gone through in the recent past.
  14. Very nice. Liking the look of that. I had one myself for the brief period of 2 or 3 weeks way back when: I should have bought it.
  15. Thanks, it looks a bit sad now having been forgotten about for a long while. Here are some interior shots I took way back when it was in full use. The seats really are as comfortable as they look: Apart from new sills, a new radiator and general recommissioning work, it looks like it'll need a new alternator too now.
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