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  1. Uh oh. @RobT wrong time for me. Something in my life has changed recently which frees up a tad more cash as I've not been able to save for years. I've yet to pay for my Vectra and chuck the Peugeot 407 through an MoT and try and get shot of it. If you still have this say by end of December or early January I will buy it off you and run it as as a classic.
  2. Not seen those Ford Escort wheel trims since the early 90s when my uncle has a red Ford Escort in Belgium.
  3. Great cars. Fatha_Sterling had one in Brussels in that Burnt Orange colour they did. But it was the more popular hatch version. Similar to this: When it was sold it was exported to Africa.
  4. When I got paid from work I decided to sort out the constantly deflating tyre on the 407. Unfortunately the side corner where the side wall meets the tread had a puncture and couldn't be repaired. I bashed on another tyre, Michelin tyre which replaced the "FGX" tyre or whatever it was. It actually drive a bit nicer after that. Also, Vectra apparently doesn't have a broken spring, but still sits slightly lower one side than the other. It'll be fixed. Then the Peugeot is going in for MoT and some work.
  5. 2005 Vauxhall Vectra Estate 1.9 CDTI (T+I) 2008 Peugeot 407 TD SE (T+I) For Sale fodder 1997 Rover Sterling KV6 (SORN) 1995 Rover Sterling 2.7 (SORN) 1990 Rover Sterling 2.7 (SORN) Engine failure 1987 Rover Sterling 2.5 (SORN) 1987 Rover 820E (SORN) 1998 Nissan Micra 1.0 (SORN) Awaiting crash repair, technically not mine.
  6. Thanks. I am considering it after chatting with another shiter shortly after buying my TV but simplicity is what I'm looking for. The Multi-region players available on eBay is immense at low money (£30 for a black Sony multi-region player which I am heavily considering given that everything else is Sony) but for now I have to wait until payday and keep my OCD in check. Until then, if I really need a DVD player I have my Playstation 3.
  7. Bollocks 😡 DVD player has decided to give up the ghost. Put in a disc that I have played many times over the years and all I get is an "INVALID REGION" warning and disc won't play. Its actually a multi-region from factory DVD player (Hitachi DVP345) despite settings/resetting thebstettings, putting in codes from DVD hack sites etc... it just doesn't want to know so has now been ripped out from its home ready for the bin. Best thing is, I can't afford a replacement until I get paid at the end of the month or even until December because: other stuff needs paying for. I'm not too bother
  8. Nice! What a buy. You've definately won this time. I miss my old Sierra Sapphire.
  9. Do you mean the model? I literally bought it today. Or do you mean the real one?
  10. Right! Since I got my prized 1.24th Rover Sterling back home. I decided to open it up to see what makes it so heavy. Now I know this is sacrilege given the rarity and value. To my surprise, everything, including the interior, dash and door cards are made of metal! No wonder its so heavy. But something else slightly annoyed me, although the interior is very well detailed, the passenger side tea-shelf was missing its wood and black-detail to dash mat. I had to do something about it. Firstly, I applied some permanent black marker onto the dash "mat" carefully filling in the detai
  11. Today, I am a fairly happy man. 12 years ago, I learnt the existance of a 1.24 scale model Mk1 Rover Sterling. They were sold through the 1986 Rover Elegance brochure. Details were sketchy, I understood that only 100 were produced and all I could find were grainy images. The car looked fairly detailed. A year later I found one on eBay, knowing its rarity, I bid, what was then a whole weeks wages. £250, I really thought it was mine, the seller was even local, in Birmingham. Sadly, on the day and hour that the bidding was due to end, I was sent out by Mother to buy some oh-so important
  12. Thanks @Datsuncog I think I'll pass on the Polistil Jag and Uno. Been paid, got lots to pay out for including a new model which'll be revealed hopefully on Sunday.
  13. See, my Jag has its complete front bumper and grille which can be used for a template if someone wanted to make a resin copy. That'd be great. Regarding the model, I won't reveal it until its my hands. But you're not off ?
  14. Hmmmmmm. Interesting..... I have the same Polistil Jaguar in great condition but just missing its rear bumper which that one has. Might also be interested in the Panda..... However, I may be dropping 3-figures for a model car.... all will revealed if the deal goes through.... so will almost certainly be barrassic come next month.
  15. Nice. Umm al-Qiwain (supposed to be spelt 'Quwain') is in the UAE. The motorway map underneath looka a bit like the spaghetti junction in Birmingham ?
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