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  1. Wow. Is that a Fiat Stilo Estate? Nice. Gash wheel trims though. Get yerself some genuine items: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Set-of-Fiat-Stilo-15-Wheel-Trims-Hub-Caps-x4/124270783504?hash=item1cef1dac10:g:BGUAAOSw6d9fGauI
  2. Disabled to PLG tax cost? Recently swapped the Zafira for the Peugeot. Back when I first got the Zafira, I was told at the post office that due to the vehicle being on disabled tax, I'd have to pay 6 months tax up front. Is this the same if I wanted to pay for 12 months? All the advice I'm looking for, including on the .gov website is as clear as mud.
  3. Glad you enjoyed it. I need to rip the tracks and send them to you. KV6 Sterling is due to be moved tomorrow to the yard where I keep my cars.
  4. Cheers. Yeah its not a bad car. But it is to sell so by next month if you're interested, let me know. As above, it'll be moved on by next month but I'd like to try and sort the front suspension noises if I can, however Vectra is up first for long over-due repairs so it may or may not get sorted.
  5. It does indeed. It also has retractable wing mirrors when locking the car. Great little features.
  6. Last week I got chatting to an old mate of mine who was looking for a bigger motor for his missus. His missus has back problems and found getting into lower cars a difficulty. I mentioned the Zafira but was a bit weary as I wasn't actively looking to sell it. He wanted to reach a deal more so for his missus than anything. In the meantime he had a Peugeot 407 2.0 SE HDi up for swap. We met today and he seemed very happy with the Zafira and off he went.... Leaving me with this: Almost immidiately I swung into clean up action removing old plastic bottles and crisp packets. I visited the local IMO car wash place and chucked a bucket of water over it. It cleans up well. Driving it back, it was Ok. No rattles but a couple of minor knocks when going over bumps, there is also a bit of a suspension type squeak when going uneven road, which most of it is. I was told that it was down to suspension bushes which will get looked at. Other than that, it seems to drive Ok. There are various non-mechanical bits and bobs that need to be rectified. The passenger door has a missing check strap. Rear bumper has a missing finisher (seen above) the radio does not have a clear screen so texts on screen are ineligible. the boot was filthy, full of sand and various nuts and bolts. All cleaned out now. It does have boot carpet too. I'll probably sort out as much as I can and stick it up for sale. It's not a bad car.
  7. Might have a Peugeot 407 2.0 Hdi incoming tomorrow. I wanted to keep the Zafira for a few more months but the 407 being newer (2008 I think) might make me a bit more money on sale time, plus my usual spaces have been locked now so I need to move the cars out of the spaces.
  8. Online would probably be the best idea. Thanks!
  9. You wouldn't be able to stick them on a DVD or a USB stick for would you? Do you have the whole series? I've been looking for a particular chase involving a Mk1 Rover Sterling, an original Mini and a Mk1 Espace.
  10. I've been watching some old Crimewatch robberies and raids from around 1986 on tele via Youtube. There is some proper old rammle on there. Lots of Fords though, plenty of Escorts and later Sierras as stolen/getaway cars. One reconstruction was about a lone robber who held up cash vans in Middlesbrough/Teesside areas. What made me kind of grin was, he'd steal older vehicles like old Escorts or Minis etc... he'd tune the engines so they were better condition than before. What thief does that these days? The cars were never crashed, just dumped, but presumably eventually returned to the owner with a better condition engine than before.
  11. Brill cars these. I'm a fan. Hipe to get one at some point when I get bored of the Zafira. My neighbour has one, he is slowly doing it up. It was a victim of the recent floods but has been dried out, some parts changed, started and drives now. I've drove it briefly and have driven others as I was trade-plater. Neighbour has tidied it up a bit more since this photo. Cleaned up and front bumper de-striped.
  12. Weigh up the pros and cons. If you're using your classic everyday or every other day or going on long journeys then why not. As long as the original can be refitted with ease. Changing radios is a pet hate of mine. I can change them all day long but when an OEM radio has been "upgraded" with some cheap generic CD/DAB receiver it takes away the sound quality and looks cheap. But this is generally with everyday usable cars, like the Zafira I've got, it came with a crappy aftermarket CD player which got whipped out and I chucked in an OEM Vauxhall CD player. As yours sounds like a 'proper classic' as said, as long as you can easily put back the original then, yes change it.
  13. I've been to the Alconbury depot a few times. The first time we went with another driver driving a hire car to drop us to the depot, we accidently went to the entrance of the US military air base there as all the usual roads we used to go the depot were blocked off due to a housing estate being built there. The gun-carrying guards at the entrance were nice and advised us of which roads to use as they probably used to a lot of lost drivers trying to find their way to the Ford depot.
  14. You may remember this 1960s 1.43 Corgi Jaguar e-type which I acquired but only had 2 tyres. Well, I bought some tyres which turned out to be the wrong size; too large at 16mm. So I recently acquired some smaller 15mm ones after getting some advice and they fitted! I'm pretty happy with them. They fit nicely and are original (or proper repro) Corgi items with the 'CORGI TOYS' stamps on the side. Its almost on par with returning OE items to the Zafira. Now I'm looking for a wheel and axle set for 1.43 Vauxhall Vectra B touring car model that I have that has no wheels on it now.
  15. Must admit. I am liking the e46 estate. I had the saloon before it started giving me problems, though I did have it for about 3 faultless years before it started giving me problems. I also borrowed a 318 estate auto which was a much nicer car than my 316 saloon.
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