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  1. You know, it's funny you mention getting rid of the dealer sticker (and badge by the looks of it) I purposely got the badges and dealer logos back on the roffle Micra Ma is driving around in now. Before: After: I got the 'Micra' and 'Tempest' badges off eBay, the 'Glyn Hopkin' badge (original supplying dealer of roffle Micra) was a very lucky find. I found it on the ground of mechanics I take my cars to. Right colour too! Although I have seen Glyn Hopkin supplied Micras with the Glyn Hopkin badge lower right to the lip of the boot. Not that bothered about it myself. It looks good (well, to me anyway) You still got the wheel trims and badges?
  2. Not sure if its been posted before. If it has, get over it. Renner 25 TXE, in white for £1,650 of your finest English pounds. Pretend to be a middle manager from the early 90s: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155257535019 Look at those SUMPTUOUS seats, LOOK AT THEM! Comes with a MOUNTAIN of spares. This is one of a dozen photos of spares.
  3. WERD man. Love K11s, always had a soft spot for them as they are Mother_Sterling's choice of wheels. This was her first one (still owned) bought from a (now demolished) Nissan dealership in Great Barr, Birmingham. Ma has had this since about '99 before I even knew how to drive. Later on after I got my licence, I made a few changes and also discovered that I was more into OEM 'up speccing' than cheap aftermarket "modz". I raided scrapyards when there were more of them and you could walk into them, I picked upper spec OEM bits from scrappers and fitted them to the Blue: Before: After: Rear parcel shelf with speakers from upper specced models (they have the plug already installed): Tweeters (again, plugs at the ready) JDM floormats from a Nissan March Rear opening bin (usually just a blanking trim) Sadly the Blue got smacked into a couple of years ago. But just before that, I won (well, another shiter helped) a 2002 facelift Micra Tempest from here. Originally this was intended for Sis_Sterling to learn to drive in, but it got transferred to Ma_Sterling when the Blue got taken off the road. This also had some love in forms of windcsreen replacement, service and rust treatment as well as my usual OEM treatment: • Rear badges reinstated (including dealer badge I found!) • Painted over wheel trims changed for original trims. • Floor mats (Not JDM, but OEM rubber mats) • CD player from a K12 • Key changed after original key was lost (done through this forum too) Needs a bit more work admittedly, it a but bashed, scratched and rusty in places but Ma barely does a few miles a week in it other than going shopping or into the next town. The Blue is with me in storage until I can afford (and be arsed) to get it repaired.
  4. @barrett - Is that Vitesse Cinq still up for grabs?
  5. Lots of E280 estate, this one is exactly the same as my old one. I really want one again. Might hit him up and see if he'll take a Pug 407 in PX.
  6. Oh dear 🤯 lovely. I miss mine. I really need to get back into a nice petrol car. Ma is no longer in the IoW sadly. Retired from the NHS about a year or so ago. I picked her up from there when she finished, she's back in Brum town now.
  7. Ah, for some reason, I had it in my head it was a 1/18 scale 😂 Local toy store near to me sells (or sold) these for £14. Although I have a fair few 1.24 scale cars, I've never overly been into them.
  8. If you get it, please let me know. I've checked eBay and there all £50+.
  9. Would you be able to grab that DeLorean for me at all please? It's probably gone but worth a try.
  10. Never seen a MB 5-series touring!
  11. This has probably been posted before but, ya know... There is a Polish guy on Youtube who restores toy model cars. Its a nice calming video, no stupid music or anything. The guy is very intricate in what he does gojng as far as making new tyres or wheels for cars that have them missing. The level of skill and dedication is amazing, he even makes new repro boxes for them. There are a load of salvage channels for real cars etc... but now there are some for toy cars!
  12. FFS. Had a great time in Brussels with my family. Come back to the UK and home to find my electricity had gone off since a few days, most of the food was off, water bottle warm, freezer stuff although still fairly cool, a lot of it wet thanks to melting ice, plus bill demands etc etc... My flat was unoccupied for only a couple of weeks, £30 is not enough to run a fridge? Wow. What a welcome home eh 😡 Time for me to start making plans to move back to Euroland I think...
  13. So today my brothers took me out to eat and we also visited a place called 'Pêle Mêle' near the Grande Place. Pêle Mêle is a kind of a Hipster-mart with loads of second-hand CDs, records, books, BD (bande dessinée/hard-back comic books which is very popular over here) and some train/car models. Of course, the thing that I was most interested in was the car models: These were Ok to start with, nothing really took my fancy especially on a massively depleted budget. But then...... Yeah. Budget was gonna take another hit. Ah well. What I bought was a 1.43 Opel Zafira for 6 €, they are £20 / 25 € on eBay. Plus I had a Zafira before. The Renault Espace was very nice but I already have it. The Bburago and Matchboxes were what I bought yesterday. Other cars: Other (non-car) stuff of interest: I had a Mega Drive, complete in box. Gooorn 😔
  14. Probably not, Smythes will most likely have it. Smythes is the UK-equivalent of Belgium's 'Maxi Toys' franchise.
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