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  1. Never seen a MB 5-series touring!
  2. This has probably been posted before but, ya know... There is a Polish guy on Youtube who restores toy model cars. Its a nice calming video, no stupid music or anything. The guy is very intricate in what he does gojng as far as making new tyres or wheels for cars that have them missing. The level of skill and dedication is amazing, he even makes new repro boxes for them. There are a load of salvage channels for real cars etc... but now there are some for toy cars!
  3. FFS. Had a great time in Brussels with my family. Come back to the UK and home to find my electricity had gone off since a few days, most of the food was off, water bottle warm, freezer stuff although still fairly cool, a lot of it wet thanks to melting ice, plus bill demands etc etc... My flat was unoccupied for only a couple of weeks, £30 is not enough to run a fridge? Wow. What a welcome home eh 😡 Time for me to start making plans to move back to Euroland I think...
  4. So today my brothers took me out to eat and we also visited a place called 'Pêle Mêle' near the Grande Place. Pêle Mêle is a kind of a Hipster-mart with loads of second-hand CDs, records, books, BD (bande dessinée/hard-back comic books which is very popular over here) and some train/car models. Of course, the thing that I was most interested in was the car models: These were Ok to start with, nothing really took my fancy especially on a massively depleted budget. But then...... Yeah. Budget was gonna take another hit. Ah well. What I bought was a 1.43 Opel Zafira for 6 €, they are £20 / 25 € on eBay. Plus I had a Zafira before. The Renault Espace was very nice but I already have it. The Bburago and Matchboxes were what I bought yesterday. Other cars: Other (non-car) stuff of interest: I had a Mega Drive, complete in box. Gooorn 😔
  5. Probably not, Smythes will most likely have it. Smythes is the UK-equivalent of Belgium's 'Maxi Toys' franchise.
  6. Playmobile did, for a long time, do a lot of forgetful tat, figures on a picnic or the occasional Construction/Hospital worker. But I reckon these new items may well set Playmobile in a new light.
  7. Today's finds weren't exactly awe-inspiring like Cora. I popped to another superstore, Carrefour of whom last year they had some good finds but this time there was nothing much of note no 1/18 scales and the shelves were a mess (I did 'tidy up' some shelves so I knew what I was looking at) There was this 1.24 Nissan Hardbody: And this 1.36 Mercedes I found quite nice: Much to rich for my depleted funds. Got to admit, Playmobile have really pulled their game up. I think they've got some new agreements to make popular cars. I came away with 2 x Bburago 1.43 Polo and Nissan Juke Nismo and 2 x Matchbox cars an Audi TT and an old Mercedes (I'll add pics later to this post as I'm not at home at the moment)
  8. Nice. Got floor mats for it? Might have some somewhere.
  9. Hey Marm, I've got some white-painted wheels trims, or a replacement for the missing one you have if you wanted ti paint them. The trims are only spray canned white and paint is peeling. Can get a photo when I'm back in the UK?
  10. Hotwheels Sierra Cossie was only 1.99 €, there were 2 or 3 of which I bought one. As well as that, there was one of those Matchbox VW Golf country 4x4s. I bought one from eBay for a couple of quid morenonly to find a couple of weeks layer they had them in Cora!
  11. Ah oui, tu as un probléme there. Vraiment, you have my sympathies. I once had 6 Rover 800s at once. Maintenant, I now have 4, and une modèle de Rover Sterling (1/25 scale) that cost me nearly as much as what I paid for the real ones. Malheureusement, I do not connais anyone who has une Renault Espace Quadre. Mais I do wish du bonne chance. As tu des modèle 1.43 du Renault Espace?
  12. Wow, there's a Twingo Discord! Nice. There was only 1 more there, again with a slightly damaged box. I'll need to check into Cora near my Dad's to check if there are anymore.
  13. Today I popped to Cora, the Belgian equivalent of Tesco/Sainsburys etc... Cora always seem to have an excellent choice of smol diecast cars. Yeah right.... These Matchboxes were about 9.99 € each, a little out of my budget. Heck! They even have 1/18 cars 😳 Uh oh: Purchases were made blowing a lot of my reserve money: Excuse the bad light and half-eaten Belgian waffle 😋 Couple of late purchases: Whilst in the store, I noticed that someone had taken a but of a liberty with one of the matchboxes: What you should be able to see are staples on the box and a non-Matchbox car, so someone has gone to some trouble to replace a car and re-staple the box.
  14. Some other countries still have a preference for saloons, goodness knows why (says the owner of a Pug 407 saloon) Turkey was one country that I noticed hatchbacks being very low in numbers. They have, for example; the Peugeot 301, Fiat Egea and my most favourite, the Fiat Linea amongst others:
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