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  1. Finding a job is a fucking bastard these days. My current job is due to end tomorrow. Despite applying for a similar non-customer service position with similar pay I didn't get it because they didn't feel I was "the right person for job". I am once again looking at oblivion, as per fucking usual. Boss at my last job is being an arsehole refusing to provide me with a reference for an possible new job starting on Monday despite being asked 5 times by my current agency. I fancy just turning up and smacking him one, but of course, as everyone says, 'it won't solve anything' maybe not, but it'll bloody make me feel great and him like the arsehole he is. The evil Lord Sterling is starting to be real. Not sure how long I can weather this arsehole of not having a permanent job/struggling/financial issues etc.... Someone is gonna hurt real soon.
  2. Volvo 7xx/9xx estates seem to be popular around these parts. There are at least 3 regular Volvo 7xx estates that I know that pop into town here. There is also a Volvo botherer around here too.
  3. I've almost definately reached that point already and I am 10.2 years younger.
  4. I literally walked passed these R8s a few years ago:
  5. Never heard of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Sierra-Ghia-Rural-1988-Diecast-1-43-Argentina-Modern-Cars-80-90/202867113824 Not massively expensive and look good. Never seen a Sierra estate model car before. Looks well proportioned.
  6. On the way home tonight I spotted a car in a ditch just off a roundabout. As I was passing I hadn't noticed the Police tape as it was on the floor at the time. I parked up the road and called the cops whilst running back down (I haven't ran for years 😥) by the time I got there the lady call handler confirmed that it had been reported and that the vehicle was awaiting recovery. There were ar least 3 other cars who had stopped by the time I had got there. I put the tape back up and hoped others will see it, but because of ongoing roadworks on that stretch the cones get easily confused with the roadworks cones.
  7. Cheers! It is yep. But I reckon the fuse must have blown making it beep like it had a trailer on the towbar.
  8. Some, all or none of you may remember this: After watching a video about fitting a tow bar to a Vectra C estate, in a rare fit of enthusiam, I actually left my nice warm flat with food, internet and TV to go out into the dark and rain to poke about in the boot and see if pulling a plug would stop the beeping. Nope, it didn't, but I did find the source of the beeping which came from unit I'm holding here: Both boxes above are some sort of electrical management unit for the towbar. It looked like a massive bodge job with a mess of wires all over the place. I didn't fancy pulling at them. However, I was getting nearer to putting an end to this beeping nonesense. Then, I traced a wire coming out of the management box to a single fuse and pulled it out: I then tried out the indicators and voila! No more beeping. The fuse may have blown but I can't tell as the housing a opaque but when I put it back in the beeping came back so I've left it off. I tried the lights to check all was working including brake, fog and normal lights. All is good, so a small victory. It *may* have also had something to do with the alarm randomly going off but thats yet to be proven. Next on the list; • Suspension spring • Service • Tie up rear brake pipes - I can hear them rattling and its annoying. I don't think they've been routed properly.
  9. Same happened to me on my White 825 Sterling: I took it to a car wash where they used TFR and you could see the blobs of bleached out paint where they sprayed it. I ended up T-cutting the car and it got it off leaving the car better than before. I was careful from then on where I took my car.
  10. ....I am a mole and I live in a hole..... 😅 No, it was from a road I was walking through;
  11. There was a crash this morning on the A38: Then onbthe way home I saw the aftermath of a T-bone crash, wasn't as dramatic as above.
  12. BMW is to be repaired, finally. But again as usual its gonna cost which I could really do without. I'm gonna sell it/roffle it when its done because I need to raise money very quickly for the Visa ...again... Also, just to be clear on the car wash front; I either use IMO as I used to work for this outfit or other car washes, I am aware that it is often a joint business. Maybe I should start re-washing my own cars again and stop being lazy and unfit.
  13. No. I gave up long ago. Thankfully here in the Midlands there are more than a few hand car washes available for as little as £2.50.
  14. Here is some stuff I found in the car park; Trains;
  15. Sausages get thier own plate here. Very posh.
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