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  1. I spotted one of these hill-climb modded 3-series BMWs a few months back. When I first saw it I thought it was bodged up but it seems to be a thing. Car in your pic appears to be piloted by Brian Badonde (a character from TV series called Facejacker)
  2. This is the one I had. Mustard mitt, your one looks great.
  3. Kin 'ell, is that a wierdly propotioned Frontera at the back of the cut 'n' shut Fiesta with a suspiciously looking Polo G40 rear side window? I know Matchbox did a fairly decent one way back in the 90s but I didn't like the colour, it was white with some rubbish looking brown paint to look (badly) like dirt.
  4. 1 Citroen van as pictured, the Merc 450 Inourchased and the rest were red Corvettes with tampos and fairly modern Toyota 4x4 again with tampos.
  5. OK, so been to Cora, and this is what they have: 1/64s: 1/18s: I was very tempted by both the 635CSi and Aston Martin DB5 but although I can afford them, I've other stuff to pay for so don't want to leave myself without. Solido also had some 1.43 cars, again, I was tempted by the M3: Loved these Vespas, cheap too: Eventually I settled on these 2: I'd not seen a new release Mercedes 450 SEL by Majorette, I know they did a slightly poor proportioned one in the 80s (as I have one) I was very tempted by this Porsche too but model buying was getting a tad OTT.
  6. So, now I've got some actual time to myself, I went here: Pêle-Mêle is a kind of bohemian/hipster second-hand bookstore. They also do other stuff like games consoles, model cars and trains, music etc... EDL! (No, not those twats 🤣) It's also a great place to get model cars. Of course, I had to do a buyage (prices still on the cars/boxes) Also, bought these the other day: I've yet to go to the store where there is a load of 1/18s. I doubt I'll be buying anything though (or at least l, I hope not, I've got fuel and food to buy.
  7. Went to a 'brocant' (car boot) in Namur and spotted some of these: The first lot with the Citroëns were very tempting, I kind of wished I had got a few more. He even had one of those Majorette sets "Black Edition" with a 190e etc... for 10€. I should have got it but have bills to pay back in the UK 😡 The Solidos were nice but slightly over-priced and annoyingly many were "code 3" fire service vehicles. I did however come away with this small haul: I really liked the Renault 5 "Auto Bild" just more out of curiosity than anything, I'm fully aware that it's just some cheap diecast given the pic of the wheels on the other cars on the packaging, but still. I also really liked the C5 estate as I have a few Norev models. The Berlingo van was nice and unusual and the Fiat van was a nice curiosity made by "efsi" in Holland. The seller had a load of them.
  8. Link to his appearance on TG: He later swapped the Cavalier for a Rover 200 and then downsized to a Metro. A lot of 'celebrities' aren't really car people (I know some are, Rowan Atkinson, Steohen Fry etc...) so long as it gets them around kind of thing, or at least reflects their success/status in the industry.
  9. I've driven a few of these. Most of them not exactly memorable but loved the Sharan 2.8 VR6 one I drove. It was black, quite a base-spec from what I remember but with a big engine that sounded amazing.
  10. Sad times man. I met the pleasure wagon when delivering the Mazda 3 to you a couple of days before going to Brussels.
  11. I'm gonna have to try and recreate this pic as my Jag is a similar colour to that beautiful S1 Daimler. And although I may have similar coloured trousers, not sure I've got a red shirt. And my beard is now off seeing as it went mostly white recently.
  12. Late but not latest I've ever seen. The overlap between the 800 and 75 was around the 1998/1999 T-reg. There were a few very late registered 800s such as these V-reg ones below:
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