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  1. Looks like Gloucester Services. I passed it this morning at 2.30am 😧
  2. (Orl) Vauxhall (r shit) adventures Today I decided to take a little time for myself. Been feeling pretty shit lately. This morning I set off to the local Morrisons. Whilst there, my (orl) Vauxhall (r shit) Vectra met another brother; Including this one, I'd seen no less than 4 Vectra Bs in the space of 30 mins and a 4 mile journey. It looked really clean, like an old giffers car. Later on I popped into the charity shoppe. I'm well known there and the staff were happy to see me as I'd not been there for nearly 2 months due to Ramadan and now family stuff in Birmingham occupying my free time. One of the usual customers and sometime helper was having trouble with her car, it needed a jump start. I fetched my car and was greeted by a very Autoshite Volvo 760 2.3!!! I'd suggested that if the Volvo were ever for sale, I may know some Scottish Volvo enthusiasts* that would happily take it under their wing. If not, i certainly know others who would be interested in thenold Volvo. She loves it but has suggested she may sell. She'd just spent £400 getting it through its MOT.
  3. Fucking work again. 'oh, you're not putting enough effort into making your Trust Pilot reviews better, its pathetic' FUCK OFF. I'm here to serve customers. If they don't want to leave a review or forget there isn't much I can do about that. Besides, having no stock and not getting it offline fast enough (out of our hands) doesn't help. I've been sending these emails to my personal address in case anything blows up.
  4. Wow! Thats even worse than my Vectra whem I first got it. It had LOADS of dog hair but not that bad. Rear floor well wasn't tidy but it wasn't full either. Can I dibs; • Floor mats, front and rear. I can clean them no worries. • Lower bumper splitter. Mine is missing. • Gear stick gaitor, mine is falling apart. • RH headlight but only if you can. Thats all I can think of at the moment....
  5. Not sad to me. Did the same for Mum and Sis_Sterling's Micras. Seemingly some of them came with strut-top covers and some didn't.
  6. Could be interested in these. You anywhere near Tewkesbury on the week? Or I could come and pick them as I work there during the week.
  7. This; As much as I like it, it isn't much cheaper than the BMW on fuel and it's kind of less comfortable. Its a great looker, pretty fast but I can't seem to hit more than 42mpg on a commute of mostly long fast-ish A-roads and motorways. BMW has sparingly been used. Mostly because it's still broken. Preferably I'd get shot of both at and get a Renault Clio/Vauxhall Corsa dizzler for work and a BMW 530d tourer / Merc W124 estate for the weekend/tip runs but thats not very likely right now.
  8. On temporary Belgian import plates. The '1 -' indicates Brussels registered, they changed the format some years ago.
  9. There are a few choices. Save up holidays and take them during Ramadan. Leave Reykjavic and spend a month further south etc.... it did happen a few years ago when Ramadan fell in June. Most just opted to take holidays then and/or leave for that month.
  10. Lol, 'fraid not. I remember breaking fast up on Scotland a couple of years ago (in Motherwell of all places) it was pretty difficult I tells thee! I'd not slept at all last night so it was the sleep rather than the fast getting to me. Had a couple of hours kip just now so all is well again. 😁
  11. Yo. Ain't slept for 24 hours, plus I'm fasting. Starting to feel sleepy now. Thankfully only an hour of work left. YAAAAAAWN 😩
  12. Excellent! Will do. I'll bet you'll be coming back with more tempting offerings though!
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