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  1. I've got 2 of the 1.18 XMs. The first one I bought had a big crack on the side windows which appeared to have been attempted to be repaired, crudely but it's still a nice model. The second 1.18 is much better with few, if any blemishes. Never noticed the D and G markings on the box. I also have the 605 but no box. Its stored at Ma_Sterling's so gonna have to dig it out at some point. I've seen the plastic AX at a dealer once but it was only a display model, not for sale. I'd love to find one. Not seen the Plastic BX before so that's interesting.
  2. Lincoln Continental brochure and Kinder Minis please. Will pay tomorrow if thats Ok?
  3. Wow. I actually watched this yesterday. I never knew there was a 1.24 scale Mercedes W140. I really must get one. I am currently after expanding my W140 collection. I only have 3 x 1.43 scale W140s. I'm looking at the 1.18 scale models and now the 1.24 Schabak. Whats interesting is your Granada Scorpio having Sierra Cosworth wheels. I have the same Granada Scorpio with the flat-faced wheels that some tol-spec Granadas came with. I also have 2 x Sieera Sapphires, 1 with Sierra Cosworth wheels and the other (boxed) with "Pepperpots" (of which I have a real set too). I also have the Ori
  4. Oooh! 😮 a Sterling. This would be one of the later final "facelifted" Sterlings. At this point, from around 1997+ they came equipped with the 2.0 4-pot M-series engines (The T-series engines were turbos, Sterlings did not come with turbos) Sadly it isn't in my exposed-to-elements lock up.
  5. Sorry, that inexplicably came out in French (?) 😞 Meant to say "link please" I have seen the Roewe 750 as a 1.16/1.18 on my visit to Longbridge years ago.
  6. Ah! I should have looked at that. I even have a couple of 12v tyre compressors (one in my car and one, inexplicably at home somewhere I can't find it now.
  7. There was something similar but never made production: 1978 Austin Princess "Glassback" Triplex:
  8. Sponsored by: DOUBLE-ENTENDRES After stepping in from abroad-land I self isolated away like hermit for 14 days and then decided on my first day of freedom that the Peugeot needed attention. First of all it needed a wash inside and out. The rubber floor mats and tyres got some black shoe polish applied to shine them up and bring back the colour. Tyres also got a light coating of tyre shine on top. At the same time I'd received a centre console lid which turned out not to quite fit: So I chucked a handy small bolt through the hole made
  9. Nu_Yeer Colleshanz.... Just after Chrimbo, I was contacted by a shiter who needed a car moving closer to home. As I had a few days off, I thought why not? Some dates were arranged and on a cold Jan the 2nd I jumped on board a train heading north: Via my home town: And ended up here: Where this was parked (nowt to do with autoshite/shiters, it just happened to be there) Where I was collecting this: I decided to make it a 2 day job as I didn't want to rush around. Despite being a fan of K11 Micras and having driv
  10. Got a link? I doubt I'll be buying as I need to survive this month but the estate could do with a saloon stablemate...
  11. Polistil did also do a 1.24 scale 740 saloon: Heres one on eBay.it: https://www.ebay.it/itm/Polistil-Volvo-740-GLE-scala-1-25-made-in-Italy-usato-/154143332561
  12. Polistil do 1.24 Volvo 740 estates. I have one exactly the same as this: Mine needs a bit more resto but looks better than it was.
  13. Nice! Is that 1/18 or 1/24 in scale? Is it just a case gluing some parts together or is there abuthing else involved? I'm interested because that is a good looking realistic model for display. If its easy enough to fit together I may aswell purchase one myself. For my part, I had another 1/18 car come through. A 1/18 Abarth 595 (Sporty Fiat 500 in laymans terms) Its quite a good model, nicely detailed. The tops of the doors are a bit flimsy and doors themselves don't open up very far but nevertheless a really nice model for display. They seem to be going for higher money £40/£50+ I
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